Aarakocra Barbarian Guide (DND 5E)

Welcome to our Aarakocra Barbarian Guide for Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition! In this guide, we will delve into the unique combination of the Aarakocra race and the Barbarian class, providing you with tips and strategies to create a powerful and thrilling character. Whether you’re looking to soar through the skies or unleash your fury in close combat, this guide will help you navigate character creation, maximize your potential, and embrace the many possibilities that this dynamic combination offers.

Aarakocra Barbarian Guide (DND 5E)

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover the advantages of choosing the Aarakocra race for your Barbarian character.
  • Learn how to build a strong Aarakocra Barbarian by prioritizing ability scores and selecting the right subclass.
  • Maximize your damage output with strategic feats and subclass choices.
  • Utilize the Aarakocra’s flight ability to gain a tactical advantage in combat.
  • Explore the roleplaying opportunities and avian nature of an Aarakocra Barbarian.

Why Choose the Aarakocra Race?

The Aarakocra race offers unique abilities that make them a compelling choice for a Barbarian character. With their innate flight ability and talons, Aarakocra can excel both in ranged combat and melee combat. Additionally, their racial traits, such as the ability score increases and their innate spell, provide further benefits for a Barbarian build.

When creating a powerful Aarakocra Barbarian, the combination of their flight ability and physical prowess can be a game-changer. Let’s take a closer look at the key reasons why choosing the Aarakocra race can lead to an exceptional Barbarian character.

Flight Ability

One of the most distinct advantages of the Aarakocra race is their innate ability to fly. This allows Aarakocra Barbarians to gain a strategic advantage on the battlefield, easily navigating difficult terrain and positioning themselves for optimal attacks. Whether you need to close the distance quickly or gain a bird’s-eye view of the battlefield, the flight ability of the Aarakocra can greatly enhance your tactical options.

Talons for Melee Combat

In addition to their flight ability, Aarakocra possess sharp talons that can be deadly in melee combat. By combining their natural weapons with the Barbarian class’s brutal strength and rage, Aarakocra Barbarians can unleash devastating melee attacks. The ability to switch seamlessly between ranged combat with their talons and melee combat with their weapons makes them versatile and unpredictable opponents.

Racial Traits

The Aarakocra racial traits further enhance the capabilities of a Barbarian character. Aarakocra have a +2 bonus to Dexterity and a +1 bonus to Wisdom, which are particularly useful for improving their AC and spellcasting abilities. Additionally, Aarakocra have an innate spell called “Gust of Wind,” which can provide crowd control and assist in creating tactical advantages during combat.

Aarakocra Racial Traits Description
Ability Score Increase +2 Dexterity, +1 Wisdom
Flight Speed of 50 feet, can fly with wings up to 50 feet
Talons Natural melee weapon dealing 1d4 slashing damage
Gust of Wind Innate spell that creates a line of strong winds

With these unique abilities and racial traits, the Aarakocra race offers a distinct playstyle for Barbarian characters. The combination of flight, talons, and racial bonuses make Aarakocra Barbarians formidable opponents both in the air and on the ground, capable of adapting to various combat situations.

Now that we understand why choosing the Aarakocra race can be advantageous for a Barbarian character, let’s explore how to build a strong Aarakocra Barbarian in the next section.

Building a Strong Aarakocra Barbarian

When embarking on the creation of an Aarakocra Barbarian, it is crucial to prioritize the right ability scores to maximize your potential in combat and roleplaying situations. Here are some key considerations to keep in mind:

Prioritizing Ability Scores

Strength should be your highest ability score as a barbarian, as it determines the power behind your melee attacks and increases your damage output. Constitution is equally important, as it boosts your hit points and overall durability. Additionally, Dexterity plays a crucial role in Aarakocra Barbarian builds, enabling you to benefit from both your race’s natural flight ability and the Barbarian class features.

Choosing the Right Subclass

The Barbarian class offers various subclasses that provide unique abilities and playstyles. For Aarakocra Barbarians, consider the Ancestral Guardian subclass for added protection and support for your allies. Alternatively, the Zealot subclass grants you offensive bonuses and the potential for resurrection, enhancing your overall combat capabilities. Choose the subclass that aligns with your preferred playstyle and complements your racial traits.

