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507+ Asian Girl Names [All Categories]

Asian girl names are diverse and reflect the rich cultural heritage of the various countries and ethnicities in Asia.

Some common characteristics of Asian girl names are:

  • Meaningful: Many Asian girl names are rooted in tradition and have deep meanings, often representing desirable qualities, nature, or cultural values. For example, Japanese names like ‘Sakura’ (cherry blossom) or Chinese names like ‘Mei’ (beautiful) carry specific meanings.
  • Language-specific: Each Asian language has its unique script and pronunciation, which influence the characteristics of names in those languages. For instance, Hindi names may include syllables like ‘Pri’ and ‘Anj’, while Korean names often have a distinct pattern of a family name followed by a given name with two syllables.
  • Religion and spirituality: Asian girl names may be influenced by the predominant religions in the region, such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, or Christianity. Names may be derived from religious figures, spiritual concepts, or sacred texts.
  • Family and ancestry: In many Asian cultures, family names are passed down through generations, and given names may honor ancestors or relatives. Some names may also indicate a person’s social standing, clan, or profession.
  • Gender-neutral names: Some Asian cultures, like Chinese and Korean, have names that can be given to both boys and girls. These names often focus on virtues, values, or other positive attributes.
  • Name structure: The structure of Asian girl names can vary by culture. For example, in Chinese names, the family name comes first, followed by the given name. In Japanese names, the order is reversed, and in Indian names, the family name may be placed before or after the given name, depending on regional customs.
  • Use of surnames: In some Asian cultures, like Japan and Korea, people typically address each other using their surnames and a honorific, even among friends and colleagues.

It is important to note that Asia is an incredibly diverse continent, and these characteristics are not applicable to every name or culture. Each country and region will have its unique naming conventions and practices.

Asian Girl Names

Here are 100+ Asian girl names with their meanings:

  • Aiko – beloved child (Japanese)
  • Akari – light (Japanese)
  • Akiko – bright, autumn (Japanese)
  • Akira – bright, clear (Japanese)
  • Amaya – night rain (Japanese)
  • Ami – friend (Japanese)
  • Anh – peace (Vietnamese)
  • Anika – graceful, sweet-faced (Indian)
  • Ann – grace (Chinese)
  • Anushka – graceful (Indian)
  • Ayumi – pace, walk (Japanese)
  • Bei – precious (Chinese)
  • Bian – pure (Chinese)
  • Cam – orange blossom (Vietnamese)
  • Chau – pearl (Vietnamese)
  • Chaya – shade (Indian)
  • Chen – morning (Chinese)
  • Chie – wisdom (Japanese)
  • Chinatsu – one thousand summers (Japanese)
  • Cho – butterfly (Korean)
  • Chun – spring (Chinese)
  • Dai – great (Japanese)
  • Danika – morning star (Japanese)
  • Eiko – long-lived child (Japanese)
  • Emi – blessed with beauty (Japanese)
  • Emiko – smiling child (Japanese)
  • Eri – blessed prize (Japanese)
  • Etsuko – child of joy (Japanese)
  • Fumi – history, record (Japanese)
  • Hana – flower (Japanese)
  • Hanako – flower child (Japanese)
  • Haruka – distant, remote (Japanese)
  • Harumi – spring beauty (Japanese)
  • Hikari – light (Japanese)
  • Hina – sunflower (Japanese)
  • Hitomi – pupil of the eye (Japanese)
  • Honoka – harmony flower (Japanese)
  • Hye – intelligent (Korean)
  • Izumi – fountain, spring (Japanese)
  • Jasmine – fragrant flower (Chinese)
  • Ji – intelligent (Chinese)
  • Jia – good (Chinese)
  • Jie – pure, clean (Chinese)
  • Jiyu – freedom (Japanese)
  • Jung – righteous (Korean)
  • Kaede – maple leaf (Japanese)
  • Kai – ocean (Japanese)
  • Kaida – little dragon (Japanese)
  • Kana – powerful (Japanese)
  • Kanako – child of the mist (Japanese)
  • Kanon – flower sound (Japanese)
  • Karin – pure (Japanese)
  • Kasumi – mist (Japanese)
  • Keiko – blessed child (Japanese)
  • Kiara – bright (Indian)
  • Kimiko – noble, child (Japanese)
  • Kin – gold (Chinese)
  • Kira – beam of light (Japanese)
  • Kiyoko – pure child (Japanese)
  • Koharu – small spring (Japanese)
  • Kumi – long-time beauty (Japanese)
  • Kwan – bright (Korean)
  • Kyoko – mirror (Japanese)
  • Lian – graceful willow (Chinese)
  • Li Mei – beautiful plum (Chinese)
  • Li Ming – bright (Chinese)
  • Li Wei – graceful rose (Chinese)
  • Lin – beautiful jade (Chinese)
  • Ling – delicate, intelligent (Chinese)
  • Liu – willow (Chinese)
  • Mai – dance (Japanese)
  • Maki – true hope (Japanese)
  • Manami – beautiful love (Japanese)
  • Mari – rebellion (Japanese)
  • Mayumi – true gentle beauty (Japanese)
  • Mei – beautiful (Chinese)
  • Michiko – child of beauty (Japanese)
  • Midori – green (Japanese)
  • Mika – beautiful fragrance (Japanese)
  • Min – clever (Korean)
  • Minako – beautiful child (Japanese)
  • Ming – bright (Chinese)
  • Misaki – beautiful blossom (Japanese)
  • Miu – beautiful feather (Japanese)
  • Miyu – beautiful gentleness (Japanese)
  • Momoka – peach blossom (Japanese)
  • Nami – wave (Japanese)
  • Nanako – child of the greens (Japanese)
  • Naomi – pleasantness (Japanese)
  • Natsumi – beautiful summer (Japanese)
  • Natsuko – child of summer (Japanese)
  • Nguyen – graceful (Vietnamese)
  • Nhu – gentle (Vietnamese)
  • Noriko – child of law (Japanese)
  • Qiu – autumn (Chinese)
  • Rei – gratitude (Japanese)
  • Ren – lotus (Chinese)
  • Rina – jasmine (Japanese)
  • Sakura – cherry blossom (Japanese)
  • Sayuri – small lily (Japanese)
  • Seo-Yeon – felicitous omen (Korean)
  • Sora – sky (Japanese)
  • Sumiko – child of clarity (Japanese)
  • Sung – success (Korean)
  • Suzu – small bell (Japanese)
  • Takara – treasure (Japanese)
  • Tomoko – intelligent (Japanese)
  • Ume – plum blossom (Japanese)
  • Wei – graceful rose (Chinese)
  • Xiao – morning (Chinese)
  • Xiaojie – small sister (Chinese)
  • Xin – trustworthy (Chinese)
  • Xue – snow (Chinese)
  • Yae – beautiful (Japanese)
  • Yoko – child of sunlight (Japanese)
  • Yoon – to allow (Korean)
  • Yua – binding love (Japanese)
  • Yui – gentle (Japanese)
  • Yuka – gentle flower (Japanese)
  • Yumi – beauty (Japanese)
  • Yuri – lily (Japanese)
  • Yuzu – Japanese citrus fruit (Japanese)
  • Zhang – archer (Chinese)

