BEST Island Names [Real and Mythical Island Names]

307+ Island Names [Real & Mythical Island Names][Animal Crossing]

Island names range widely depending on whether they’re real-world or mythical in nature.

In this article, we cover the best island names whether by adjective (cool, funny, cute, unique), game (Animal Crossing), or by region (Japan, Hawaii, Spain).

Let’s dive in.

Island Names (Animal Crossing)

1) Aila’au

2) Akala

3) Alola

4) Aphria

5) Atollon

6) Bali

7) Barclay

8) Belle Isle

9) Bloubergstrand

10) Boa Vista

11) Bora Bora

12) Boracay

13) Bowen Island

14) Bramble Cay

15) Catalina Island

16) Christmas Island (Australia)

17) Cocos (Keeling) Islands

18) Corsair

19) Crete

20) Cuba

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21) Curacao

22) Cyprus

23) Dominica

24) Easter Island

25) Ebeye

26) Fiji

27) Grande Jatte

28) Great Barrier Reef

29) Guam

30) Hawaii (The Big Island, Kauai, Lanai, Maui, Molokai, Oahu)

31) Ibiza

32) Iceland

33) Isla Mujeres

34) Isle of Lewis

35) Jamaica

36) Japan (Hokkaido, Kyushu, Shikoku, Honshu)

37) Java

38) Koh Samui

39) Kristiansand

40) La Gomera

41) Lanzarote

42) Las Islas Cies

43) Malta

44) Martha’s Vineyard

45) Mauritius

46) Menorca

47) Micronesia

48) Mo’orea

49) Molokai

50) Moorea (French Polynesia)

51) Mykonos

52) Nantucket

53) Nassau (The Bahamas)

54) Nevis

55) New Providence Island (The Bahamas)

56) Okinawa

57-60: Palawan, Phi Phi Islands, Phuket, Bali

61-62: Puerto Rico, St. Barts

63) St. Croix

64) St. John

65) St. Kitts

66) St. Lucia

67) St. Maarten/St. Martin

68) St. Thomas

69-70: Samoa, Santorini

71-72: Sardinia, Sicily

73) Seychelles

74-75: Tahiti, Mauritius

76) Tobago

77) Tortola

78-79: Turks & Caicos, Vieques

80) Virgin Gorda

81-82:Wilmington Island (Georgia), Maui (Hawaii)

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Mythical Island Names

1) Aeaea

2) Atlantis

3) Avalon

4) Circe’s Island

5) Fiji (Yasawa Islands)

6) Ithaca

7) Nostria

8) Ogygia

9) Scheria

10) Serendip (Ceylon, Sri Lanka)

11) Shangri-La

12) Stigmata

13-14: Tir na nOg, Ys

15) Utopian Land

Abandoned Island Names

Hashima Island, Gunkanjima, Japan; Craco, Italy; Anaconda Copper Mine, Nevada; island of the Dolls, Xochimilco, Mexico

Beautiful Island Names

White Beach, Boracay, Philippines; Palawan, Philippines; Phi Phi Islands, Thailand; Santorini, Greece

Cute Island Names

Langkawi Island, Malaysia; Belle Isle, Michigan; Bowen Island, Canada

Deserted Island Names

Hashima Island, Gunkanjima, Japan; Craco, Italy; Anaconda Copper Mine, Nevada

Famous Island Names

Alcatraz Island, California; Easter Island, Chile; Liberty Island, New York

Historical Island Names

Alcatraz Island, California; Gunkanjima, Japan; Pompeii, Italy

Mysterious Island Names

Bermuda Triangle (various); Easter Island (Rapa Nui); Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis); Stonehenge, England

Romantic Island Names

Bali, Indonesia; Maui, Hawaii; Santorini, Greece; Mykonos, Greece

Sandy Island Names

Koh Samui, Thailand; Boracay, Philippines; Bora Bora, French Polynesia; Fiji Islands

Tropical Island Names

Bora Bora, French Polynesia; Maui, Hawaii; Koh Samui, Thailand; Jamaica

Dangerous island names

Hashima Island (Gunkanjima), Japan – An abandoned island that was once acoal mining facility. The island is now overrun with dilapidated buildings and has been nicknamed “Ghost Island”.

Anaconda Copper Mine, Nevada – A former copper mine that is now abandoned. The island is said to be haunted by the ghosts of miners who died in a cave-in.

Island of the Dolls (Xochimilco), Mexico – A creepy island located in a network of canals south of Mexico City. The island is littered with dolls, many of which are decapitated or missing limbs.

