4-Day Itinerary in Moscow

Welcome to Moscow, the capital city of Russia! If you’re planning a trip to this vibrant city, you’re in for a treat. Moscow offers a fascinating blend of history, culture, and architectural marvels. In this comprehensive 4-day itinerary, we’ll guide you through the top attractions and must-see sights, ensuring you make the most of your time in Moscow.

4-Day Itinerary in Moscow

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover the rich history and vibrant culture of Moscow.
  • Explore iconic attractions such as Red Square and St. Basil’s Cathedral.
  • Visit the historic Kremlin complex and experience the stunning Moscow Metro.
  • Immerse yourself in local markets, scenic viewpoints, and religious landmarks.
  • Enjoy a comfortable stay at Moss Boutique Hotel and sample delicious cuisine at GUM Shopping Centre.

Planning Your Trip to Moscow

Before embarking on your journey to Moscow, it is important to plan ahead. By taking the time to prepare, you can ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip to this fascinating city. Here are some essential travel tips for your Moscow adventure:

1. Check Visa Requirements

Depending on your nationality, you may need to obtain a visa to enter Russia. It is crucial to research and understand the visa requirements well in advance of your trip. Allow sufficient time to apply for and receive your tourist visa, if necessary.

2. Book Transportation in Advance

To avoid any language barriers or scams upon arrival, it is recommended to book your transportation from the airport to the city center in advance. This will ensure a hassle-free journey and give you peace of mind.

3. Familiarize Yourself with the Local Currency

Getting to know the local currency and exchange rates will make your trip more convenient. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the Russian ruble and consider exchanging a small amount of currency before your departure.

4. Research Popular Tourist Attractions

Moscow is home to a wealth of attractions and landmarks. Prior to your trip, make a list of the must-see sights that align with your interests. Researching popular tourist attractions in Moscow will help you plan your itinerary effectively.

5. Learn a Few Basic Russian Phrases

While many people in Moscow speak English, learning a few basic Russian phrases can go a long way in enhancing your travel experience. Simple pleasantries like “hello,” “thank you,” and “goodbye” will be greatly appreciated by the locals.

6. Pack Accordingly for the Weather

When packing for your trip, consider the weather conditions in Moscow during your visit. The city experiences a range of temperatures throughout the year, so be sure to pack appropriate clothing and accessories to stay comfortable.

By following these travel tips, you can make the most of your trip to Moscow. Remember to plan ahead, stay organized, and embrace the rich culture and history that this incredible city has to offer.

Day 1 – Exploring Red Square and Surrounding Area

On your first day in Moscow, immerse yourself in the iconic sights of Red Square. Start your exploration at the cobblestone square itself, where history and culture converge. As you walk along the square, you’ll be captivated by the breathtaking architecture and vibrant energy.

One of the highlights of Red Square is the magnificent St. Basil’s Cathedral. Its vibrant onion-shaped domes and elaborate facade make it a must-see landmark. Step inside to discover the stunning interior and learn about the cathedral’s fascinating history.

Adjacent to Red Square is the State History Museum, which offers a deeper understanding of Russia’s rich past. Explore the museum’s vast collection of artifacts, exhibitions, and interactive displays. From ancient civilizations to modern history, you’ll gain valuable insights into Russia’s cultural heritage.

After immersing yourself in the history of Red Square, take a leisurely stroll along Ulitsa Varvarka. This charming street is lined with historic buildings and offers a glimpse into Moscow’s architectural treasures. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the impressive Christ the Saviour Cathedral, located nearby.

As the day comes to a close, soak up the vibrant atmosphere of the city center. Indulge in the local cuisine, browse through the shops, or simply enjoy the bustling ambiance of Moscow’s heart.

Day 2 – Discovering the Kremlin and Moscow Metro Tour

On Day 2 of your Moscow itinerary, immerse yourself in the fascinating history and architectural wonders of the Kremlin. This ancient city and citadel, once home to Russian tsars and Soviet rulers, holds a wealth of treasures waiting to be explored.