Asian Baby Girl Names

Here are dozens of Asian Baby Girl Names:

  • Aiko – “beloved” in Japanese
  • Anushka – “grace” in Sanskrit
  • Bao – “treasure” in Vietnamese
  • Chaya – “shadow” in Sanskrit
  • Dahee – “fulfilled” in Korean
  • Divya – “divine” in Sanskrit
  • Eunji – “kindness and wisdom” in Korean
  • Fang – “fragrant” in Chinese
  • Geet – “song” in Hindi
  • Hana – “flower” in Japanese
  • Hee-Young – “graceful and flourishing” in Korean
  • Imara – “strong” in Swahili
  • Ji-hye – “wisdom” in Korean
  • Kaede – “maple leaf” in Japanese
  • Kaida – “little dragon” in Japanese
  • Kavya – “poetry” in Sanskrit
  • Kimiko – “child without equal” in Japanese
  • Lei – “flower” in Chinese
  • Lila – “night” in Hindi
  • Meena – “precious stone” in Sanskrit
  • Min-jung – “bright and righteous” in Korean
  • Miyu – “beautiful reason” in Japanese
  • Nara – “happy” in Sanskrit
  • Natsuki – “summer hope” in Japanese
  • Nia – “purpose” in Swahili
  • Rina – “jasmine” in Japanese
  • Rohini – “the moon” in Sanskrit
  • Sakura – “cherry blossom” in Japanese
  • Sana – “brilliant” in Arabic
  • Saya – “swift arrow” in Japanese
  • Seo-yun – “felicitous omen” in Korean
  • Shiori – “bookmark” in Japanese
  • Sumiko – “child of goodness” in Japanese
  • Tala – “small bird” in Tagalog
  • Yuna – “kindness” in Korean
  • Zara – “princess” in Arabic

Cute Asian Girl Names

Cute Asian Girl Names with Meanings:

  • Aiko – beloved child
  • Chika – scatter flowers
  • Emi – blessed with beauty and love
  • Hanako – flower child
  • Kaori – fragrant
  • Kimiko – child without equal
  • Mei – beautiful
  • Rina – jasmine
  • Saki – blossom of hope
  • Yui – gentle, superior

25 Beautiful and Trending Asian Baby Girl Names with Meanings

Common Asian Girl Names

Common Asian Girl Names with Meanings:

  • Ai – love
  • Hana – flower
  • Haruka – distant
  • Hiroko – generous
  • Jasmine – fragrant flower
  • Mika – beautiful fragrance
  • Nami – wave
  • Rei – lovely
  • Sakura – cherry blossom
  • Yuna – kind, gentle

Asian American Girl Names

Asian American Girl Names with Meanings:

  • Akira – bright, intelligent
  • Allyson – noble one
  • Amaya – night rain
  • Anjali – gift, offering
  • Hina – sunshine
  • Jia – good, auspicious
  • Kaiya – forgiveness
  • Leilani – heavenly flowers
  • Maya – illusion
  • Sana – brilliant, praise

Pretty Asian Girl Names

Pretty Asian Girl Names with Meanings:

  • Ayumi – walking, progression
  • Eri – blessed prize
  • Kohana – little flower
  • Lan – orchid
  • Mei-Ling – beautiful sound
  • Nao – honest
  • Ran – water lily
  • Saya – swift arrow
  • Sayuri – small lily
  • Yuri – lily

Unique Asian Girl Names

Unique Asian Girl Names with Meanings:

  • Arisa – lovely lion
  • Atsuko – kind-hearted child
  • Fumiko – child of abundant beauty
  • Kaida – little dragon
  • Kameko – child of the turtle
  • Kiyomi – pure beauty
  • Miyako – beautiful night child
  • Nanami – seven seas
  • Sayaka – clear and bright
  • Yuzuki – gentle moon

Popular Asian Girl Names

Popular Asian Girl Names:

  • Sakura: This Japanese name means “cherry blossom”.
  • Mei: A Chinese name that means “beautiful”.
  • Aria: A name of Italian origin, but it’s also popular in Japan and means “air” or “song”.
  • Yuna: A Korean name meaning “lotus”.
  • Rina: This name is popular in Japan and means “jasmine”.
  • Lina: A name that is popular in many Asian countries and means “tender” or “delicate”.
  • Nana: A Japanese name that means “seven”, but it’s also associated with being “graceful”.
  • Sana: A name that is popular in Japan and means “brilliant” or “radiant”.
  • Ayumi: A Japanese name that means “walk” or “progress”.
  • Kimi: A name that is popular in Japan and means “noble”.

South Asian Girl Names

South Asian Girl Names:

  • Ayesha: A popular Arabic name that means “lively” or “vibrant”.
  • Anika: A Sanskrit name that means “grace” or “sweetness”.
  • Riya: A name of Sanskrit origin meaning “singer”.
  • Mahi: An Indian name that means “earth” or “great”.
  • Sara: A name that is popular in many South Asian countries and means “princess”.
  • Amara: A name of Arabic origin that means “eternal” or “immortal”.
  • Anaya: A name of Sanskrit origin that means “unique” or “different”.
  • Ishika: A Sanskrit name that means “paintbrush” or “ray of light”.
  • Aaradhya: An Indian name that means “to be worshipped”.
  • Zara: A name of Arabic origin that means “princess” or “flower”.

Southeast Asian Girl Names

Southeast Asian Girl Names:

  • Thalia: A Greek name that is popular in Indonesia and means “to flourish”.
  • Mira: A name that is popular in Indonesia and means “wonderful” or “admirable”.
  • Nadya: A name of Russian origin that is popular in Indonesia and means “hope”.
  • Bunga: A name of Indonesian origin that means “flower”.
  • Dewi: A name that is popular in Indonesia and means “goddess”.
  • Siti: A name that is popular in Malaysia and Indonesia and means “lady” or “mistress”.
  • Leena: A name of Finnish origin that is popular in Singapore and means “light”.
  • Phuong: A Vietnamese name that means “phoenix”.
  • Thuy: A Vietnamese name that means “water” or “stream”.
  • Linh: A Vietnamese name that means “spirit” or “soul”.

