Fun Pirate Ship Names

239+ Pirate Ship Names [History, Fantasy, Funny]

Pirate ship names are used to identify a ship and its crew, adding an element of mystery to the seafaring life.

Historically, pirate ships were typically named after objects of danger and power, such as skulls or swords.

Today, pirate ship names can be more whimsical, incorporating elements from popular culture or even ironic puns.

In this article, we take a look at different names across various categories.

These include:

  • Pirate Ship Names Ideas
  • Pirate Ship Names from History (Famous Pirate Ship Names)
  • Funny Pirate Ship Names
  • Pirate Ship Names DND
  • Good Names for Pirate Ships
  • Pirate Ship Names – Sea of Thieves
  • Cool Pirate Ship Names
  • Best Pirate Ship Names
  • Fun Pirate Ship Names
  • Fantasy Pirate Ship Names
  • Japanese Pirate Ship Names
  • Real Pirate Ship Names
  • Old Pirate Ship Names (Legendary Pirate Ship Names)

But first, let’s take a look at some tips on how to come ups with pirate ship names.

Tips for Coming Up with a Pirate Ship Name

When coming up with a pirate ship name, it’s important to keep in mind that pirate names are often bold and intimidating.

Here are some tips for coming up with the perfect pirate ship name:

1. Choose a Name Based on Your Ship’s Features

Consider the size, shape, era, or type of your ship when choosing its name.

For instance, if your ship is small and fast, you may want to choose a name like ‘The Swift’.

2. Incorporate Words from Different Languages

Words from other languages can have interesting meanings which can make for great pirate names.

Try combining words like ‘sea’ and ‘dragon’, or ‘wind’ and ‘blade’ to create unique sounding phrases.

3. Use Your Imagination

There’s no limit to what your pirate ship name can be!

Get creative and use interesting words or phrases that stand out from the crowd.

You could also try making puns or drawing inspiration from popular movies featuring pirates.

4. Avoid Names That Are Too Similar to Other Ships’ Names

Pirate ship names should not be too similar to other ships, as this could lead to confusion on the open seas.

Tweak the spelling of a name slightly or come up with an entirely different phrase instead, in order to make it more unique.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to choose the perfect pirate ship name for your vessel!

With that said, let’s look at some lists.

Pirate Ship Names Ideas

Here are some examples of fun and interesting pirate ship names:

– The Flying Dutchman

– The Sea Wolf

– Blackbeard’s Revenge

– Captain Kidd’s Treasure

– Queen Anne’s Revenge

– Booty Bay Raider

– Siren’s Call

– Adventurer of the Seas

– Mistake by the Lake

– Whiskey in the Jar

– Plunder & Pillage

– Lady Luck

– The Raging Kraken

– Eye of the Storm

– Ghost Ship Galleon

A Name Explain Guide To Pirate Ships

Pirate Ship Names from History (Famous Pirate Ship Names)

The most famous pirate ships were those used by actual pirates in history.

Some of the most well known include:

– Black Bart’s King’s Ranger

– Edward Teach’s Queen Anne’s Revenge

– Sir Francis Drake’s Golden Hind

– William Kidd’s Adventure Galley

– Henry Morgan’s Satisfaction

– Calico Jack’s Revenge

– Bartholomew Roberts’ Great Ranger

– Anne Bonny’s Lucky Lady

Funny Pirate Ship Names

For a humorous take on pirate ship names, try one of these:

– The Jolly Roger Racketeer

– Three Sheets to the Wind

– Scallywag’s Paradise

– Sea Ya Later Alligator

– Tipsy Temptress

– The Whining Wench

– Parrot Party Palace

– Booty Island Raider

– Barnacle Barge Brigade

– The Captain & His Crabs

– The Soggy Cowboy

– Sea Shanty Songsters

– Buccaneer Bay Bunch

– Stormy Seas Swashbuckler

Pirate Ship Names DND

For those looking for a Dungeons & Dragons twist on pirate ship names, here are a few ideas:

– Fury of the Kraken

– Scourge of the Seven Seas

– Spectre of Davy Jones’ Locker

– Doom’s Shadow Fleet

– Ghost Captain’s Galleon

– Terror of the High Seas

– Queen’s Curse Marauder

– Black Widow’s Revenge

– Dragonfire Armada

– Sea Witch of the North

– Heart of Darkness Flotilla

– The Craggy Cove Cutlass

– Wrath of Poseidon

– Raiders of the Lost Ark Fleet


Good Names for Pirate Ships

For a more serious approach to pirate ship naming, there are many popular options:

– The Golden Galleon

– Dark Lady of the Sea

– Dawnbringer’s Revenge

– Fearless Fortune Hunter

– Liberty’s Arrow

– The Scarlet Siren

– Sea Wolf’s Fury

– Pirate’s Paradise

– White Lightning Raider

– Stormbringer of the South Seas

– Shadow Skimmer Brigantine

– Legion of the Dead Captain

– Queen of the Seven Seas

– Black Bart’s Booty Brigade

Pirate Ship Names – Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves is a popular video game featuring pirates and other swashbucklers.