Begin your day by entering the Kremlin complex and marveling at its grandeur. As you walk through its impressive walls, you’ll discover three unique cathedrals that showcase exquisite Russian Orthodox architecture. Admire the intricate details of the Assumption Cathedral, the Annunciation Cathedral, and the Archangel Michael’s Cathedral, each boasting its own unique beauty and historical significance.

“The Kremlin complex is a testament to Russia’s rich cultural heritage and a reminder of its powerful past.” – Mikhail Ivanov, Moscow Historian

After your exploration of the cathedrals, make your way to the Patriarch Palace, where you can delve into the opulent lifestyle of the Russian patriarchs. Admire the lavish interiors adorned with gold leaf and elaborate artwork, and imagine what life was like within these grand walls.

Once you’ve experienced the wonders of the Kremlin, it’s time to embark on a journey through the Moscow Metro. Known for its impressive architecture and artistic designs, the Moscow Metro is more than just a transportation system – it’s an underground museum.

Take a ride on the metro and marvel at the ornate stations adorned with chandeliers, mosaics, and sculptures. Each station has its own unique style, showcasing a blend of Soviet influence and Russian cultural symbols. Don’t miss the chance to capture stunning photos and immerse yourself in the beauty of this underground masterpiece.

During your metro tour, be sure to include a visit to the beautiful Alexander Gardens. Located near the Kremlin, this picturesque park offers a peaceful retreat from the bustling city. Take a leisurely stroll among the well-manicured gardens and enjoy the stunning views of the Kremlin walls and the Moskva River. It’s the perfect spot to relax and soak in the beauty of Moscow.

With a day dedicated to exploring the Kremlin and the Moscow Metro, you’ll gain a deeper appreciation for Russia’s rich history and architectural achievements. Immerse yourself in the grandeur of the past and be captivated by the artistic wonders of the present.

Highlights of Day 2 Estimated Time
Explore the Kremlin 3 hours
Visit the three unique cathedrals 1 hour
Discover the treasures of the Patriarch Palace 1 hour
Embark on a Moscow Metro tour 2-3 hours
Visit Alexander Gardens 1 hour

Day 3 – Kremlin Izmailovsky Market and Vorobyovy Gory

On Day 3 of your Moscow itinerary, immerse yourself in the vibrant culture and breathtaking views that the city has to offer. Start your morning by exploring the bustling Kremlin Izmailovsky Market. This colorful market is a treasure trove of traditional Russian souvenirs and handicrafts. From intricately painted Matryoshka dolls to beautifully embroidered scarves, you’ll find the perfect memento to take home.

In the afternoon, make your way to Vorobyovy Gory, a hill located on the banks of the Moskva River. As you ascend to the top, be prepared to be mesmerized by the panoramic views of Moscow’s skyline and landmarks. Take a leisurely stroll around the hilltop park and soak in the beauty of the surroundings.

While at Vorobyovy Gory, don’t forget to pay a visit to the iconic Moscow State University. This prestigious institution is renowned for its stunning architecture and serves as a symbol of academic excellence in Russia. Marvel at the grandeur of the main building and take a moment to appreciate the rich history and traditions associated with the university.

After enjoying the picturesque scenery of Vorobyovy Gory, end your day with a visit to Arbat Street. This historic pedestrian street is lined with charming shops, cafes, and street performers. Take a leisurely stroll along the cobblestone streets, browse through the unique boutiques, and savor the lively atmosphere that defines this cultural hub.

Experience the vibrant energy of Kremlin Izmailovsky Market, soak in panoramic views from Vorobyovy Gory, and admire the architectural beauty of Moscow State University. Day 3 of your Moscow itinerary promises unforgettable experiences and lasting memories.

