Aasimar Bard Guide (DND 5E)

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on playing an Aasimar Bard in Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (DND 5E). If you’re looking for a unique and celestial-infused musical hero, this guide is for you. As a bard, your charisma will be crucial for spellcasting. In this guide, we’ll explore the Aasimar race, optimal subclasses, powerful abilities, spell selection, character creation tips, optimization strategies, and leveling guidance. Let’s dive in and discover the secrets of the Aasimar Bard!

Aasimar Bard Guide (DND 5E)

Key Takeaways:

  • Focus on high charisma as a bard for effective spellcasting.
  • The Aasimar race provides a +2 bonus to charisma, making it an excellent choice for a bard.
  • Consider the Protector subrace for the ability to fly and deal extra radiant damage.
  • Choose a bard college that aligns with your preferred playstyle, such as College of Swords, College of Eloquence, or College of Lore.
  • Feats like War Caster, Fey Touched, and Lucky can enhance your Aasimar Bard’s abilities.

Why Choose an Aasimar Bard?

When it comes to creating a bard character in Dungeons & Dragons 5E, the Aasimar race offers a unique and compelling choice. Aasimar Bards not only possess the charm and musical talents that bards are known for, but they also have celestial heritage, making them even more intriguing. Let’s explore the benefits of playing an Aasimar Bard and the advantages of each Aasimar subrace – Scourge, Fallen, and Protector.

Aasimar Bard: The Power of Charisma

Charisma is a vital attribute for bards, as it directly affects their spellcasting abilities and their effectiveness in social interactions. As an Aasimar, you gain a +2 bonus to charisma, allowing you to excel in captivating audiences and casting enchanting spells.

Unique Abilities of Aasimar Subraces

The Aasimar race offers three subraces, each with its own distinct set of abilities and traits. The Scourge subrace allows you to unleash radiant damage upon your enemies, sacrificing your own well-being to smite your foes. The Fallen subrace gives you the power of darkness, allowing you to deal extra necrotic damage and strike fear into the hearts of your adversaries. Finally, the Protector subrace grants you the ability to sprout wings and take flight, soaring above the battlefield and delivering devastating attacks from above.

Here’s an image that showcases the remarkable flight ability of the Protector Aasimar:

Soaring High with the Protector Subrace

Of the three Aasimar subraces, the Protector stands out for its ability to fly. At 3rd level, you gain the ability to sprout radiant wings, allowing you to take to the skies and gain a tactical advantage. Flying above your enemies not only gives you a unique perspective on the battlefield but also grants you the opportunity to rain down magical and musical attacks from above. Playing an instrument while soaring through the air adds an awe-inspiring visual element to your performances, captivating both friends and foes alike.

By choosing the Aasimar Bard class, you not only harness the charisma and spellcasting prowess of a bard but also embody the celestial heritage of the Aasimar race. Whether you embrace the radiant power of the Scourge, embrace your dark nature as a Fallen, or ascend to new heights with the Protector’s flight ability, playing an Aasimar Bard offers a truly remarkable and unforgettable gaming experience.

Choosing a College

When embarking on your journey as an Aasimar Bard, it’s crucial to consider the college that aligns with your character’s playstyle. The chosen college will greatly shape your Bard’s abilities and role on the battlefield. Below are three notable colleges to help you make an informed decision: College of Swords, College of Eloquence, and College of Lore.

College of Swords

The College of Swords is an excellent choice for Aasimar Bards who prefer a more physical approach to combat. This college places a heavy emphasis on using bardic inspiration for damage, allowing you to unleash devastating strikes with your weaponry. By utilizing flourishes and a versatile combat style, you can weave your music into a deadly dance. Master your blade and mesmerize your foes with the College of Swords.

College of Eloquence

If you desire to inspire and persuade with your words, the College of Eloquence is an optimal choice. This college specializes in enhancing your bardic inspiration usage, allowing you to motivate your allies and captivate your audience with your silver-tongued speeches. As an Aasimar Bard of eloquence, you possess the power to sway minds and turn the tides of battles with the sheer force of your charisma.

