Fairy Sandwiches Recipe

Fairy sandwiches, also known as fairy bread, are a whimsical and delightful treat that is popular at children’s parties around the world. This recipe for fairy sandwiches is simple and easy to follow, making it the perfect option for creating magical and delicious snacks for kids. With just a few ingredients and some creativity, you can make homemade fairy sandwiches that are sure to enchant and delight.

Fairy Sandwiches Recipe

Key Takeaways:

  • Creating fairy sandwiches is a fun and easy way to bring magic to snack time.
  • The recipe for homemade fairy sandwiches requires just a few basic ingredients.
  • Get creative with different spreads and toppings to make your fairy sandwiches extra special.
  • Involving kids in the kitchen can make the process even more enjoyable.
  • Fairy sandwiches are a delightful addition to parties and special events.

Sprinkles Fairy Bread Sandwich Recipe

Looking for a cute and delicious food idea that will spark joy in both kids and adults? Try the Sprinkles Fairy Bread Sandwich Recipe from Jackie Alpers’ renowned Sprinkles cookbook. This delightful twist on the classic fairy bread will add a touch of magic and sparkle to any occasion. With just a few simple steps, you can create sweet sandwiches that are as visually appealing as they are tasty.

This recipe takes the beloved fairy bread and elevates it with colorful sprinkles. The result is a whimsical and playful sandwich that will captivate both the eyes and the taste buds. Whether you’re hosting a party or simply seeking a fun snack idea, the Sprinkles Fairy Bread Sandwich Recipe is sure to impress.

How to Make Sprinkles Fairy Bread Sandwiches

  1. Start by gathering the following ingredients:
Bread slices
Butter or cream cheese
Colorful sprinkles
  1. Spread a thin layer of butter or cream cheese on one side of each bread slice.
  2. Generously sprinkle colorful sprinkles onto the buttered or cream cheese side of half the slices.
  3. Place the remaining bread slices on top of the sprinkled slices, creating sandwiches.
  4. Press the sandwiches gently to secure them.
  5. Trim the crusts if desired for a neater presentation.
  6. Serve and enjoy these delightful fairy bread sandwiches!

These adorable sandwiches are perfect for kids’ parties, picnics, or simply as a magical snack. They combine the nostalgic charm of fairy bread with the playful touch of sprinkles, making them a crowd-pleaser for all ages.

“The Sprinkles Fairy Bread Sandwich Recipe is a fantastic way to add a touch of whimsy to any occasion. The colorful sprinkles make these sandwiches extra special and fun!” – Jackie Alpers

Jackie Alpers, the creative mind behind the Sprinkles cookbook, has long been celebrated for her innovative and delicious recipes. With this fairy bread sandwich recipe, she once again showcases her talent for transforming simple ingredients into delightful culinary creations.

So why not try the Sprinkles Fairy Bread Sandwich Recipe and bring some sparkle into your next mealtime adventure? Whether you’re a kid or just young at heart, these sweet sandwiches are sure to bring a smile to your face and a touch of magic to your day.

Easy and Delicious Fairy Sandwiches

Making fairy sandwiches is easy and fun! All you need are some slices of bread, your favorite spreads, and a bit of creativity. Whether you choose to use butter, cream cheese, or jam, the key is to have a thin layer on each slice of bread.

Then, you can get creative by cutting out different shapes using cookie cutters. The final step is to sandwich the shapes together and enjoy your delicious fairy sandwiches. These enchanting treats are not only tasty but also a great way to get kids involved in the kitchen.

Fairy Sandwich Ingredients

Here are some ideas for delicious fairy sandwich combinations:

  • Butter and rainbow sprinkles
  • Nutella and sliced strawberries
  • Cream cheese and cucumber slices
  • Jam and banana slices

Feel free to experiment with different spreads, fruits, and toppings to create your own magical fairy sandwiches!

Quotes from Fairy Enthusiasts

“Fairy sandwiches are a delightful and creative way to make mealtime fun for kids. My children absolutely love helping me make these whimsical treats!” – Sarah, mom of two

“I remember eating fairy sandwiches at parties when I was a kid. Now, I make them for my own children, and it’s a tradition that brings back so many magical memories.” – Emily, fairy enthusiast

Flavor Spreads Toppings
Classic Butter Rainbow Sprinkles
Chocolate Delight Nutella Sliced Strawberries
Refreshing Cream Cheese Cucumber Slices
Sweet & Fruity Jam Banana Slices

Creative Fairy Sandwich Ingredients

When it comes to making fairy sandwiches, the possibilities are endless! Traditional fairy sandwiches are delicious with butter and sprinkles, but why stop there? Let your imagination run wild and experiment with a variety of creative ingredients to make whimsical and homemade fairy sandwiches that will dazzle both kids and adults alike.