“By prioritizing strength, constitution, and dexterity, you can lay the foundation for a formidable Aarakocra Barbarian build. Furthermore, selecting the Ancestral Guardian or Zealot subclass can enhance your character’s abilities and provide a specific focus for your playstyle.”

Below is a detailed breakdown of the recommended ability score priorities for building a strong Aarakocra Barbarian:

Ability Score Prioritization
Strength Highest priority
Constitution High priority
Dexterity Medium to high priority
Wisdom Medium priority

The above table outlines the recommended prioritization of ability scores for building a strong Aarakocra Barbarian. By following these guidelines, you can optimize your character’s combat prowess and overall effectiveness in a variety of situations.

Now that you understand the importance of prioritizing ability scores and choosing the right subclass, you are well on your way to creating a powerful Aarakocra Barbarian capable of dominating both the skies and the battlefield.

Maximizing Your Damage Output

To achieve maximum damage output as an Aarakocra Barbarian, it’s crucial to employ strategic choices and capitalize on your unique abilities. Consider incorporating the Polearm Master and Great Weapon Master feats into your build to unlock formidable damage potential. By combining these feats with a heavy polearm weapon like a glaive or halberd, you can deliver devastating blows to your enemies.

Additionally, don’t overlook the tactical advantage provided by your Aarakocra flight ability. By taking to the sky, you can gain a higher vantage point in combat, allowing you to target enemies from unexpected angles and potentially bypass their defenses. Leveraging your flight to carefully position yourself in battle can further enhance your damage output and turn the tide in your favor.

“With the right weapon and strategic aerial positioning, the skies become your domain, and your enemies will feel the full force of your wrath.”

Optimizing Your Weapon Choice

When selecting a weapon for your Aarakocra Barbarian, focus on those that synergize well with your build. Heavy weapons with reach, such as the glaive or halberd, impart distinct advantages in combat. Their extended reach allows you to attack enemies from a safe distance while still being within range to utilize your flight ability effectively. This combination of reach and aerial mobility grants you unparalleled versatility and dominance in battle.

Take a look at the table below for a comparison of the key aspects of popular polearm weapons:

Weapon Damage Properties
Glaive 1d10 slashing Heavy, reach, two-handed
Halberd 1d10 slashing Heavy, reach, two-handed
Pike 1d10 piercing Heavy, reach, two-handed

As you can see, both the glaive and halberd offer identical damage and properties, making them equally viable options. Consider factors such as weapon availability and your character’s personal preferences when making your selection.

Remember, mastering your chosen weapon and employing smart positioning on the battlefield are fundamental to maximizing your damage output as an Aarakocra Barbarian.

Strategies for Combat

In the heat of battle, Aarakocra Barbarians can unleash their full potential by utilizing their unique flight ability and racial traits. By leveraging these advantages, you can gain a positional edge over your enemies and dominate the battlefield.

One effective strategy is to capitalize on your Aarakocra’s flight ability. Take advantage of your aerial mobility to position yourself strategically, attacking from above where your enemies may be less prepared to defend. This allows you to exploit the reach of your weapon, striking your foes from a safe distance while also avoiding opportunity attacks.

You can further enhance your combat prowess by utilizing the Reckless Attack feature. By embracing your primal fury and recklessly attacking your foes, you gain advantage on your attacks. While this would normally expose you to disadvantage on attacks against you, your flight ability can mitigate this drawback. If your enemies are unable to reach you, the disadvantage becomes inconsequential, while you continue to reign down devastating blows.

“With a powerful swoop from above, I bring my greataxe crashing down upon my enemies, their feeble attempts to strike me in vain.”

By combining your flight ability, weapon reach, and Reckless Attack, you can greatly increase your chances of overwhelming your opponents and emerging victorious in combat.

Let us now explore the various class features and spells that an Aarakocra Barbarian can utilize to their advantage in our next section.

Utilizing Class Features

As an Aarakocra Barbarian, you have access to various class features that can greatly enhance your capabilities on the battlefield. Proper utilization of these abilities can make you a formidable force to be reckoned with.

One valuable class feature at your disposal is the Gust of Wind spell, granted by the Aarakocra race. This spell can be a game-changer, allowing you to create powerful gusts of wind that can hinder your enemies’ movement and control the battlefield. By strategically casting Gust of Wind, you can create obstacles and barriers that impede your opponents’ advance, giving you an advantage in combat.

