News & Events is involved in a number of different standards development efforts.  This section of the website is intended to provide more details on activities the program is involved in as well as providing details on the events and activities we are participating in.

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For those new to, the following are a few of the various activities the program is involved in:

  • working groups – these groups meet on a regular basis to develop material that specifies validation requirements for SWID tags, create best practice documents for tag producers and consumers, specifies a federated model of SWID tag repository interoperability and develops training material among other things.
  • board meetings – is a non-profit organization formed under the umbrella of IEEE-ISTO.  The program is guided by the Board of Directors who have a direct interest in the market adoption of authoritative SWID tags.
  • Involvement in ISO/IEC, JTC1, SC7, Working Group 21 (or WG21) – this work is all focused on the development, revision, and interactions of various ISO standards targeted at the Software Asset Management market.  ISO standards are created, approved and published based on the approach of one country, one vote.  This ensures that standards that have gone through this process are viewed as being beneficial to a majority of countries in the world.  Information about WG21 can be found on their website –
  • Involvement in the US TAG – The US TAG is a US based mirror organization to WG21.  The US TAG reviews the various documents that are generated by WG21 and provides guidance to the US National Standards Body (ANSI in the US) on how it should vote on a particular document.  The voting process used in the US TAG is very similar to the ISO voting process in that every organization involved in the TAG body has the ability to have their vote counted and there is only one vote per member. represents its program view at these TAG meetings.  Information about the US TAG for SC7 can be found on their website –
  • Liaison to DMTF – is very supportive of efforts being made by the DMTF to incorporate better software and entitlement information for virtual and cloud based systems.  The DMTF is working on efforts to extend access to SWID tags (and other ISO related standards) into these computing paradigms in an efficient manner.