Beach House Names

167+ BEST Beach House Names [Unique, Catchy]

Beach house names are used to describe the physical structure of a beach home and its features.

They can be humorous, inspiring, unique, and meaningful.

Some popular beach house names include Island Time, Ocean Breeze, Summer House, Sand Dollar Cottage, Beach Retreat, Saltwater Sanctuary, Paradise Found, and Seaside Haven.

Whatever name you choose for your beach house should reflect the atmosphere you want to create – one of relaxation and fun!

If you’re looking for more ideas for your beach house name, we have hundreds of catchy and unique options that are sure to spark some creativity.

In this article, we take a look at different beach house names across various categories.

These include:

  • Fun Beach House Names
  • Beach House Names Generator
  • Funny Beach House Names
  • Beach House Names from Songs
  • Unique Beach House Names
  • Quirky Beach House Names
  • Classy Beach House Names
  • Best Beach House Names
  • Beach House Names in Italian
  • Beach House Names in Spanish
  • Florida Beach House Names
  • Catchy Beach House Names
  • Beach Themed House Names
  • Beach House Names with Sunset
  • Beach House Names with Turtle
  • Beach House Names with Shell

Fun Beach House Names

1. Aqua Sunrise

2. Fiddler’s Rest

3. Shoreline Homespun

4. Sailing on Sunshine

5. Waves of Joy

6. Shipwreck Shack

7. Seaside Smiles

8. Beach Bliss

9. Coconut Cabana

10. Castaway Cottage

11. Paradise Palms

12. Sunflower Bungalow

13. Splish Splash House

14. Flip Flops Forever

15. Starfish Oasis

Beach House Names Ideas

Beach House Names Generator

These beach house names were automatically generated.

Let’s see how good they are.

