189+ Running Team Names [Clubs, Puns, Ideas]

Running team names are used to help motivate and encourage the members of a running club or group.

Whether you’re starting a new running team or just looking for some fresh ideas, we’ve rounded up some running team names to inspire your own!

In this article, we look at different names across various categories.

These include:

  • Funny Running Team Names
  • Mud Running Team Names
  • Running Team Names Puns
  • Running Team Names for Family
  • Running Team Names Generator
  • Running Team Names for Moms
  • Running Team Names for Ladies
  • Names for Runners
  • Names of Running Clubs
  • Names for Running Groups
  • Fun Race Team Names
  • Funny 5K Team Names
  • Christian Running Team Names
  • Cool Running Team Names

First, let’s look at some tips on how to come ups with running team names.

Tips for Coming Up with a Running Team Name

When coming up with a name for your running team, there are several factors to consider.

Here are some tips to help you come up with the perfect name:

Consider the style of your team

Think about whether your team is serious or lighthearted and humorous, and choose words that reflect this.

Make it memorable

Pick a name that stands out from the crowd and that people won’t forget.

Use puns

Puns are great for making clever and humorous references to running-related topics.

Include team members’ names

This helps create a sense of ownership over the name and can make it more meaningful.

Relevant terms

Consider related terms such as the city or state your team is in, landmarks near where you run, type of running event, etc.

At the end of the day, have some fun with it and come up with something that your team members love.

With that said, let’s look at some lists.

Funny Running Team Names

From puns to pop culture references, these team names will be sure to get your friends in the race-day spirit:

• Fleet Feet

• Marathon Maniacs

• Run Like The Winded

• Lactic Acid Droppers

• Adrenaline Rush

• Fleet of Foot

• Road Warriors

• Just Keep Running

• The Fast & The Furriest

• Speed Demons

• Trail Blazers

• High Octane Legs

• Mile High Club

• Sole Mates

• Beatboxers

• Gotta Sprint

• Slow & Steady Wins the Race

• Run for the Hills

• Burning Feet

• Chafing the Dream

• Stop and Smell the Roses

• Cramps Battered and Bruised

• Marathoners Anonymous

• The Unstoppables

• We Put The Fun in Fun Runs!

• Go With The Flow-ers

• Keep It Moving, Folks!

The Funniest Running Team Names

Mud Running Team Names

Mud runs and obstacle course races are becoming more popular, so here are some team names to inspire you for your next challenge:

• Mud Monkeys

• Dirty Divas

• Muddy Messengers

• The Sloppy Seconds

• Splish Splashin’

• The Mudskippers

• Muck Masters

• Soggy Sirens

• Rugged Rebels

• Trail Blazers

• Soaked Survivors

Running Team Names Puns

Running Team Names Puns

Combine the thrill of running with clever puns to get your fellow racers motivated.

Here are some ideas:

• Start Your Engines

• Runnin’ On Empty

• I Thought They Said Rum!

• Running with the Wind at our Backs

• All Out of Breath

• Here for the Beer Mile?

• Winning By A Hair, Literally!

• Time to Knead the Dough-nuts

• Ready Set Go Joggers!

Running Team Names for Family and Friends

Show your friends and family how much you care by dedicating a race to them.

Here are some ideas:

• The Fabulous Four/Five/Six …etc.

• Mommy’s Milers

• Dad’s Dashing Divas

• Sibling Striders

• Grandmas Gotta Go!

• Cousins Cruisin’

• Uncles United

• Aunts on the Run

• The Marital Marathoners

Running Team Names Generator

If you’re stuck for ideas, don’t worry – there are plenty of generators available online to help you come up with the perfect running team name.

Let’s see how good they are.

Here are a few names created by running team name generators:

• Blazing Bystanders

• Jaunt Junkies

• Snails on Wheels

• Trampling Turtles

• Stridezillas

• Lumbering Lions

• Sprinter Sprites

• Marathon Monkeys

Running Team Names for Moms

Running Team Names for Moms

• MILF and Cookies

• Mom-asters of Distance Running

• Mother Runners

• Cheetahs with Strollers

• Pushin’ for PRs

• The Finish Line Mamas

• Running on Empty® Coffee Mugs

• Mamarunners to Mars

• Marathon Milkmaids

Running Team Names for Ladies

• The Running Divas

• Run Like A Girl

• Marathon Maidens

• Girls on the Run

• Femme Fatale Flyers

• She-Runners of the Hills

• The Flaming Femmes

• Ladies with Lead Feet

Names for Runners

Whether you’re a casual jogger or an experienced marathoner, here are some names that will inspire you:

• Champions of the Road

• Speed Demons

• Winners Circle

• Marathoners Unite

• Race Warriors

• The Endurance Ensemble

• Foot Soldiers

• Running Rebels

• Fast and Furious 

Names of Running Clubs

• Runners in Red

• Running with Wolves

• The Trail Troopers

• The Marathon Maniacs

• Flying Feet Club

• Swift Soles Society

• Race Ready Club

• The Early Birds Running Club

• Invincible Legs

• Lace Up & Live Life

Names for Running Groups

• Trail Mixers

• Early Morning Miles

• The Morning Mile Club

• The Jog Squad

• Sunday Striders

• Saturday Night Runners

• Speed Demons of the Street

• Pumped Up Pavement Pounders

Names for Running Teams in Schools and Colleges

Here are some ideas for schools and colleges looking to form a running team:

• Whippets on Wheels

• Campus Crusaders

• Track Stars

• Marathon Movers

• Road Warriors

• The Running Rams

• Speed Panthers

• Bulls on the Run                                                    

Fun Race Team Names

• The Fast and the Furriest

• Runnin’ for the Hills

• Legs of Steel

• Risin’ to the Challenge

• Dashin’ Daredevils

• Zoomers on the Loose

• Operation Finish Line                                                                                          

Funny 5K Team Names

1) We Thought They Said RUM

2) Goof Troop

3) Saucony Cruisers

4) Ready, Set, Slow!

5) Joggin’ for the Bacon

6) Will Run for Beer

7) The Wincing Walkers

8) We Got Sole!

Christian Running Team Names

1) The Apostles of Pace

2) He’s Got the Whole World in His Feet

3) The Eternal Runners

4) Followers of the Finish Line

5) Praise Runners

6) Heaven on Earth Joggers

7) Holy Rollers

Cool Running Team Names

1) Running Ninjas

2) Speed Racers

3) Trail Blazers

4) Chariots of Fire

5) Fleet Feet Flyers

6) The Marathon Monkeys

7) Road Warriors

FAQs – Running Team Names

What are good running team names?

Good running team names include The Fast and the Furriest, Legs of Steel, Dashin’ Daredevils, Zoomers on the Loose, Operation Finish Line, Saucony Cruisers and Ready, Set, Slow!

What are some funny 5K team names?

Some funny 5K team names include We Thought They Said RUM, Goof Troop, Will Run for Beer, Joggin’ for the Bacon,and The Wincing Walkers.

What are some Christian running team names?

Christian running team names include The Apostles of Pace, Followers of the Finish Line, Heaven on Earth Joggers and Praise Runners.

What are running teams called?

Running teams can be called running clubs, running groups, or running teams. They may also have a name that reflects the team’s mission, such as The Marathon Maniacs or Race Ready Club.

Conclusion – Running Team Names

Coming up with a creative, unique, and catchy running team name can be difficult.

Whether you’re looking for something funny, inspirational, or Christian-based, this list of running team names offers some great ideas to help get your team started.


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