Types of Cookies

Types of Cookies (Guide)

Cookies are a beloved treat that come in a wide range of flavors, shapes, and textures. From classic chocolate chip cookies to unique creations like mint chocolate chip and peanut butter blossoms, there is a cookie for every taste preference. Here, we explore the top cookie varieties that are popular across the United States.

Key Takeaways:

  • There are various types of cookies available, each with its own distinct flavor and texture.
  • Popular cookie varieties include chocolate chip, peanut butter, oatmeal raisin, shortbread, gingerbread, sugar, black and white, butter, and snickerdoodle cookies.
  • Chocolate chip cookies are the most widely loved and popular type of cookie.
  • Peanut butter cookies have a unique cross shape on top and gained popularity due to George Washington Carver’s advocacy for peanut farming.
  • Oatmeal raisin cookies are considered a healthy snack due to the inclusion of raisins and soluble fiber.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

When it comes to classic cookies, there is one that stands above the rest – chocolate chip cookies. These delectable treats have been a favorite for decades, loved by people of all ages. The story of the chocolate chip cookie begins in 1938 when Ruth Wakefield accidentally stumbled upon the recipe. She added broken chocolate bar pieces to a batch of cookies, expecting the chocolate to melt and spread throughout the dough. However, the chocolate stayed in the form of little “chips,” giving birth to the iconic chocolate chip cookie we know and love today.

What makes chocolate chip cookies so popular is their perfect combination of richness and sweetness. The soft and chewy texture, combined with the melt-in-your-mouth chocolate, creates an irresistible indulgence that is hard to resist. Whether enjoyed fresh out of the oven or dunked in a glass of cold milk, chocolate chip cookies bring comfort and joy to every bite.

Table: A Comparison of Popular Chocolate Chip Cookies Brands

Brand Texture Flavor Size Price
Toll House Soft and chewy Sweet with a hint of vanilla Standard size $2.99
Chips Ahoy! Crunchy Rich chocolate taste Smaller size $1.99
Pepperidge Farm Crisp on the edges, soft in the middle Buttery with a touch of caramel Large size $3.49

With countless variations and homemade recipes available, chocolate chip cookies continue to evolve and offer new flavors and textures. From the addition of nuts or oats to the use of dark chocolate or white chocolate chips, there is a chocolate chip cookie for every taste preference. Whether you prefer the classic recipe or enjoy experimenting with different variations, one thing is certain – chocolate chip cookies will always be a beloved classic.

Peanut Butter Cookies: A Classic and Delicious Treat

Peanut butter cookies are a beloved classic that has stood the test of time. Made with simple ingredients like peanut butter, sugar, and an egg, these cookies are loved for their rich and nutty flavor. They often feature a signature hashed, cross shape on top, adding a touch of visual appeal to their already delicious taste.

These cookies have been enjoyed since the early 1900s and gained popularity during George Washington Carver’s advocacy for peanut farming. Carver’s research highlighted the versatility and nutritional value of peanuts, leading to an increased demand for peanut-based products, including peanut butter cookies.

One popular variation of the peanut butter cookie is the peanut butter blossom. These cookies feature a Hershey’s Kiss chocolate candy pressed into the center of the cookie, creating a delightful combination of peanut butter and chocolate. The peanut butter blossom has become a staple during the holiday season and is a favorite among cookie enthusiasts.

Recipe: Peanut Butter Cookies

Ingredients Instructions
1 cup peanut butter 1. Preheat the oven to 350°F (175°C).
1 cup granulated sugar 2. In a mixing bowl, cream together the peanut butter and sugar until smooth.
1 large egg 3. Beat in the egg until well combined.
4. Roll the dough into small balls and place them onto a baking sheet.
5. Using a fork, create the signature hashed pattern on top of each cookie.
6. Bake for 10-12 minutes until golden brown.
7. Allow the cookies to cool on a wire rack before serving.

Whether you enjoy them with a cold glass of milk or as a sweet treat on their own, peanut butter cookies are sure to satisfy your cravings. Their timeless appeal and rich flavor make them a favorite for kids and adults alike. So grab your apron and get baking – these delightful cookies are waiting to be enjoyed!

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Oatmeal raisin cookies are a delicious and wholesome treat that many people enjoy. Not only do they offer a unique combination of flavors, but they also provide various health benefits. Made with oats, raisins, and a touch of cinnamon, these cookies are the perfect choice for those looking for a healthier snacking option.