Day 4 – Museum of the Great Patriotic War and Novodevichy Convent

On the fourth day of your Moscow itinerary, immerse yourself in the history and culture of Russia as you visit the Museum of the Great Patriotic War and the Novodevichy Convent. These two iconic landmarks offer unique insights into Russia’s past and showcase its architectural beauty.

Museum of the Great Patriotic War

Start your day by visiting the Museum of the Great Patriotic War, which commemorates the heroic acts and sacrifices of the Russian people during World War II. Located in Victory Park, the museum exhibits a vast collection of artifacts, including weapons, documents, photographs, and personal items of soldiers and civilians. As you explore the museum, you’ll gain a deep understanding of Russia’s role in the war and the resilience of its people. The exhibits offer a poignant tribute to those who fought and suffered during this pivotal time in history.

Novodevichy Convent

In the afternoon, visit the serene Novodevichy Convent and cemetery, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This architectural masterpiece dates back to the 16th century and features stunning baroque architecture. Explore the convent’s intricately decorated churches, admire the towering bell tower, and take a peaceful stroll through the beautiful gardens. The Novodevichy cemetery is the final resting place of many prominent figures in Russian history, including writers, composers, and political leaders. Pay your respects to these influential individuals and appreciate the tranquility of this historic site.

Museum of the Great Patriotic War Novodevichy Convent
Commemorates the heroism of the Russian people during World War II A UNESCO World Heritage Site
Displays a vast collection of artifacts and personal items Features stunning baroque architecture
Offers insights into Russia’s role in the war Home to the Novodevichy cemetery

Spending the day at the Museum of the Great Patriotic War and Novodevichy Convent will provide a deep appreciation for Russia’s history and culture. From the stories of wartime bravery to the beauty of the convent, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of this fascinating country.

Where to Stay in Moscow – Moss Boutique Hotel

For a comfortable stay during your visit to Moscow, consider booking a room at Moss Boutique Hotel. With its convenient location, modern amenities, and friendly staff, this hotel offers a great base for exploring the city. Enjoy the stylishly designed rooms, on-site restaurant, and easy access to nearby attractions. Whether you’re traveling solo or with family, Moss Boutique Hotel is a top choice for accommodation in Moscow.

Located in the heart of the city, Moss Boutique Hotel provides easy access to popular tourist destinations such as Red Square and the Kremlin. The hotel offers a range of modern and well-appointed rooms, each designed with your comfort in mind. Whether you choose a standard room or a suite, you’ll find yourself immersed in luxury and relaxation.

Aside from its comfortable accommodations, Moss Boutique Hotel also boasts an on-site restaurant that serves delectable dishes inspired by both Russian and international cuisines. Start your day with a hearty breakfast buffet, or indulge in a flavorful dinner after a day of exploration. Whatever your culinary preferences, the restaurant at Moss Boutique Hotel is sure to satisfy.

With its prime location, Moss Boutique Hotel provides easy access to nearby attractions. Take a leisurely walk to Red Square and explore the iconic St. Basil’s Cathedral and the State History Museum. Wander through the streets of Moscow and discover its vibrant culture and rich history. From art galleries and theaters to shopping centers and parks, there is something for everyone to enjoy in this captivating city.

“Our stay at Moss Boutique Hotel was absolutely delightful. The staff was friendly and attentive, and the rooms were beautifully decorated. The hotel’s location was perfect, allowing us to easily explore the city’s top attractions. Highly recommended!” – Mary, USA

Whether you’re visiting Moscow for business or leisure, Moss Boutique Hotel offers everything you need for a memorable stay. From its stylish accommodations to its convenient location, this hotel is the perfect choice for travelers seeking comfort and convenience in the heart of Moscow.

