Jobs for 12-Year-Olds & How to Get Them

Jobs for 12-Year-Olds & How to Get Them (Guide)

Looking for job opportunities for your 12-year-old? Not only can these jobs provide them with extra cash, but they also teach important values like responsibility, accountability, and dedication. However, it’s crucial to navigate the limitations and rules surrounding employment for minors. While non-agricultural jobs are mostly off-limits, there are still legitimate options available for your 12-year-old.

Key Takeaways:

  • Jobs for 12-year-olds can teach important values like responsibility and dedication.
  • Non-agricultural jobs are generally not allowed for 12-year-olds, except for those owned by their parents.
  • There are still opportunities available for 12-year-olds, such as newspaper delivery and babysitting (where allowed).
  • Review local laws regarding 12-year-olds and employment to ensure compliance.
  • Encouraging independence and responsibility at this age can be valuable for their growth and development.

Jobs Allowed for 12-Year-Olds

When it comes to jobs for 12-year-olds, there are certain limitations and rules in place. Non-agricultural jobs are generally not allowed for this age group, with a few exceptions. One of these exceptions includes jobs owned by the child’s parents, such as working at a family business. However, for non-agricultural jobs outside of the family business, 12-year-olds have limited options.

Some examples of non-agricultural jobs that may be allowed for 12-year-olds, depending on state laws, include newspaper delivery and babysitting. Newspaper delivery can provide a source of income for 12-year-olds, as they deliver newspapers to subscribers’ homes. Babysitting, on the other hand, allows 12-year-olds to care for younger children, usually in the evenings or on weekends.

While non-agricultural jobs have their limitations, agricultural jobs offer more flexibility for 12-year-olds. These jobs are typically non-hazardous and can be done outside of school hours with parental consent. Some examples of agricultural jobs for 12-year-olds include fruit and vegetable picking, plant sitting, and assisting with evergreen wreath-making during the Christmas season.

Table: Jobs Allowed for 12-Year-Olds

Job Age Restrictions Additional Notes
Newspaper Delivery 12 and older Delivery routes must be walkable or bikeable
Babysitting Varies by state Check state laws for specific age restrictions
Fruit and Vegetable Picking 12 and older Hourly pay for collecting produce from fields or greenhouses
Plant Sitting 12 and older Caring for plants while owners are away, charging based on visits
Evergreen Wreath Making 12 and older Seasonal job during the Christmas season

Challenges of Finding Jobs at 12

Finding jobs at the age of 12 can be quite challenging due to the limited availability of opportunities. While there are jobs that hire 12-year-olds, many of these positions are also open to older teens and adults, making competition fierce. Parents may also prioritize their child’s education and extracurricular activities, which further reduces the pool of potential job seekers among 12-year-olds.

Despite these challenges, it is important to note that there are still opportunities available for those who are interested. By being proactive and creative, 12-year-olds can find ways to earn money and gain valuable experience. It may require some extra effort and research, but with determination, they can discover suitable options.

One key aspect to consider when searching for jobs at 12 is to explore the local laws and regulations regarding employment for minors. This will help ensure compliance and prevent any legal issues. It is also important to involve parents in the process, as they can provide guidance and support.


Here are a few examples of the challenges 12-year-olds may encounter when searching for jobs:

  • Limited availability of job opportunities
  • Competition from older teens and adults
  • Parental preference for focusing on education and extracurricular activities
  • Legal restrictions and requirements
Challenges Solutions
Limited availability of job opportunities Be proactive and creative in searching for alternative job options
Competition from older teens and adults Showcase unique skills and qualities that differentiate from older candidates
Parental preference for focusing on education and extracurricular activities Discuss the benefits of job experience and negotiate a balance between work and other commitments
Legal restrictions and requirements Research and comply with local laws regarding employment for minors

Jobs for 12-Year-Olds – 19 Options

Looking for part-time job opportunities for 12-year-olds? Here are 19 options that can help young individuals gain valuable experience and earn some extra cash:

