139+ Exotic Dancer Stage Names [Stripper Names]

Whether you call them exotic dancers, strippers, or another name, every exotic dancer will need some sort of stage name.

Exotic dancers, female and male, often perform choreographed routines and use costumes to add extra excitement and entertainment to their act.

A creative stage name can help you stand out among the crowd of other dancers and give your performances a bit more sparkle.

In this article, we take a look at different stripper names across various categories.

These include:

  • Best Exotic Dancer Names
  • Funny Exotic Dancer Names
  • Unique Exotic Dancer Names
  • Exotic Dancer Stage Names
  • Good Exotic Dancer Names
  • Common Exotic Dancer Names
  • Exotic Dance Club Names
  • Other Names for Exotic Dancer
  • Male Exotic Dancer Names

But first, let’s take a look at some tips on how to come ups with stripper names.

Tips for Coming Up with an Exotic Dancer Name

When coming up with a name for your stripper alter-ego, it’s important that you consider what image you want to project.

1 – Consider Your Personal Interests

Are there any special interests you have that could be incorporated into your new alias?

From favorite musical artists, to characters from books and films, to the names of exotic locations or animals, think about how these could be transformed into something unique and intriguing.

2 – Go for Something Attention-Grabbing

Whether it involves an alliteration (e.g., Amber Arousal) or a play on words (e.g., Candy Canezzz), selecting a name that stands out will ensure people remember who you are.

3 – Make Sure it’s Appropriate

Although risqué is perfectly acceptable in this industry, you should steer clear of vulgarities and offensive language.

As much as your name should be eye-catching, it also needs to remain tasteful.

4 – Research Other Strippers’ Names

If you’re feeling a bit uninspired or stumped for ideas, researching other strippers’ names can offer a great source of inspiration.

Look around at the different exotic dancers you know or have seen performing – what aliases do they go by?

Are there any recurring themes or commonalities between them?

How could these be adapted for your own use?

5 – Consider Your Brand

When selecting a stripper name, consider what kind of brand you want to create for yourself.

Do you want to evoke the image of a sultry temptress with a name like Scarlet Seductora, or be seen as an independent and confident woman with something like Delilah Diva?

Your moniker should reflect your own personal style and the type of persona you wish to portray on stage.

Making sure that your exotic dancer name reinforces who you are and what you stand for will help ensure that it’s remembered – for all the right reasons!

With the right combination of creativity and thoughtfulness, coming up with a stripper name can be fun and exciting.

With that said, let’s look at some lists.

Best Exotic Dancer Names

Below is a list of some exotic dancer stage names that may get your creative juices flowing!


