TagVault.org is the neutral not-for-profit certification authority for software tagging, primarily focused on software identification tags (as specified by ISO/IEC 19770-2) and software entitlement tags (as specified by ISO/IEC 19770-3). By providing a trusted normalization and validation process for software identification and software entitlement definitions to software publishers, tool providers, and end-users, the expensive and complicated issue of software asset governance/compliance will be greatly simplified.

TagVault.org will:

  1. Provide a structure to normalize and validate software products and software publishers that provide 19770-2, 19770-3 or other software identification tags, tools that utilize these tags and operating systems that provide management facilities for software identification tags.
  2. Provide validation marks to member organizations in good standing for use in their marketing literature and packaging.
  3. Promote the Members of the Organization as well as the benefits of certified products to the general market place.
  4. Advance the adoption, use, and evolution of interoperable, internationally-accepted standards, specifications and guidelines for a certifiable process of reconciliation for software assets.
  5. Enable organizations and individuals from the software industry, enterprise users of licensed software, and service providers attendant to the software and software services supply chain to collaborate globally on development and sharing of central, standardized infrastructure for software tags using a process that is open, democratic and sustainable; and
  6. Provide direction and governance of Asset APIs to include certification of contributors, content, access to content, and further development of SWID and other asset tags with other tagging related standards, service publications, professional events and technology development.

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