Leadership Team

TagVault.org is a non-profit organization formed under IEEE-ISTO and run by a board of directors, as specified by the organization’s bylaws. Read on for biographies for each board member.

TagVault.org – Dorian Cougias


Dorian Cougias, a co-founder of Unified Compliance, is the primary architect of the Unified Compliance Framework® and the new SaaS portal, the UCF Common Controls Hub™. Dorian serves as an adviser or working group member to the Payment Card Industry Council, Financial Technology Forum, and other industry organizations. Previously, he was an Adjunct Professor of Technology, lecturing and serving on the board of advisers for the University of Delaware; College of Human Services, Education, and Public Policy. A frequent speaker and well respected author, Cougias has extensive knowledge in all areas of information technology and has won numerous writing and speaking awards.

TagVault.org – Steve Klos

Executive Director

SteveK 200x200 squareSteve was the convener the ISO/IEC 19770-2:2009 draft focused on software identification (SWID) tags.  Based on his work on the development of the SWID tag standard and his extensive background in all aspects of Software Asset Management, Steve became the executive director of TagVault.org – the registration and certification authority for ISO/IEC 19770-2:2009 software identification tags and the organization providing tools, services and specialized knowledge for software identification tags to the SAM ecosystem.

Steve co-founded Agnitio Advisors, a company focused on developing, evaluating and improving software asset management policies and procedures.  He also co-founded ManageSoft Corporation, a leading provider of desktop, security and software asset management tools and services.

Steve is the recipient of multiple industry certifications in Software Asset Management and has been privileged to become an IAITAM Fellow.  Steve is a certified instructor for SAM training classes and has presented at many conferences including CA World, Gartner, IAITAM, and SoftSummit.

See Steve’s LinkedIn Profile.

IEEE-ISTO – Katherine Valenti

Program Manager & Board Secretariat

Katherine Valenti is a program manager supporting industry consortia on behalf of IEEE-ISTO including TagVault.org.  Katherine works closely with the Tagvault.org board leadership team to develop new initiatives to support the strategic direction of the organization and acts as a liaison between the program and other IEEE-SA support functions.

Katherine has 10 years of experience in program and project management.