One of the main reasons why oatmeal raisin cookies are considered a healthy snack is because of the inclusion of oats. Oats are a great source of dietary fiber, which helps to keep you feeling full and satisfied. They are also rich in essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals, making them a nutritious addition to your diet.

In addition to the health benefits, oatmeal raisin cookies also have a wonderful cinnamon flavor that adds warmth and depth to each bite. Cinnamon is known for its antioxidant properties and its ability to help regulate blood sugar levels. So not only do these cookies taste amazing, but they also offer some potential health benefits as well.

Health Benefits of Oatmeal Raisin Cookies Ingredients
  • High in dietary fiber
  • Good source of vitamins and minerals
  • Potential blood sugar regulation
  • Antioxidant properties
  • Oats
  • Raisins
  • Cinnamon
  • Flour
  • Sugar
  • Eggs
  • Butter
  • Salt

Whether you’re looking for a tasty snack or a healthier alternative to traditional cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies are a fantastic choice. Their chewy texture, sweet raisins, and comforting cinnamon flavor make them a delight to eat. Plus, with the added health benefits of oats and cinnamon, you can enjoy these cookies guilt-free.

Shortbread Cookies

Shortbread cookies are a delightfully buttery treat with a rich and crumbly texture. These cookies have a rich history that dates back to medieval times and are thought to have originated in Scotland. The traditional recipe for shortbread cookies includes simple ingredients like butter, sugar, and flour. The high ratio of butter to flour gives these cookies their characteristic tender and melt-in-your-mouth texture.

Shortbread cookies are often enjoyed plain, as the buttery flavor shines through beautifully. However, they can also be enhanced with additional ingredients like vanilla extract or citrus zest for a hint of extra flavor. These cookies are incredibly versatile and can be shaped into various forms, such as rounds, fingers, or even festive shapes for special occasions.

Every bite of a shortbread cookie is a delightful experience, with the buttery richness and delicate crumb creating a truly indulgent treat. Whether enjoyed with a cup of tea or as a standalone treat, shortbread cookies are a classic favorite that never fails to satisfy.

Gingerbread Cookies: A Traditional Holiday Treat

Gingerbread cookies are a beloved traditional holiday treat that brings warmth and nostalgia to festive gatherings. With their distinct ginger and spice flavors, these cookies have been enjoyed for centuries, passing down from generation to generation. Whether shaped into festive figures or simply cut into classic shapes, gingerbread cookies are synonymous with holiday cheer.

The unique blend of ginger, cinnamon, cloves, and molasses gives gingerbread cookies their signature taste. The spices create a warm and comforting aroma that fills the kitchen during the baking process, instantly evoking feelings of joy and anticipation. The rich flavor pairs perfectly with a cup of hot cocoa or a glass of milk, making it a delightful indulgence during the holiday season.

Not only do gingerbread cookies taste delicious, but they also add a festive touch to any gathering. From gingerbread houses to gingerbread men, the versatility of these cookies allows for creative and decorative expressions. Children and adults alike enjoy the process of decorating gingerbread cookies with colorful icing, candies, and sprinkles, turning them into edible works of art.

Fun Fact: Guinness World Record for the Largest Gingerbread House

In 2013, the city of Bryan, Texas, set the Guinness World Record for the largest gingerbread house. The house measured 60 feet long, 42 feet wide, and 10.1 feet tall, weighing over 35,000 pounds! It was made using 7,200 eggs, 3,000 pounds of sugar, and 7,200 pounds of flour. Talk about a gingerbread extravaganza!

So, this holiday season, why not embrace the tradition of gingerbread cookies? Whether you’re baking them from scratch or picking up a pre-made kit, these sweet treats are sure to bring smiles and create lasting memories. From their delightful flavors to their decorative possibilities, gingerbread cookies truly embody the spirit of the holiday season.

Pros Cons
Delicious blend of ginger and spice flavors May require special ingredients like molasses
Creates a festive and joyful atmosphere Can be time-consuming to decorate
Offers a fun and creative activity for the whole family Can be prone to over-baking and becoming too crispy
Can be shaped into various decorative forms May not be suitable for individuals with ginger allergies

Table: Pros and Cons of Gingerbread Cookies

Sugar Cookies

Sugar cookies are a versatile and beloved type of cookie known for their sweet and buttery taste. With their simple yet delicious flavor, sugar cookies can be enjoyed on their own or easily customized to fit any occasion. The traditional recipe includes sugar, flour, butter, eggs, vanilla, and a leavening agent. However, the possibilities for variation are endless, allowing bakers to add different flavors, colors, or decorations to create unique and eye-catching treats.

