357+ Warrior Names – Names That Mean Warrior, Survivor, Protector

Warrior names are used to denote strength, bravery, and courage.

Some warrior names represent a personal journey or challenge that is being conquered by the individual giving themselves the warrior name.

Warrior names come from many different cultures and backgrounds, each with its own unique meaning and significance.

From ancient Greek mythology to Norse sagas, some of the most popular warrior names have been used for centuries by warriors of all kinds.

In this article, we take a look at different warrior names across many different categories.

These include:

  • Warrior Names for Girls (Female)
  • Warrior Names for Boys (Male)
  • Warrior Names WOW
  • Warrior Names Generator
  • Warrior Names for Black Cats
  • Mythical Warrior Names (Male / Female)
  • Dark Warrior Names
  • Fantasy Warrior Names
  • Warrior Names for Games
  • Warrior Names in Greek
  • Warrior Names in Japanese
  • Viking Warrior Names
  • Native American Warrior Names
  • Irish Warrior Names
  • Ancient Warrior Names
  • Cool Warrior Names
  • Warrior Princess Names
  • Warrior of God Names

But first, let’s take a look at some tips on how to come ups with warrior names.

Tips for Coming Up with a Warrior Name

When creating a warrior name, there are some important points to consider.

1. Consider the warrior’s heritage and culture

Warrior names should reflect their origin and background, so it is important to think of what would be suitable for them.

Try to research the language and customs that warriors in your world might follow and use them as inspiration when coming up with a name.

2. Research other warrior names

It can also be helpful to research existing warrior names from different cultures or time periods for inspiration.

This can help you get ideas on how to phrase or structure your own unique name.

3. Use meaningful words

Words have power, so make sure they reflect the spirit of your character! Think of words that embody the warrior’s personality or values, such as courage, strength, honour etc.

For example, a name like ‘Valiant Heart’ conveys both courage and determination.

4. Keep it short and snappy

Shorter names are often easier to remember and help make your character stand out more than long ones. So try to keep it concise yet meaningful!

5. Have fun with it!

At the end of the day, this is your world, so don’t be afraid to explore different possibilities and get creative with your warrior names!

With these tips in mind, you should have no trouble coming up with an awesome warrior name for your character!

Now let’s take a look at some lists.

Warrior Names for Girls (Female)

Whether you need a title for a fantasy story or looking to honor your ancestors with something meaningful, these powerful warrior names will make you feel invincible.

1) Arete: Meaning “excellence” in Greek, this name was given to one of Zeus’s daughters, who was said to possess great courage and resolve.

2) Bastet: An Egyptian goddess, this name means “she of the ointment jar,” and is associated with protection, healing, and beauty.

3) Boudica: ​This Celtic warrior queen fought against the Romans in 60 AD, winning several battles before ultimately being defeated. Her name means “victory.”

4) Brunhilde: This Valkyrie from Norse mythology was said to be an unstoppable force on their epic quest. Her name means “armored one.”

5) Eowyn: From J.R.R Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, Eowyn was a shieldmaiden of Rohan who fearlessly fought against supernatural forces during her journey. Her name means “horse-joy”.

6) Freya: This Norse goddess of love and fertility was said to ride into battle on a chariot pulled by cats, leading many warriors to victory with her courage and strength. Her name means “lady” or “mistress”.

7) Joan of Arc: This French heroine became a national symbol for heroism during the Hundred Years War with England. She led troops in several battles before ultimately being captured and burned at the stake. Her name means “God is gracious”.

8) Katniss: From the Hunger Games trilogy, this brave girl fought against oppressive forces within her own country while inspiring others to join her cause. Her name is derived from the plant genus “knees”, which symbolizes strength and resilience.

9) Medb: In Irish mythology, this war queen was known for her cunning tactics in battle and her desire to be victorious at all costs. Her name means “intoxicating”.

10) Nzinga: This African warrior queen defended her people from colonialism during the 16th century by forming alliances with other indigenous tribes in Angola. Her name means “she who knows how to twist something into a knot”.

