Consumers Win with WiX

WixThe WiX development team removes the last excuse for windows software publishers to support standardized software identification (SWID) tags. This is a win for the consumer who will start to see better, more accurate and less-expensive technology for software logistics, security and compliance activities.

Hot off the press – the WiX installer team announced that WiX supports 19770-2 SWID tags. With this announcement, all three major Windows installation tools – Advanced Installer, Installshield and now WiX – provide native support for the creation and installation of SWID tags. WiX is an open source installation utility used by small and large organizations. WiX is in use by many enterprise focused software development organizations because it supports a number of capabilities that make it ideally suited to the installation requirements of more complex software products.

To learn more about this and other advancements in the software identification market, sign up for the Software Identification summit on May 2nd. For deeper knowledge on implementation of SWID tags, sign up for the Publisher Integration of Certified SWID Tags course on May 3rd – both events will be held in Campbell, CA.