Sign the Open Letter to Software Publishers

Cicala_and_associatesCicala and Associates published an open letter to software publishers. This letter allows individuals and organizations to make a clear statement to their software vendors the vendors need to work together as a community to make it easier to identify and track software for any product from any vendor on any platform in a consistent and accurate manner.

Background information on Pat and this effort is provided below.
Take a moment of time to read the letter and provide an indication of support by filling out the survey. It’s critical for the software licensing ecosystem to speak up about this issue and this is an ideal way to do just that!


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Pat Cicala, President and CEO of Cicala & Associates, is a fierce advocate for the software licensor. Pat has expertise in the areas of asset management, procurement, contracts, and strategic technology workplace development. Prior to forming Cicala & Associates, Pat was the Vice President and Worldwide Practice Leader for Asset Management and Procurement at Gartner Group, Inc. Prior to that, Pat was the Vice President of Worldwide Asset Management and Enterprise Vendor Relations at Citibank/Citicorp.

Pat knows the issues software buyers face daily – which is why she is so emphatic about the need for software identification tag implementation and use throughout the entire software ecosystem.

To ensure SWID tags gain software publisher support even faster, Cicala and Associates has created an open letter to software publishers. This letter details the issues faced by organizations which use software today and highlights the benefits software identification (SWID) tags provide to the entire market.

If you are part of an organization that licenses and uses software, take a moment of time to go through these materials and sign the letter. Please also pass this information to all the peers you work with, both in your organization, as well as in other organizations and ask them to sign the letter as well. The goal is to have as many people as possible from as many sectors and locations as possible to indicate that they do, in fact, have a problem with today’s software logistics, security and compliance activities and that they expect software publishers to work together to provide solutions to these problems.

It’s crucial that software publishers hear about the need for SWID tags directly from their users! Signing the letter simply shows that you recognize that your organization deserves better and more complete data to do a more effective job in software logistics, security and compliance!

The signing process is completed by filling out a short 10 question survey . Because many people who work in this field are concerned that if they even breathe a word about the fact that it is difficult to track and manage software, they risk an audit for their company, the survey can be completed anonymously or with your companies name and/or your name. Results of this survey will be available by the time the IAITAM annual conference starts on Oct 17th in Palm Springs.