11) Penthesilea: From Greek mythology, this Amazon warrior fought alongside Achilles in the Trojan War as well as other battles throughout history. Her name means “mournful one” or “she who suffers pain”.

12) Sigrun: This Valkyrie from Norse mythology was said to be the bravest of all warriors and chose the most heroic deaths for those she led into battle. Her name means “victory rune”.

13) Stheno: In Greek mythology, this Gorgon sister was known as a powerful warrior who guarded an entrance to the underworld. Her name means “strength”.

14) Tristanne: From Arthurian legend, this brave knight is best known for her quest to find the Holy Grail and her unswerving loyalty to King Arthur. Her name means “sorrowful” or “tumultuous.”

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Warrior Names for Boys (Male)

1) Achilles: This Greek hero is best known for his role in the Trojan War, and was said to be an unstoppable force in battle. His name means “pain” or “trouble”.

2) Ajax: Another famous warrior from Greek mythology, this hero was renowned for his strength and courage during the Trojan War. His name means “eagle” or “strong one”.

3) Arthur: This legendary British king is best remembered as the leader of a band of knights during the medieval period, gaining fame through several heroic deeds. His name means “bear-man” or “brave one”.

4) Beowulf: This heroic figure from Anglo-Saxon literature is said to have battled many monsters and dragons throughout his life. His name means “bee wolf” or “bear”.

5) Cuchulainn: A hero of Irish mythology, this warrior was known for his courage and skill in battle, fighting against supernatural forces as well as human enemies. His name means “hound of Culann”.

6) Hector: This legendary Trojan warrior is best remembered for leading the defense of Troy during the Trojan War and ultimately dying fighting against Achilles. His name means “holding fast”.

7) Lancelot: From Arthurian legend, this brave knight fought alongside King Arthur and was renowned for his loyalty and skill in battle. His name means “little land” or “servant”.

8) Odysseus: This Greek hero is best known for his role in the Trojan War, as well as his long journey home after ten years of adventure. His name means “wrathful one”.

9) Perseus: From Greek mythology, this hero is most famous for slaying Medusa and rescuing Andromeda from a sea monster. His name means “destroyer”.

10) Siegfried: A heroic figure from Germanic legend, this brave warrior fought against several monsters and dragons to gain fame and fortune. His name means “victorious peace”.

11) Thor: The Norse god of thunder, this warrior was known for his strength and fearlessness in battle. His name means “thunder”.

12) Tristan: From Arthurian legend, this brave knight is best remembered as a loyal companion to the King and someone who fought against many foes on behalf of Camelot. His name means “sadness”.

13) Ulysses: Another famous hero from Greek mythology, this warrior is best remembered for his ten-year journey home after the Trojan War. His name means “wrathful”.

14) William Wallace: This legendary Scottish freedom fighter was an important leader during the Wars of Scottish Independence in the 13th century, inspiring others to follow him into battle. His name means “protector”.

Warrior Names WOW

1) Thunderfury

2) Shadowmourne

3) Frostmourne

4) Doomhammer

5) Gorehowl

6) Felheart

7) Blackhand’s Fate

8) Aluneth, Greatstaff of the Magna

9) Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros

10) Ashbringer

11) Thunderstrike

12) Wildfire

13) Ebonchill

14) The Burning Wrath

15) Val’anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings

16) Warstromg

17) Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian

18) Corrupted Ashbringer

19) Lok’delar

Warrior Names Generator

These warrior names were generated automatically.

Let’s see if they’re decent.