College of Lore

The College of Lore offers Aasimar Bards a well-rounded repertoire of magical and scholarly abilities. As a master of knowledge and secrets, you possess unmatched versatility in spellcasting and ability to influence enemy rolls. Your insights into the arcane arts and forbidden lore make you a formidable force on the battlefield. With the College of Lore, you can delve deep into the mysteries of the world and weave your own stories.

College Playstyle Key Features
College of Swords Physical combat with bardic inspiration Flourishes, versatile combat style
College of Eloquence Persuasion and inspiration through words Enhanced bardic inspiration, captivating speeches
College of Lore Versatile spellcasting and knowledge Increased spell diversity, ability to influence rolls

Each college offers unique strengths and playstyles. Consider your preferences and the role you want to play in your adventuring party to make the most fitting choice. Whether you seek to dance with the sword, mesmerize with your words, or unravel the secrets of the world, let your Aasimar Bard embark on a thrilling journey filled with enchanting melodies and celestial prowess.


While feats are optional, they can enhance your Aasimar Bard’s abilities. There are several feat recommendations that can further improve your character’s effectiveness in combat and utility outside of it.

War Caster

War Caster is highly recommended for spellcasters like the Aasimar Bard. This feat grants you advantage on concentration checks, allowing you to maintain concentration on those crucial spells even while under attack. It also allows you to perform somatic components for spells, even when your hands are occupied with weapons or a shield. Whether you’re casting a powerful damaging spell or maintaining a vital buff, War Caster can significantly boost your spellcasting prowess.

Fey Touched

If you’re looking to enhance your charisma and gain an extra spell, consider the Fey Touched feat. It increases your charisma score by 1, bringing additional bonuses to your spellcasting and Bardic Inspiration features. Additionally, it grants you access to the Misty Step spell, a bonus action teleportation ability that can help you maneuver across the battlefield, escape dangerous situations, or position yourself for advantageous attacks.


Bards rely on rolling many ability checks, and the Lucky feat can give you an edge. This feat allows you to reroll an attack roll, ability check, or saving throw once per long rest, increasing your chances of success when it matters most. Having the ability to reroll can save you and your party from critical failures or provide that much-needed boost to a critical success.

Feat Description
War Caster Advantage on concentration checks and the ability to perform somatic components with hands full.
Fey Touched Increased charisma score, an additional spell, and the Misty Step ability.
Lucky Ability to reroll an attack roll, ability check, or saving throw once per long rest.

Consider multiclassing with classes like Rogue or Warlock to gain additional skills, martial abilities, or spellcasting options that can further complement your Aasimar Bard build. Experimenting with different feats and class combinations can help you fine-tune your character and create a unique and powerful Aasimar Bard.

Bard Spells and Abilities

Bards are masters of magic and melody, wielding spells and inspiring their allies with their enchanting performances. As an Aasimar Bard, your celestial heritage adds a divine touch to your spellcasting abilities.

With a wide range of spells at your disposal, you can shape the battlefield, support your allies, and manipulate the minds of your enemies. Bards excel in enchantment, transmutation, and illusion, allowing for creative and versatile spellcasting.

Enchantment Spells

Enchantment spells are the hallmark of bards, allowing you to charm, mesmerize, and manipulate others to your advantage. These spells can turn the tide of battle and sway the opinions of NPCs. Consider spells like Charm Person and Suggestion to control the actions and thoughts of your targets.

Bardic Inspiration

One of the defining features of the bard class is Bardic Inspiration. With this ability, you can inspire greatness in your allies, granting them extra abilities when they need it most. Use your Bardic Inspiration dice to boost their attacks, ability checks, or saving throws, ensuring victory for your party.

Creative Spell Usage

As an Aasimar Bard, your creative spell usage can elevate your abilities to new heights. Combine your celestial nature with your bardic spells to amplify their effects. For example, infusing healing spells with radiant energy can provide additional rejuvenation to your allies.