Additionally, choosing the Zealot subclass can provide you with a range of benefits that make you a more resilient and fearsome warrior. One notable advantage of the Zealot subclass is the ability to resurrect yourself for free, ensuring that you can continue fighting even in the face of death. This feature can turn the tide of battle and make you an unstoppable force on the battlefield.

By leveraging the class features available to you as an Aarakocra Barbarian, such as Gust of Wind and the Zealot subclass, you can establish yourself as a force to be reckoned with, wreaking havoc on your enemies and emerging victorious even in the direst of situations.

Utilizing Class Features – Summary

Class Feature Benefits
Gust of Wind Create obstacles and control the battlefield.
Zealot Subclass Free resurrection spells and increased resilience.

Roleplaying an Aarakocra Barbarian

When roleplaying an Aarakocra Barbarian, it’s essential to fully embrace your avian nature and let it influence your actions and interactions. Channel the primal instincts associated with the Barbarian class and develop a unique character that reflects the combination of your Aarakocra race and Barbarian background.

The Zealot subclass offers an opportunity to explore religious inclinations, as it implies a connection with a deity. Consider delving into the spiritual aspects of your character, incorporating rituals, prayers, or personal beliefs into your roleplaying. This adds depth and complexity to your Aarakocra Barbarian, making them more than just a fierce warrior.

Communicate with your Dungeon Master (DM) to discuss your character’s religious background and the ways in which it can manifest in the campaign. Working closely with your DM ensures that your character’s beliefs align with the world they inhabit, offering opportunities for engaging storylines and unique interactions.

Furthermore, the anger and ferocity associated with the Barbarian class can be represented in your Aarakocra Barbarian’s personality. Tap into the raw emotions and instinctual responses that come with being a creature of the wild. Let your character’s rage be a driving force, but also explore moments of vulnerability and reflection to create a well-rounded and interesting persona.

Remember that roleplaying an Aarakocra Barbarian is not limited to combat situations. Utilize your avian nature to inform your character’s mannerisms, behaviors, and even speech patterns. Incorporate gestures and body language that reflect the grace and agility of a bird. This attention to detail will immerse you and your fellow players in the world of your Aarakocra Barbarian and make the roleplaying experience truly memorable.

Though a fierce warrior driven by instinct and primal power, an Aarakocra Barbarian can also possess a curious, inquisitive nature. The combination of bird-like characteristics and the Barbarian’s untamed spirit offers opportunities for unique interactions and roles within a party. Lean into these aspects and have fun exploring the untamed but adaptable nature of your Aarakocra Barbarian.

To further visualize the avian nature of your character, imagine soaring through the skies with your mighty wings. Let the freedom of flight fuel your imagination and let it influence the way you approach challenges, both in combat and in roleplaying.

“I am the storm unleashed, the fury of the skies. These wings carry not just my physical form, but the spirit of an Aarakocra avenger. My every action is guided by the call of the wild, the primal instincts that drive me forward. In battle, my talons rend through foes, their cries mingling with the whistle of wind beneath my wings. But beneath this fierce facade lies a curious mind, eager to soar higher and uncover the mysteries that lie beyond the clouds.”

To inspire your visual imagination, take a moment to appreciate the beauty of the Aarakocra with the image below:

Roleplaying Tips for an Aarakocra Barbarian

Aspect Roleplaying Tip
Avian Nature Embrace bird-like mannerisms and behaviors, incorporating them into your character’s movements and speech.
Primal Fury Tap into your character’s anger and ferocity, allowing them to guide your actions while exploring moments of vulnerability and reflection.
Religious Inclination Develop a religious side, exploring the connection with a deity implied by the Zealot subclass. Incorporate rituals, prayers, or personal beliefs into your roleplaying.
Curiosity and Adaptability Showcase your character’s curious and adaptable nature, demonstrating a willingness to explore and discover new things beyond the skies.

The Power of Flight

The flight ability of the Aarakocra provides immense versatility and power. With their avian wings, Aarakocra Barbarians can soar through the skies, gaining a significant advantage in combat and exploration.