One of the reasons sugar cookies are so popular is their ability to be cut into various shapes. This makes them ideal for decorating and perfect for holidays, birthdays, and special events. Whether you want to create heart-shaped cookies for Valentine’s Day, pumpkin-shaped cookies for Halloween, or Christmas tree-shaped cookies for the holidays, sugar cookies can be transformed into any desired shape. The dough holds its shape well during baking, resulting in cookies that are both visually appealing and delicious.

Not only are sugar cookies fun to make and decorate, but they also make great gifts or party favors. You can personalize each cookie with names, messages, or designs using icing, sprinkles, or edible decorations. These customizable shapes and designs make sugar cookies a hit at bake sales, parties, and gatherings. They are loved by both children and adults, making them a versatile treat for any occasion.


Sugar Cookie Varieties Description
Frosted Sugar Cookies Sugar cookies topped with a sweet and creamy frosting, often decorated with colorful sprinkles or designs.
Lemon Sugar Cookies Sugar cookies infused with refreshing lemon flavor, offering a tangy twist to the classic cookie.
Chocolate Sugar Cookies Sugar cookies made with cocoa powder, resulting in a rich and chocolatey treat.
Almond Sugar Cookies Sugar cookies flavored with almond extract or topped with sliced almonds for added crunch.
Decorated Christmas Sugar Cookies Sugar cookies shaped like Christmas trees, snowflakes, or gingerbread men, decorated with festive icing and sprinkles.

Black and White Cookies

Black and white cookies are a beloved New York City treat known for their distinctive appearance and delicious flavor. These cookies have a soft, cake-like texture that is topped with thick vanilla and chocolate icing, creating a visually striking contrast. The combination of flavors in each bite is simply irresistible.

What makes black and white cookies unique is their ability to satisfy both chocolate and vanilla lovers. With one half of the cookie covered in rich, creamy chocolate icing and the other half coated in smooth, sweet vanilla icing, these cookies offer the best of both worlds. They are a delightful indulgence for those who enjoy the classic combination of chocolate and vanilla.

Black and white cookies have become a staple in New York City bakeries and are often associated with the city’s culinary traditions. They are not only enjoyed for their taste but also for their nostalgic charm. These cookies have a timeless appeal that transcends generations, making them a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

Black and White Cookies Vanilla Icing Chocolate Icing
Soft and cake-like texture Smooth and sweet Rich and creamy
Distinctive black and white appearance Irresistible vanilla flavor Indulgent chocolate flavor
Popular New York City treat Visually striking contrast Classic combination of flavors

Whether enjoyed as a sweet treat with a cup of coffee or as a dessert after a delicious meal, black and white cookies are sure to satisfy your cravings. Their unique combination of flavors and beautiful appearance make them a true delight for the senses. If you ever find yourself in New York City, be sure to try these iconic cookies and experience a taste of the city’s culinary culture.

Butter Cookies

Butter cookies, also known as Danish biscuits, are a delightful treat with a rich and sweet flavor. These cookies have a crisp and flaky texture that crumbles in your mouth, making them a perfect accompaniment to a cup of tea or coffee. Their origins can be traced back to Denmark, where they are a popular treat enjoyed during the holiday season. One of the distinguishing features of butter cookies is their festive shapes, often molded into stars, trees, or other holiday symbols.

The traditional recipe for butter cookies includes butter, sugar, flour, and sometimes a touch of vanilla extract or other flavorings. The dough is typically piped through a star-shaped nozzle to create the unique shape of these cookies. Once baked, the butter cookies have a golden-brown color and a delicate, buttery aroma that is simply irresistible.

Butter cookies are not only a delicious treat but also a visually appealing one. They can be beautifully presented in a decorative tin or box, making them an excellent gift option for friends and family. Whether enjoyed during the holiday season or any time of the year, butter cookies are a classic favorite that never fails to delight the taste buds.

Table: Butter Cookies vs. Other Cookie Types

Butter Cookies Chocolate Chip Cookies Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
Taste Rich and sweet Rich and chocolatey Flavorful with hints of cinnamon and raisins
Texture Crisp and flaky Soft and chewy Chewy with a hint of texture from the oats and raisins
Shape Festive, often molded into stars or trees Various sizes and shapes, usually round Irregularly shaped, often drop cookies
Popular Occasions Holidays, gifting Anytime, popular all year round Snacking, breakfast, dessert

Table: A comparison of butter cookies with other popular cookie types in terms of taste, texture, shape, and popular occasions.