East Asian Girl Names

East Asian Girl Names:

  • Hana: A Korean and Japanese name that means “flower”.
  • Min: A Korean name that means “clever” or “sharp”.
  • Mei-Ling: A Chinese name that means “beautiful and delicate”.
  • Yui: A Japanese name that means “gentleness”.
  • Saki: A Japanese name that means “blossom” or “hope”.
  • Xia: A Chinese name that means “summer” or “rosy clouds”.
  • Hye-Jin: A Korean name that means “wise and precious”.
  • Chiyoko: A Japanese name that means “eternal” or “thousand generations”.
  • Nao: A Japanese name that means “honest” or “docile”.
  • Ling: A Chinese name that means “sound of jade”.

Central Asian Girl Names

Central Asian Girl Names:

  • Gulnara: A name of Uzbek origin that means “pomegranate flower”.
  • Almira: A name of Kazakh origin that means “princess”.
  • Sabina: A name of Kazakh and Kyrgyz origin that means “patience” or “endurance”.
  • Aziza: A name of Uzbek origin that means “beloved” or “precious”.
  • Dilrabo: A name of Tajik origin that means “heart’s joy”.
  • Aisha: A name of Turkmen origin that means “living” or “alive”.
  • Zareen: A name of Persian origin that means “golden”.
  • Aigul: A name of Kazakh origin that means “moon flower”.
  • Feruza: A name of Uzbek origin that means “turquoise”.

Asian Girl Last Names

Common Asian Girl Last Names:

  • Kim – meaning “gold” in Korean
  • Wong – meaning “king” or “prince” in Cantonese
  • Nguyen – meaning “musical instrument” in Vietnamese
  • Lee – meaning “plum tree” in Korean
  • Chen – meaning “morning” in Chinese
  • Tan – meaning “new” or “red” in Chinese
  • Patel – meaning “landowner” in Indian
  • Yamamoto – meaning “mountain root” in Japanese
  • Singh – meaning “lion” in Punjabi
  • Park – meaning “an enclosed area” in Korean

Common Asian Girl Names in America

Common Asian Girl Names in America:

  • Emily – meaning “rival” or “industrious” in Chinese
  • Sophia – meaning “wisdom” in Greek but also popular among Asians
  • Isabella – meaning “pledged to God” in Hebrew but also used in Asian countries
  • Chloe – meaning “young green shoot” in Greek but also popular among Asians
  • Olivia – meaning “olive tree” in Latin but also used in Asian countries
  • Ava – meaning “life” in Latin but also used in Asian countries
  • Grace – meaning “charm” in English but also popular among Asians
  • Mia – meaning “mine” or “bitter” in Latin but also used in Asian countries
  • Amelia – meaning “work” or “industrious” in Latin but also used in Asian countries
  • Emma – meaning “universal” in German but also popular among Asians

Rare Asian Girl Names

Rare Asian Girl Names:

  • Sujin – meaning “gentle and precious” in Korean
  • Kaida – meaning “little dragon” in Japanese
  • Arundhati – meaning “unobstructed” or “bright” in Sanskrit
  • Anjali – meaning “offering” in Sanskrit
  • Suki – meaning “beloved” in Japanese
  • Tae-hee – meaning “happy and beautiful” in Korean
  • Pari – meaning “fairy” in Persian
  • Zhihui – meaning “wise and intelligent” in Chinese
  • Yumiko – meaning “child of the bow” in Japanese
  • Mirei – meaning “beautiful, lovely” in Japanese

Aesthetic Asian Girl Names

Aesthetic Asian Girl Names:

  • Mei – meaning “beautiful” in Chinese
  • Sakura – meaning “cherry blossom” in Japanese
  • Hana – meaning “flower” in Korean and Japanese
  • Yuna – meaning “gentle” in Korean
  • Lin – meaning “beautiful jade” in Chinese
  • Ayumi – meaning “pace” or “walk” in Japanese
  • Sora – meaning “sky” in Japanese
  • Lian – meaning “graceful willow” in Chinese
  • Sun-mi – meaning “goodness, beauty” in Korean
  • Ran – meaning “water lily” in Japanese

Beautiful Asian Girl Names

Beautiful Asian Girl Names:

  • Aiko – meaning “beloved” or “love child” in Japanese
  • Jingjing – meaning “crystal clear” or “clean” in Chinese
  • Haruka – meaning “distant” in Japanese
  • Sae – meaning “blessing” in Korean
  • Aya – meaning “colorful” or “beautiful” in Japanese
  • Jun – meaning “truthful, obedient” in Japanese
  • Mei-Ling – meaning “beautiful bell” in Chinese
  • Seo-yun – meaning “felicitous omen” in Korean

Good Asian Girl Names

Good Asian Girl Names:

  • Sujata: It means “well-born” or “of good family” in Sanskrit.
  • Mei-Ling: A Chinese name meaning “beautiful and delicate”.
  • Hana: A Korean name meaning “hope” or “one”.
  • Priya: A Sanskrit name meaning “beloved”.
  • Ayumi: A Japanese name meaning “step by step” or “walking”.
  • Ying: A Chinese name meaning “smart” or “intelligent”.
  • Sarika: A Sanskrit name meaning “a singing bird”.
  • Hyo: A Korean name meaning “respectful”.
  • Reiko: A Japanese name meaning “lovely” or “charming”.
  • Jing: A Chinese name meaning “quiet” or “serene”.

