Provide Direct Feedback to the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence!

The US Federal Government wants to improve the real-time management of software on computing devices used for critical projects and processes.  They are working towards solutions that can bridge the many gaps that exists today and they are working with industry to make the changes happen!

The focus in this instance is on Cybersecurity, but the efforts will provide direct and significant benefits to individuals and organizations involved in licence and policy compliance activities, security, logistics and practically any other IT management system that involves software on any device (from phone or tablet all the way to cloud based systems and even extending into the Internet of Things).

There will be an initial Stakeholders meeting on December 3 and 4 followed by a public workshop on December 5.  The events will be hosted in Rockville, MD.  The primary focus of this effort is on improving the security monitoring of systems in the Government as well as providing support for critical infrastructure systems (power, water, financial management systems, etc).  This effort will also provide direct and significant benefits to any business that needs to manage software licenses, apply security or compliance policies to their systems, or manage updates and backup plans of their organizational software infrastructure).

Join us virtually through your comments – let us know what you think.  We are asking for your e-mail address simply so we can contact you if there are questions on your comments – your contact details will not be added to any newsletter, or other regular communications.  If we can pass along your name and company name to others involved in this effort, that would be great – if you would rather we didn’t, let us know via the selections below.

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