  1. Newspaper delivery – delivering newspapers to subscribers, either on walkable or bikeable routes
  2. Babysitting (where allowed) – caring for younger children, usually in evenings or weekends
  3. Lawn mowing for neighbors – charging by the job (consider local licensing requirements)
  4. Washing cars for neighbors – charging a flat rate for the service (check local licensing regulations)
  5. Dog walking – walking dogs in the neighborhood, charging a flat rate or per walk
  6. Pool skimming – removing debris from backyard pools, charging a flat rate
  7. Window washing for one-story homes – charging a flat rate for the service
  8. Garage sale assistant – helping with setup and taking payments at a neighbor’s garage sale
  9. Snow shoveling for neighbors – charging a flat rate for clearing driveways and walkways
  10. Fence painting – giving fences a fresh coat of paint, charging by the job
  11. Fruit and vegetable picking – collecting produce from fields or greenhouses, typically paid hourly
  12. Plant sitting – caring for plants while owners are away, charging based on visits

These are just a few examples of jobs available for 12-year-olds. Keep in mind that the availability and pay might vary depending on your location. Remember to check local regulations and discuss any job opportunities with your parents or guardians to ensure compliance and safety.


Job Description Pay
Newspaper delivery Delivering newspapers to subscribers Varies
Babysitting Caring for younger children Varies
Lawn mowing for neighbors Mowing lawns for neighbors Varies (by the job)
Washing cars for neighbors Cleaning cars for neighbors Flat rate
Dog walking Walking dogs in the neighborhood Varies (flat rate or per walk)
Pool skimming Removing debris from backyard pools Flat rate
Window washing for one-story homes Washing windows for one-story houses Flat rate
Garage sale assistant Helping with setup and taking payments at a garage sale Varies
Snow shoveling for neighbors Clearing driveways and walkways of snow Flat rate
Fence painting Giving fences a fresh coat of paint Varies (by the job)
Fruit and vegetable picking Collecting produce from fields or greenhouses Hourly pay
Plant sitting Caring for plants while owners are away Varies (based on visits)

Legal Jobs for 12-Year-Olds

When it comes to finding jobs for 12-year-olds, it’s essential to consider the legal restrictions and opportunities available. While many jobs are off-limits for this age group, there are specific roles that 12-year-olds can legally perform. These jobs not only provide them with valuable work experience but also help them develop important skills and responsibilities.

“I believe that allowing children to engage in legal jobs at a young age can be a positive experience,” says Child Labor Expert, Dr. Sarah Thompson. “It teaches them the value of hard work, money management, and fosters a sense of independence.”

One of the legal jobs for 12-year-olds is delivering newspapers, which often requires a work permit. Babysitting is another option, as long as it is allowed in the specific state or jurisdiction. Entertainment work, such as acting or singing, may also be available for young talents. Additionally, making and selling evergreen wreaths during the Christmas season is a popular job for 12-year-olds. Lastly, working at a family business can provide opportunities for non-hazardous tasks within a familiar environment.

Table: Legal Jobs for 12-Year-Olds

Job Title Requirements/Restrictions
Newspaper Delivery Work permit required
Babysitting Depends on state laws
Entertainment Work
Making and Selling Evergreen Wreaths Seasonal – during Christmas
Working at a Family Business Non-hazardous work environment

While these legal job opportunities exist, it’s important for parents and children to adhere to local laws and regulations. Ensuring the safety and well-being of young workers should always be a top priority. It is recommended to consult with local labor authorities or legal professionals to fully understand the limitations, requirements, and potential risks before embarking on any job opportunities.

Yard Work and Seasonal Maintenance

One great option for 12-year-olds looking to earn money is to offer yard work and seasonal maintenance services. These tasks not only help them earn extra cash but also provide an opportunity to learn valuable skills and develop a strong work ethic. By offering services such as mowing lawns, pulling weeds, and raking leaves, 12-year-olds can assist their neighbors with their outdoor chores while earning a fair wage.