1. Sea Treasure Cove

2. Sandy-Shore Retreat

3. Moonlit Waters Villa

4. Boardwalk Bungalow

5. Tidal Wave Hideaway

6. Starlight Shores Haven

7. Waves of Fun Manor

8. Beachside Haven

9. Summertime Paradise

10. Beachfront Dreams Hideaway

11. Windy Waves Castle

12. Blue Horizon Retreat

13. Water’s Edge B & B

14. Shoreline Serenity Resort

15. Sea Breeze Villa

Funny Beach House Names

1. Too Much Sun Shack

2. Swimming with the Sharks Inn

3. Seagull’s Paradise Hotel

4. Shoreline Shindig Mansion

5. High Tide Hangout

6. Sandy Toes Retreat

7. Salty Sea Dog Cottage

8. Oh Buoy! Inn

9. Soak Up the Sun Beach House

10. A Whale of an Adventure Hostel

11. Anchors Away Resort

12. Summer Lovin’ Palace

13. Beach Blanket Bungalow

14. The Big Kahuna House

15. Wave Utopia Lodge

Beach House Names from Songs

1. Drift Away Cottage (Dobie Gray)

2. Margaritaville Hideaway (Jimmy Buffett)

3. Under the Boardwalk B&B (The Drifters)

4. Sea of Love Manor (Tom Waits)

5. Sail Away Villa (Otis Redding)

6. Hotel California Retreat (Eagles)

7. Surf City Bungalow (Jan & Dean)

8. Kokomo Oasis (The Beach Boys)

9. Beach Boys Summer House (The Beach Boys)

10. The Tide is High Suite (Blondie)

11. Island in the Sun Lodge (Harry Belafonte)

12. Surfin’ USA Inn (The Beach Boys)

13. Rhinestone Cowboy Chalet (Glen Campbell)

14. Sittin’ On the Dock of the Bay Retreat  (Otis Redding)

15. Summer Wind Mansion (Frank Sinatra)

Best And Unique Beach House Names

Unique Beach House Names

1. Coastal Comfort House

2. Wet Sand Dreams

3. Little Fish Haven

4. Floating on Waves Hostel

5. Island Glow Resort

6. Coral Reef Oasis

7. Peaceful Shores Suite

8. Wavecatcher Retreat

9. Summer Soul Sea Pines

10. Beachcomber Bungalow

11. Shoreline Heaven Home

12. Seashells Getaway

13. Starfish Sands Estate

14. Sandy Toes Suites

15. Whimsy Beach B & B

Quirky Beach House Names

1. Sublime Sunsets Cottage

2. Bikini Bottom Palace

3. Wave Whisperer Manor

4. Sandcastle Dreams Apartment

5. Salty Sea Breeze B&B

6. Seaside Stargazer Bungalow

7. Castaway Creations Retreat

8. Mermaid Meadows Inn

9. Sunrise Soiree Hideaway

10. Fun in the Sun Villa

11. The Lazy Ocean Home

12. Tiki Tropical Resort

13. Summer Fling Palazzo

14. Saltwater Sanctuary Lodge

15. Paradise Pedestal Haven

Classy Beach House Names

1. Bon Voyage Estate

2. Bay Breeze Manor

3. Endless Wave Villa

4. Whispering Waters Chalet

5. Reflections Getaway

6. Azure Abode Bungalow

7. Allure of the Sea Retreat

8. Coastal Enchantment Home

9. Sunlit Sanctuary Apartment

10. Oceanside Oasis Suite

11. Seascape Haven Lodge

12. Sunset Bliss Mansion

13. Majestic Ocean Hideaway

14. White Sands Resort

15. Luxury Beachside Cottage  ​

Best Beach House Names

Best Beach House Names

1. Sunrise Getaway

2. Sandcastle Suites

3. Coastal Breeze Retreat

4. Shoreline Dreams Villa

5. Sunbathing Sensation Bungalow

6. Sandy Seashore Hideaway

7. Surfers Paradise Palace

8. Sea of Tranquility Lodge

9. Endless Summer Home

10. Full Moon Beachfront Cottage

11. Tropical Oasis Mansion

12. Island Escape Chalet

13. Ocean View Haven

14. Paradise Found Apartment

15. Blue Lagoon Resort ​

Beach House Names in Italian

1. Il Rifugio della Costa

2. Casa Estiva al Mare

3. Villa di Spiaggia

4. La Fuga dal Sole

5. Luna Di Sabbia Chalet

6. Oasi di Tranquillità

7. L’Alba del Mare Retreat

8. Vacanza al Mare Suite

9. Sogno in Riviera Home

10. Casetta sulle Dune Bungalow

11. Gotico Controsole Lodge

12. Paradiso sulla Spiaggia Apartment

13. Incantata Vista Sul Mare Hideaway

Beach House Names in Spanish

1. Refugio de la Costa

2. Casa de Verano al Mar

3. Villa de la Playa

4. La Huída del Sol

5. Luna de Arena Chalet

6. Oasis de tranquilidad

7. El Amanecer del Mar Retreat

8. Vacaciones en el Mar Suite

9. Sueño en la Riviera Home

10. Cabaña en las Dunas Bungalow

11. Gotico Contro Sol Lodge

12. Paraíso a la Playa Apartment

13 Escondite Con Vista al Mar Hideaway

Florida Beach House Names

1. Sunshine Beach House

2. Florida Fun Vacation Home

3. Sandcastle at the Shore

4. Alligator Alley Retreat

5. Gulf Coast Getaway

6. Summertime Shores Bungalow

7. Everglades Escape Suite

8. Key West Mansion

9. Ocean Breeze Chalet

10. Coral Reefs Paradise Villa

11. Surfing on the Waves Cottage

12. Dolphin Cove Lodge

13. Tidal Wave Hideout

14. Coastal Dreams Apartment

15. Seaside Sunrise Residence

Catchy Beach House Names

1. Sand and Surfers Inn

2. Coastal Cottages and Cabanas

3. Waterfront Getaways

4. Wave Rider Guest House

5. Summer Breeze Beach Bungalow

6. Rays of Sunshine Retreat

7. Sea Shell Shores Villa

8. Beaches Abound Chalet

9. Stay n Play Hideaway