“Through the harmonies of my lute and the celestial glow within me, I weave a spell of healing that mends both wounds and spirits, restoring hope to those in need.” – Bardic Aasimar

Experiment with the interaction between your Aasimar traits and bard spells to discover unique synergies. Your celestial heritage grants you access to transformative spells and radiant damage, which can be used creatively to achieve extraordinary results.

Unlock the true potential of your Aasimar Bard by exploring the vast array of spells and abilities at your disposal. Embrace your melodic magic and let your enchanting performances captivate both friends and foes alike.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the notable bard spells and abilities:

Spell or Ability Description
Vicious Mockery Insult your enemies with cutting words, dealing psychic damage and imposing disadvantage on their next attack.
Hypnotic Pattern Create a mesmerizing pattern of lights that entrances creatures, rendering them incapacitated and unaware of their surroundings.
Glibness Speak with such silver-tongued eloquence that even the most discerning listener believes your every word.
Magical Secrets Unlock the ability to learn spells from any class, expanding your magical repertoire even further.

These are just a few examples of the incredible spells and abilities you can harness as an Aasimar Bard. Let your creativity guide your spellcasting, and watch as your performances leave a lasting impact on all who witness them.

Aasimar and Class Synergy

Aasimar Bards bring a remarkable synergy to various classes in DND 5E. With their celestial heritage and unique abilities, they can enhance the playstyle of other classes, creating exciting and powerful combinations.

Let’s explore how the Aasimar Bard synergizes with different classes:


The Artificer benefits greatly from the Healing Hands and Celestial Resistance abilities of the Aasimar. Healing Hands can provide timely support in combat, while Celestial Resistance offers additional survivability.


Barbarians can take advantage of the Aasimar’s damage resistances and healing options. This combination provides increased durability and allows Barbarians to sustain themselves in battle.


Clerics appreciate the additional healing and resistances provided by the Aasimar traits. The combination of Cleric spells and celestial abilities makes for a formidable support character.


The flight ability and damage resistances of the Aasimar prove valuable to Druids. Flight opens up new tactical options, while resistances increase survivability during combat.

Class Synergy Benefits
Artificer Healing Hands and Celestial Resistance enhance survivability and provide support capabilities.
Barbarian Damage resistances and healing options increase durability in combat.
Cleric Additional healing and resistances enhance the supportive nature of the class.
Druid Flight ability and damage resistances open up new tactical options in and outside of combat.
Fighter To be determined.
Monk To be determined.
Paladin To be determined.
Ranger To be determined.
Rogue To be determined.
Sorcerer To be determined.
Warlock To be determined.

Planned Table

Aasimar Variants and Versions

The Aasimar race has undergone several transformations and variations throughout its existence in DND 5E. These different versions and subraces provide unique benefits and opportunities for customization. Let’s explore the different iterations of the Aasimar and how they can enhance your Aasimar Bard’s character.

“The diversity of Aasimar versions and subraces allows players to tailor their characters to fit their desired playstyle and narrative.”

Dungeon Master’s Guide Variant

The Aasimar race was first introduced in the Dungeon Master’s Guide as a variant option with different abilities compared to the official version. This variant allows for more flexibility and customization in character creation, providing players with additional choices to make their Aasimar Bard truly unique.

Volo’s Guide to Monsters Subraces

Volo’s Guide to Monsters introduced three distinct subraces of Aasimar, each with its transformation abilities. These subraces, namely Scourge, Fallen, and Protector, offer new gameplay mechanics and added versatility to your Aasimar Bard. Whether you seek to smite enemies with radiant damage or protect your allies with healing abilities, these subraces provide exciting options to explore.

Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything Custom Origins

Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything brought in the concept of custom origins, providing players with the option to create their custom version of the Aasimar race. This allows for even greater personalization, enabling you to design a race unique to your character’s backstory and motivations. Unleash your creativity and craft an Aasimar Bard that perfectly fits your vision.