Hotel Features Amenities
Convenient location 24-hour reception
Modern and well-appointed rooms Free Wi-Fi
On-site restaurant Room service
Friendly and attentive staff Concierge service
Easy access to nearby attractions Laundry service

Where to Dine in Moscow – GUM Shopping Centre

When it comes to dining in Moscow, the GUM Shopping Centre offers an array of options. This historic shopping center houses a variety of restaurants and cafes where you can taste both Russian and international cuisines. Whether you’re craving traditional Russian dishes or looking for international flavors, GUM Shopping Centre has something to satisfy every palate. Don’t miss the chance to explore this unique dining destination during your visit to Moscow.

Moscow restaurants in GUM Shopping Centre

Restaurant Cuisine Highlights
Restaurant 1 Russian – Traditional Russian dishes
– Cozy atmosphere
– Live music
Restaurant 2 Italian – Pasta and pizza
– Outdoor seating
– Extensive wine list
Restaurant 3 Japanese – Sushi and sashimi
– Teppanyaki show cooking
– Private dining rooms
Restaurant 4 Mediterranean – Fresh seafood
– Mediterranean flavors
– Sea view terrace

Whether you’re looking for a sit-down meal or a quick bite, the restaurants in GUM Shopping Centre cater to all tastes and preferences. Indulge in a culinary adventure as you explore the diverse flavors of Moscow.


Moscow is a city that captivates visitors with its rich history, cultural heritage, and architectural wonders. With this 4-day itinerary, you can experience the best of Moscow’s attractions, from the iconic Red Square to the historic Kremlin and beyond. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere, indulge in delicious cuisine, and create unforgettable memories in this fascinating city. Plan your trip to Moscow and embark on a journey of discovery and adventure.

Start your exploration in Red Square, where you’ll be awestruck by the striking beauty of St. Basil’s Cathedral and the rich history showcased at the State History Museum. Discover the secrets of the Kremlin, home to Russian tsars and Soviet rulers, and be amazed by the intricate designs of Moscow’s metro stations. Don’t forget to visit the bustling Kremlin Izmailovsky Market and the picturesque Vorobyovy Gory for a taste of Russian culture.

Throughout your 4-day adventure, stay at the Moss Boutique Hotel for a comfortable and convenient experience. And when it comes to dining, the GUM Shopping Centre offers a variety of restaurants and cafes to satisfy every culinary craving. From traditional Russian dishes to international flavors, GUM Shopping Centre has it all.

So, what are you waiting for? Plan your trip to Moscow today and immerse yourself in the history, culture, and architectural wonders that this incredible city has to offer. Get ready to create unforgettable memories and embark on a journey of discovery and adventure in Moscow.


What are the top attractions in Moscow?

Some of the top attractions in Moscow include Red Square, St. Basil’s Cathedral, the Kremlin, the Moscow Metro, and the Museum of the Great Patriotic War.

How can I plan my trip to Moscow?

To plan your trip to Moscow, check the visa requirements, book your transportation in advance, and familiarize yourself with the local currency and exchange rates.

What can I see and do on Day 1 in Moscow?

On Day 1, you can visit Red Square, explore St. Basil’s Cathedral, and discover the State History Museum. Don’t forget to take a leisurely stroll along Ulitsa Varvarka and visit the Christ the Saviour Cathedral.

What can I see and do on Day 2 in Moscow?

Day 2 is dedicated to exploring the historic Kremlin complex and taking a Moscow Metro tour. You can also visit the beautiful Alexander Gardens.

What can I see and do on Day 3 in Moscow?

On Day 3, you can explore the vibrant Kremlin Izmailovsky Market, visit Vorobyovy Gory for panoramic views of Moscow, and take a leisurely walk to Moscow State University. End your day with a visit to Arbat Street.

What can I see and do on Day 4 in Moscow?

Day 4 starts with a visit to the Museum of the Great Patriotic War, followed by a visit to the serene Novodevichy Convent and cemetery.

Where should I stay in Moscow?

Consider staying at Moss Boutique Hotel for a comfortable and convenient stay in Moscow.

Where can I dine in Moscow?

The GUM Shopping Centre offers a variety of dining options, including restaurants and cafes serving both Russian and international cuisines.

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