1) Ironfist

2) Thunderbreath

3) Dragonclaw

4) Runefury

5) Swiftsword

6) Bleedingheart

7) Scorchblade

8) Nightshadow

9) Steelbringer

10) Frostreaver

11) Bladeofvalor

12) Shadowhunter

13) Stormweaver

14) Windshaper

15) Soulcrusher

16) Axeofvengeance

17) Firestormer

18) Valiantedge

19) Skydancer

Warrior Names for Black Cats

1) Midnight

2) Shadow

3) Raven

4) Noir

5) Onyx

6) Jet

7) Obsidian

8) Smokey

9) Cinder

10) Queenie

11) Coal

12) Panther

13) Ebony

14) Sooty

15) Midnight Star

16) Witching Hour

17) Shade

18) Charcoal

19) Ninja Warrior

20) Nightblade

Mythical Warrior Names (Male / Female)

1) Hercules (male) / Atalanta (female)

2) Achilles (male) / Andromeda (female)

3) Beowulf (male) / Freya (female)

4) Cuchulainn (male) / Medbh (female)

5) Hector (male) / Helen of Troy (female)

6) Lancelot (male) / Guinevere (female)

7) Odysseus (male) / Penelope (female)

8) Perseus (male) / Athena (female)

9) Siegfried (male) / Brunhilde (female)

10) Thor (male) / Sif (female)

11) Tristan (male) / Isolde (female)

12) Ulysses (male) / Circe (female)

13) William Wallace (male) / Isabella of France (female).

14) Merlin (male) / Morgana le Fey (female).

15) Arthur Pendragon (male) / Vivianne the Lady of the Lake (female)

16) Gilgamesh (male) / Shamhat (female)

17) Rustam (male) / Humayun (female)

18) Quetzalcoatl (male) / Coatlicue( female)

19) Odin (male) / Freya (female)

Dark Warrior Names

Dark Warrior Names

1) Shadowbane

2) Reaperborn

3) Deathbringer

4) Darkfury

5) Archdemon

6) Doomrider

7) Nightstalker

8) Bonecrusher

9) Abyssalhunter

10) Voidbreaker

11) Demonheart

12) Terrorlord

13) Plaguebringer

14) Beastmaster

15) Nightblade

16) Blazing Infernal

17) Dreadwraith

18) Maleficent Spirit

19) Shadow Harbinger

20) Black Widow

Fantasy Warrior Names

1) Silverblade

2) Stormrage

3) Brightmoon

4) Firesword

5) Windrider

6) Lightbringer

7) Frostfire

8) Starweaver

9) Everhope

10) Soulshielder

11) Wildheart

12) Ravenlord

13) Circle of Power

14) Shadowdancer

15) Thunderstrike

16) Celestial Champion

17) Mystic Defender

18) Dragonfury

19) Forest Guardian

20) Necromaster

Warrior Names for Games

1) VoidWalker

2) SpaceHulk

3) Doomsday

4) DeathStalker

5) Blackguard

6) Wildcat

7) Earthshaker

8) IronFist

9) Nightmare

10) Vanguard Warrior

11) Ghost Hunter

12) WitchHunter

13) BattleMage

14) DemonSlayer

15) Warlord

16) Guardian Angel

17) Savage Beastmaster

18) Star Slayer

19) Mystic Avenger

20) Master of Doom

Warrior Names in Greek Mythology

1) Heracles

2) Theseus

3) Perseus

4) Jason

5) Achilles

6) Ajax

7) Odysseus

8) Diomedes

9) Bellerophon

10) Aeneas

11) Hector

12) Agamemnon

13) Lycurgus

14) Oedipus

15) Meleager

16) Antilochos

17) Glaucus

18) Sarpedon

19) Eury

Warrior Names in Japanese

1) Susanoo

2) Amaterasu

3) Tsukuyomi

4) Kagu-tsuchi

5) Takemikazuchi

6) Ame-no-Uzume

7) Raijin

8) Izanagi

9) Sarutahiko

10) Inari

11) Hachiman

12) Yamato Takeru

13) Futsunushi

14) Iwanaga Hime

15) Tomonori

16) Momotaro

17) Kengyu

18) Musashi

19) Ushiwakamaru

20) Yoshitsune.