Monsters of the Multiverse Updates

Monsters of the Multiverse expanded upon the Aasimar’s transformation traits, adding new features and abilities to make them even more formidable on the battlefield. These updates offer fresh options for Aasimar Bards, allowing them to unlock the full potential of their celestial heritage and harness it to aid their companions in battle.

Version/Variant Description
Dungeon Master’s Guide Variant A variant of the Aasimar race with unique abilities
Volo’s Guide to Monsters Subraces Scourge, Fallen, and Protector subraces with transformation abilities
Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything Custom Origins Option to create custom Aasimar origins for further customization
Monsters of the Multiverse Updates Enhancements to Aasimar’s transformation traits for increased power

Aasimar Bard Class Recommendations

Aasimar Bards possess a versatile skillset that allows them to excel in various classes. Their celestial heritage and musical talents make them a valuable addition to any adventuring party. Here are some class recommendations for Aasimar Bards:

1. Artificer

Benefit: Artificers can take advantage of the healing and resistances provided by Aasimar traits. Their ability to create magical items complements the Bard’s spellcasting prowess, making them a formidable combination.

2. Barbarian

Benefit: Barbarians can benefit greatly from the Aasimar’s damage resistances and healing options. The Bard’s support abilities and versatile spellcasting can enhance the Barbarian’s combat effectiveness, creating a powerful and balanced character.

3. Cleric

Benefit: Clerics appreciate the additional healing and resistances offered by Aasimar traits. Combining the Bard’s musical talents with the Cleric’s divine magic creates a character that excels in both support and offense.

4. Druid

Benefit: Druids can make use of the Aasimar’s flight ability and damage resistances. The Bard’s spellcasting and versatility complement the Druid’s nature-based abilities, allowing for creative and powerful combinations in both combat and exploration.

5. Fighter

Benefit: Fighters can benefit from the Aasimar’s healing options and damage resistances. The Bard’s spellcasting and support abilities provide the Fighter with additional tactical options, making them a formidable force on the battlefield.

6. Monk

Benefit: Monks can make good use of the Aasimar’s healing and resistances. The Bard’s musical talents and spellcasting enhance the Monk’s combat abilities, offering a unique blend of martial prowess and magical support.

7. Paladin

Benefit: Paladins and Aasimar Bards possess a natural synergy due to their shared devotion to justice and righteousness. The Bard’s spellcasting and support abilities complement the Paladin’s divine smites, creating a character that excels in offense and defense.

8. Ranger

Benefit: Rangers can benefit from the Aasimar’s healing options and damage resistances. The Bard’s spellcasting and versatile abilities provide the Ranger with additional options in both combat and exploration, making them a well-rounded and adaptable character.

9. Rogue

Benefit: Rogues can benefit from the Aasimar’s healing and resistances. The Bard’s musical talents and spellcasting enhance the Rogue’s sneaky and deceptive abilities, creating a character that excels in both infiltration and combat.

10. Sorcerer

Benefit: Sorcerers and Aasimar Bards share a natural affinity for magic. The Bard’s spellcasting abilities and support options complement the Sorcerer’s raw arcane power, allowing for impressive displays of magical prowess.

11. Warlock

Benefit: Warlocks can benefit from the healing and resistances provided by Aasimar traits. The Bard’s musical talents and spellcasting enhance the Warlock’s eldritch abilities, creating a character that excels in both arcane and artistic pursuits.

Choosing any of these classes for your Aasimar Bard character will provide unique synergies and opportunities for creative and powerful combinations. Consider your preferred playstyle and the composition of your party when making your decision. Embrace your celestial heritage and embark on unforgettable adventures as an Aasimar Bard!

Optimizing Your Aasimar Bard

When playing an Aasimar Bard, optimizing your character’s abilities is essential for success on your adventures. Consider the following tips to maximize the effectiveness of your Aasimar Bard build:

1. Determine Your Playstyle

Before delving into optimization, take some time to consider your desired playstyle. Do you prefer supporting your allies with healing and buffs, dealing damage with spells, or engaging in melee combat? Understanding your playstyle will help guide your decisions in building your Aasimar Bard.

