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SWID Tag Signing Guidelines open for Public Review

This document defines guidelines for signing SWID tags in support of the [SWID] standard. The standard states that when digitally signing SWID tags, implementors will follow at a minimum the [XMLDSIG] recommendations, use an enveloped signature, add a timestamp per [W3C-XAdES], and include the public signature for the signing entity. This document details and builds… Read more »

TagVault.Org announces that the Department of Defense (DoD) IT Standards Registry now lists Software ID Tags, as defined in ISO/IEC Standard 19770-2, as MANDATORY

Software companies hoping to bid on government contracts in the future must now add a set of standards software ID tags to their software.    Piscataway, NJ – 10 November 2016 Board Chair, Michael Godsey of Microsoft notes that, “Seeing ISO/IEC standard 19770-2 listed as a mandatory standard on the DoD IT Standards Registry provides… Read more »