Utilizing your flight strategically allows you to navigate difficult terrain with ease. Whether it’s scaling towering cliffs or crossing vast chasms, your aerial mobility sets you apart from other Barbarians. Take advantage of this freedom to access inaccessible areas and discover hidden treasures.

In combat, the Aarakocra’s flight ability grants you a height advantage over your adversaries. Soar above the battlefield and rain down devastating melee attacks on your foes. Your talons strike with precision, while your flight keeps you out of reach from their counterattacks.

When faced with dangerous situations, your flight ability becomes your lifeline. Whether it’s evading deadly traps, escaping enemy encampments, or quickly retreating from overwhelming odds, the skies offer a swift escape route. Fly away to safety, regroup, and return when the odds are more favorable.

Remember to use your flight ability wisely, conserving it for critical moments. While your wings grant you incredible freedom, they also have limitations. Be mindful of spells or abilities that can hinder your flight, as losing this advantage temporarily can leave you vulnerable.

“My wings carry me high above. From there, I survey the battlefield, selecting my targets with precision. The rush of wind in my face fuels my fury, and my talons strike true. Flight is not just a means of escape, but a weapon that allows me to dominate the skies and conquer my foes.”

Recommended Feats and Subclasses

When building your Aarakocra Barbarian, choosing the right feats and subclasses can greatly enhance your effectiveness in combat and improve your overall playstyle. Consider the following options:


For feats, two excellent choices to boost your damage output are Polearm Master and Great Weapon Master. These feats synergize well with the Aarakocra Barbarian’s natural strengths and can significantly increase your damage potential.

“The Polearm Master feat allows you to make an additional attack with the opposite end of a polearm weapon as a bonus action. This can greatly increase your damage output and provide more opportunities for critical hits. Combine it with the Great Weapon Master feat’s ability to take a -5 penalty to your attack roll in exchange for a +10 bonus to damage, and you’ll become a force to be reckoned with.”


Choosing the right subclass is crucial for customizing your Aarakocra Barbarian to fit your preferred playstyle. Two recommended options are the Ancestral Guardian and the Zealot subclasses.

“The Ancestral Guardian subclass excels at defending your allies and mitigating damage. When you enter a rage, your ancestors appear, imposing disadvantage on attackers and reducing the damage your allies take. This makes you a formidable protector on the battlefield.”

“On the other hand, the Zealot subclass taps into your primal rage, increasing your offensive capabilities and survivability. The Zealot comes with its own unique benefits, such as free resurrection spells, making you a relentless and unstoppable force.”

Experiment with different combinations of feats and subclasses to find the ones that best complement your Aarakocra Barbarian build and align with your desired playstyle.

Remember, the choices you make in feats and subclasses can greatly influence the way your character plays and interacts with the game world. So, make sure to consider your options carefully and have fun exploring the possibilities!

Advantages and Limitations of Aarakocra Barbarians

Aarakocra Barbarians possess a combination of unique advantages and limitations that define their playstyle. Understanding these attributes is crucial for building an effective Aarakocra Barbarian character.

Advantages of Aarakocra Barbarians

  • The flight ability of the Aarakocra race grants unparalleled mobility in combat and exploration, allowing you to easily gain tactical advantages and access hard-to-reach areas.
  • Aarakocra have versatile combat abilities owing to their physical prowess and dexterity. Their talons and flight give them an edge in melee and ranged engagements, providing both offensive and defensive options.
  • The Aarakocra racial traits offer inherent bonuses to ability scores, such as increased Dexterity and Wisdom, enhancing your combat effectiveness and saving throws.

Limitations of Aarakocra Barbarians

  • Aarakocra Barbarians are generally locked into melee combat due to their reliance on natural weapons like talons and the continuous use of flight. This limitation may affect your tactical options and limit ranged attacking capabilities.
  • Heavy reliance on flight can also be a limitation. If you find yourself in a situation where flight is unavailable or restricted, your combat effectiveness may decrease.

Understanding the advantages and limitations of playing as an Aarakocra Barbarian will guide your decision-making when building a character and inform your strategy in both combat and roleplaying situations.

Tips for Playing an Aarakocra Barbarian

Playing an Aarakocra Barbarian in Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition provides a unique and exciting gameplay experience. To make the most of your character, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Strategic Flight: Utilize your flight ability strategically in combat. Take advantage of your aerial mobility to gain a tactical edge over your foes, position yourself for optimal attacks, and easily navigate difficult terrain.