Here are some names inspired by this game:

– Kraken’s Curse Marauder

– Siren’s Song Corsair

– Silver Seas Scourge

– The Phantom Ship

– Siren’s Call Galleon

– Davy Jones’ Bounty Hunter

– Stormrider of the High Seas

– Admiral’s Revenge Armada

– Silver Curse Brigantine

– Corsair of the Deep Blue Sea

– Queen Anne’s Revenge Sloop

– Raven’s Roost Raider

– Ghost Captain’s Phantom Fleet

The 30 Best Ship Names – Sea of Thieves – Season 7 – Name your Ship

Cool Pirate Ship Names

For those who want to stand out from the crowd, here are some cool pirate ship names:

– Heaven’s Wrath Flotilla

– Ocean’s Fury Armada

– Dragonfire Galleon

– Sea Demon Brigantine

– Starboard Stormer

– The Crimson Blade

– Scarlet Wind Corsair

– Phantom Wolf of the High Seas

– Pirate Prince Destroyer

– Bloody Red Raider

– Cloudbreaker Schooner

– Thunder of the Deep Blue Sea

– Black Widow’s Vengeance Fleet

Best Pirate Ship Names

For those looking for the very best in pirate ship names:

– Ancient Mariner’s Curse Flotilla

– Sea Dragon Armada

– Captain Blood’s Brigantine

– The Black Widow of the Caribbean

– The Barbary Corsair

– Phantom of Davy Jones’ Locker

– Dread Pirate Hunter

– Kraken’s Revenge Brigantine

– Queen of Sheba’s Galleon

– Liberty Bell Raider

– Curse of the Seven Seas Sloop

– Lionsheart Armada

– Admira’s Gold Sloop

– Dragon’s Breath Destroyer

– Sea Thunder Flotilla

– Storm of the Seven Seas Cruiser

Fun Pirate Ship Names

Fun Pirate Ship Names

Some creative, fun pirate ship names can add a bit of whimsy to any swashbuckler’s journey:

– The Jolly Roger Brigade

– Captured By Cupcake

– Coral Reef Raider

– The Soggy Parrot

– Pirate Party Plunderer

– Pompom Pirate Patrol

– Sea Monster Strike Force

– Booty Bay Buccaneers

– Terror of the Caribbean Coastline

– Captain Hook’s Revenge Sloop

– Lost Mariner’s Misery Brigantine

– Kooky Kraken Brigantine

– The Seadog Express

– Mutiny of the Mermaids Armada

– High Seas Hooligans Galleon

– Treasure Island Raider

– Flying Dutchman Brigantine

– Royal Buccaneer Fleet

Fantasy Pirate Ship Names

– Ship o’ Doom

– Argh Matey’s Sloop

– Swashbuckling Sea Vixen

– Ghost Ship Galleon

– Mermaid’s Fury Brigantine

– Pirate King’s Plunderer

– Crimson Tide Raider

– Sea of Destiny Armada

– Skull and Crossbones Destroyer

– Poseidon’s Gold Schooner

– Dragon Slayer Sloop

– The Flying Fish Brigantine

– Time Bandit Corsair

– Death Dealer Flotilla

– Ocean Lord Hellfire Cruiser

– Wrath of the Sirens Fleet

Pirate Ship Names

Japanese Pirate Ship Names

For pirate ships with a Japanese flair, here are some names to consider:

– Yurei no Fueki Sloop

– Yaocho Kudari Armada

– Onna Bugeisha Brigantine

– Ryujin no Yusha Galleon

– Ryuu No Senkin Raider

– Hayabusa Corsair

– Zekkai no Kankou Flotilla

– Kaizoku Joucho Destroyer

– Uzumaki of the High Seas Schooner

– Inazuma Raiden Brigantine

Real Pirate Ship Names

For those who want to stay true to history, here are some real pirate ship names:

– Queen Anne’s Revenge Flotilla

– Flying Dutchman Armada

– Whydah Brigantine

– The Black Pearl of the Caribbean

– Adventure Galleon

– Fancy Raider

– Speedy William Corsair

– Morning Star Brigantine

– Prince of Pirates Sloop

– Revenge of Captain Kidd Schooner

– Royal Fortune Destroyer

– Defiance Galleon

– Bartholomew Roberts Brigantine

– Queen Mary’s Revenge Flotilla

– The Golden Hinde Raider

– Black Bart’s Adventure Sloop

– La Santa María Armada

– Dutchman’s Curse Galleon

Pirate Ship Names (Legendary Pirate Ship Names)

Old Pirate Ship Names (Legendary Pirate Ship Names)

For those seeking legendary pirate ship names, here are some old-fashioned favorites:

– The Revenge of Blackbeard’s Curse Sloop

– Queen Mary’s Gem Brigantine

– Siren of the Spanish Main Galleon

– Jolly Roger Raider

– Barbary Corsair Flotilla

– Dread Pirate Hunter Schooner

– Captured By Cupcake Destroyer

– Sea Monster Strike Force Sloop

– Terror of the Caribbean Coastline Brigantine

– Ruby Red Lass Armada

– High Seas Hooligans Galleon

Pirate Ship Names from Movies & TV Shows

For those who are inspired by movies and TV shows, here are some pirate ship names from popular culture:

-Black Pearl Brigantine

– Flying Dutchman Raider

– S.S. Pelegosto Flotilla

– The Hispaniola Galleon

– Revenge of Captain Hook Schooner

– Ocean King’s Curse Sloop

– Dragon Slayer Destroyer

– Pirate Island Armada

– Sea Witch Brigantine

– Muppet Treasure Island Corsair

– Pirates of the Caribbean Sea Force

– Red Lady Brigantine

– Typhoon Terror Galleon

FAQs – Names for Pirate Ship

What are good names for a pirate ship?

Pirate ships were traditionally given intimidating names that could strike fear into the hearts of their enemies.

Some popular pirate ship names are Black Pearl, Queen Anne’s Revenge, Flying Dutchman, Sea Hawk and Golden Vanity.

Other fearsome names include Scourge of the Seas, Wicked Wench and Fancy.

Creative pirate ship name ideas can also include a play on words such as Scallywag’s Refuge or The Gallows End.

What did pirates name their ships?

Pirates often named their ships after animals, such as The Tiger or The Wolf.

They also chose names based on how they viewed themselves, like Freedom Fighter or Renegade.

Some pirates even gave their ships humorous names, such as Adventure Galley or Black Bart’s Revenge.

The most important factor when naming a pirate ship was to make sure it instilled fear in the hearts of adversaries.

Popular historical pirate ship names included Queen Anne’s Revenge and Barbary Pirate.

What are some unique pirate ship names?

Unique pirate ship name ideas include: Sea Dragon, Dark Avenger, Forsaken Fortune, Shadow Chaser and Eye of the Storm.

Other creative suggestions could include Skull’s Endeavor and Marauder’s Might.

Fancy names like The Royal Fortune and Rogue’s Haven could also be used to intimidate enemies.

Ultimately, the name chosen should reflect the pirate crew’s identity and intentions.

What is a good name for a female pirate ship?

Female pirates often chose strong and empowering names for their ships.

Good options include the Maiden’s Fury, Lady Liberty, and Sea Witch.

Creative ideas could include Tempest of the Seas or Black Widow’s Revenge.

Names that are both intimidating and reflect the strength of female pirates are Queen of the Oceans and Siren’s Call.

Other names that could be considered are Red Rose and Fearless Maiden.

What is a good name for a pirate ship in modern times?

Modern pirates often choose names that reflect their values or mission.

Good names include The Revenge, Captain Courageous, and Revenant’s Fury.

Creative ideas for pirate ships in the modern era include: Guardian of the Seas, Cutlass of Justice, and Rogue Raider.

Other unique options could be Dawn’s Defender or Blackbeard’s Legacy.

Ultimately, the right name should be one that resonates with the crew and reflects their individual identity.

What is a cool ship name?

Cool ship names can range from the bold and intimidating to quirky and humorous.

Popular picks include The Kraken, Ghost Ship and Devil’s Wrath.

Creative name ideas could include Fearless Fortune and Mystic Marauder.

Other cool ship names are Sea Serpent, Phoenix Rising, Spectre of the Seas and Shadow Stalker.

Names that reflect a sense of adventure such as Wind Runner or Sea Wyvern could also be considered.

Ultimately, the right name should be one that captures the spirit of your crew.

How do you pick a pirate ship name?

Naming a pirate ship can be a fun and creative process.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to picking the perfect name for your vessel, but here are a few tips that may help:

1. Think of something that reflects your personality or mission.

A good pirate ship name should express the spirit of adventure or evoke feelings of empowerment and courage.

Consider words such as boldness, strength, freedom, and resilience when brainstorming ideas.

2. Look to history for inspiration.

Piracy has been around since ancient times, so there’s plenty of historical records you can draw from for ideas.

Famous pirates throughout history like Blackbeard and Captain Kidd have names that continue to inspire modern-day buccaneers.

3. Get creative with alliteration, puns and word play.

Using rhymes, clever word combinations, or dual meanings can make your ship name more memorable.

For example: The Sweet Revenge, The Jolly Roger and Queen of the Seas are all popular names that incorporate some form of wordplay.

4. Ask for feedback from friends and family.

Once you have a few ideas in mind, reach out to your closest friends and family members for their opinions and suggestions before settling on a final selection.

Conclusion – Pirate Ship Names

No matter what type of pirate ship name you’re looking for, there is a perfect one to fit your ship.

Whether it’s an old-fashioned classic, a legendary name from history, or something inspired by your favorite movie or TV show, you can find it in this collection of pirate ship names!


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