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187+ BEST Cheer Team Names [Creative, All-Star, Unique, Funny, Cute]

Cheerleading Team Names

Cheer team names are used to rally the crowd, inspire the team, and build school spirit.

A good cheer team name will make your squad feel proud and can even intimidate your opponents.

You want a name that’s unique, but not too out there.

Something that represents your team’s personality, but is still easy to chant.

And of course, it should be something that will make your team stand out from the competition.

To help you find the perfect name for your team, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best, most creative, all-star, and funny cheer team names around.

So whether you’re looking for something classic or trendy, we’ve got you covered.

These categories include:

First, let’s look at some tips on how to come ups with cheer names.

Tips for Coming Up with a Cheer Team Name

When it comes to naming your cheer team, you want something that is both creative and reflects the spirit of your squad.

Here are a few tips to help you come up with the perfect name:

1. Start by brainstorming a list of words or phrases that reflect the energy and personality of your team.

2. Use alliteration to create a name that is fun to say and easy to remember.

3. Think about what makes your team unique and use that as inspiration for your name.

4. Ask your teammates for input – after all, it’s their team too!

5. Keep it short, sweet, and to the point.

With these tips in mind, you’re sure to come up with a cheer team name that perfectly represents your squad.

Cheer Team Names Ideas

Classic Cheer Team Names

1. The All-Stars

2. The Tigers

3. The Lions

4. The Eagles

5. The Sharks

6. The Warriors

7. The Spartans

8. The Titans

9. The Hurricanes

10. The Renegades

11. The Mustangs

12. The Cougars

13. The Broncos

14. The Cowboys

15. The Steelers

16. The 49ers

17. The Vikings

18. The Packers

19. The Raiders

20. The Jets

21. The Patriots

22. The Giants

Cheer: Team Name

Cheerleading Team Names and Colors

1) The Blue Angels – blue and white

2) The Silver Stars – silver and white

3) The Golden Bears – gold and white

4) The Crimson Tide – crimson and white

5) The Black Widows – black and red

6) The Orange Crush – orange and white

7) The Green Machine – green and white

8) The Purple Power – purple and white

9) The Blue Devils – blue and black

10) The White Lightning – white and silver

11) The Red Hot Chili Peppers – red and black

12) The Pink Panthers – pink and black

13) The Silver Bullets – silver and black

14) The Yellow Jackets – yellow and black

15) The Brown Bears – brown and white

16) The Gray Ghosts – gray and white

17) The Maroon Tigers – maroon and white

18) The Navy Midshipmen – navy and gold

19) The Notre Dame Fighting Irish – green and gold

20) The Ohio State Buckeyes – scarlet and gray

21) The Oklahoma Sooners – crimson and cream

22) The Penn State Nittany Lions – blue and white

23) The Stanford Cardinal – cardinal and white

24) The Texas Longhorns – burnt orange and white

25) The USC Trojans – cardinal and gold

26) The Virginia Cavaliers – orange and navy

Cheer Team Names for Minis

1) The Mighty Mites

2) The Mini-Me’s

3) The Littlest Angels

4) The Teeny-Weenies

5) The Itsy Bitsies

6) The Teensy Weensies

7) The Tiniest Titans

8) The Small Fry

9) The Baby Bulldogs

10) The Pee Wee’s

11) The Junior Jags

12) The Young Yanks

13) Kiddie Korner

14) Little Leaguers

15) Bantam Brigade

16) Play Pen Pals

17) Preschool Patriots

18) Kindergarten Kings

19] Grade School Gurus

Cheer Team Names that Start with R

1) Raging Rhinos

2) Rowdy Reptiles

3) Riotous Rabbits

4) Restless Raccoons

5) Relentless Roosters

6) Rebellious Rams

7) Rowdy Rattlesnakes

8] Resilient Rhinoceros

9] Rash Reindeer

10) Ravaging Raiders

11] Rampant Ravens

12] Regal Raptors

13] Rosy Roses

14] Radiant Rainbows

15] Refreshing Rainbow Trout

16] Ravishing Redwood Trees

17] Remarkable Roses

18] Ridiculous Reptiles

19] Radiating Radiation

