Announcements Usher in a New Era of Software Management

Microsoft Announces Support for SWID Tags

Lower costs with TagVaultRecent announcements regarding software identification tags provide the necessary support for software purchasing organizations to make new requirements to their software vendors:

  • Microsoft announced support for ISO 19770-2 software identification (SWID) tags for the tools and software products Microsoft develops.
  • is working with many other organizations including MITRE to improve the software identification capabilities for the security content automation protocol (SCAP) processes that are in use today and are designed to lower vulnerabilities and risk levels.

What do these two things have in common? In short, they are ushering in a new era of software management and defining a new set of expectations for software buyers. By the end of 2012, software buyers will include requirements for SWID tag support as part of their software purchasing process.

Learn more details and hear from Microsoft and the Department of Homeland Security at the Software Identification Summit on May 2nd in Campbell, CA. Sign up for the summit while there is still time. Depending on your role in the Software Ecosystem, the summit will cover details pertinent to your job:

Software Publishers

If you work for a software publisher, is your company ready to support SWID tags? If not, the software you develop and sell will be missing a critical customer requirement that provides benefits in logistics, security and compliance activities. This will have a significant impact on your sales organization! Adobe, CA Technology, Microsoft and Symantec have already shown that they see the benefits of SWID tags, is there any question that the rest of the industry will have to follow these leaders and provide the data that software buyers should be demanding from their suppliers?

Software Tool Providers

If you work for a discovery or software management company, are your tools ready to support SWID tags? If not, you will see your existing customers moving to newer technology provided by a different vendor – one that includes support for SWID tags and provides significantly more interoperability, consistency and authoritative information for IT operations. Aspera, Asset Metrix, CA Technology, Caphyon, Eracent, Flexera, Hewlett Packard, MagniComp, Microsoft, Software, Symantec and WiX have recognized the value their customers get from SWID tags and have already either started implementing, or have stated support for the collection and reporting of SWID tag data.

Software Buyers

If you work in an organization that purchases and uses software (and who doesn’t), you now have industry support on your side to require your software vendors to provide SWID tags. has been working with others in the industry to help organizations understand how they can include SWID tag requirements in their software purchasing process for more information, see the article titled, “Software Purchasers Can Change the Software World!”.

Every organization will be impacted by this change in the software ecosystem – learn how to make these impacts a positive one for your organization. Learn more at the software identification summit.