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179+ BEST Group Names for 5 People [Cool, Funny, Friends]

Names for groups of 5 are descriptions used for group chats or friends.

Whatever name you choose should reflect the personalities of your friends and the kind of bond you share.

The lists in this article contain some funny, cool, and clever names to help get you started.

We take a look at different names across many different categories.

These include:

  • Group Names for 5 People
  • Team Names for 5 People
  • Good Group Names for a Group of 5
  • Group Chat Names for 5
  • Funny 5 Friends Group Name
  • Group of Five Members Names
  • Famous Groups of 5 Names
  • Group Names for 5 Girl Best Friends
  • Five Friends Group Name
  • WhatsApp Group Names for 5 Friends
  • Insta Group Names for 5 Friends
  • Best Group Names for 5 Friends
  • Cool Group Names for 5 Friends
  • Hilarious Group Chat Names for 5 Friends
  • Friends Group Name – Stylish

But first, let’s take a look at some tips on how to come ups with group names for 5 friends.

Tips for Coming Up with a Good Group Name

When it comes to groups of five friends, you need a name that is fun, creative, and reflects the group’s personality.

Here are some tips for coming up with a good group name:

1. Brainstorming

Gather all your friends together and brainstorm ideas for possible names.

Write down all the ideas that come to mind and go through them to narrow down your options.

2. Consider Your Interests and Hobbies

Think about the hobbies, activities, and interests that you all share.

Is there anything that could be used to make a fun group name?

3. Use Alliteration or Rhyme

Alliteration and rhyme can make a group name more memorable.

For example, “The Cheerful Chums” or “The Fab Five” are both catchy and easy to remember.

4. Make It Relevant

Your group name should also reflect your personalities, interests, or age.

You could use your names as an acronym (e.g., SARA: Sarah, Anna, Rachel, Alex), pick something related to your hometown or favorite sports team, or come up with a fun inside joke that only you all will get.

5. Think of Something Unique

Try to come up with something that is unique and hasn’t been used before.

You could use a combination of words or phrases that describe your group to make something new and special.

6. Use Online Resources

Don’t be afraid to look for inspiration online!

There are plenty of websites with ideas for group names, as well as name generators that can help you come up with something original.

7. Have a Competition

Another great tip is to have a competition within the group to see who can come up with the best name, this will give everyone an opportunity to be involved in the process.

The team could also vote on their favorite names once all the ideas have been gathered.

With these tips, you should have no trouble coming up with a great group name for your five friends! Have fun and get creative!

With that said, let’s take a look at some lists.

Group Names for 5 People

1. The Pentad

2. High 5

3. Fistful of Friends

4. The Fivesome

5. Five for Fighting

6. Outnumbered and Outmatched

7. The Fab Five

8. Five Amigos

9. 5 Alive

10. The Quinquennial Crew

🌻 Cute group names for 5 Friends! 🌻

Team Names for 5 People

1. 5-alarm Fire

2. Five Stars

3. The Wrecking Crew

4. 5 Fingers of Fury

5. Brainiacs

6. Ninja Turtles

7. The Dream Teamers

8. Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse

9. Supernova Squad

10. The Fierce Five

Good Group Names for a Group of 5

1. High Rollers

2. Penthouse Suite

3. The Flash Pack

4. Magnificent Five

5. Fast and Furious

6. Fantastic Five

7. The Mighty Five

8. Fellowship of the Fives

Group Chat Names for 5

1. The Unstoppables

2. Chatty Cathys

3. The Text-uals

4. Let’s Talk It Out

5. Chit Chatters

6. Five in the Chamber

7. Friendly Feudists

8. Open Forum

9. Text Message Mayhem

10. Word Warriors

Names for best friends [Group names]

