Japanese American Names

167+ Top Japanese American Names [List, Male, Female, Cute]

Japanese American names are some of the most unique and interesting names you can find.

Many of these names are derived from Japanese culture, history, or religion.

If you’re looking for a name that will make your child stand out from the crowd, then a Japanese American name might be perfect for you.

Characteristics of Japanese American Names

Many Japanese American names have certain characteristics. For example, they may end in “-ko” (女子), which means “girl.”

Or they may end in “-sei” (誠), which means “sincere.”

And there are many names that include the character for “flower” (花), such as Hanako and Sakura.

Here are some other common characteristics of Japanese American names:

They are often short, consisting of only two or three syllables.

They sometimes include a foreign element, such as a place name or a word from another language.

For example, the name Keiko includes the English word “key,” and the name Akira comes from the Arabic word for “gracious.”

Many Japanese American names are unisex, which means they can be used for both boys and girls.

Some popular unisex names include Kaito, Haruto, and Yuki.

Finally, some Japanese American names are quite unique and rare.

One example is the name Kintsugi, which means “golden repair.” This name is given to babies who are born after a miscarriage or stillbirth. It represents the hope that the family will be able to heal from their loss.

With that said, here is a list of some of the most popular Japanese American names for both boys and girls:

Japanese American Names Male (Boys)

1. Akira

2. Haruki

3. Hiroshi

4. Kenta

5. Ryuichi

6. Satoshi

7. Taiyo

8. Taro

9. Yoshiaki

10. Yuuta

Japanese American Names Female

1. Aiko

2. Emi

3. Haruko

4. Hoshi

5. Kohana

6. Michiko

7. Miyako

8. Naoko

9. Sakura

10. Yuki

Cute Japanese American Names


2. Hanako

3. Kiku

4. Mana

5. Mariko

6. Nobu

7. Rei

8. Rumi

9. Suzume

10. Yori

Japanese American Names

Japanese American Names that Also Sound like American English

1) Mei

2) Hana

3) Kai

4) Ren

5) Rio

6) Sachi

7) Akira

8) Haruki

9) Kenta

10) Taiyo

11) Yoshiaki

12) Yuuta

13) Aiko

14) Emi

15) Kohana

16) Michiko

17) Sakura

18) Yuki

19) Mana

20) Mariko

21) Nobu

22) Suzume

23) Yori

Unique Japanese Baby Names with Meanings, Brainstorming

Japanese American Last Names

1) Fujimoto

2) Inouye

3) Iwamoto

4) Kimura

5) Kobayashi

6) Matsumoto

7) Murase

8) Nakamura

9) Tanaka

10) Yamamoto

Japanese American Names with Meaning

1) Haruki- means “clear weather”

2) Kenta- “large, strong”

3) Satoshi- “ clear, quick-witted”

4) Taiyo- “sun”

5) Akira- “intelligent, bright”

6) Hiroshi- “generous, tolerant”

7) Yoshiaki- “lucky, good fortune”

8) Yuuta- “abundant, rich”

9) Aiko- “beloved child”

10) Emi- “blessing, beautiful blessing”

11) Kohana- “little flower”

12) Michiko- “beautiful child”

13) Miyako- “city of the dead, capital”

14) Naoko- “honest child”

15) Sakura- “cherry blossom”

16) Yuki- “snow”

17) Chiyo- “a thousand generations”

18) Hanako- “flower child”

19) Kiku- “chrysanthemum”

20) Rei- “spirit, soul”

21) Rumi- “beautiful jade”

22) Suzume- “sparrow”

23) Yori- “trustworthy”

24) Mei- “budding, blooming”

25) Hana- “flower”

26) Kai- “ocean”

27) Ren- “lotus” or “love”

28) Rio- “jasmine”

29) Sachi- “happiness, child of bliss”

30) Fujimoto- “wisteria tree”

31) Inouye- “rice field”

32) Iwamoto- “stone well spring”

Bicultural/Half Japanese American Names

1) Aisha- “life”

2) Benji- “son of my right hand”

3) Hikari- “light”

4) Kaito- “ocean wave” or “mythical sea creature”

5) Lila- “night”

6) Maya- “reality, truth”

7) Miko- “priestess, shrine maiden”

8) Miyu- “gentle evening rain” or “beautiful depth”

9) Rai- “trustworthy” or “Thunder and lightning ruler”

10) Rei- “spirit, soul” or “revered one”

11) Rika- “jasmine”

12) Ryoko- “good child” or “Dragon child”

13) Yuki- “snow”