20] Righteous Rabbits

Cheer Extreme Team Names

1) Cheer Extreme Allstars

2) Cheer Extreme Senior Elite

3) Cheer Extreme Lady Elite

4) Cheer Extreme Teen Elite

5) Cheer Extreme Coed Elite

6) Cheer Extreme Junior Elite

7) Cheer Extreme World Champions

8] Cheer Extreme Daytona Beach Allstars

9] Cheer Extreme Maryland Allstars

10) Cheer Extreme Charlotte Allstars

11) Cheer Extreme Richmond Allstars

12) Cheer Extreme Raleigh Allstars

13) Cheer Extreme Greensboro Allstars

14) Cheer Extreme Winston-Salem Allstars

15) Cheer Extreme Chicago Allstars

16) Cheer Extreme Cincinnati Allstars

Creative Cheer Team Names

1) The Flaming Flamingos

2) The Sassy Seagulls

3) The Dazzling Dolphins

4) The Majestic Mermaids

5) The Mystic Unicorns

6) The Playful Pixies

7) The Fabulous Fairies

8] The Sparkling Sprites

9] The Glittering Goblins

10) The Glamorous Ghosts

11) The Mysterious Monsters

12] The Outrageous Orcs

13] The Mythical Minotaurs

14] The Enchanted Elves

15] The Legendary Leprechauns

16] The Regal Royals

17) The Magical Wizards

18) The Courageous Knights

Cool Cheer Team Names

1) The Cool Catz

2) The Hot Tomatoes

3) The Wild Katz

4) The Fabulous Furballs

5) The Groovy Kittens

6) The Psychedelic Pussycats

7) The Spunky monkeys

8] The Blue Bengals

9] The howling Huskies

10) the cuddly kittens

11) the rambunctious raccoons

12) the frisky ferrets

13] the spunky squirrels

14] the mischievous meerkats

15] the curious wallabies

16] the playful otters

Good Cheer Team Names

1) The Shooting Stars

2) The Rising Suns

3) The Golden Eagles

4) The Firebirds

5) The Phoenix

6) The Solar System

7) The Universe

8] Cheer Heaven

9] Cheer Infinity

10) All Star Angels

11) Heavenly Bodies

12) Star Struck

13) Galaxies

14) Cheer Cosmos

15] Comets

16] Asteroids

All-Star Cheer Team Names Ideas

1) The All-Star Cheerleaders

2) The Elite Cheerleaders

3) The All-American Cheerleaders

4) The National Cheerleaders

5) World Cheer

6) Team Elite

Competitive Cheer Team Names

1) The Cheer Comps

2) The Cheer Champs

3) The Competition Cheerleaders

4) The Cheer Compete

5) The Competitive Edge

6) Victorious Varsity

7] Rival Cheers

8] Fiercely Competitive

9] Battle of the Champions

10) Showdown

11) War of the Worlds

12) Clash of the Titans

13) Game On

14) Ready, Set, Go!

Unique Cheer Team Names

1) All that Glitters is Gold

2) A Cut Above the Rest

3) A League of Their Own

4) Above and Beyond

5) All that Jazz

6) American Dreams

7) Aspirations

8] Believe in Miracles

9] Born to Cheer

10] Champions in the Making

11) Chasing Rainbows

12) Cheering for a Cause

13) Children of the Sun

14) Create Your Destiny

15) Dare to be Different

16) Follow Your Dreams

17) Go for the Gold

18) Keep Calm and Cheer On

19) Live, Love, Laugh

20) Make a Difference

21) One Team, One Dream

Funny Cheer Team Names

1) The Amazons

2) The Banshees

3) The Beauties

4) The Belles

5) The Believers

6) The Bosses

7] The Boras

8] The Chicks

9] The Dolls

10) The Dames

11) The Dolls

12) The Glamazons

13) The kittenz

14) The Lionesses

15] The Panthers

16] The She-Devils

17] The Vixens

18] The Witches

Cute Cheer Team Names

1) Fluffy Bunnies

2) Sugar and Spice

3) The Dolls

4) The Glamazons

5) The Glitterati

6) The Pink Ladies

7) The Pompom Girls

8) The Sparklettes

9) Android Cheerleaders

10) The Pom-Poms

11. The ChEeRLeAdErS

12. The FlYgIrLs

13. Dancing Queens

14. Cheerful Charms

15. Fabulous Feisty Females

16. Pretty in Pink

17. Sassy Sweethearts

18. Cheer Dynasty

19. All That Glitters

20. Dazzling Divas

21. Golden Girls

Fire Cheer Team Names

-Flame Throwers

-Fire Stix

-Flaming Angels

-Fiery Dragons


-Fire and Ice

-The Heat Is On



-Red Hot Chili Peppers

Christian Cheer Team Names

1) The Heavenly Angels

2) The Divine Warriors

3) The Victorious Saints

4) The Radiant Lightbearers

5) The Glorious Overcomers

6) The Fearless Conquerors

7) The Triumphant Believers

8) God’s Mighty Army

Cheer Team Name Generator

These cheer names were automatically generated.

