TagVault.Org announces that the Department of Defense (DoD) IT Standards Registry now lists Software ID Tags, as defined in ISO/IEC Standard 19770-2, as MANDATORY

Software companies hoping to bid on government contracts in the future must now add a set of standards software ID tags to their software.   

Piscataway, NJ – 10 November 2016 TagVault.org Board Chair, Michael Godsey of Microsoft notes that, “Seeing ISO/IEC standard 19770-2 listed as a mandatory standard on the DoD IT Standards Registry provides concrete proof to the software publishing industry that SWID tags are a priority. TagVault.org is proud to be the industry alliance leader in bringing all the 19770-2 and the National Institute of Standards and Technology Internal Report 8060 requirements together for the creation and validation of Software ID tags (SWID).”

TagVault.org is the neutral, not-for-profit leading the way on developing the standard for SWID tags. The DoD IT Standards Registry listing all requirements is available here. The DOD IT Standards Registry shows ISO/IEC Standard 19770-2 is now listed as a mandatory Standard.  The objective of ISO Standard 19770-2 is to give organizations of all sizes information and to assist with minimizing risks and costs of IT Asset Management (ITAM) assets.

While SWID tags are not a new concept in the industry, advancements in security and software asset tracking require a new level of standard. SWID tags, and the utilities to create and sign them, are used by security software and asset tracking software to identity the software installed on any given system or across a network. By identifying and authenticating the software in a standard way, the standard adds another layer of safety to the system, and saves time and energy by eliminating the computing overhead for servers in datacenters and clouds. The standard also reduces costs for software and cyber security companies who now don’t have to spend development cycles on creating, advancing, and maintaining proprietary solutions. Companies like Microsoft, IBM, and Symantec are at the forefront of this movement, and are part of TagVault.Org organization.

TagVault.org is the neutral not-for-profit validation authority for software tagging, primarily focused on software identification tags (as specified by ISO/IEC 19770-2) and software entitlement tags (as specified by ISO/IEC 19770-3). TagVault.org provides a shared library of software tools, technical knowledge and communications forums that decrease the costs of creating, managing and using software identification tags.

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TagVault.org is a Federation Member Program of the IEEE Industry Standards and Technology Organization (ISTO) and publishes its bylaws for public access. The TagVault.Org Board of Directors includes, Microsoft, IBM, Symantec and the Department of Homeland Security. Organizations interested in joining TagVault.org can download the membership packet from www.tagvault.org.


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