2. Choose the Right Bard College

The choice of Bard College greatly impacts your character’s abilities. The College of Lore offers additional magical abilities and flexibility, while the College of Swords focuses on melee combat and weapon expertise. The College of Eloquence enhances your bardic inspiration usage, while the College of Glamour emphasizes enchantment spells and charming abilities. Choose the college that best aligns with your playstyle and desired role within the party.

3. Select Feats Wisely

Feats provide additional benefits and can be instrumental in optimizing your Aasimar Bard’s performance. Consider feats such as War Caster, which grants advantage on concentration checks, or Fey Touched, which increases charisma and grants you access to the Misty Step spell. Lucky is another useful feat for bards who rely on ability checks. Choose feats that enhance your spellcasting, survivability, or utility to round out your character build.

4. Plan Your Spells and Ability Usage

To optimize your Aasimar Bard’s spellcasting, carefully choose spells that complement your playstyle and the needs of your party. Include a mix of offensive, support, and utility spells to ensure versatility in different situations. Pay attention to higher-level spells that grant you powerful abilities like flight or increased damage output. Additionally, be strategic in your ability usage, making the most of your bardic inspiration and racial traits.

5. Embrace the Roleplay Aspect

Don’t forget to consider the roleplay aspect of your Aasimar Bard. Explore your character’s celestial heritage and incorporate it into the narrative of your campaign. Consider how your abilities, appearance, and personality reflect your celestial lineage. By embracing the roleplay aspect, you can add depth and richness to your character’s story and interactions with other party members.

Optimizing your Aasimar Bard involves a balance of mechanical efficiency and compelling roleplay considerations. By considering your playstyle, choosing the right bard college and feats, planning your spells and ability usage, and fully embracing the roleplay aspect, you can create a powerful and engaging Aasimar Bard that shines in any adventuring party.

Playing an Aasimar Bard

Playing an Aasimar Bard offers a unique and fun experience in the world of Dungeons & Dragons. Not only do you get to step into the shoes of a charismatic bard, but you also have the added celestial heritage of the Aasimar race. To fully immerse yourself in this character, it’s essential to focus on character development, roleplaying, and customized campaigns to enhance the fun factor.

For starters, take the time to develop your Aasimar Bard’s backstory and motivations. Consider how their celestial heritage influences their personality and worldview. Explore the ancient lineage of their celestial parent and the impact it has on their character’s choices and aspirations.

“As an Aasimar Bard, I play the hauntingly beautiful melodies of my celestial heritage, channeling divine power through my music. My character’s backstory centers around discovering their divine lineage and seeking to spread goodness and light through their performances.”

During gameplay, focus on how your Aasimar Bard’s abilities shape their interactions with the world. Whether it’s using their celestial resistance to withstand enemy attacks or utilizing their radiant soul to heal and protect allies, incorporate these abilities into your roleplaying. Get creative with your spellcasting and take advantage of the Aasimar’s unique traits to enhance the overall experience for yourself and your fellow players.

It’s also worth talking to your Dungeon Master about incorporating your Aasimar’s heritage into the campaign setting. This can add depth to the storyline and provide exciting opportunities for character growth and development. Perhaps your celestial ancestry plays a crucial role in an ongoing conflict or is tied to a significant quest. Working closely with your DM ensures that your Aasimar Bard’s story seamlessly integrates into the larger narrative.

Lastly, remember that the primary objective is to have fun! Playing an Aasimar Bard offers a wealth of possibilities for character development, roleplaying, and customized campaigns. Embrace the celestial-infused musical hero within you and embark on a journey filled with magic, inspiration, and memorable moments.