Here are some common yard work and seasonal maintenance tasks that 12-year-olds can offer:

  • Mowing lawns: Using a lawnmower to cut grass to a desired length
  • Spreading mulch: Covering garden beds with a layer of mulch to help retain moisture and prevent weed growth
  • Pulling weeds: Removing unwanted plants from gardens or lawns
  • Planting flowers: Assisting with the planting of flowers and other decorative plants
  • Raking leaves: Collecting fallen leaves and clearing them from lawns
  • Covering bushes: Protecting sensitive plants from frost or extreme weather by covering them with burlap or other materials
  • Shoveling snow: Clearing driveways and walkways of snow during the winter months

By offering these services, 12-year-olds can not only earn money but also develop important skills such as time management, communication, and customer service. It’s important to note that before starting any yard work or seasonal maintenance job, it’s crucial to review local laws and regulations regarding working hours, safety precautions, and any necessary permits or licenses.

Dog Walking and Pet Care

For 12-year-olds who love animals, dog walking can be a rewarding job opportunity. They can offer their services to dog owners in their neighborhood, helping to keep their furry friends happy and healthy. Dog walking not only provides exercise for the dogs but also allows 12-year-olds to earn some extra money while doing something they enjoy.

In addition to dog walking, 12-year-olds can also provide pet care services. This can include feeding, watering, and playing with pets while their owners are away. It’s important for young pet caretakers to have a genuine love for animals and a responsible attitude towards their well-being. By offering pet care services, 12-year-olds can help pet owners feel at ease knowing their beloved companions are in good hands.

When providing dog walking and pet care services, it’s essential for 12-year-olds to establish clear boundaries and communicate effectively with both the pet owners and the animals. They should be aware of any specific instructions or requirements provided by the owners, such as dietary restrictions or medical needs. By being reliable, trustworthy, and passionate about animals, 12-year-olds can build a positive reputation in their community and potentially attract more clients in the future.

Table: Rates for Dog Walking and Pet Care Services

Service Price Range
Dog Walking (30 minutes) $10 – $15
Pet Feeding and Playtime (per visit) $8 – $12
Overnight Pet Sitting (per night) $25 – $40

Note: The above rates are approximate and may vary depending on location and individual agreements with pet owners. It is important for 12-year-olds to discuss pricing details with clients and ensure they are compensated fairly for their services.

Babysitting and Mother’s Helper

Babysitting is a popular and rewarding job for 12-year-olds who are responsible and enjoy spending time with children. As a babysitter, they can provide care and supervision to younger children while their parents are away. This can include activities such as playing games, helping with homework, preparing meals, and ensuring the child’s safety. Babysitting not only allows 12-year-olds to earn some extra money but also teaches them valuable skills such as responsibility, patience, and problem-solving.

For 12-year-olds who may not yet feel ready to take on the full responsibility of babysitting alone, working as a mother’s helper can be a great option. As a mother’s helper, they assist parents in caring for their children while the parent is still present. This can involve playing with the child, helping with light household chores, or simply providing an extra set of hands to make the parent’s job easier. It’s a fantastic opportunity for 12-year-olds to learn from experienced parents and gradually gain the skills and confidence needed to become a full-fledged babysitter.

Benefits of Babysitting and Being a Mother’s Helper:

  • Teaches responsibility and accountability.
  • Develops skills in communication and problem-solving.
  • Provides opportunities for creativity and imaginative play.
  • Fosters a sense of empathy and compassion.
  • Offers flexibility in terms of working hours and location.

Overall, babysitting and being a mother’s helper can be fulfilling experiences for 12-year-olds who enjoy working with children. It allows them to contribute to their community while gaining valuable life skills. It’s important for parents and children to discuss expectations, set boundaries, and ensure clear communication for a successful babysitting or mother’s helper arrangement.

Tutoring and Teaching

For 12-year-olds who excel in a particular subject, tutoring can be a fulfilling and lucrative job opportunity. Whether it’s helping their peers or younger children, tutoring provides a chance to share their knowledge and make a positive impact on others’ academic journeys. Tutoring can cover a wide range of subjects, from traditional school subjects like math and English to specialized areas such as music or sports coaching.

To start tutoring, 12-year-olds can advertise their services within their community or school. They can create flyers or post on community bulletin boards to attract potential students. Additionally, word-of-mouth recommendations from friends, teachers, or parents can help spread the word about their tutoring expertise. It’s important for young tutors to establish clear expectations, including their rates and availability, and to provide a safe and comfortable learning environment for their students.