Let’s see if they’re any good.

1) The Flaming Skippers

2) The Blue Angels

3) The Golden Eagles

4) The Crimson Tigers

5) The Silver Streaks

6) The Black Widows

7) The Purple People Eaters

8) The Green Goblins

9) The White Knights

10) The Red Devils

FAQs – Cheer Team Names

How many junior college cheer teams are there?

There are approximately 300 junior college cheer teams in the United States.

How many high school cheerleading squads are there in America?

There are an estimated 3,500 high school cheerleading squads in America.

What is the most common type of cheerleading squad?

The most common type of cheerleading squad is a co-ed squad, which is made up of both male and female members.

There are also all-female and all-male squads.

What is the average size of a cheerleading squad?

The average size of a cheerleading squad is 20 members.

However, squads can range in size from 2 members to over 100 members.

What types of stunts do cheerleaders perform?

There are a variety of stunts that cheerleaders can perform, depending on their level of experience and skill.

Some common stunts include: pyramids, lifts, human pyramids, tosses, and flips.

What is the difference between a cheerleader and a dancer?

The main difference between a cheerleader and a dancer is that dancers typically perform to music, while cheerleaders lead cheers and chants.

However, many cheerleaders are also skilled dancers, and vice versa.

What is the difference between a pom-pom girl and a cheerleader?

Pom-pom girls are typically associated with dance teams or drill teams.

They often perform with the team during halftime shows or other performances.

Pom-pom girls typically carry pom-poms and may also wear sequined costumes.

Cheerleaders, on the other hand, lead cheers and chants during sporting events to support their team.

They may also perform stunts and dances during halftime shows or other performances.

What is the difference between a cheerleader and a mascot?

Mascots are costumed characters that represent a school, team, or organization.

Mascots typically have a specific name and personality.

They often perform skits or other antics to entertain spectators.

Cheerleaders, on the other hand, lead cheers and chants during sporting events to support their team.

They may also perform stunts and dances during halftime shows or other performances.

What is the difference between a cheerleader and a gymnast?

Gymnasts are athletes who compete in the sport of gymnastics.

Gymnastics requires a great deal of strength, flexibility, and coordination.

Cheerleaders, on the other hand, lead cheers and chants during sporting events to support their team.

They may also perform stunts and dances during halftime shows or other performances.

What is the difference between a stunt group and a cheerleading squad?

A stunt group is a team of cheerleaders who specialize in performing stunts.

Stunt groups typically have 6-12 members.

Cheerleading squads, on the other hand, are usually larger and may include both males and females.

They typically lead cheers and chants during sporting events to support their team.

What is the average salary of a professional cheerleader?

The average salary of a professional cheerleader is $50 per game.

However, salaries can range from $25-$75 per game, depending on the specific team or league.

In addition to their game salary, professional cheerleaders may also receive money for appearances, clinics, and other events.

Professional cheerleaders typically work part-time, and some may also have full-time jobs outside of cheerleading.

What is the job outlook for professional cheerleaders?

The job outlook for professional cheerleaders is good.

Many professional teams are always looking for talented and dedicated individuals to join their squads.

In addition, as the popularity of cheerleading continues to grow, there will likely be even more opportunities for those interested in pursuing a career in professional cheerleading.

Conclusion – Cheer Team Names

Cheer names are important for identifying a squad and creating team spirit, but they can also be used to create an identity for the individuals on the team.

The following is a list of cheer team names that can be used for both girls and boys:

-Abercrombie All-Stars

-Cheer Elite


-Glamour Girls

-Golden Eagles

-Los Angeles Angels

– Marin Mavericks

-Napa Valley Cheerleaders

-New York Jets Flight Crew

-Oakland Raiders Raise Up Crew

-Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders

-Pittsburgh Steelers Cheerleaders

-San Francisco 49ers Gold Rush Cheerleaders

– Seattle Seahawks Dancers

Choosing a name for your cheer team is an important decision.

The name should be reflective of the squad’s personality and goals.

It should also be unique and memorable.

With so many different options to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect name for your team.


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