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TagVault is moving beyond standards and into practicality.  The TagVault API is being designed in concert with various industry partners so that the API can be put to practical, real-world, use securing our systems from 2020 and beyond. Read More

SWID Tag (19770-2 Support)

There are a number of tools available to create, validate, install and sign SWID tags.  These tools are designed to make life easier for developers and IT operations by ensuring consistency and interoperability. provided tools provides tools to create, sign and validate signed SWID tags.

  • SWID Tag Creation Tool – allows users to create and read basic SWID tags.  This utility is written for use on Windows devices.
  • SWID Tag Signing Tool – This tool is a command line interface tool that allows organizations to digitally sign their SWID tags in a manner that follows the requirements specified in the SWID Tag Signing Guidelines.  This tool requires a Java Runtime Environment.
  • SWID Tag Validation Tool – This tools is a command line interface tool that validates the signature and trusted timestamp in a signed SWID tag.

The SWID Tag Creation tool is licensed under the BSD 3-Clause license model and the source code is available in the GitHub repositories managed under the TagVault Organization

Third Party Tools

A number of other tools are available on the market that create, install or discover SWID tags.  Some

IBM Tools

  • Big Fix – this Endpoint Security and Management platform discovers SWID tags that follow the 2015 version of the standard.


NIST Tag Validation Tool

WiX Installer tool

  • WiX Toolset – this is an open source toolset that lets developers create installers for Windows Installer, the Windows installation engine.  WiX can create SWID tags in the 2015 format and includes them in the installation script.  WiX is used as the installer script engine for most Microsoft products.