Funny 5 Friends Group Name

1. Five Finger Discount

2. Fabulous Five Fools

3. Fighting and Funning

4. Rollin’ with My Homies

5. Half Baked Ideas

6. Insanely Crazed Laughing Crew

7. Banter Brigade

8. Five Fools and a Carpet

9. Mid-Life Crisis Crew

10. The Wise Guys

Group of Five Members Names

1. V for Victory

2. The Quints

3. After 5 Warriors

4. 5 Shades of Grey

5. Quintessential Friends

6. The Magnificent 5

7. Team Spirit Squad

8. Fantastic Five

9. Dream Chasers

10. High Tempaturians

Famous Groups of 5 Names

1. The Jackson 5

2. The 5 Heartbeats

3. The Temptations

4. The Supremes

5. The Bee Gees

6. The Monkees

7. The Fugees

8. 5 Seconds of Summer

9. Five Finger Death Punch

10. Fifth Harmony

Group Names for 5 Girl Best Friends

1. BFFs Forever and Ever

2. Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants

3. Glamazons

4. Trendsetters

5. Fabulous Femmes Fatales

6. Beauty Queens

7. Ladies In Waiting

Five Friends Group Name

1. Five of a Kind

2. 5 Amigos

3. The Deadly Five

4. Handsome Hooligans

5. The Clique

6. Warriors of the Wind

7. A League Of Their Own

8. Five of a Kind

9. Commandos 5

10. Fab-Five

WhatsApp Group Names for 5 Friends

WhatsApp Group Names for 5 Friends

1. Chat Pack

2. Just Chillin’

3. Textaholics

4. Gossip Geckos

5. Let’s Chat

6. Five Guys and a Girl

7. Funtastic Friends

8. Great Minds Think Alike

9. Keeping In Touch

10. The Conversation Hub

Insta Group Names for 5 Friends

1. Insta-faves

2. Snap Crackle Pop

3. Instaholics

4. Social Butterflies

5. Flashback Fridayz

6. Story Time Crew

7. Capture the Moment

8. Followers of Fate

9. Captured Memories

10. Picture Perfect Posse

Best Group Names for 5 Friends

1. Five Star Friends

2. Let’s Get Together

3. Perfect 5ive

4. Friends Are Our World

5. The Dream Team

6. Besties 4 Life

7. Friendship Goals

8. Happy Campers

9. Brother & Sisters From Another Mother

10. Clan of The Five Warriors

Group Names for 5 Mates

Group Names for 5 Mates

1. Power Rangers

2. Amigos Unidos

3. Brothers in Arms

4. Elite Five

5. The Cincos

6. Mot, Hi, Ba, Bon, Nam

Cool Group Names for 5 Friends

1. The Fab Five

2. The A-Team

3. Five Musketeers

4. Quintessence

5. The United Five

Hilarious Group Chat Names for 5 Friends

1. Five is Alive

2. The Incredibles

3. Gang of Five

4. Funtastic Friends

5. Chit Chatters

6. Text-uals

7. Chatty Cathys

8. Word Warriors

9. Open Forum

10. Let’s Talk It Out

Friends Group Name – Stylish

1. Elite 5

2. Style Stars

3. Trendsetters

4. Fashionistas

5. Dashing Divas

6. Glamour Gods

7. Fab Five

8. The Swaggers

9. Stylistic Sixes

10. Stylish Squadrons

11. High Five and Low Lives

12. The Boisterous Bunch

13. Let’s Get Quizzical

FAQs – Group Names for 5 People

What are some cool group names?

Group names for friends more generically are: Friends Forever, Five Amigos, 5 Musketeers, The Fantastic Five, Pals for Life, Partners in Crime, and The High Fives.

If playing fantasy sports or video games as a group of 5 then consider: Unstoppable Force, Elite Squad, Blowing It Up, Power Trip, and Back to Back Champs

What is a group of 5 friends called?

Examples of group names for 5 people include The Fab Five, Fives Company, High Fivers, Vibing Fivers, and Quintessential Crew.

Other possible options are Five Alive, Penta Pals, Taskmasters Five, Strong Arm Squadron, and A Fistful of Friends.

What are some names for a group of 5?

Group names for 5 people include: The Five, Quintessential Crew, Fives Company, High Fivers, Penta Pals, Vibing Fivers, Five Alive and Friends Forever.

Other possible group names could be Strong Arm Squadron, A Fistful of Friends, Taskmasters Five and The Fantastic Five.

What are some funny group chat names?

Some funny group chat names for 5 friends include Let’s Talk It Out, Text-uals, Chatty Cathys Word Warriors Open Forum Chit Chatters and Hilarious Hooligans.

Other humorous name suggestions include Gossip Geckos Just Chillin’ Snap Crackle Pop Fab-Five and Commandos 5.

What are fun group names?

Fun group names for 5 people include The Dream Team, Besties 4 Life, Happy Campers, Friendship Goals, Brother & Sisters From Another Mother and Clan of The Five Warriors.

Other fun name options are Capture the Moment, Followers of Fate, Picture Perfect Posse Social Butterflies and Flashback Fridayz.

What are some creative group names?

Creative group names for 5 friends include Instaholics, Story Time Crew, Captured Memories Perfect 5ive and Let’s Get Together.

Other creative name suggestions could be Style Stars Trendsetters Glamour Gods Fab Five Elite Five and Stylistic Sixes.

Conclusion – Group of 5 Names

For groups of 5, names are often chosen to offer a sense of belonging, camaraderie, and significance.

With the right combination of names, groups of 5 can create an identity that will last through the years.

Whether you choose traditional names or go with something unique, make sure each name reflects the personality and character of your group members.


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