Eurasian Girl Names

Eurasian Girl Names:

  • Amara: A name with roots in both Greek and Sanskrit, meaning “eternal” and “immortal”.
  • Emiko: A name that combines Japanese and Spanish roots, meaning “blessed” or “graceful child”.
  • Elena: A name with Greek and Spanish origins, meaning “bright” or “shining”.
  • Kiara: A name with Irish and Italian roots, meaning “dark-haired” or “little dark one”.
  • Sofia: A name with Greek and Spanish roots, meaning “wisdom”.
  • Isadora: A name that combines Greek and Spanish roots, meaning “gift of Isis” or “gift of the goddess”.
  • Meilin: A name that blends Chinese and French roots, meaning “beautiful jade”.
  • Nadia: A name with Russian and Arabic roots, meaning “hope” or “calling”.
  • Leila: A name that combines Arabic and Irish roots, meaning “night” or “dark beauty”.
  • Aria: A name that combines Italian and Persian roots, meaning “air” or “song”.

Asian Girl Names That Start With… (A-Z)

Here are some popular Asian girl names starting with each letter from A to Z:


  • Aiko (Japanese)
  • Anjali (Indian)
  • Ahn (Korean)
  • Ai-Ling (Chinese)
  • Anisa (Arabic)
  • Ayaka (Japanese)


  • Bao (Chinese)
  • Bora (Korean)
  • Bina (Indian)
  • Binh (Vietnamese)
  • Bach Yen (Vietnamese)
  • Balbir (Indian)


  • Chiharu (Japanese)
  • Chae-won (Korean)
  • Chen (Chinese)
  • Chetna (Indian)
  • Chau (Vietnamese)
  • Chieko (Japanese)


  • Durga (Indian)
  • Danbi (Korean)
  • Dao (Vietnamese)
  • Dian (Indonesian)
  • Dinh (Vietnamese)
  • Divya (Indian)


  • Eri (Japanese)
  • Eun-ji (Korean)
  • Esha (Indian)
  • Emiko (Japanese)
  • Eka (Indonesian)
  • Ela (Filipino)


  • Fang (Chinese)
  • Fiza (Arabic)
  • Fumi (Japanese)
  • Farida (Arabic)
  • Firdaus (Indonesian)
  • Fan (Chinese)


  • Gita (Indian)
  • Guo (Chinese)
  • Go-eun (Korean)
  • Gia (Vietnamese)
  • Grace (English)
  • Gyeong (Korean)


  • Hina (Japanese)
  • Hae-jin (Korean)
  • Hui (Chinese)
  • Hamsa (Arabic)
  • Huyen (Vietnamese)
  • Harleen (Indian)


  • Isha (Indian)
  • Isadora (Greek)
  • Isabelle (French)
  • Izumi (Japanese)
  • Izzah (Arabic)
  • Indira (Indian)


  • Ji-hye (Korean)
  • Jing (Chinese)
  • Jaya (Indian)
  • Jolene (English)
  • Jasmin (Arabic)
  • Jui (Indian)


  • Kana (Japanese)
  • Kyung-mi (Korean)
  • Kavya (Indian)
  • Kieu (Vietnamese)
  • Kuan-yin (Chinese)
  • Kai-lan (Chinese)


  • Ling (Chinese)
  • Lee-na (Korean)
  • Lila (Indian)
  • Lien (Vietnamese)
  • Lala (Filipino)
  • Lina (Arabic)


  • Mei (Chinese)
  • Mi-ja (Korean)
  • Meena (Indian)
  • Mai (Japanese)
  • Mahira (Arabic)
  • Minh (Vietnamese)


  • Natsuki (Japanese)
  • Nari (Korean)
  • Nitya (Indian)
  • Nga (Vietnamese)
  • Nisa (Arabic)
  • Nandini (Indian)


  • Oka (Japanese)
  • Olivia (English)
  • Oanh (Vietnamese)
  • Omaira (Arabic)
  • Oktavia (Indonesian)
  • Oktaviani (Indonesian)


  • Pooja (Indian)
  • Ping (Chinese)


