Indian Boy Names

79+ Indian Boy Names & Meanings (Unique & Common)

India is a country with a rich and diverse cultural heritage, and this is reflected in the names given to boys.

From traditional and popular names to unique and modern choices, there are plenty of options for parents looking for an Indian name for their son.

In this article, we have curated a list of over 79 unique Indian Boy Names that celebrate the culture, tradition, and heritage of India.

Key Takeaways – Indian Boy Names

  • Indian boy names showcase the rich cultural heritage of India.
  • Popular Indian boy names include Arjun, Aryan, Ayush, Dev, Krish, and Rohan.
  • Traditional Indian boy names are rooted in mythology and religious texts, such as Arnav, Dhruv, Karthik, Nitin, Rajesh, and Sanjay.
  • For a unique choice, consider Indian boy names like Aarav, Advait, Aniket, Kunal, Rishi, and Taran.
  • Modern Indian boy names blend traditional elements with contemporary sounds, such as Advaita, Devansh, Ishaan, Omkar, Siddharth, and Vivaan.

Indian Boy Names

Here’s a list of 79+ Indian boy names, each with unique meanings and cultural significance.

These names are drawn from various languages and regions across India, including Hindi, Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, and more:

  1. Aarav – Peaceful, sound
  2. Vihaan – Dawn, morning
  3. Ishaan – Sun, the North East direction
  4. Arjun – Bright, shining, white
  5. Sahil – Guide, leader, or bank (of a river)
  6. Rohan – Ascending, developing
  7. Aditya – Sun, belonging to Aditi
  8. Aryan – Noble, warrior
  9. Dhruv – Pole star, constant
  10. Siddharth – One who has accomplished a goal
  11. Varun – Water god, Neptune
  12. Abhinav – New, young, fresh
  13. Anshul – Radiant, bright
  14. Rishabh – Superior, morality
  15. Surya – Sun, radiant
  16. Karan – Instrument, ear
  17. Nikhil – Complete, whole
  18. Yash – Fame, glory
  19. Kunal – Lotus
  20. Manish – God of the mind, intellect
  21. Pranav – Sacred syllable ‘Om’
  22. Rahul – Efficient, conqueror of all miseries
  23. Vivaan – Full of life
  24. Akash – Sky, open space
  25. Harsh – Happiness, joy
  26. Mohit – Ensnarled by beauty
  27. Shubham – Auspicious, lucky
  28. Ankit – Conquered, distinguished
  29. Gaurav – Honor, pride, respect
  30. Krish – Short form of Krishna
  31. Laksh – Aim, target
  32. Mayank – Moon
  33. Naveen – New, fresh
  34. Om – Sacred Hindu sound
  35. Parth – Arjuna, son of Pritha (Kunti)
  36. Ritvik – Priest
  37. Shiv – Lord Shiva
  38. Tanmay – Engrossed, absorbed
  39. Utkarsh – Prosperity, awakening
  40. Vedant – End of the Vedas, knowledge
  41. Yuvraj – Prince, heir apparent
  42. Aakash – Sky
  43. Bhavesh – Lord of the world
  44. Chirag – Lamp, light
  45. Darshan – Vision, to see
  46. Eshan – Lord Shiva, desire
  47. Faizan – Grace, favor
  48. Gautam – Name of the Buddha
  49. Hitesh – Lord of goodness
  50. Ishwar – God, the supreme being
  51. Jai – Victory, conquest
  52. Keshav – Another name of Lord Krishna
  53. Lakshit – Targeted, distinguished
  54. Mihir – Sun rays
  55. Nishant – Dawn, end of night
  56. Ojas – Vitality, energy
  57. Piyush – Nectar, amrit
  58. Raj – Rule, kingdom
  59. Samar – War, battle
  60. Tarun – Young, youth
  61. Uday – To rise, sunrise
  62. Viraj – Splendor, majesty
  63. Yatin – Ascetic, devotee
  64. Zayan – Bright, hospitable
  65. Aarush – First ray of the sun
  66. Bhavin – Winner, living
  67. Dev – God, divine
  68. Ekansh – Whole, complete
  69. Farhan – Happy, joyful
  70. Girish – Lord of the mountains
  71. Himanshu – Moon
  72. Jay – Victory
  73. Krishan – Lord Krishna
  74. Madhav – Another name of Lord Krishna
  75. Nirav – Silent, calm
  76. Omkar – Representation of Om
  77. Pranay – Love, affection
  78. Raghav – Lord Rama
  79. Sanket – Signal, hint
  80. Tejas – Sharpness, brightness
  81. Ujjwal – Bright, clear
  82. Vansh – Lineage, generation
  83. Yashas – Fame, glory
  84. Zubin – To honor, to exalt

Popular Indian Boy Names

When it comes to choosing a name for their baby boy, many parents in India opt for popular Indian boy names that have cultural significance and have been passed down through generations. These names not only reflect the rich heritage of India but also have a timeless appeal.

