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139+ Names That Mean Lonely [Lost Soul, Unwanted]

Girl Names That Mean Lost Soul

Names that mean lonely are often used for characters in stories or poems to portray feeling of loneliness and despair.

The names can be used when a character is isolated, without friends or family, or generally feels like an outcast in their environment.

Some common names that mean lonely are Lost Soul, Unwanted, and Forsaken.

While these names may sound sad and depressing, they can also represent resilience and strength.

The characters with these names often manifest inner strength, despite their circumstances and take control of their own destinies.

Other slightly less obvious names that mean lonely include Loner, Wanderer, and Drifter. These names may evoke a sense of aimlessness or feeling disconnected from society.

Names that mean lonely can also be used to represent characters who are struggling to find a place in the world or those who have been hurt by love or life in general. Examples of these names could include Exile, Outsider, and Isolationist.

No matter what type of character you are creating, there is likely an appropriate name for them conveying loneliness.

In this article, we cover different names across various categories.

These include:

Names That Mean Lonely

1) Drift

2) Frank

3) Loner

4) Solitary

5) Forsaken

6) Wanderer

7) Isolated

8) Recluse

9) Forsake

10) Exile

11) Unwanted

12) Outcast

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Names That Mean Lost Soul

1) Ghostly

2) Nomad

3) Stranded

4) Forsaken

5) Weary

6) Desolate

7) Lonely Soul

8) Forgotten Soul

9) Miserable

10) Numb

11) Orphaned

12) Wretched

Names That Mean Lonely Girl

1. Adrift

2. Misery

3. Separate

4. Wanderess

5. Desolate

6. Isolated

7. Devastated

8. Distant

9. Lorn

10. Forsaken Girl

11. Lost Lady

12. Unloved

Girl Names That Mean Lost Soul

1) Agony

2) Despair

3) Pariah

4) Specter

5) Aloneheart

6) Wasted

7) Discarded

8) Ghostly

9) Helpless

10) Nameless

11) Rejected

12) Forgotten Soul

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Male Names That Mean Lonely

1) Abandon

2) Neville

3) Peter

4) Uninvited

5) Solitary

6) Forsaken

7) Forlorn

8) Isolated

9) Recluse

10) Wanderlust

11) Unwanted

12) Lonewolf

Names That Mean Unwanted

1. Abandoned

2. Ostracized

3. Exiled

4. Disregarded

5. Avoided

Names for Lonely Person

1) Theresa

2) Fred

3) Alonzo

4) Loneliness

5) Isolation

6) Solitude

7) Forsaken One

8) Outsider

9) Desolate One

10) Unwanted Soul

11) Despondent

12) Alienated

Names for Lonely Characters

1. Adrift

2. Specter

3. Weary

4. Isolated

5. Devastated

6. Pariah

7. Helpless

8. Nameless

9. Rejected

Boy Names That Mean Lost Soul

1) Freddy

2) Gregory

3) Loveless

4) Desolate

5) Forsaken One

6) Outsider

7. Aloneheart

8. Wasted

9. Discarded

10. Ghostly

11. Helpless

12. Nameless

Spanish Names That Mean Lonely

1) Perdido

2) Desamparado

3) Errante

4) Oprimido

5) Abandonado

6) Aislado

7) Insoluble

Latin Names That Mean Lonely

1) Desolatus

2) Discidium

3) Solitudo

4) Eremus

5) Tristitia

6) Despondent

7) Alienated

8) Ignotus

9) Derelictus

10) Vacuus

11) Depopulatus

12) Exsilium

Cute Names That Mean Lonely

1) Lonesome Dove

2) Sunshine Lost Soul

3) Far-Away Friend

4) Isolated Heart

5) Solitary Star

6. Lonely Soulmate

7. Forsaken Cupcake

8. Wandering Teddy Bear

9. Stranded Butterfly

10. Desolate Angel

11. Lost Puppy

12. Unloved Kitten

Other Names That Mean Lonely

1) Recluse

2) Waif

3) Pilgrim

4) Lonesome

5) Outcast

FAQs – Names That Mean Lonely

What names mean loneliness?

Names that mean loneliness include Ghostly, Forsaken, Lonely Soul, Forgotten Soul, Wretched, Adrift, Misery, Separate, Desolate, Isolated, Devastated and Distant.

Are there any cute names that mean loneliness?

Yes. Some cute names that mean loneliness are Lonesome Dove, Sunshine Lost Soul, Far-Away Friend, Isolated Heart and Solitary Star.

Are there any Spanish or Latin names that mean lonely?

Yep, some Spanish and Latin names that mean lonely are Perdido (Spanish), Desamparado (Spanish), Desolatus (Latin), Discidium (Latin) and Solitudo (Latin).

What name means the lonely soul?

The name “Lonely Soul” is a good option if you are looking for a name that means the lonely soul.

Other names that have similar meanings include Forsaken Soul and Forgotten Soul.

Are there any boy names that mean lost soul?

Yes! Some boy names that mean lost soul are Freddy, Gregory, Loveless, Desolate and Forsaken One.

What name means silence?

The name “Silence” is a good option if you are looking for a name that means silence.

Other names that have similar meanings include Solitude, Whisper, and Quietude.

Alternatively, you could use the Latin word “silencium”, which also means silence.

What names mean the only one?

Some names that mean the only one include Unique, Singular, Unparalleled and Solo.

Other options include Oneness, Solitary and Lone Wolf.

Conclusion – Names That Mean Lonely

Names that mean lonely can be powerful tools for creating interesting characters and conveying a certain emotion.

Whether you are looking for names that mean lost soul, lonely girl, or unwanted person, this list has some great ideas to get you started!


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