15+ BEST Roblox Logos for 2023 [All Colors]

Roblox has millions of players worldwide and is one of the most popular games globally.

Roblox logos are an important part of the company’s branding.

The Roblox logo is simple, which is partially what makes it so popular.

Roblox’s logo is made up of a square with rounded corners and the word “ROBLOX” written in all caps.

The square represents a block, which makes up Roblox’s building-block style of gameplay.

The Roblox logo is normally red or black, though it can also be various aesthetic shapes, 3D, or be wrapped in LED lighting.

Let’s take a look at some roblox logos.

Multi-colored Roblox Logo

Logo features red, orange, yellow, blue, and purple background.

roblox logo multi-colored


Roblox logo – red letter

Roblox logo with red lettering.

Transparent Roblox logo with red lettering

Pink Roblox Logo

Pink really stands out when used as a Roblox logo.

Hot pink Roblox logo


Pink Roblox logos – black background

Pink Roblox logo alternatives.

These have LED backgrounds.

Roblox holographic logos

Aesthetic Roblox logos – holographic designs, LED.

Green Roblox logo (Teal Roblox logo)

Green Roblox logo

Yellow Roblox logo

Purple Roblox logo


Purple Roblox logo


Purple showing Roblox with black background.

Roblox logo with black background

Simple Roblox logo with white lettering.

Silver Roblox logo – black background.

White logo – black background and Roblox written beneath it.


Orange Roblox logo

The orange Roblox logo with orange background and sparkle.



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