How to Get Involved

There are no current and active initiatives for The alliance has shutdown as of August 1, 2020. All the information on this page regarding activity is historical.

____ is a non-profit organization that is a program of IEEE-ISTO. The goal of is to simplify and secure software identification procedures as well as to help the market transition from an antiquated software identification and reconciliation process to a more automated process.

Members of enjoy many benefits including:

  • Free tools developed or commissioned by
  • Join working groups that are defining specific processes for use and architecture & API’s for tools
  • Access to source code for tools created by and contributed by other members
  • Create a certified regid and certified software identification tags so you can start publishing them with your software
  • Topical and accurate information about software inventory, software asset management, software assurance and related areas in the member library
  • Forums in which to communicate and collaborate with other members to seek input, share ideas and more