-Diamond Dancer

-Sparkling Siren

-Satin Touch

-Silky Moves

-Venus on Fire

-Twinkle Toes


-Fantasia Star

-Backflip Babe

-Foxy Lady

-Silver Streak


Funny Exotic Dancer Names

1) Stella Starlight

2) Carla Cougar

3) Kitty Kitten

4) Fancy Pants

5) Sultry Salsa

6) Sultry Sultana

7) Bootylicious

8) Icy Hot Legs

9) The Diva of Dance

10) Temptress Twist

11) Stripperiferous Stewie

12) Funky Fanny Gyrator

13) The Pole-Etician’s Daughter

14) Salacious Sidekick Sue

15) Twerkin’ Tyra

16) Rump Shaker Sally

Unique Exotic Dancer Names

1) Celestial Sparkle

2) Mystic Motion

3) Cosmic Curves

4) Mystique Magician

5) Midnight Enchantment

6) High Voltage Vixen

7) Satin Siren

8) Rhythm Rascal

9) Tango Temptress

10) Velvet Vision

11) Blaze Angelique

12) Honey Jewelz

13) Kinetic Karma

14) Mystic Mink

15) Sparkle Stardust

16) Foxy Finesse

17) Astra Delight

18) Starlet Strut

19) Ace of Spades

20) Charmed Cherry

21) Dream Weaver

22) Mystical Mist

Exotic Dancer Stage Names

1) Crystal

2) Amber

3) Tiffany

4) Ginger

5) Lola

6) Angel

7) Jade

8) Daisy

9) Scarlett

10) Ruby

Good Exotic Dancer Names

1) Brooklyn Bombshell

2) Foxy Fever

3) Scarlet Seduction

4) Diamond Diva

5) Alluring Angelica

6) Enchanting Emerald

7) Mysterious Mistress Mariah

8) Tropical Temptress

9) Bootyful Blondie

10) Hot Havana Honey

Common Exotic Dancer Names

1) Vickie

2) Nicole

3) Brandi

4) Destiny

5) Raven

6) Crystal

7) Star

8) Diamond

9) Lola

10) Trinity

11) Amber

12) Jessica

13) Scarlet

14) Jade

15) Jasmine

Exotic Dance Club Names

1) Starlight Lounge

2) Venus Cabaret

3) The Diamond Den

4) Foxy Follies

5) Rose Petal Palace

6) Vixen’s VIP

7) Stardust Ballroom

8) Heavenly Heat

9) Hot Spot Holler

10) Nocturnal Nirvana

Other Names for Exotic Dancer

-Gogo dancer


-Club girl


-Burlesque dancer

-Pole dancer

Male Exotic Dancer Names

1) The Mighty Cougar

2) The Silver Fox

3) The Velvet Rope

4) Mr. Smooth Move

5) King of the Dance Floor

6) Maverick Man

7) Magic Mike

8) Captain Charisma

9) Big Bad Bodacious

10) High Voltage Vibes

11) Charming Choreographer

12) Dangerous Don Juan

13) G-Force Groove Maker

14) Boogie Wonder Boy

15)The Hammering Hustler

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FAQs – Exotic Dancer Names

What are exotic dancers called?

Exotic dancers are commonly referred to as strippers, go-go dancers, showgirls, club girls, burlesque dancers, and pole dancers.

What is a good exotic dancer name?

A good exotic dancer name should reflect your personal style and the type of persona you want to portray on stage.

Consider names like Scarlet Seductora or Delilah Diva for a sultry temptress vibe or Honey Jewelz or Blaze Angelique for something more unique.

Do exotic dancer names have to be one word?

No – there’s no rule that says your exotic dancer name has to be one word!

You can use two words or even more if you prefer.

How much can you make as an exotic dancer?

The amount of money you can make as an exotic dancer depends on how successful you are at attracting customers and what clubs you work in.

Generally, the average stripper earns between $20-$100 per hour.

Other factors like tips and special performances can also increase the amount you earn.

What is a sexy exotic dancer name?

Sexy exotic dancer names should be suggestive yet mysterious to evoke a sense of mystery and intrigue.

Examples include Velvet Vision or Mystic Motion for something mysterious, or Foxy Fever or High Voltage Vixen for something more suggestive.

Are there any male exotic dancers?

Yes! Male exotic dancers are commonly referred to as “go-go boys” or “strippers”. Many of these dancers have unique and creative names like Magic Mike or Captain Charisma, which help them stand out from the crowd.

What is a good name for an exotic dance club?

Good names for an exotic dance club should evoke a feeling of luxury and glamour.

Consider names like Starlight Lounge, Venus Cabaret, Diamond Den, Vixen’s VIP, Rose Petal Palace, Stardust Ballroom, Heavenly Heat or Hot Spot Holler for something truly dazzling.

What do male exotic dancers do?

They usually perform choreographed dance routines for an audience and accept tips for their performance.

Male exotic dancers may also be hired to entertain at bachelorette parties, birthday celebrations or any other type of private event.

In some cases, male strippers will perform solo acts like strip teases or provide lap dances. They may also work as part of a larger group act, such as a whip-cracking show or marching band routine.

Male exotic dancers often use creative stage names to help them stand out among other dancers and draw more attention to their act and performances.

Creative names can range from something like “The Mighty Cougar” to something mysterious like “High Voltage Vibes”.

What is a Chippendale?

A Chippendale is a type of male dancer and entertainer.

The term is derived from Thomas Chippendale, an 18th-century English furniture designer who published the first edition of “The Gentleman and Cabinet Maker’s Director” in 1754.

This book included a number of designs for chairs, desks, cupboards, and other pieces of furniture that were highly ornate and elaborate.

As such, Chippendale became associated with opulence and extravagance.

Similarly, Chippendale dancers are known for their flashy and often daring choreography.

They typically incorporate classical ballet techniques as well as gymnastics moves into their routines. Furthermore, they often wear costumes that feature intricate detailing.

Chippendales have become popular entertainment at parties or other special events over the years.

They may also be seen performing at clubs or other venues.

Regardless of where they are, Chippendales always put on an exciting show that is sure to dazzle audiences with their daring moves and stylish costumes.

Chippendale is also sometimes used in the context of an attractive and fit man, in general.

Conclusion – Exotic Dancer Names

Whether you’re a club girl or a male stripper, having an exotic dancer name is essential for helping you stand out from the crowd.

A good name should be a little bit suggestive and mysterious yet also work with your personal style and overall persona.

Exotic dancer names can be something innocent like Honey Jewelz to something more firy like Blaze Angelique.

Male dancers often use creative stage names like The Silver Fox or Mr. Smooth Move.

No matter what type of exotic dancer you are, coming up with a catchy and original name will help customers remember you and keep them coming back for more!


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