  • Qi (Chinese)
  • Qian (Chinese)
  • Quynh (Vietnamese)
  • Qudsia (Arabic)
  • Qistina (Malay)
  • Qamariyah (Arabic)


  • Rina (Japanese)
  • Rumi (Japanese)
  • Rani (Indian)
  • Rukmini (Indian)
  • Reem (Arabic)
  • Rizka (Indonesian)


  • Sakura (Japanese)
  • Sujin (Korean)
  • Shreya (Indian)
  • Shanshan (Chinese)
  • Shaima (Arabic)
  • Sari (Indonesian)


  • Tsubaki (Japanese)
  • Taeyeon (Korean)
  • Thanh (Vietnamese)
  • Tripti (Indian)
  • Titi (Indonesian)
  • Tanuja (Indian)


  • Uma (Indian)
  • Umi (Japanese)
  • Uyen (Vietnamese)
  • Uliana (Russian)
  • Ulya (Turkish)
  • Umarah (Arabic)


  • Vivian (English)
  • Vy (Vietnamese)
  • Van (Vietnamese)
  • Vaishnavi (Indian)
  • Vandana (Indian)
  • Vivi (Chinese)


  • Wei (Chinese)
  • Wan (Chinese)
  • Wen (Chinese)
  • Wu (Chinese)
  • Wulan (Indonesian)
  • Wahida (Arabic)


  • Xia (Chinese)
  • Xue (Chinese)
  • Xiu (Chinese)
  • Xin (Chinese)
  • Xanthe (Greek)
  • Xaviera (Spanish)


  • Yuna (Korean)
  • Yui (Japanese)
  • Ying (Chinese)
  • Yusra (Arabic)
  • Yani (Indonesian)
  • Yolanda (Spanish)


  • Zara (Arabic)
  • Zhen (Chinese)
  • Zhang (Chinese)
  • Zoya (Arabic)
  • Zainab (Arabic)
  • Zhihui (Chinese)

Japanese Girl Names

Japanese Girl Names:

  • Akira: A unisex name meaning “bright” or “clear”.
  • Hina: A name meaning “sunshine” or “good vegetable” in Japanese.
  • Yuna: A name meaning “gentle” or “kind” in Japanese.
  • Kaida: A name meaning “little dragon” in Japanese.
  • Sakura: A name meaning “cherry blossom” in Japanese.
  • Saki: A name meaning “blossom” or “hope” in Japanese.
  • Mio: A name meaning “beautiful cherry blossom” in Japanese.
  • Mei: A name meaning “bright” or “gorgeous” in Japanese.
  • Hikari: A name meaning “light” in Japanese.
  • Rina: A name meaning “jasmine” in Japanese.

Chinese Girl Names

Chinese Girl Names:

  • Jingyi: A name meaning “quiet joy” in Chinese.
  • Jia: A name meaning “good” or “excellent” in Chinese.
  • Li: A name meaning “beautiful” or “powerful” in Chinese.
  • Xinyi: A name meaning “happy thoughts” in Chinese.
  • Mei: A name meaning “beautiful” in Chinese.
  • Shuyi: A name meaning “graceful” or “elegant” in Chinese.
  • Tian: A name meaning “heaven” or “sky” in Chinese.
  • Yating: A name meaning “elegant and graceful” in Chinese.
  • Yue: A name meaning “moon” in Chinese.
  • Zhen: A name meaning “precious” or “truth” in Chinese.

Pretty Chinese Names for Girls (with Meanings)

Korean Girl Names

Korean Girl Names:

  • Soo-Jin: means “gentle and precious”
  • Hae-Won: means “graceful garden”
  • Min-Ji: means “clever and beautiful”
  • Ye-Jin: means “precious and valuable”
  • Ji-Yeon: means “graceful and beautiful lotus”
  • Eun-Ji: means “kind and merciful”
  • Hyo-Jin: means “smart and beautiful”
  • Mi-Young: means “everlasting beauty”
  • Yoo-Jin: means “precious and beautiful pearl”
  • Seo-Yeon: means “felicitous omen”
  • Nara: means “happy”
  • Raon: means “joyful”
  • Eunha: means “kind and beautiful”
  • Sol: means “pine tree”
  • Arin: means “peaceful and intelligent”
  • Sora: means “conquering”
  • Ye-eun: means “graceful and shining”
  • Su-ji: means “defending and supporting”
  • Jiyoon: means “wisdom and charm”
  • Jia: means “good and beautiful”

Vietnamese Girl Names

Vietnamese Girl Names:

