Videos and Webcasts and other organizations have created a number of webcasts on various subjects surrounding the ISO/IEC 19770-2 standard and software identification tags in general. webinars provide presentations detailing how end-user organizations can save money on their software assets by requiring certified software identification (SWID) tags.

If there are subjects that you’re interested in that are not yet addressed in a webcast, please let us know.

Webinar Series
SAM Discovery/Inventory
Automation with SWID Tags, A Publisher Perspective

Presenters: Brian Turner
Program Manager for Software Asset Management Tools
IBM Corporation
Title: SAM Discovery/Inventory
Automatino with SWID Tags, A Publisher Perspective
Publisher: IBM Corporation

In this webinar, attendees will learn about the issues encountered by Software Publishers and their end user customers in identifying software and how specifically, SWID tags address those issues.  IBM’s implementation provides more effective compliance for Software Reconciliation of software.

People who need to watch this webinar include any end user customer who uses IBM software and would like to hear about the IBM solution, as well as any software user interested in learning about how software publishers are approaching the issue of SWID tags and how SWID Tags will positively impact your IT organization.

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Webinar Series Overview
IT Automation, Dreams can come true!

Presenters: Steve Klos, Executive Director of
Title: Webinar Series Overview
Why Software Identification is Critical for IT Automation – IT Automation, Dreams Can Come true!
Abstract: Everyone today struggles with their software portfolio. Organizations must deal with shifting priorities, ever changing organizational structures, and changing platform requirements while being attentive to security, compliance and logistics management to support the organization. This can make IT Management difficult and costly.For your software portfolio, the solution is for authoritative and standardized self-identifying data to be provided to IT groups for all software titles and tools that manage the portfolio. The benefit to your software portfolio is that it is easier to manage across the board, saving an organization time and money allowing management to better support IT staff on prioritize core IT operations.This webinar will explore the value of a standards-based approach to improve software identification and outline industry efforts to align on a consistent implementation of standards to accelerate the benefits to the market.  These efforts will increase the automation capabilities for security, compliance, and logistics requirements, among other IT operations and how it benefits your organization. If you work as a software publisher, reseller, tool provider, or are in an IT position where software management and IT automation is important, this webinar is meaningful to you. Don’t miss out on this important global effort to ensure all products and publishers are providing SWID tags for all platforms including virtual and cloud-based environments and why your organizations should get involved now.
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State of the SWID Market, March 2013

Presenters: Steve Klos, Executive Director of
Title: State of the SWID Market, March 2013
Abstract: Software ID (SWID) tags have come a long way since the ISO/IEC 19770-2:2009 standard was published.  Today, there are numerous publishers including tags in their products, tool providers that are creating or reading and using tags and sophisticated customers who’ve recognized the value of SWID tags.
To get a high level overview on the state of the SWID tagging market, view a recorded webinar that was hosted by Steve Klos, executive director of on March 14, 2013.  This recorded webinar will provide details on:

  • Who is supporting the tagging efforts in the marketplace today
  • What SWID tags are being used for today
  • Where you can go to learn more
  • When SWID tags will be seen even more widely in the market
  • Why organizations need SWID tags
  • How organizations should be thinking of incorporating SWID tags into your IT strategy
  • And more…
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Federal Security Concerns – Knowing What’s Installed

Presenters: Richard Struse
Title: Why the US federal government is interested in SWID tags
Publisher: (with content from the Department of Homeland Security)
Abstract: Richard presented the background and details on how Software ID Tags are an integral part of a standards-based cyber security ecosystem as well as detailing the need for public-private collaboration to accelerate their adoption and use in both government and the private sector. Richard details why the US federal government is interested in the adoption of SWID tags by software publishers and some of the efforts that can be taken by federal agencies to ensure that the richer data provided by certified SWID tags is made available to purchasing and security organizations.
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Microsoft and SWID Tags:  A Deeper Look