  2. Racial and Class Features: Make sure to fully understand and leverage your racial traits as an Aarakocra, such as your ability score increases and innate spell. Additionally, explore the class features of the Barbarian, including Rage, Danger Sense, and Brutal Critical, to maximize your effectiveness in combat.

  3. Embrace Your Avian Nature: Embrace the roleplaying opportunities provided by your avian nature as an Aarakocra. Let your actions and interactions reflect your bird-like instincts and mannerisms. Consider creating a backstory that incorporates your connection with the skies and your religious beliefs, especially if you choose the Zealot subclass.

  4. Communicate with Your DM: Openly communicate with your Dungeon Master to ensure a balanced and enjoyable gameplay experience for all. Discuss any challenges or concerns related to your flight ability and how it may impact encounters or exploration. Collaborate with your DM to find creative solutions and maintain a fair game.

“As an Aarakocra Barbarian, the skies are your domain. Soar above your enemies, strike with fury, and embrace the power of your avian nature.”

By following these tips, you can fully immerse yourself in the role of an Aarakocra Barbarian and unleash your full potential in the world of Dungeons and Dragons.


Creating an Aarakocra Barbarian character in Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition opens up a world of unique gameplay possibilities. With their flight ability, the Aarakocra bring a new dimension to combat and exploration, allowing them to soar above their enemies and navigate challenging terrains with ease.

But it’s not just about the flight. Aarakocra Barbarians combine their avian nature with the raw power of the Barbarian class, becoming a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. With their innate melee and ranged capabilities, Aarakocra Barbarians can adapt to any combat scenario, dealing devastating damage and overpowering their foes.

Furthermore, the Aarakocra’s roleplaying potential is rich with possibilities. Their avian traits provide a unique perspective and open doors for interesting character development. Whether it’s embracing a primal rage or exploring a spiritual connection with the skies, an Aarakocra Barbarian character adds depth and intrigue to your adventures.

So, take flight, fellow adventurers, and unleash your fury as an Aarakocra Barbarian. Become the embodiment of chaotic power, soaring through the air and leaving a trail of devastation in your wake. With strength, agility, and the freedom of the skies, the Aarakocra Barbarian is an unstoppable force that will leave your enemies trembling in fear.


What are the unique abilities of the Aarakocra race?

The Aarakocra race has a flight ability, talons for melee combat, and racial traits such as ability score increases and an innate spell.

How should I prioritize my ability scores when building an Aarakocra Barbarian?

It is recommended to prioritize Strength, followed by Constitution, Dexterity, and Wisdom for better Wisdom saves.

What subclass options should I consider for my Aarakocra Barbarian?

The Ancestral Guardian and Zealot subclasses are popular choices for enhancing your abilities and playstyle.

How can I maximize my damage output as an Aarakocra Barbarian?

Consider taking the Polearm Master and Great Weapon Master feats, and utilize your flight ability to gain a tactical advantage in combat.

What strategies should I use in combat as an Aarakocra Barbarian?

Leverage your flight ability to gain a positional advantage, attack from above using your weapon’s reach, and use Reckless Attack to gain advantage.

How should I utilize the class features of an Aarakocra Barbarian?

Utilize the Aarakocra racial spell Gust of Wind to create obstacles, and consider the benefits provided by the Zealot subclass.

How should I approach roleplaying an Aarakocra Barbarian?

Embrace your avian nature, explore religious beliefs associated with the Zealot subclass, and develop your character’s anger and primal instincts.

What advantages does the flight ability of the Aarakocra provide?

The flight ability allows you to navigate difficult terrain, gain a height advantage in combat, and escape dangerous situations.

What feats and subclasses are recommended for an Aarakocra Barbarian?

Consider taking the Polearm Master and Great Weapon Master feats, and explore the Ancestral Guardian and Zealot subclasses.

What are the advantages and limitations of playing an Aarakocra Barbarian?

Advantages include flight and versatile combat abilities, while limitations include being locked into melee combat and relying heavily on flight.

What tips can you provide for playing an Aarakocra Barbarian?

Utilize your flight ability strategically, take advantage of your racial and class features, and immerse yourself in the roleplaying opportunities of your avian nature.

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