10. Seaside Oasis Suite

11. Ocean Mist Mansion

12. Island Time Cottage

13. Sunnyside Up Apartment

14. Paradise Cove Resort

15. Sandy Toes B & B

Beach Themed House Names

1. Surf and Sand Manor

2. Tropical Breeze Villa

3. Palm Tree Paradise Chalet

4. Sea Serenity Bungalow

5. Seaside Bliss Retreat

6. Endless Summer Home

7. Azure Abode Apartment

8. Sun and Saltwater Cottage

9. Sandy Feet Hideaway

10. Beachside Bonfire Suite

11. Coastal Getaway Mansion

12. Shells By The Shore Lodge

13. Paradise Found Chalet

14. Sunshine Cabana Residence

15. Shoreline Oasis Hideout

Beach House Names with Sunset

1) Sunset Manor

2) Sunset Splendor Villa

3) Sunset Escape Chalet

4) Sunsets and Seashells Bungalow

5) Twilight Sunset Retreat

6) Last Light Home

7) Endless Sunsets Apartment

8) Sundown Cottage

9) Golden Hour Hideaway

10) Sunset Vista Suite

11) Glorious Golden Skies Mansion

12) Crimson Horizon Lodge

13) Spectacular Sea Views Chalet

14) Orange Hues Resort

15) Serenity of the Setting Sun Hideout​​​​​ ​​​​​​

Beach House Names with Turtle

1) Turtle Cove

2) Turtle Chalet

3) Turtle Beach Villa

4) Turtles Nest Bungalow

5) Turtle Hideaway Retreat

6) Turtle Paradise Home

7) Sea Turtles Apartment

8) Shelled Beach Cottage

9) Turtled Away Hideaway

10) Turltle Tracks Suite

11) Shell Seekers Mansion

12) Turtle Bay Lodge

13) Sea Turtle Surf Chalet

14) Ocean of Shelled Wonders Resort

15) The Great Green Sea Turtles Hideout ​​​​​​ ​​​​

Beach House Names with Shell

1) Shell Chalet

2) Shell Villa

3) Shell Beach House

4) Shoreline Shells Bungalow

5) Seashell Retreat

6) Shell Paradise Home

7) Ocean of Shells Apartment

8) Shelled Cottage

9) Sheltered Hideaway

10) Sea and Shells Suite

11) Seashell Mansion

12) Seashore Lodge

13) Abundance of Shells Chalet

14) The House with the Million Shells Resort

15) Shell Haven Hideout​​​​​ ​​​​

FAQs – Beach House Names

What is a good name for a beach phone?

When choosing a name for your beach house, it is important to consider the mood and atmosphere you would like to create.

Some popular beach house names include “Seaside Sanctuary,” “Tidal Breeze,” “Sunny Shores,” and “Waves of Wonder.”

Additionally, many people use the location or nearby landmarks as inspiration when selecting a name; for example, if your beach house is located near an old lighthouse you could opt for something like “Lighthouse Landing” or “Coastal Cliffs.”

Ultimately, the best name for your beach house should be one that reflects your personal style and passion.

What are coastal houses called?

Coastal homes are often referred to as “beach houses” or “seaside houses,” as they typically feature coastal elements such as driftwood, sea shells, and other natural beach materials.

These homes may also be referred to as “island-style homes,” as they often incorporate island-inspired decor and features.

Coastal style is characterized by its relaxed atmosphere, open spaces, and bright colors that evoke the feeling of a seaside paradise.

What type of decorations should I use in my beach house?

When it comes to decorating your beach house, you have lots of options.

Some popular choices include nautical-themed items such as rope ladders, oars, and buoys; beach-inspired artwork; and pieces with coastal colors, like blues, whites, and yellows.

You can also consider adding items that are reminiscent of the ocean such as driftwood shelves or coral sculptures.

Finally, you may want to include plenty of comfortable seating and cozy throw blankets for those chilly nights spent by the fire.

Are there any tips for designing a beach house?

When designing a beach house, it is important to keep in mind that the most important element is creating an atmosphere that fosters relaxation and enjoyment.

Consider incorporating natural elements into your design—such as wicker furniture or handmade wood pieces—and focus on utilizing light colors and decor that evoke feelings of serenity.

It is also important to keep in mind the practical aspects of beach living, such as sand-proof rugs and furniture that are easy to clean.

Lastly, be sure to incorporate plenty of outdoor spaces so you can enjoy your seaside paradise all year round!

Conclusion – Beach House Names

From “Riviera Home” to “Shell Haven Hideout,” these beach house names provide unique and memorable titles for your special summer home.

Whether you are looking for a catchy phrase, one with sunset tones, or even one with sea creatures like turtles and shells, there is something for everyone’s taste.

Make sure to choose the perfect name that reflects the atmosphere of your seaside oasis!


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