IBM – A Publisher Perspective on SWID Tags – Recorded Webinar

SAM Discovery/Inventory Automation with SWID Tags

A Publisher Perspective by IBM

Abstract:, the leading industry trade organization promoting leading standards in Software ID information is presenting the webinar “SAM Discovery/Inventory Automation with SWID Tags” a Software Publisher perspective on SWID tagging.

In this webinar, attendees will learn about the issues encountered by Software Publishers and their end user customers in identifying software and how specifically, SWID tags address those issues.  IBM’s implementation provides more effective compliance for Software Reconciliation of software.

People who should attend this webinar include any end user customer who uses IBM software and would like to hear about the IBM solution, as well as any software user interested in learning about how software publishers are approaching the issue of SWID tags

Speaker Bio:


Brian TurnerBrian Turner, Program Manager for Software Asset Management Tools and Compliance Readiness team, part of Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure Development, Software Group IBM. Brian has been with IBM for 15 years in a number of product development roles across the C&SI and Security divisions. He is currently the IBM representative to the ISO SC7 Workgroup 21 on Software Asset Management process and software ID tags.

Brian has a degree in Electrical Engineering and has spent his career solving complex problems for customers in the networking, security and endpoint management space. He enjoys working with global teams, customers and the odd bit of international travel. In his spare time Brian is an avid sailor and spends many weekends on his boat in and around San Francisco bay.

View the pre-recorded webinar and hear how SWID tags help the entire software ecosystem!