Warrior Names in Norse Mythology

1) Odin

2) Thor

3) Loki

4) Baldur

5) Heimdall

6) Freyr

7) Tyr

8) Bragi

9) Forseti

10) Vidar

11) Skadi

12) Aegir

13) Vili

14) Kvasir

15) Hoenir

16) Fenrir

Viking Warrior Names

1) Ragnar

2) Bjorn

3) Sigurd

4) Ivar

5) Leif

6) Eric

7) Harald

8) Ulfhild

9) Hrolf

10) Astrid

11) Kveldulf

12) Thorson

13) Karsten

14) Magnus

15) Gudrun

16) Aslaug

17) Valdemar

18) Ingjald

19) Olaf

20) Sigfrid

Native American Warrior Names

1) Wolf

2) Eagle

3) Bear

4) Buffalo

5) Snake

6) Hawk

7) Elk

8) Horse

9) Panther

10) Raven

11) Wolf

12) Fox

13) Coyote

14) Owl

15) Turtle

16) Beaver

17) Sturgeon

18) War-Torn Phoenix

19) Chanting Thunderbird

20) Brave Red Warrior

Irish Warrior Names

1) Cuchulainn

2) Fionn mac Cumhaill

3) Aoife

4) Red Hugh O’Donnell

5) Brian Boru

6) Niall of the Nine Hostages

7) Gearoid Iarla

8) Graine Ni Maille

9) Muireadach Albanach Mac Clancy

10) Dathi

11) High King Cormac McCarthy

12) Grainne Mhaol

13) Diarmait Mac Murchada

14) Queen Medb

15) Etain

Ancient Warrior Names

1) Alexander the Great

2) Hannibal

3) Julius Caesar

4) Genghis Khan

5) Ashoka Maurya

6) Cyrus the Great

7) Sun Tzu

8) Saladin

9) Leonidas of Sparta

10) Boudica

11) Attila The Hun

12) Richard I (The Lionheart)

13) Spartacus

14) Cleopatra

15) Ramesses II

16) Hernan Cortes

17) Joan of Arc

18) Shaka Zulu

19) Hannibal Barca

20) Alexander The Great

Cool Warrior Names

1) Vex

2) Horizon

3) Tempest

4) Paradox

5) Anarchy

6) Oblivion

7) Blaze

8) Hazard

9) Inferno

10) Maverick

11) Shadow

12) Rogue

13) Fury

14) Phantom

15) Venom

16) Torment

17) Spectre

18) Reaper

19) Legend

20) Warlord

Warrior Princess Names

1) Xena

2) Boudica

3) Aphrodite

4) Artemis

5) Freya

6) Athena

7) Hippolyta

8) Guinevere

9) Sif

10) Arwen

11) Circe

12) Eowyn

13) Morgause

14) Calypso

15) Medb

16) Ygraine

17) Lagertha

18) Valkyrie

19) Morgana

Warrior of God Names

1) Gideon

2) Joshua

3) David

4) Samson

5) Deborah

6) Moses

7) Samuel

8) Elijah

9) Jephthah

10) Uriah

11) Barak

12) Abimelech

13) Jonathan

14) Joab

15) Daniel

16) Michael

17) Nehemiah

18) Mordecai

19) Caleb

20) Azariah

Aztec Warrior Names

1) Quauhtecatl

2) Citlalmina

3) Coatlaxopeuh

4) Tezozomoc

5) Quetzalcohuātl

6) Xōchitl

7) Nauhyotl

8) Cuahtlahuac

9) Tepanecatl

10) Tecuciztecatl

Aztec warriors were the elite military forces of the Aztec empire.

These warriors followed a strict code of military service called the “Law of War”, which outlined rules for battle and victory.

They had their own unique names, many of them inspired by gods or animals from Aztec mythology.

The most famous name among these warriors was probably Quauhtecatl, meaning “eagle warrior”.

Other popular Aztec warrior names include Citlalmina (“star-shaped shield”), Coatlaxopeuh (“serpent that descends on the enemy”), Tezozomoc (“brave one who defeats enemies”), Quetzalcohuātl (“feathered serpent”), Xōchitl (“flower”), Nauhyotl (“warrior of fire”), Cuahtlahuac (“chief of warriors”), Tepanecatl (“lord of men”), and Tecuciztecatl (“man of jade and obsidian”).

These warriors occupied a unique place in Aztec culture, and their names were often associated with strength and bravery.