14) Yuri- “lily”

Unisex Japanese American Names

1) Haruto- “sunlight”

2) Kaito- “ocean wave” or “mythical sea creature”

3) Kaiyo- “ocean world”

4) Koji- “second son”

5) Miyabi- “elegant, refined”

6) Ryuu- “Dragon”

7) Sakura- “cherry blossom”

8) Satoshi- “clear, quick-witted”

9) Takara- “treasure, jewel”

10) Yuki- “snow”

Unique Japanese American Names

1) Haruko- “spring child”

2) Kintsugi- “golden repair”

3) Kohana- “little flower”

4) Miyu- “gentle evening rain” or “beautiful depth”

5) Rei- “spirit, soul” or “revered one”

6) Rumi- “beautiful jade”

7) Yori- “trustworthy” or “reliable”

8) Aisha- “life”

9) Hikari- “light”

10) Lila- “night”

Fake American Names in a Japanese Baseball Game

Common Japanese American Names

1) Akira- “intelligent, bright”

2) Haruki- “clear weather”

3) Kenta- “large, strong”

4) Hiroshi- “generous, tolerant”

5) Satoshi- “clear, quick-witted”

6) Taiyo- “sun”

7) Yoshiaki- “lucky, good fortune”

8) Yuuta- “abundant, rich”

9) Aiko- “beloved child”

10) Emi- “blessing, beautiful blessing”

11) Kohana- “little flower”

12) Michiko- “beautiful child”

13) Sakura- “cherry blossom”

14) Yuki- “snow”

15) Rei- “spirit, soul”

Cute Japanese American Names

1) Konomi- “loved child”

2) Michiko- “beautiful child”

3) Miyako- “city of the dead, capital”

4) Naoko- “honest child”

5) Sakura- “cherry blossom”

6) Yuki- “snow”

7) Chiyo- “a thousand generations”

8) Hanako- “flower child”

9) Kiku- “chrysanthemum”

10) Rumi- “beautiful jade”

11) Suzume- “sparrow”

12) Yori- “trustworthy”

13) Mei- “budding, blooming”

14) Hana- “flower”

15) Rio- “jasmine”

16) Sachi- “happiness, child of bliss”

Cool Japanese American Names

1) Takumi- “artisan”

2) Tatsuya- “to achieve greatness”

3) Teruko- “shining child”

4) Toshio- “intelligent, clever”

5) Yasuhiro- “peace and prosperity”

6) Yoko- “child of the sun’s yang energy”

7) Zenji- “good and noble one”

8) Rei- “spirit, soul” or “revered one”

9) Rika- “jasmine”

10) Ryoko- “good child” or “Dragon child”

Famous Japanese American Names

1) John Tateishi- civil rights activist and author best known for his work with the Japanese American Citizens League

2) George Hosato Takei- actor, director, author, and activist

3) James Norman Hall- writer best known for his work with Charles Nordhoff on the Bounty Trilogy

4) Leonard Nimoy- actor, director, producer, singer-songwriter, and photographer best known for his role as Spock in Star Trek

5) Patrick Nagatani- contemporary artist working in photography, sculpture, and installation art

6) Tamlyn Tomita- actress and singer best known for her roles in The Karate Kid Part II, The Mighty Ducks, and The Joy Luck Club

7) Yo-Yo Ma- world-renowned cellist and a 15-time Grammy Award winner

8) Maya Lin- architect, environmentalist, and designer of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C.

FAQs – Japanese American Names

What are some Japanese baby names that also sound American?

Some Japanese baby names that also sound American include Akira, Haruki, Kenta, Hiroshi, Satoshi, Taiyo, Yoshiaki, Yuuta, Aiko, Emi, Kohana, Michiko, Sakura, Yuki, Rei, Konomi, Michiko, Miyako, Naoko, Sakura, Yuki, Chiyo, Hanako, Kiku, Rumi, Suzume, Yori, Mei, Hana, Rio, Sachi.

What are some popular Japanese unisex names?

Some popular Japanese unisex names include Haruto, Kaito, Kaiyo, Koji Miyabi Ryuu Sakura Satoshi and Takara.

What are some unique Japanese baby names?

Some unique Japanese baby names include Kintsugi, Kohana, Miyu, Rei, Rumi, Yori, Aisha, Hikari and Lila.

Conclusion – Japanese American Names

There are many beautiful Japanese American names to choose from whether you are looking for a traditional name, a cool name or a cute name.

Whatever you are looking for, there is sure to be the perfect Japanese American name for your baby.


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