Character Development Roleplaying Customized Campaigns Fun Factor
Invest time in crafting a compelling backstory and motivations for your Aasimar Bard. Bring your character to life by incorporating their celestial heritage into your roleplaying. Work with your DM to tailor the campaign to your Aasimar Bard’s story and abilities. Enjoy the unique experience of playing an Aasimar Bard and the fun it brings to the table.
Explore the celestial lineage of your character and its impact on their choices and aspirations. Utilize your Aasimar traits and abilities to create memorable interactions with NPCs and fellow adventurers. Integrate your Aasimar Bard’s storyline into the broader campaign narrative for a more personalized experience. Embrace the celestial-infused musical hero within you and have a blast playing your Aasimar Bard.
Develop your character’s growth and progression based on their celestial heritage. Get creative with your spellcasting and incorporate elements of divine inspiration into your performances. Create unique quests and challenges that delve into the celestial aspects of your Aasimar Bard’s story. Immerse yourself in the world of Dungeons & Dragons with the exciting and enjoyable Aasimar Bard class.


The Aasimar Bard Guide provides valuable insights and recommendations for players looking to explore the celestial-infused world of the Aasimar Bard in Dungeons & Dragons 5E. By prioritizing charisma and selecting a bard college that aligns with your preferred playstyle, you can optimize your character’s abilities and enhance their performance on the battlefield.

Feats play a crucial role in further enhancing your Aasimar Bard’s capabilities. Consider options like War Caster for improved spellcasting, Fey Touched for increased charisma and the Misty Step spell, or Lucky for an edge in ability checks. Exploring multiclass options with classes like Rogue or Warlock can provide additional skills or martial prowess.

Mastering the art of spell selection and utilization is key to unlocking the full potential of your Aasimar Bard. With access to a diverse range of enchantment, transmutation, and illusion spells, you have the power to shape the battlefield and support your allies. Make use of your bardic inspiration to provide bonuses and inspiration to your fellow adventurers.

Lastly, don’t forget to infuse your Aasimar Bard with a compelling backstory and roleplay. Embrace their celestial heritage, and work with your Dungeon Master to incorporate their unique abilities into the narrative of your campaign. Let your imagination soar as you become the celestial-infused musical hero that is the Aasimar Bard!


What are the benefits of playing an Aasimar Bard in DND 5E?

Aasimar Bards offer a +2 bonus to charisma, which is crucial for spellcasting. The Protector subrace, in particular, provides the ability to fly at level 3 and deal extra radiant damage.

Which bard colleges should be considered for an Aasimar Bard?

The College of Swords is an option for a more physical approach, while the College of Eloquence and College of Lore offer increased bardic inspiration usage and the ability to influence enemy rolls, respectively.

Are there any recommended feats for an Aasimar Bard?

Yes, War Caster is highly recommended for spellcasters, Fey Touched increases charisma and provides the useful Misty Step spell, and Lucky is beneficial for bards who roll many ability checks.

What types of spells and abilities do Aasimar Bards have access to?

Aasimar Bards have a wide range of spells, with a focus on enchantment, transmutation, and illusion. Bardic Inspiration is a key ability that provides bonuses to allies.

Which classes synergize well with Aasimar Bards?

Aasimar Bards synergize well with various classes such as Artificer, Barbarian, Cleric, Druid, and Warlock, offering healing, damage resistances, and additional skills.

What are the different versions and subraces of Aasimar?

The Dungeon Master’s Guide variant introduced the concept, Volo’s Guide to Monsters offers three subraces with transformation abilities, Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything introduced custom origins, and Monsters of the Multiverse updated the Aasimar’s transformation traits.

Which classes are recommended for Aasimar Bards?

Artificers, Barbarians, Clerics, Druids, and Warlocks can all benefit from the unique traits and abilities of Aasimar Bards.

How can I optimize my Aasimar Bard?

Consider your desired playstyle and the role within your party, choose the appropriate bard college, select feats that enhance your abilities, plan your spells and ability usage carefully, and customize your character’s backstory and roleplay to create a unique and immersive experience.

How can I effectively play an Aasimar Bard?

Develop your character’s backstory and motivations based on their celestial heritage, consider how their abilities and personality shape their interactions with the world, and discuss with your DM about incorporating your Aasimar’s heritage into the campaign setting.

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