Best Practices Working Group Meeting – Jan 2014

Working GroupThis working group session will kick off the development of the best practices that will be applied to SWID tags created by software publishers and used by tool providers and end-user organizations.  The overarching goal is to define the requirements for SWID tags that will meet specified use cases.

The meeting will be held in the Baltimore area (between BWI and Baltirmore) on Jan 22 through 24, 2014.  We are still finalizing the location and will inform everyone when the location has been finalized.


  • Review the revision of 19770-2 that is currently out for a Committee Draft vote
  • Review the use cases for the best practices we developed in the last working group
  • Start the integration of the certification document with the use cases for best practices
  • Determine how to approach organizational and possibly product certification requirements for SWID tag producers and consumers
  • Determine if there are any updates/changes required to the 19770-2 CD (these will be integrated in the US National Body comments as part of the voting process for the 19770-2 revision).

The meeting is open to members and we would like to encourage all members who may be interested in attending this session to also attend the Cybersecurity Innovations Forum the following week (located at the Baltimore Convention Center).  See for more details on the forum and to sign up if you are interested!

This working group meeting is open to current members who are at the Government, Associate, Non-Profit, Contributor or Board Member levels of membership.

Please sign up and let us know if you will be attending in person or virtually.