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Hawaii Island Names

1) Oahu

2) Maui

3) Kauai

4) Lanai

5) Molokai

6) The Big Island (Hawaii Island)

7) Niihau

8) Kahoolawe

Cool Island Names

1) Fiji

2) Bora Bora

3) Maldives

4) Seychelles

5) Mauritius

6) Galapagos Islands

7) Easter Island

8) Sicily

9) Canary Islands

10) Hawaii (The Big Island, Kauai, Lanai, Maui, Molokai, Oahu)

11) Sumba Island

Cute Island Names

1) Belle Isle, Michigan

2) Bowen Island, Canada

3) Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

4) Nantucket, Massachusetts

5) Block Island, Rhode Island

6) Mackinac Island, Michigan

7) Isle of Skye, Scotland

8) Capri, Italy

9) Mull, Scotland

10) Orkney Islands, Scotland

11) Shetland Islands, Scotland

12) Faroe Islands

Funny Island Names

Funny Island Names

1) Dildo Island, Newfoundland, Canada

2) Butt Island, Newfoundland, Canada

3) Beaver Island, Michigan

4) Rat Islands, Alaska

5) Mosquito Island, British Virgin Islands

6) Monkey Island, Oklahoma

7) Bird Island, Minnesota

8) Penguin Island, Australia

9) Turkey Point Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada

10) Rabbit Hash, Kentucky

11) Frogmore Estate, Windsor Great Park, Berkshire, England

12) Toad Hall Cottages, Devon, England

Caribbean Island Names

1) Antigua

2) Aruba

3) Bahamas

4) Barbados

5) Cuba

6) Dominica

7) Dominican Republic

8) Grenada

9) Haiti

10) Jamaica

11) Montserrat

12) Puerto Rico

13) St. Barts

14) St. Kitts and Nevis

15) St. Lucia

16) St. Martin/Sint Maarten

17) St. Vincent and the Grenadines

18-19: Trinidad & Tobago, Turks & Caicos

20-21: Virgin Gorda, Vieques

22-23: Wilmington Island (Georgia), Maui (Hawaii),

24: Yasawa Islands (Fiji)

25: Zanzibar (Tanzania)

Spanish Island Names

1) Cayo Coco

2) Cayo Largo

3) Cuba

4) Grand Canary Island

5) Grand Cayman

6) Ibiza

7) Majorca

8) Margarita Island

9) Puerto Rico

10) Virgin Gorda

Japanese Island Names

1) Hokkaido

2) Honshu

3) Shikoku

4) Kyushu

5) Okinawa

Island Girl Names

1) Alana

2) Bree

3) Callie

4) Cambria

5) Cora

6) Daisy

7). Eliza

8). Harper

9). India

10). Isla

11). Ivory

12). Jade

13). Jasmine

14). Kailani

15). Kapiolani

16). Keilani

17). Kiara

18). Liana

19). Lilo

20. Lotus

21. Maple

22) Nalani

23) Nevaeh

24) Nixie

25) Pepper

26) Piper

27) Quinn

28) Rowan

29. Rory

30. Scout

31. Stevie

32. Willow

33. Wren

34. Wynne

35. Zaya

Island Good Names

1) Blue Lagoon Island, Bahamas

2) Catalina Island, California

3) Culebra Island, Puerto Rico

4) Davao Gulf Islands, Philippines

5) Fiji Islands

6) Florida Keys, USA

7) Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

8) Maldives

9) Maui, Hawaii

10) Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

11) Santorini, Greece

12) Seychelles

13) St. Lucia

14) Tobago Cays, Grenadines

15) Turks & Caicos Islands

Creative Island Names

1) Bora Bora

2) Fiji

3) Hawaii

4) Maui

5) Moorea

6) Samoa

7) Tahiti

8) The Bahamas

9) The British Virgin Islands

10) The Cayman Islands

11) The Dominican Republic

12) The Florida Keys

13) The Greek Isles

14) The Hawaiian Islands

15) The Maldives

16) The Netherlands Antilles

17) The Phillippines

18.)The Puerto Rican Islands

19.)The Solomon Islands

20.)The US Virgin Islands

Unique Island Names

1) Sumba Island

2) Fiji

3) Bora Bora

4) Maldives

5) Seychelles

6) Mauritius

7) Galapagos Islands

8) Easter Island

9) Sicily

10) Canary Islands

11) Hawaii (The Big Island, Kauai, Lanai, Maui, Molokai, Oahu)

Tips for Coming Up with Island Names

When you’re tasked with naming an island, there are a few things to consider. Here are a few tips to help you come up with the perfect name for your new land:

1. Consider the island’s natural features

When thinking of names, take into account the island’s size, shape, topography and any notable landmarks.