Spread Selection

Start by exploring different spreads to elevate the flavor profiles of your fairy sandwiches. While butter is a classic choice, you can also use Nutella for a delightful chocolatey twist or peanut butter for a rich and nutty flavor. For a creamy and tangy option, try cream cheese or even flavored cream cheese spreads like strawberry or maple.

Adding Whimsy

To make your fairy sandwiches truly enchanting, consider incorporating fun and colorful ingredients. Edible flowers, such as pansies or violets, can add a delightful floral touch. Edible glitter or dust in various colors can add a magical sparkle. Tiny edible pearls or colorful sprinkles can also lend a whimsical touch to your homemade fairy sandwiches.

“The beauty of fairy sandwiches lies in their limitless potential for creativity. Don’t be afraid to mix and match ingredients and explore new flavors. Let your inner fairy guide you on a delicious adventure!”

Remember, the key to creating magical fairy sandwiches is to have fun and let your imagination soar. With a little creativity and some unique ingredients, you can transform a simple sandwich into a whimsical culinary masterpiece that brings joy and delight to all who experience it.

Creative Fairy Sandwich Ingredients: An Overview

Spread Options
Butter Classic choice for a rich and creamy flavor
Nutella Delicious chocolatey twist that kids will adore
Peanut Butter A nutty and satisfying option
Cream Cheese Smooth and tangy spread that pairs well with various fillings
Whimsical Elements Options
Edible Flowers Pansies, violets, or other edible flowers
Edible Glitter Colorful edible glitter or dust for a touch of sparkle
Edible Pearls Tiny edible pearls to add a whimsical touch
Sprinkles Colorful and playful sprinkles to dazzle the taste buds

With these creative fairy sandwich ingredients, your imagination is the limit. Let the magic unfold as you experiment with different spreads and whimsical elements, creating homemade fairy sandwiches that are as delightful to behold as they are delicious to eat.

Step-by-Step Fairy Sandwich Tutorial

Creating your own fairy sandwiches is easy and fun! Follow this step-by-step guide to make whimsical and delicious homemade fairy sandwiches:

  1. Gather your ingredients: bread, spreads (butter, cream cheese, jam), and any additional toppings or decorations you want to use.
  2. Cut the crusts off the bread slices to create a clean, uniform shape.
  3. Spread a thin layer of your chosen spread onto one side of each bread slice.
  4. Use cookie cutters to cut out shapes from a few of the slices.
  5. Place the uncut slices, spread side up, on a plate or tray to catch any excess sprinkles or toppings.
  6. Sprinkle the toppings onto the uncut slices, making sure to cover them evenly.
  7. Place the cut-out slices, spread side down, on top of the sprinkled slices to create a sandwich.
  8. Press the sandwiches gently together to secure them.
  9. Serve and enjoy your whimsical and delicious fairy sandwiches!

Magical Fairy Sandwiches for Kids

Fairy sandwiches are not only delicious but also a great option for kids. They are small in size, making them the perfect snack for little hands. The colorful sprinkles and creative shapes add an element of fun and magic that will surely appeal to kids of all ages. Additionally, making fairy sandwiches can be a fun activity to do with children, allowing them to get involved in the kitchen and express their creativity.

Making fairy sandwiches is a wonderful way to introduce children to the joy of cooking and empower them to create their own delightful treats. By allowing them to choose the spreads, sprinkle toppings, and shape the sandwiches, they can exercise their imagination and develop important life skills. Plus, kids are more likely to eat and enjoy food that they have had a hand in making.

Here are some delicious fairy sandwich ideas that kids will love:

  • Sparkling Strawberry Fairy Sandwiches: Spread cream cheese on whole wheat bread, top with sliced strawberries, and sprinkle with edible glitter for a magical touch.
  • Charming Chocolate Fairy Sandwiches: Spread Nutella on white bread, cut out heart shapes, and sandwich them together for a sweet and whimsical treat.
  • Magical Mini Rainbow Fairy Sandwiches: Use multicolored bread slices, spread with cream cheese, cut into small squares, and stack them to create a colorful rainbow sandwich.
  • Enchanted Peanut Butter and Jelly Fairy Sandwiches: Spread peanut butter and jelly on whole grain bread, cut into star shapes, and combine them for a classic and delightful combination.
Creative Fairy Sandwich Options: Simple and Fun for Kids: A Variety of Tasty Choices:

Create fairy sandwiches with edible flowers, colorful sprinkles, and tiny edible pearls for an extra touch of whimsy.