Many of these names are still used today as a symbol of respect for the Aztec warriors who fought so bravely in service to their people.

FAQs – Warrior Names

What is a very powerful name?

A very powerful name could be something with a strong meaning, like “Victor” or “Lionheart.”

Other powerful names might include “Valiant,” “Brave,” or “Heroic.” Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide what kind of name is most fitting for your warrior.

Are there any naming conventions for warriors?

Some cultures have specific naming conventions for warriors, such as using words that reflect strength and power.

Some examples are names that mean ‘strong’ (Fortis), ‘powerful’ (Potens), ‘fearsome’ (Terribilis), or ‘noble’ (Nobilis).

Additionally, many cultures utilize surnames associated with warrior families.

These typically take the form of adjectives referring to a family’s strength and courage, such as ‘bold’ (Audax), ‘fierce’ (Ferox), or ‘valiant’ (Animosus).

Are there any popular warrior names?

Popular warrior names tend to reflect strength, power, and bravery.

Examples include Maximus, Achilles, Arthur, Ragnar, Boudica, Spartacus, and Xena.

Other popular warrior names are derived from mythology or literature: Hector from Trojan War mythology; Beowulf from the epic poem; Aragorn from Lord of the Rings; and Thor from Norse mythology.

What are some badass names?

Badass names often have a tough, edgy feel to them.

Examples include Blade, Viper, Chaos, Rebel, Shadow, Spike, Gunner and Rogue.

Badass names can also be derived from pop culture references such as Neo (The Matrix), Ryu (Street Fighter) or Darth (Star Wars).

Additionally, some cultures use more aggressive words for badass names; examples include Berserker (Norse), Kaido (Japanese) or Fury (Greek). Ultimately the perfect badass name is up to you!

Which mythical creatures could make good warrior names?

Mythological creatures are often seen as powerful figures of strength and courage which makes them an excellent choice for warrior names.

Examples include Dragon (Chinese), Griffin (Greek), Minotaur (Grecian/Roman), and Thunderbird (Native American).

Other mythical creature names could include Phoenix, Cerberus, Drake, or Hydra.

Are there any tips for choosing a warrior name?

When selecting a warrior name it’s important to keep in mind its impact on the overall impression of your character.

Some helpful tips include:

  • Think about the type of person your character is and what kind of name would fit his or her personality.
  • Consider using adjectives that reflect strength, power, courage, and resilience.
  • Research different cultures and mythologies for ideas.
  • Look to popular culture references or literature for inspiration.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with different combinations until you find the perfect name.

Finally, remember that the perfect warrior name should reflect your character’s personality and strength!

What is a good male warrior name?

Good male warrior names can range from traditional names to more modern and edgy ones. Examples of traditional warrior names include Alexander, Arthur, or William.

More modern examples could be Blade, Gunner, or Rogue.

Additionally, some cultures have specific naming conventions for warriors that you may want to consider; such as using words that reflect strength and power (Fortis) or adjectives referring to a family’s courage (Audax).

What is a good female warrior name?

Good female warrior names can range from traditional names to more modern and edgy ones.

Examples of traditional female warrior names include Boudica, Brigid, or Xena.

What is a cool name that means warrior?

A few popular options for a name meaning “warrior” include: Aidan, Douglas, Martin, Quinn, Ryker, and Valor.

These names are all strong and powerful in their own way and carry an air of strength to them.

Other potential names associated with warriors include Garen, Kairos, Marcellus, Wallace, and Zev.

No matter which name you choose for your child or use yourself, it will symbolize courage and strength.

Conclusion – Name of Warrior

These are just some of the famous warriors from mythology and history that offer a glimpse into the courage and strength of our ancestors.

Whether it is a female warrior or a male warrior, these names can serve as an inspiration for anyone looking for a unique name for their baby.

Names like Achilles, Tristan, Odysseus, and William Wallace evoke powerful images of courage in the face of adversity.

They remind us that no matter how difficult the journey may be, there is always hope at the end if we remain true to ourselves and to those we love.


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