  • Linh: means “spirit”
  • Lan: means “orchid”
  • Thuy: means “water”
  • Huong: means “perfume”
  • Ngoc: means “jade”
  • Anh: means “bright”
  • Mai: means “plum blossom”
  • Nga: means “elegant”
  • Thao: means “young plant”
  • Trang: means “white”
  • Bich: means “jade”
  • Hong: means “rose”
  • Kieu: means “graceful”
  • Lananh: means “peaceful and happy”
  • Mylinh: means “beautiful song”
  • Ngan: means “silver”
  • Thanhha: means “clever and talented”
  • Tuyet: means “snow”
  • Xuan: means “spring”
  • Yen: means “calm and peaceful”

Cambodian Girl Names

Cambodian Girl Names:

  • Sophea: means “wisdom”
  • Rotha: means “flower”
  • Soriya: means “sun”
  • Phirun: means “rain”
  • Vanna: means “golden”
  • Sreypov: means “pretty flower”
  • Sophal: means “good luck”
  • Pich: means “diamond”
  • Dara: means “star”
  • Chantha: means “moon”
  • Sopheary: means “beloved wisdom”
  • Samnang: means “lucky”
  • Sereyroth: means “sunflower”
  • Sorina: means “pleasing”
  • Sovanna: means “golden dream”
  • Sophary: means “divine”
  • Phallyka: means “blessed”
  • Pisey: means “precious”
  • Davitha: means “gentle”
  • Chanthea: means “moonlight”

Singapore Girl Names

Singapore Girl Names:

  • Jia-Ling: means “outstanding and intelligent”
  • Si-Ying: means “smart and talented”
  • Hui-Min: means “graceful and clever”
  • Xue-Yi: means “elegant and artistic”
  • Li-Ying: means “beautiful and charming”
  • Kai-Ling: means “victorious and intelligent”
  • Hui-Ling: means “graceful and intelligent”
  • Wei-Ling: means “precious and elegant”
  • Wan-Ling: means “gracious and intelligent”
  • Mei-Ling: means “beautiful and delicate”
  • Kexin: means “graceful and kind”
  • Huiyi: means “wise and talented”
  • Wenxin: means “cultivated and serene”
  • Lirong: means “graceful and lively”
  • Shumin: means “charming and delicate”
  • Qianhui: means “clever and graceful”
  • Yufang: means “jade-like fragrance”
  • Jiahui: means “bright and splendid”
  • Yanni: means “elegant and graceful”
  • Yirong: means “pleasant and beautiful”

Filipina Girl Names

Filipina Girl Names:

  • Maria: means “beloved”
  • Luz: means “light”
  • Ines: means “pure”
  • Andrea: means “strong and courageous”
  • Felicity: means “happiness”
  • Consuelo: means “consolation”
  • Antonia: means “invaluable”
  • Sofia: means “wisdom”
  • Rosalyn: means “beautiful rose”
  • Carmela: means “garden”
  • Anacleta: means “invincible”
  • Bernadette: means “brave as a bear”
  • Casiana: means “with pure character”
  • Diosa: means “goddess”
  • Esperanza: means “hopeful”
  • Imelda: means “universal fight”
  • Josefina: means “God will increase”
  • Juliana: means “youthful and dedicated to Jupiter”
  • Lourdes: means “golden”
  • Teresita: means “reaper”

Indonesian Girl Names

Indonesian Girl Names:

  • Dewi: means “goddess”
  • Putri: means “princess”
  • Sari: means “essence”
  • Ayu: means “beautiful”
  • Lestari: means “eternal”
  • Yuni: means “together”
  • Citra: means “image”
  • Kusuma: means “flower”
  • Ratna: means “jewel”
  • Wulan: means “moon”
  • Adelia: means “noble”
  • Adinda: means “little sister”
  • Ayunda: means “a reminder of God”
  • Cinta: means “love”
  • Kanya: means “young girl”
  • Kartika: means “a girl born in the month of Kartika”
  • Larasati: means “a noble soul”
  • Padma: means “lotus”
  • Parwati: means “a beautiful mountain”
  • Saraswati: means “goddess of knowledge and music”

Malaysian Girl Names

Malaysian Girl Names:

  • Aina: means “love”
  • Nurul: means “light of”
  • Amira: means “princess”
  • Safiya: means “pure”
  • Farah: means “happiness”
  • Aisha: means “life”
  • Nadia: means “hope”
  • Adila: means “just and fair”
  • Aisyah: means “living”
  • Dian: means “light

FAQs – Asian Girl Names

What Asian names mean beautiful?