Let your kids choose their favorite spreads and toppings to personalize their fairy sandwiches and make them their own.

Experiment with different ingredients like cream cheese, Nutella, and fresh fruits to create unique and delicious flavor combinations.

These kid-friendly fairy sandwiches are not only delightful to eat but also fun to make. Encourage your little ones to use their imagination and creativity when assembling their sandwiches, and watch their eyes light up with excitement. Whether it’s for a themed party, a special celebration, or simply a tasty snack, these easy fairy sandwiches are sure to bring joy and magic to any occasion.

Next, we’ll delve into the role of fairy sandwiches as party food and explore their appearance in pop culture.

Fairy Sandwiches as Party Food

If you’re planning a party or a special event, fairy sandwiches make a wonderful addition to your menu. Their whimsical and enchanting appearance is sure to captivate your guests and add a touch of magic to the occasion.

You can customize the sandwiches to fit the theme of your party by using different colors and shapes. Whether you’re hosting a princess-themed birthday party or a fairy-inspired baby shower, fairy sandwiches are a delightful and memorable treat that will leave your guests in awe.

These magical fairy sandwiches are not only visually appealing but also a crowd-pleaser. Their delicate and colorful nature will transport your guests to a whimsical world, creating unforgettable moments and lasting memories.

“The fairy sandwiches were the highlight of my daughter’s birthday party. The kids couldn’t get enough of them, and the parents were equally enchanted by their charm. A truly delightful addition to any celebration!” – Jessica S.

Get creative with your fairy sandwiches by using a variety of ingredients and fillings. Here are some ideas for creative fairy sandwich ingredients:

  • Edible flowers and herbs
  • Colorful sprinkles and edible glitter
  • Cream cheese infused with fruit flavors
  • Miniature fruit slices
  • Tiny edible pearls or gold dust

By incorporating these creative ingredients, you can elevate your fairy sandwiches to new levels of charm and whimsy.

Impress your guests with a beautiful table presentation featuring an assortment of fairy sandwiches displayed on a tiered platter. Add some fairy-themed decorations such as fairy figurines, glittery stars, or a sprinkle-filled glass cloche. The visual appeal of these delightful treats combined with the magical ambiance will make your party truly enchanting.

So, whether you’re hosting a fairy-themed tea party, a whimsical baby shower, or a birthday celebration, fairy sandwiches are the perfect choice for adding a touch of magic and wonder to your event.

Fairy Sandwiches in Pop Culture

Fairy sandwiches have made appearances in popular culture, particularly in children’s books and movies. One notable mention is the Sprinkles Fairy Bread Sandwich Recipe created by Jackie Alpers, which has gained popularity for its colorful and playful take on the traditional fairy sandwich. This recipe has been featured in Alpers’ cookbook “Sprinkles!” and has become a favorite among parents and kids alike.

The whimsical nature of fairy sandwiches has also been depicted in various children’s stories and cartoons, making them a beloved and magical treat.

Fairy Sandwiches in Children’s Literature

“In the land of make-believe, where fairies dance and sing,
Children often gather ’round, enchanted by a thing.
Fairy sandwiches with sprinkles, a treat that’s oh so sweet,
A bite of magic in their hands, a smile upon each seat.”

To many children, fairy sandwiches are more than just a tasty snack; they represent a world of imagination and wonder. From classic tales like Peter Pan to modern favorites like Fairy Mom and Me, fairy sandwiches have become a beloved symbol of childhood magic.

Fairy Sandwiches on the Big Screen

It’s not just books that have embraced the charm of fairy sandwiches. They have also captivated audiences on the silver screen. In the popular movie “Enchanted,” the main character, Giselle, whips up a batch of magical sandwiches that transport her and her newfound friends into a whimsical animated world.

The presence of fairy sandwiches in pop culture only adds to their allure, capturing the hearts and taste buds of both young and old.

Fairy Sandwiches and the Power of Imagination

What makes fairy sandwiches so special is their ability to ignite the imagination. These delightful treats allow us to escape into a world of fantasy and wonder, even if only for a few delicious bites.

As children and adults alike indulge in these whimsical creations, they are reminded of the simple joys of childhood and the limitless possibilities that come with believing in magic.

The Magic of Homemade Fairy Sandwiches

Making homemade fairy sandwiches allows you to infuse them with even more magic and love. By using fresh ingredients and putting your own creative twist on the recipe, you can create unique and personalized fairy sandwiches that are truly enchanting.