Here are some of the most popular Indian boy names:

  • Arjun
  • Aryan
  • Ayush
  • Dev
  • Krish
  • Rohan

These names have a strong cultural significance and are widely used in Indian families. They are often inspired by mythology, historical figures, or have spiritual meanings. Parents choose these names as they embody the values and traditions they want to pass on to their sons.

“A name is not just a label, it carries the weight of our culture, traditions, and aspirations.”

Choosing a popular Indian boy name can not only honor the family’s roots but also connect the child to their cultural identity. These names have stood the test of time and continue to be cherished by Indian parents around the world.

Name Meaning
Arjun Derived from the Sanskrit word “arjuna” which means “bright” or “shining”
Aryan Means “noble” or “honorable” in Sanskrit
Ayush Means “long life” or “blessing” in Sanskrit
Dev Means “divine” or “god-like” in Sanskrit
Krish Derived from the name Krishna, a Hindu deity known for his wisdom and charm
Rohan Means “ascending” or “growing” in Sanskrit

These popular Indian boy names not only sound beautiful but also carry deep meanings that resonate with Indian culture and tradition. They are a testament to the rich heritage of India and the values that parents hold dear.



Traditional Indian Boy Names

Traditional Indian boy names have a deep-rooted connection to the rich mythology and religious texts of India. These names have been passed down through generations and carry a sense of tradition, culture, and heritage. If you’re looking for a meaningful and culturally significant name for your son, consider these traditional Indian boy names:

Table: Traditional Indian Boy Names

Name Meaning
Arnav Ocean; Sea
Dhruv Pole star; Constant; Faithful
Karthik Another name for Lord Murugan; Son of Lord Shiva
Nitin Guided; Knowledgeable
Rajesh King of Kings; Ruler
Sanjay Victorious; Triumphant

These names not only have beautiful and melodic sounds but also hold significant meanings. Arnav represents the vastness and depth of the ocean, while Dhruv symbolizes unwavering faith and constancy. Karthik is associated with Lord Murugan, who is revered as the God of War and Victory. Nitin signifies being guided and knowledgeable, Rajesh denotes kingship and rulership, and Sanjay represents triumph and victory.

By choosing a traditional Indian boy name, you are embracing the cultural heritage of India and honoring the timeless traditions that have been passed down through generations. These names have a sense of familiarity and embody the values and beliefs that have shaped Indian society for centuries.

Next, let’s explore unique Indian boy names that offer a more distinctive and one-of-a-kind choice for parents seeking something truly special for their sons.

Unique Indian Boy Names

When it comes to choosing a name for their son, many parents want something unique and meaningful. In Indian culture, there are plenty of options for unique boy names that have a strong cultural significance. These names stand out from the crowd and make a statement. Here are some examples of unique Indian boy names:

  1. Aarav
  2. Advait
  3. Aniket
  4. Kunal
  5. Rishi
  6. Taran

Each of these names has its own distinct meaning and origin. For example, Aarav means “peaceful” in Hindi, while Advait means “unique” or “one-of-a-kind” in Sanskrit. Aniket is a Sanskrit name that means “homeless” or “wanderer,” and Kunal means “lotus” in Sanskrit. Rishi, on the other hand, is a name that means “sage” or “wise” and is often associated with spiritual leaders in Indian culture. Lastly, Taran means “star” in Hindi and symbolizes brightness and guidance.

Name Meaning
Aarav Peaceful
Advait Unique
Aniket Homeless, Wanderer
Kunal Lotus
Rishi Sage, Wise
Taran Star

These unique Indian boy names offer a blend of traditional roots and contemporary appeal. They are perfect for parents who want to give their son a name that reflects the rich cultural heritage of India while still being distinctive and memorable.

“Choosing a unique name for your child can be a way to celebrate their individuality and set them apart from the crowd.”