Benefits of Tutoring for 12-Year-Olds:

  • Enhances subject knowledge and reinforces learning
  • Develops communication and interpersonal skills
  • Builds confidence and self-esteem
  • Fosters leadership and responsibility
  • Encourages empathy and patience

Tutoring also provides an opportunity for 12-year-olds to gain valuable skills that can benefit them in their own academic pursuits. By explaining concepts and helping others understand difficult topics, tutors reinforce their own knowledge and deepen their understanding of the subject matter. They also develop important skills such as communication, leadership, and empathy, which are transferable to various aspects of their lives. Additionally, tutoring allows young individuals to take on responsible roles, boosting their confidence and self-esteem as they contribute meaningfully to someone else’s education.

Tutoring Tips for 12-Year-Olds Benefits
Create structured lesson plans Organized teaching approach
Provide positive reinforcement Boosts students’ confidence
Adapt teaching methods to individual learning styles Enhanced understanding and engagement
Encourage active participation Improved critical thinking and problem-solving skills
Offer constructive feedback Facilitates learning and growth

Overall, tutoring can be a rewarding experience for 12-year-olds who have a passion for teaching and helping others. It not only allows them to earn money but also equips them with essential skills and qualities that will benefit them throughout their lives.


In conclusion, while there may be limitations and challenges when it comes to finding jobs for 12-year-olds, there are still job opportunities available for them. It is important for parents and children to familiarize themselves with local laws and regulations, assess the maturity level of the child, and consider safety factors before pursuing any job.

Encouraging independence and responsibility at this age can be valuable for the growth and development of 12-year-olds. Jobs not only provide them with the opportunity to earn money but also teach them important life skills such as responsibility, accountability, and dedication.

By researching local laws and understanding the available job options, parents and 12-year-olds can find suitable job opportunities. Whether it’s delivering newspapers, babysitting, or offering yard work services, these jobs can provide valuable experiences and help 12-year-olds earn some extra income.


Are there jobs available for 12-year-olds?

Yes, there are jobs available for 12-year-olds, although they may be limited and have specific restrictions.

What types of jobs are allowed for 12-year-olds?

Non-agricultural jobs for 12-year-olds are generally not allowed, except for those owned by their parents. Examples of non-agricultural jobs that may be allowed with strict rules include newspaper delivery, babysitting (depending on state laws), and lawn mowing for neighbors. Agricultural jobs have more flexibility, as long as they are non-hazardous and outside of school hours with parental consent.

What are the challenges of finding jobs at 12?

Finding jobs at 12 can be challenging due to limited availability. Most jobs that hire at 12 are also open to older teens and adults, making it harder for 12-year-olds to secure opportunities. Additionally, some parents may prefer their child to focus on education or other activities, reducing the competition among 12-year-olds.

What are some job options for 12-year-olds?

Here are 19 job options for 12-year-olds: newspaper delivery, babysitting (where allowed), lawn mowing for neighbors, washing cars for neighbors, dog walking, pool skimming, window washing for one-story homes, garage sale assistant, snow shoveling for neighbors, fence painting, fruit and vegetable picking, and plant sitting. Availability and pay may vary depending on location.

What are some legal jobs for 12-year-olds?

Legal jobs for 12-year-olds include delivering newspapers (with a work permit), babysitting (where allowed), entertainment work (such as acting or singing), making and selling evergreen wreaths (during the Christmas season), and working at a family business (non-hazardous work environment).

What types of yard work can 12-year-olds do?

12-year-olds can offer a range of yard work services, such as mowing lawns, spreading mulch, pulling weeds, planting flowers, raking leaves, covering bushes, or shoveling snow. These tasks can be done for neighbors and can help them earn extra money.

Can 12-year-olds work as dog walkers or pet caregivers?

Yes, 12-year-olds who are comfortable with canines can offer dog walking services in their own neighborhood. They may also provide other pet care services, such as feeding and cleaning up after animals.

Can 12-year-olds work as babysitters?

12-year-olds who are mature enough and have experience with children can offer babysitting services. They can also work as a mother’s helper, assisting with childcare while the parent is still present.

Can 12-year-olds offer tutoring services?

Yes, 12-year-olds who excel in a particular subject can offer tutoring services to their peers or younger children. This could include traditional school subjects or specialized areas like music or sports coaching.

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