Red Robin Pretzel Bites: A Vegan Take

Red Robin Pretzel Bites – Vegan Recipe

Looking for a delicious and vegan take on a classic appetizer? Look no further than Red Robin Pretzel Bites! These bite-sized treats are not only tasty, but also completely vegan-friendly. Whether you’re a vegan looking for new food options or simply want to try something different, these vegan pretzel bites are sure to satisfy your cravings.

At Red Robin, known as the Gourmet Burger Authority, they have recognized the demand for vegan options. While their iconic pretzel bites may not typically be vegan, we’ve created a recipe that allows you to enjoy this delectable snack without compromising your dietary choices.

Key Takeaways:

  • Red Robin Pretzel Bites can be made vegan with a simple recipe modification.
  • Red Robin is a vegan-friendly restaurant that offers a variety of plant-based options.
  • Customize your own vegan burger from the menu of vegan-approved ingredients.
  • Red Robin provides vegan-friendly sides, drinks, and options for kids.
  • Enjoy the taste of Red Robin while following a vegan diet.

History of Red Robin

The history of Red Robin is a tale of transformation from its humble beginnings as Sam’s Tavern to its current status as a beloved gourmet burger destination. The journey started in the 1940s when Sam, a local Seattle resident, ran a cozy tavern near the University of Washington campus.

This tavern, known as Sam’s Tavern, was a popular gathering place for students seeking good food and drinks. As the years went by, Sam’s establishment gained a reputation for its welcoming atmosphere and delicious offerings. Little did Sam know that his tavern was laying the foundation for a future burger empire.

Fast forward to 1969 when Gerry Kingen, a visionary restaurant entrepreneur, acquired Sam’s Tavern. Recognizing the potential for growth and expansion, Gerry decided to make some significant changes. He rebranded the restaurant as Red Robin, paying homage to a popular performance song that Sam loved. The new name captured the essence of fun, energy, and good times.

With the name change came a renewed focus on gourmet burgers and craft beers, establishing Red Robin’s reputation as the go-to place for mouthwatering burgers and a wide selection of brews. The addition of gourmet offerings elevated the dining experience and solidified Red Robin’s status as a leader in the restaurant industry.

Today, Red Robin continues to delight customers with its delicious menu items, friendly service, and inviting atmosphere. Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews has become a household name, synonymous with quality, flavor, and innovation.

Red Robin’s rich history, beginning with its roots as Sam’s Tavern and evolving into the well-loved restaurant it is today, highlights the brand’s commitment to providing exceptional dining experiences for burger enthusiasts across the United States.

Vegan Options at Red Robin

Red Robin, the renowned “Gourmet Burger Authority,” may not be the first place that comes to mind for vegan options. However, the restaurant does offer several vegan choices on their menu, allowing plant-based eaters to enjoy a delicious meal. While their famous Impossible Gourmet Burger is not initially vegan, modifications can be made to transform it into a vegan delight. Customers can customize their own vegan burger using a variety of vegan-approved menu items, including different types of buns, vegetables, and sauces. It’s important to note that although Red Robin offers a range of appetizing options, their pretzel bites are not vegan-friendly.

Build Your Own Vegan Burger

Red Robin provides a unique opportunity for vegan diners to exercise creativity by building their own vegan burger. With a range of vegan-approved menu items, you can customize your burger to suit your taste preferences. Choose from a selection of delicious vegetables, such as avocado, lettuce, tomatoes, and onions. Enhance the flavors with vegan sauces like ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce, or their house-made Salsa Aioli. Red Robin also offers different types of buns, including whole grain, ciabatta, and lettuce wraps, ensuring a satisfying and enjoyable vegan burger experience.

Vegan Menu Items at Red Robin

In addition to the customizable vegan burger, Red Robin has a variety of other vegan-approved menu items that you can enjoy. Explore the table below to discover the vegan offerings at Red Robin:

Menu Item Description
Bottomless Steak Fries Red Robin’s iconic fries, cooked in soybean oil
Sweet Potato Fries Delicious and crispy fries made from sweet potatoes
Yukon Chips Thinly sliced and perfectly seasoned potato chips
Steamed Broccoli Healthy and nutritious steamed broccoli florets
Apple Slices Fresh and crisp apple slices

It’s worth mentioning that the vegan options at Red Robin extend beyond the main menu. You can also modify the house salad to make it vegan-friendly by removing the croutons and cheese, and dressing it with vegan-approved dressings.

“Red Robin provides a range of vegan options, ensuring that plant-based eaters can enjoy a delicious meal while dining out.”

Red Robin proves that even a restaurant known for its gourmet burgers can cater to the diverse dietary needs of its customers. The availability of vegan options makes Red Robin a vegan-friendly restaurant that welcomes individuals following a plant-based lifestyle. Whether you’re craving a customized vegan burger or a variety of vegan sides, Red Robin has you covered.

Vegan-Friendly Sides at Red Robin

Red Robin offers a variety of delicious vegan-friendly sides that are perfect for complementing your meal. Whether you’re craving fries, chips, or a refreshing salad, Red Robin has got you covered. Here are some of the vegan options available:

1. Bottomless Steak Fries

Red Robin’s iconic bottomless Steak Fries are a must-try for any potato lover. These crispy and seasoned fries are cooked in soybean oil for a tasty vegan side. Enjoy as many as you want, they’re limitless!

2. Sweet Potato Fries

If you prefer a sweeter twist to your fries, try the Sweet Potato Fries. These crispy fries are made from fresh sweet potatoes and are a healthier alternative that pairs perfectly with any vegan burger.

