There are no current and active initiatives for Tagavault.org. The alliance has shutdown as of August 1, 2020. All the information on this page regarding Tagvault.org activity is historical.


TagVault.org is an evangelist and enabler for organizations to use international standard ISO/IEC 19770-2 software identification tags (SWID tags).

Formed as a non-profit organization under IEEE-ISTO, TagVault.org provides a shared library of software tools and technical knowledge that decrease the costs involved in creating and managing software tags.

TagVault.org’s documentation as well as tools ensure tags fully conform to the tagging standard while also ensuring normalized tag contents. TagVault.org prvides tools to digitally signs tags, providing extra levels of software assurance for consumers.


TagVault.org is working to revolutionize software identification for the entire IT management eco-system.  As a non-profit organization, TagVault.org can work as a trusted partner to all member organizations who provide data to, or collect data from, an organization’s computing devices.  This includes, but is certainly not limited to:

  • Software publishers
  • Security tool & service providers
  • SAM tool & service providers
  • IT management tool and service providers
  • Software purchasing organizations including government organizations

TagVault.org provides tools, services, documentation and a location for publishing information to share among members.

TagVault.org is also supportive of the open source community by making documents and requirements publicly available.

Find out more about the types of membership available and how to join.

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