Modern Indian Boy Names

With changing times, modern Indian boy names have gained popularity among parents who want to give their sons a unique and contemporary identity. These names blend traditional Indian elements with modern sounds and meanings, creating a perfect combination of the past and the present.

Some popular modern Indian boy names include:

  • Advaita: Meaning “unique” or “one of a kind”
  • Devansh: Meaning “part of God” or “divine”
  • Ishaan: Meaning “sunrise” or “the first ray of light”
  • Omkar: Meaning “sacred syllable OM” or “divine sound”
  • Siddharth: Meaning “one who has achieved enlightenment”
  • Vivaan: Meaning “full of life” or “energetic”

These names not only have a modern appeal but also reflect the evolving culture of India. They carry a sense of individuality and uniqueness that many parents seek when naming their children.

Hindu Boy Names

Hinduism, one of India’s major religions, has a rich mythology and pantheon of deities. As a result, Hindu boy names often have deep spiritual and cultural significance. Parents looking for a meaningful and traditional name for their son can draw inspiration from Hindu mythology and choose a name that embodies the values and beliefs associated with the religion.

Popular Hindu Boy Names:

Some popular Hindu boy names include Arjun, Krishna, Ravi, Shiv, Varun, and Vishnu. These names are timeless and widely used in Hindu families. Each name carries its own unique meaning and symbolizes different qualities or attributes.

“Arjun” is derived from the Hindu epic Mahabharata and represents strength and valor. “Krishna” is the name of the popular deity known for his playful and compassionate nature. “Ravi” means “sun” and is associated with light and warmth. “Shiv” refers to Lord Shiva, the destroyer and transformer, while “Varun” is associated with the god of water and represents purity. Lastly, “Vishnu” is one of the major deities in Hinduism and is considered the preserver of the universe.

Choosing a Hindu boy name:

When choosing a Hindu boy name, parents can consider their family’s religious beliefs, cultural background, and personal preferences. It’s important to understand the meaning and significance of the chosen name, as it will often carry a profound impact on the child’s identity and sense of belonging.

Additionally, parents may also find inspiration in Hindu scriptures and texts, such as the Vedas or the Ramayana, which contain numerous stories and characters that can provide ideas for unique and meaningful names.

By selecting a Hindu boy name, parents can celebrate their cultural heritage and instill a sense of connection to their religious traditions in their child.

Name Meaning
Arjun Strength, Valor
Krishna Playful, Compassionate
Ravi Sun, Light
Shiv Lord Shiva
Varun Purity, God of Water
Vishnu Preserver of the Universe

Sanskrit Boy Names

Sanskrit is an ancient Indian language that is known for its rich spiritual and philosophical traditions. It has influenced many aspects of Indian culture, including the naming of children. Sanskrit boy names carry deep meanings and are often chosen for their timeless quality and connection to Indian heritage. Here are some examples of Sanskrit boy names:

  1. Arnav – Meaning ‘ocean’ or ‘sea’, this name symbolizes the vastness and depth of knowledge.
  2. Devan – Derived from the word ‘deva’, meaning ‘deity’ or ‘god’, it represents divine qualities and spirituality.
  3. Kavi – This name means ‘poet’ and is often associated with creativity, intelligence, and a love for the arts.
  4. Mohan – Meaning ‘charming’ or ‘enchanting’, this name reflects the captivating and magnetic personality of the child.
  5. Rajan – Derived from the Sanskrit word ‘raj’, meaning ‘king’, this name symbolizes leadership and authority.
  6. Varun – Representing the Hindu god of water, this name signifies purity, strength, and adaptability.

Sanskrit boy names evoke a sense of tradition and spirituality, making them a popular choice for parents who want to honor their cultural heritage. These names have a timeless appeal and carry a sense of depth and meaning, providing a strong foundation for the child’s identity.

“Choosing a Sanskrit boy name for your child is a way to connect with the rich spiritual and philosophical traditions of India. These names carry deep meanings and have a timeless appeal that will resonate throughout the child’s life.”

Incorporating Sanskrit Boy Names into Modern Culture

While Sanskrit boy names have traditional roots, they can also be adapted to fit modern culture. Many parents choose to blend Sanskrit names with contemporary sounds and spellings, creating unique and meaningful names for their children. By incorporating Sanskrit boy names into modern culture, parents can celebrate their heritage while embracing the changing times.

Tamil Boy Names

Tamil is one of the major languages spoken in South India, and Tamil boy names have a distinct sound and meaning. The Tamil culture is known for its rich heritage and traditions, and these names reflect the values and beliefs of the Tamil-speaking community.

