SWID tags are produced by some organizations and tools and are consumed by other organizations and tools.  The goal of is to define the market requirements and expectations for SWID tags in such a way as to make the production efficient, consistent and authoritative while ensuring that the consumers of these tags are receiving the information they require in order to meet their operational requirements., along with a number of member organizations, are defining specific market requirements for SWID tags to ensure they meet operational requirements, are  low cost and easy to implement for tag producers while maximizing the value for tag consumers. also provides tools and services to support the production and validation of SWID tags in a manner that meets market requirements.

Through working groups made up of members, the requirements, best practices and processes and procedures are being defined and provided to the market. is also building a SWID tag infrastructure that can assist both tag producers and consumers to make their efforts easier, faster while maximizing their utility.

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