Tool Use Licenses uses membership dues for a number of different activities which include the development of tools and utilities.  These tools and utilities are generally available for members to install and use as many copies as needed without charge.  The licensing does restrict organizations from redistributing and/or selling rights to use the software.  The utilities are built for member use and not for general market distribution.

  1. Object code developed by distributed to members and non-members will be done for free, or at a cost, depending on the membership level. object code licenses are based on licenses similar to the Apache 2.0 license and the licenses will vary depending on the tool.  Some object code may be re-distributable, some may not – please refer to the licensing for any specific tool.See the Tag Creation Tool object code license, and/or the Tag Validation Tool object license for more details.

For organizations that wish to use and distribute certain functionality provided by these tools, please see the source code licensing policy.  In general, organizations with rights to the source code may make derivative products, or may use components of the source code that are then available for sale or redistribution.