Snickerdoodle Cookies

Snickerdoodle cookies are a classic treat loved for their soft and chewy texture and irresistible combination of cinnamon and sugar. These cookies are a favorite among both kids and adults, and they make a delightful addition to any dessert table or afternoon snack.

What sets snickerdoodles apart from other cookies is the use of cream of tartar in the dough. This ingredient gives the cookies a slightly tangy flavor and helps create their signature puffy texture. The dough is rolled in a generous coating of cinnamon and sugar before being baked to perfection, resulting in a beautiful crackled exterior and a soft, tender center.

Snickerdoodles have a rich history and have been enjoyed under various names throughout the years. The exact origin of the name “snickerdoodle” is uncertain, but these cookies have been a beloved treat for generations. Whether you enjoy them fresh out of the oven or pair them with a glass of milk, snickerdoodle cookies are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.


The world of cookies offers a delightful variety of flavors, textures, and shapes that cater to every cookie lover’s preferences. Whether you crave the classic and timeless chocolate chip cookie or seek unique creations like black and white or butter cookies, there is a cookie for everyone to enjoy.

From the soft and chewy snickerdoodle to the crisp and flaky butter cookie, each type of cookie offers a distinct taste experience. Whether you prefer the rich and buttery flavors of shortbread cookies or the spicy and aromatic notes of gingerbread cookies, the options are endless.

Cookies are not just a treat, but a way to express creativity and celebrate special occasions. With customizable shapes and the ability to decorate sugar cookies, they bring joy to birthday parties, holidays, and other festive gatherings.

So, whether you have a sweet tooth or simply enjoy the satisfaction of a crunchy bite, the world of cookies is waiting for you to explore. With their wide range of flavors and endless possibilities, cookies will continue to be a beloved and cherished indulgence for cookie connoisseurs everywhere.


What is the most popular type of cookie?

The most popular type of cookie is the chocolate chip cookie. It was invented in 1938 by Ruth Wakefield and has since become a beloved classic.

How are peanut butter cookies made?

Peanut butter cookies are made with peanut butter, sugar, and an egg. They often feature a hashed, cross shape on top and gained popularity during George Washington Carver’s advocacy for peanut farming.

What are oatmeal raisin cookies?

Oatmeal raisin cookies are a type of cookie made with flour, sugar, eggs, salt, spices, oatmeal dough, and raisins. They have a unique taste and chewy texture, and some consider them a healthy snack due to the inclusion of raisins and soluble fiber.

How are shortbread cookies made?

Shortbread cookies have a high ratio of butter to flour, resulting in a crumbly and tender texture. They originated in Scotland and have been enjoyed since medieval times. The classic recipe includes butter, sugar, and flour.

What are gingerbread cookies?

Gingerbread cookies are a holiday staple with a unique flavor blend of ginger, cinnamon, cloves, and molasses. They can be shaped into various forms, including the iconic gingerbread man, and are associated with Christmas.

What are sugar cookies?

Sugar cookies are beloved for their sweet and buttery taste and their versatility. They can easily be cut into shapes, making them popular for decorating. The traditional recipe includes sugar, flour, butter, eggs, vanilla, and a leavening agent.

What are black and white cookies?

Black and white cookies are a classic offering in New York City. They feature a soft, cake-like texture topped with thick vanilla and chocolate icing, creating a visually striking cookie. Some consider them more like drop cakes, but they remain a crowd favorite.

What are butter cookies?

Butter cookies have a rich and sweet flavor with a crisp and flaky texture. They are commonly enjoyed around Christmas and often come in festive shapes like stars and trees. Originally from Denmark, they are known for their traditional blue metal tin packaging.

What are snickerdoodle cookies?

Snickerdoodles are known for their generous amount of cinnamon and sugar, which gives them a tangy flavor. They have a soft and chewy texture and are often made with cream of tartar to make them fluffy. These cookies have been enjoyed under various names throughout history.

What are some other popular types of cookies?

The world of cookies is incredibly diverse, with a wide variety of flavors, textures, and shapes to choose from. Some other popular types of cookies include oatmeal chocolate chip, peanut butter blossoms, macarons, and biscotti, to name just a few.

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