For example, an island shaped like a crescent moon might be called “Luna Island,” while one with a large mountain in the middle could be named “Mt. Olympus Island.”

2. Think about the climate and wildlife

The climate and vegetation of an island can give you clues for its name.

A lush, tropical island might be called “Paradise Island,” while a barren, icy one could be called “Desolation Island.”

3. Consider its history and mythology

If the island has any interesting historical or mythical associations, that could be reflected in its name.

For example, an island that was once home to pirates could be called “Pirate Island,” and one with a dark past could be called “Demon Island.”

4. Keep it simple

sometimes the best names are the simplest ones. If you can’t think of anything else, try using the island’s location as its name.

For example, an island off the coast of Italy could be called “Italy Island,” and one in the Caribbean could be called “Caribbean Island.”

5. Get creative!

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your island naming. If you can think of a unique, clever or catchy name, it could help your island stand out from the rest.

So go ahead and brainstorm – with these tips in mind, you’re sure to come up with the perfect name for your new island home.

How Are Island Names Categorized?

Island names can be divided into categories by their origin.

The most common types of island names are: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Dutch, Scandinavian, Gaelic/Celtic, Greek, Russian, Asian, African, Native American and Pacific Islander.

Some popular island name etymologies include:

English – many islands were named by early English explorers and settlers. Common themes include saints (e.g., St. Helena), royalty (e.g., Prince Edward Island) or simply descriptive (e.g., Bermuda Triangle).

French – islands named by French explorers and settlers often reflect the country’s colonial history. For example, many islands in the Caribbean were named after saints, such as Saint Lucia or Saint Barthélemy.

Spanish – similar to the French, Spanish island names often reflect the nation’s colonial heritage. For instance, the Canary Islands were named after the canaries (birds) that were brought there from Africa.

Portuguese – many island names in Portugal’s former colonies pay tribute to the country’s patron saint, Catherine of Alexandria (e.g., Santa Catarina Island in Brazil).

Italian – some Italian islands were named for famous people or landmarks, such as the island of Capri (named after the nearby city of Naples) or Isola Bella (“beautiful island”).

German – many Germanic island names are derived from old Norse or Anglo-Saxon words. For example, the name “Rügen” comes from the old Norse word for “edge” or “border,” while “Sylt” is derived from the Anglo-Saxon word for “shore.”

Dutch – many Dutch island names come from the country’s colonial history, such as Curaçao (named after a Portuguese colony in Brazil) or Sint Maarten (named after the Dutch city of Maastricht).

Scandinavian – many Scandinavian island names are simple and descriptive, such as Öland (“island” in Swedish) or Åland (“river island” in Finnish).

Gaelic/Celtic – some Scottish islands have Gaelic or Celtic names, such as Skye (from the Gaelic word for “cloud”) or Islay (from the Gaelic word for “asphalt”).

Greek – many Greek islands were named after gods or heroes from Greek mythology, such as Crete (named after the goddess Demeter) or Naxos (named after the god Dionysus).

Russian – some Russian island names are derived from the country’s native languages, such as Sakhalin (from the Ainu word for “black”) or Novaya Zemlya (from the Nenets word for “land”).

Asian – some Asian island names come from Chinese or Japanese characters, such as Taiwan (meaning “terraced bay” in Chinese) or Okinawa (meaning “rope in the open sea” in Japanese).

African – many African islands were named by early European explorers and settlers, often using descriptive terms like “island of apes” (e.g., Gorée Island off the coast of Senegal) or “island of thieves” (e.g., Ile de Ré off the coast of Ghana).

Native American – some islands in North America were named by Native Americans, such as Manitoulin Island (named after the Anishinaabe word for “spirit island”) or Orcas Island (named after the Haida word for “killer whale”).

Pacific Islander – many Pacific islands were named by early European explorers and settlers, often using descriptive terms like “island of palms” (e.g., Samoa) or “island of pearls” (e.g., Tahiti).

Conclusion – Island Names

Island names can tell us a lot about the history and culture of the people who named them.

From saints and royalty to heroes and gods, these names reflect the stories and traditions of those who came before us.

So the next time you visit an island, take a moment to think about its name – you might just learn something new about the place you’re visiting.


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