What Asian names mean beautiful:

  • Mei – Chinese name meaning “beautiful”
  • Mi-Young – Korean name meaning “everlasting beauty”
  • Tuyet – Vietnamese name meaning “snowy”
  • Anh – Vietnamese name meaning “brightness”
  • Ran – Japanese name meaning “water lily”
  • Li Mei – Chinese name meaning “beautiful plum”
  • Reiko – Japanese name meaning “lovely child”
  • Sirikit – Thai name meaning “glorious”
  • Gia – Vietnamese name meaning “elegant”
  • Jia – Chinese name meaning “good and beautiful”

What are the prettiest Asian girl names?

What are the prettiest Asian girl names:

  • Sakura – Japanese name meaning “cherry blossom”
  • Sora – Korean name meaning “conquering”
  • Anjali – Indian name meaning “gift”
  • Mei-Ling – Chinese name meaning “beautiful and delicate”
  • Min-Ji – Korean name meaning “clever and beautiful”
  • Nami – Japanese name meaning “wave”
  • Priya – Indian name meaning “beloved”
  • Zara – Persian name meaning “princess”
  • Yuna – Korean name meaning “to shine”
  • Ayumi – Japanese name meaning “pace, walk”

What are some basic Asian girl names?

What are some basic Asian girl names:

  • Chao – Chinese name meaning “morning”
  • Hana – Korean name meaning “one”
  • Keiko – Japanese name meaning “happy child”
  • Lina – Chinese name meaning “tender”
  • Mai – Vietnamese name meaning “plum blossom”
  • Nika – Japanese name meaning “fragrant”
  • Oki – Japanese name meaning “ocean”
  • Puja – Indian name meaning “worship”
  • Rina – Japanese name meaning “jasmine”
  • Yoko – Japanese name meaning “positive child”

What are some cute Asian girl names?

Some cute Asian girl names include:

  • Aiko (Japanese)
  • Hana (Korean/Japanese)
  • Mei (Chinese)
  • Sakura (Japanese)
  • Sora (Korean/Japanese)
  • Yuna (Korean)

What are the most common Asian girl names in the US?

According to the Social Security Administration’s data, the most common Asian girl names in the US were:

  • Olivia
  • Emma
  • Mia
  • Chloe
  • Aria
  • Lily
  • Sophia
  • Isabella
  • Maya
  • Emery

What are the top Asian girl names?

The top Asian girl names can vary depending on the country or region, but here are some popular ones:

  • Mei (China)
  • Sakura (Japan)
  • Hana (Korea)
  • Yuna (Korea)
  • Aria (Korea)
  • Ayumi (Japan)
  • Jing (China)
  • Lin (China)
  • Mai (Vietnam)
  • Rika (Japan)

Conclusion – Asian Girl Names

Asian girl names encompass a vast range of languages, cultures, and traditions from countries like China, Japan, Korea, India, and many others.

Each region has its unique characteristics and naming conventions.

Here are some general characteristics of Asian girl names from a few prominent regions:

  1. Chinese girl names:
  • Based on Chinese characters, each carrying a specific meaning
  • Often reflect virtues, nature, or positive attributes
  • Usually consist of a family name (surname) followed by a given name, which can be one or two characters
  • Examples: Li Na (李娜, meaning “graceful”), Wang Ying (王莹, meaning “bright” or “lustrous”)
  1. Japanese girl names:
  • Can be written in kanji, hiragana, or katakana, with each character having a specific meaning
  • Many names reflect beauty, nature, or positive attributes
  • Common elements include ‘ko’ (子, meaning “child”), ‘mi’ (美, meaning “beauty”), and ‘yuki’ (雪, meaning “snow”)
  • Examples: Sakura (さくら or 桜, meaning “cherry blossom”), Yuki (ゆき or 雪, meaning “snow”)
  1. Korean girl names:
  • Usually consist of a family name (surname) followed by a two-syllable given name
  • Based on hanja, which are Chinese characters adapted for the Korean language, each with specific meanings
  • Many names reflect virtues, aspirations, or positive attributes
  • Examples: Kim Yoo-jin (김유진, meaning “abundant treasure”), Park Ji-hyun (박지현, meaning “wise and virtuous”)
  1. Indian girl names:
  • Encompass a wide range of languages, such as Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, and others
  • Many names have Sanskrit origins and often hold religious or cultural significance
  • Names can reflect virtues, nature, deities, or positive attributes
  • Examples: Aaradhya (आराध्या, meaning “worshipped” or “adorable”), Priyanka (प्रियंका, meaning “beloved” or “dear”)

While these are just a few examples of the characteristics of Asian girl names, it’s essential to remember that each culture and region has its unique naming practices.

Additionally, the meanings of names may vary based on the language or dialect used, and the cultural context.


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