Resources members have access to source code that has been submitted by third party organizations.  When source is submitted to, the expectation is that the license for the source will be the Apache 2.0 license.  This provides the greatest level of flexibility for future use of the source for both as well as for other member organizations.  If source code is provided using any other licensing structure, we will do our best to highlight that fact, however anyone using the source code must validate that the material they are using are appropriately licensed and/or referenced. members also have access to tools.  To access and use these tools, organizations must sign and return the object code license (see Tool Licenses). members may also have access to the source code for developed tools.  To access the source code, organizations must sign and return the source code license (see Source Code Licensing Policy). working group materials are used only by the working group until such time that both the working group and the board have approved the material for publication.  New materials will show up in this section as they are published.