Presenters: Heather Young
Title: Microsoft and SWID Tags: A Deeper Look
Publisher: (with content from Microsoft)
Abstract: Heather details the issues seen by customers when they try to proactively manage their software entitlements. She talks about how having a consistent and standardized approach can benefit customers and how SWID tags provide a significant value to the enterprise customer. She wraps up with the outcome an early adopter received from more effective software identification, how customers across the ecosystem have indicated that this issue is a problem for them and how much it costs to implement tags within a publisher development team. Heather also provides details on the efforts Microsoft has is making to help customers realize more value from existing software entitlements – where Microsoft sees this effort going and a little surprise that took even those people who are very actively involved in a bit off guard!
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Supply Chain Issues

Presenters: Pat Cicala
Title: Software Identification – A Supply Side Nightmare
Publisher: (with content from Pat Cicala)
Abstract: This webinar covers numerous issues surrounding how software identification is not just a problem for end-users, publishers, or tool providers, but how the lack of accurate software identification causes significant problems for the entire software market.
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Presenters: Brad Whitaker, ThirdEye
Steve Klos,
Speaker Biographies
Title: Tools and Services
Publisher: (with content from the ThirdEye)
Abstract: This webinar provides answers on how to create, digitally sign and certify SWID tags.  The ISO/IEC 19770-2:2009 standard defines the structure of a tag and provides details of what each element of a tag is for, but does not specify which elements are the most useful to the market.  The standard does not specify how values should be normalized, nor why an organization may want to digitally sign a SWID tag.  This webinar answers those questions and more.This webinar covers material that is of interest to:

  • Software publishers
  • Software tool providers
  • Software purchasing organizations
  • Government agencies
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Lower costs with Certified SWID Tags (GSA and

Presenters: Alan Vander Mallie and Steve Klos
Title: Lower costs with certified Software Identification () Tags
Publisher: (with content from the GSA)
Abstract: This webinar announces a working group that will have its kick off meeting in Washington D.C. on March 24th, 2010.  This working group is open to all members above the adopter level and will lay out the requirements and process that will be used to establish certified software identification tags as a requirement for Government-purchased software.This webinar covers the following topics:

  • What are the problems with today’s software identification techniques?
  • How do software identification (SWID) tags help?
  • What is a certified SWID tag and how does it help?
  • How do certified SWID tags reduce costs?
  • How can certified SWID tags increase security?
  • How do I specify requirements for SWID tags in RFPs and other steps in the purchasing process?
  • What level of certification is required for SWID tags to be of the most use to the US Government?

Software Publishers – get firsthand knowledge of the issues large organizations such as the US Government have to deal with when it comes to managing software licenses.

SAM Tool providers – learn how certified SWID tags can be used to significantly improve reports and data analysis your customers see.

Software Purchasers – learn how to specify requirements for certified SWID tags throughout the purchasing process.

Government Agencies – learn how a more open and transparent Government can utilize certified software identification tags to support presidential executive order #13103 requiring software license compliance, as well as providing higher levels of security, all while lowering costs.

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The Changing Landscape of IT (KPMG and

Presenters: Jon Naseath and Steve Klos
Title: The Changing Landscape of IT
Publisher: and KPMG
Abstract: Today, more than ever, reducing costs and increasing operating efficiencies has become critical for organizations worldwide to weather these lean times. Members of the SAM eco-system need to work both individually and together to ensure customers and vendors can be successful in right-sizing their IT infrastructure in a sensible manner. This webinar details how software customers can save money today and how, by working with their vendors, they can ensure cost savings and stronger relationships longer term.We explore important aspects of software asset management that lead to cost savings, better security and better asset management including:

  • Areas to save money on ITAM today
  • Processes to implement that apply SAM cost controls
  • Increasing IT security posture with authoritative software identification
  • Lower IT costs through vendor negotiation and standardized information
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ISO/IEC 19770-2 and 19770-3 Overview Video

Presenter: Steve Klos
Title: Software Tagging Standards – ISO/IEC 19770-2 and ISO/IEC 19770-3
Publisher: Agnitio Advisors, Inc.
Abstract: As part of his work with Agnitio Advisors, Inc. and with the ISO/IEC Other Working Group (OWG), Steve Klos developed a video presentation summarizing details about the ISO/IEC 19770-2 draft standard and a few items of the ISO/IEC 19770-3 draft.The video is 30 minutes long and has a table of contents that allows the viewer to go directly to a specific area in the presentation.  Click the image below to watch the video.
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