3. Yukon Chips

For a crunchy and satisfying option, go for the Yukon Chips. These thinly sliced Yukon Gold potatoes are deep-fried to perfection and are a great alternative to traditional potato chips.

4. Steamed Broccoli

Looking for a lighter side? Opt for the Steamed Broccoli. Packed with nutrients, this side dish provides a fresh and healthy addition to your meal. It’s a great way to balance out your burger or sandwich.

5. Apple Slices

If you’re in the mood for something sweet, the Apple Slices make a refreshing and guilt-free choice. These crisp apple slices are a natural and delicious option to satisfy your sweet tooth.

6. Vegan Salad

Red Robin offers a house salad that can be modified to be vegan-friendly. Simply request the removal of croutons and cheese and dress it with your choice of vegan-approved dressings. It’s a perfect option for those looking for a lighter and healthier side.

These vegan-friendly sides provide a variety of flavors and textures to enhance your dining experience at Red Robin. Whether you’re in the mood for fries, chips, or a fresh salad, you’ll find plenty of options to satisfy your cravings.

Now that we’ve covered the vegan-friendly sides, let’s move on to exploring the vegan drinks and beverages available at Red Robin.

Vegan Drinks and Beverages at Red Robin

At Red Robin, you don’t have to compromise on refreshing vegan drinks and beverages. Whether you’re looking for a non-alcoholic option or something with a little kick, there’s something for everyone. Quench your thirst with a variety of vegan-friendly choices, including:

  • Soft drinks
  • Flavored iced teas
  • Lemonades
  • Fresh-brewed tea
  • Bottled water

But that’s not all! Red Robin also caters to those who enjoy a vegan alcoholic beverage. Indulge in the following vegan alcoholic options:

  • Beer
  • Wine

So whether you’re in the mood for a zesty lemonade or a crisp glass of wine, Red Robin has you covered. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a delicious vegan drink while dining at Red Robin.

Vegan Drink Menu at Red Robin

Non-Alcoholic Drinks Alcoholic Drinks
Soft drinks Beer
Flavored iced teas Wine
Fresh-brewed tea
Bottled water

Vegan Options for Kids at Red Robin

Red Robin understands the importance of providing options for vegan kids on their menu. They believe that every child, regardless of dietary preferences, should have a flavorful and enjoyable dining experience. That’s why they have carefully curated a vegan kids menu that offers delicious and nutritious choices.

One of the highlights of the Red Robin vegan kids menu is the Vegan Cheeseburger. This mouthwatering burger is made with a vegan patty and can be customized to your child’s liking. Simply order the Red Cheeseburger without cheese and have the meat patty swapped for a vegan patty. Your little one can savor the flavors of a classic cheeseburger while adhering to a vegan diet.

To complement the vegan burger, Red Robin also offers fresh carrots as a vegan side dish option for kids. These crunchy and nutritious carrots provide a healthy and tasty accompaniment to the main meal. With the Vegan Cheeseburger and fresh carrots, your child can enjoy a well-rounded vegan meal at Red Robin.

Red Robin’s commitment to catering to vegan kids ensures that families can enjoy meals together without compromising on their dietary choices. Whether it’s a special occasion or a casual family outing, Red Robin’s vegan options for kids make dining out a hassle-free experience for everyone.


While Red Robin may not be widely recognized as a vegan restaurant, it does offer options for those following a vegan diet. With a little customization, customers can enjoy a vegan twist on Red Robin’s menu. Whether it’s building their own vegan burger or selecting from a range of vegan sides and drinks, Red Robin provides a satisfactory experience for vegans looking for plant-based options.

Red Robin stands out as a vegan-friendly restaurant for its willingness to cater to different dietary preferences. By modifying popular menu items like the Impossible Gourmet Burger or building a vegan burger from scratch, vegans can indulge in a delicious and satisfying meal at Red Robin.

Alongside their plant-based burger options, Red Robin also offers a selection of vegan sides and beverages. From their iconic bottomless Steak Fries cooked in soybean oil to fresh salads and vibrant veggie toppings, there are plenty of appetizer choices that cater to a vegan palate.


Can I find vegan options at Red Robin?

Yes, Red Robin offers vegan options on their menu, including customizable vegan burgers and a variety of vegan sides.

Is the Impossible Gourmet Burger at Red Robin vegan?

The Impossible Gourmet Burger is not vegan, but modifications can be made to create a vegan version.

Can I build my own vegan burger at Red Robin?

Yes, customers can build their own vegan burger using a variety of vegan-approved menu items, such as different types of buns, vegetables, and sauces.

Are the pretzel bites at Red Robin vegan-friendly?

No, the pretzel bites at Red Robin are not vegan-friendly.

What vegan sides are available at Red Robin?

Red Robin offers several vegan sides, including their iconic bottomless Steak Fries, Sweet Potato Fries, Yukon Chips, Steamed Broccoli, and Apple Slices.

Are there vegan drink options at Red Robin?

Yes, Red Robin offers a variety of vegan drinks and beverages, including soft drinks, flavored iced teas, lemonades, fresh-brewed tea, bottled water, and vegan alcoholic options, such as beer and wine.

Are there vegan options for kids at Red Robin?

Yes, kids can enjoy a vegan burger by ordering the Red Cheeseburger without cheese and swapping the meat patty for a vegan patty. Fresh carrots are also available as a vegan side dish option for kids.

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