Latest SWID Standard (19770-2:2015) Revision is published and available

The 2015 revision of the SWID tagging standard has been in development for a number of years.  The primary focus was threefold – first, ensure that SWID tag data could be interpreted and used efficiently by software purchasing organizations and tools.  Second, to ensure that software publishers are able to create SWID tags in a scalable manner that works with as many different software environments as could be imagined.  Finally, with the full expectation that software will change over time, to make the standard as flexible as possible to enable extended information from software publishers as required.

The revision to the standard was published on Oct 1 and even prior to the publication, tools were already supporting the revision (WiX, which is a Windows installation utility supported by FireGiant, in particular seems to be focused on their customer – the software publisher and the benefits of standards as they apply to their customer).

This revision is in-line with the changes being made to the software entitlement standard (19770-3) which should be published in the relatively near future.  Everyone in the industry is looking forward to a time when software asset management can be handled in a much more automated manner and both the SWID and Software Entitlement standards are focused on that effort.  Anyone who’s looking to integrate tools into their IT infrastructure will benefit if they validate that their vendors fully support these ISO standards.

To get a copy of the standard, go to the ISO webstore (, or to your local national standards body to review the abstract and to buy a copy.