The process of making fairy sandwiches can also be a bonding experience, whether you’re making them with your children, friends, or loved ones. The joy and wonder that come with creating something magical from scratch is something that can be shared and cherished by all.

Add a Personal Touch

To make your homemade fairy sandwiches truly special, consider adding a personal touch. You can experiment with different spreads, such as flavored cream cheese or honey, and use cookie cutters to create whimsical shapes. Get creative with toppings like colorful sprinkles, edible glitter, or even sliced fruit.

“Making fairy sandwiches is not just about following a recipe, it’s about adding your own touch of magic.”

Whether it’s a birthday party, a picnic in the park, or a special afternoon tea, homemade fairy sandwiches are sure to delight everyone who takes a bite. Their charm and simplicity make them a perfect choice for any occasion.

Create Lasting Memories

The process of making homemade fairy sandwiches is not only about creating delicious treats, but also about creating lasting memories. Involve your children in the kitchen and let their imaginations run wild as they decorate their sandwiches. Take pictures of their creations and save them in a special album to look back on in the future.

“Making fairy sandwiches together is a wonderful opportunity to bond with your children and create memories that will last a lifetime.”

So gather your ingredients, embrace the magic of homemade fairy sandwiches, and let your culinary creativity shine. With a pinch of imagination and a sprinkle of love, you can create whimsical delights that will transport you and your loved ones to a world of enchantment.

Continue reading to discover more about the world of fairy sandwiches, including delicious recipes, creative ingredients, and fun ideas for incorporating these magical treats into your next gathering.


Fairy sandwiches are a delightful and whimsical treat that can bring a touch of magic to any occasion. These easy-to-make sandwiches are perfect for children’s parties or as a fun and creative snack. By following a simple fairy sandwich recipe, you can create homemade fairy sandwiches that are sure to captivate both kids and adults.

The process of making fairy sandwiches is just as enjoyable as the end result. With a few basic ingredients and a sprinkle of creativity, you can transform ordinary slices of bread into enchanting and delicious treats. Whether you choose to use butter, cream cheese, or your favorite spread, the key is to have a thin layer on each slice of bread. Then, let your imagination soar as you use cookie cutters to create whimsical shapes.

Unleash your inner fairy and let the magic begin. Making homemade fairy sandwiches allows you to infuse them with even more love and enchantment. You can personalize these magical treats with creative ingredients and decorations, making each sandwich a unique masterpiece. The joy of creating something from scratch and seeing the smiles on the faces of those who enjoy your homemade fairy sandwiches is truly magical.

So why wait? It’s time to embark on a culinary adventure and create your very own fairy sandwiches. With a pinch of creativity, a dash of imagination, and a sprinkle of magic, you can make these delightful treats that will transport you and your loved ones into a world of wonder and whimsy. Get ready to experience the joy and enchantment of homemade fairy sandwiches!


Are fairy sandwiches easy to make?

Yes, fairy sandwiches are simple and easy to make. All you need are a few ingredients and a bit of creativity.

What ingredients do I need to make fairy sandwiches?

To make fairy sandwiches, you will need bread, spreads (such as butter, cream cheese, or jam), and optional toppings or decorations like sprinkles or edible flowers.

Can I use different spreads for fairy sandwiches?

Yes, you can experiment with different spreads like Nutella, peanut butter, or cream cheese to add variety to your fairy sandwiches.

What shapes can I use for my fairy sandwiches?

You can use cookie cutters to cut out various shapes, such as stars, hearts, or animals, to make your fairy sandwiches more creative and fun.

How do I assemble the fairy sandwiches?

After spreading a thin layer of your chosen spread onto each bread slice, you can sandwich the shapes together to create the fairy sandwiches.

Can I involve my kids in making fairy sandwiches?

Absolutely! Making fairy sandwiches can be a fun activity to do with children, allowing them to get involved in the kitchen and express their creativity.

Are fairy sandwiches suitable for parties?

Yes, fairy sandwiches make a wonderful addition to any party menu. Their whimsical appearance adds a touch of magic to the occasion.

Are there any famous recipes for fairy sandwiches?

Yes, one notable recipe is the Sprinkles Fairy Bread Sandwich Recipe created by Jackie Alpers. It has gained popularity for its colorful and playful take on the traditional fairy sandwich.

Can I customize the fairy sandwiches to fit the theme of my party?

Yes, you can customize the sandwiches by using different colors and shapes to match the theme of your party or event.

What makes homemade fairy sandwiches special?

Making fairy sandwiches at home allows you to infuse them with more love and creativity. You can personalize them and create a unique and magical experience.

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