Here is a list of popular Tamil boy names:

Name Meaning
Aravind Lotus
Hari Lord Vishnu
Karthik Lord Murugan
Naveen New, Fresh
Prakash Light
Surya Sun

These names are not only popular among Tamil-speaking families but also have cultural significance. They carry the essence of Tamil culture and heritage, making them meaningful choices for parents looking for Tamil boy names.

Whether you are a Tamil-speaking parent or simply appreciate the beauty of Tamil names, these options offer a wonderful selection for your son’s name.

Tamil Boy Names: A Blend of Tradition and Meaning

Tamil boy names are often a fusion of tradition and meaning. The names are carefully chosen to reflect the values, beliefs, and aspirations of Tamil culture. Each name carries a unique story and symbolism, making it a significant part of a child’s identity.

When selecting a Tamil boy name, parents often consider the sound, meaning, and cultural significance. They want a name that embodies the rich heritage of Tamil Nadu and resonates with their personal beliefs. Tamil names not only have a deep-rooted cultural significance but also evoke a sense of pride and belonging.

“Choosing a Tamil boy name is not just about finding a beautiful sound. It’s about honoring our culture, preserving our traditions, and passing on our values to the next generation.” – Tamil parents

Whether you prefer traditional Tamil names or are drawn to more modern and unique choices, the wide range of options available ensures that you will find the perfect name for your son. Tamil boy names have stood the test of time and continue to be a cherished part of Tamil culture.

Telugu Boy Names

Telugu is a prominent language spoken in South India, and Telugu boy names hold a special place in the hearts of Telugu-speaking communities. These names reflect the rich cultural heritage and traditions of the region. Here are some popular Telugu boy names that parents may consider for their sons:

1. Chaitanya

Chaitanya is a meaningful Telugu name that means “consciousness” or “awareness.” It represents the enlightened state of mind and emphasizes the importance of spiritual growth and self-realization.

2. Kiran

Kiran is a widely used Telugu name that means “ray of light” or “beam of sunlight.” It symbolizes hope, positivity, and the ability to bring brightness into the lives of others.

3. Nandan

Nandan is a beautiful Telugu name that signifies “delight” or “pleasure.” It represents the joy and happiness that a child brings to their family and is often chosen to express the deep love and affection parents have for their son.

4. Pradeep

Pradeep is a popular Telugu name that means “lamp” or “light.” It symbolizes knowledge, wisdom, and guidance. Choosing this name for a son reflects the parents’ desire to see him shine brightly in his life’s journey.

5. Rakesh

Rakesh is a meaningful Telugu name that translates to “lord of the full moon” or “the one who rules the night.” It represents strength, elegance, and the ability to overcome darkness, making it a powerful and charismatic name choice.

6. Vamsi

Vamsi is a significant Telugu name that refers to Lord Krishna’s flute. It symbolizes divine music and the connection between the human soul and the divine. Choosing this name for a son can signify his potential for creativity, grace, and spiritual insight.

These Telugu boy names offer a glimpse into the rich culture and heritage of Telugu-speaking communities. Whether parents are seeking a name that represents spiritual values, positive qualities, or simply a name that has a beautiful meaning, Telugu names provide a range of options that celebrate the uniqueness and depth of the Telugu language.


What are some popular Indian boy names?

Some popular Indian boy names include Arjun, Aryan, Ayush, Dev, Krish, and Rohan.

What are some traditional Indian boy names?

Some traditional Indian boy names include Arnav, Dhruv, Karthik, Nitin, Rajesh, and Sanjay.

What are some unique Indian boy names?

Some unique Indian boy names include Aarav, Advait, Aniket, Kunal, Rishi, and Taran.

What are some modern Indian boy names?

Some modern Indian boy names include Advaita, Devansh, Ishaan, Omkar, Siddharth, and Vivaan.

What are some Hindu boy names?

Some popular Hindu boy names include Arjun, Krishna, Ravi, Shiv, Varun, and Vishnu.

What are some Sanskrit boy names?

Some Sanskrit boy names include Arnav, Devan, Kavi, Mohan, Rajan, and Varun.

What are some Tamil boy names?

Some popular Tamil boy names include Aravind, Hari, Karthik, Naveen, Prakash, and Surya.

What are some Telugu boy names?

Some popular Telugu boy names include Chaitanya, Kiran, Nandan, Pradeep, Rakesh, and Vamsi.

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