137+ BEST Airpod Names Ideas (Cool, Funny)

Airpods are a staple of many people’s lives, providing sound for music, podcasts, phone calls, and more.

Whether you’re an iPhone user or an Android user, there’s a good chance you own a pair of Airpods.

While they’re great for listening to music and other audio content, one of the best things about Airpods is that they’re so easy to personalize.

You can change the name of your Airpods to anything you want, which is perfect for people who like to give their devices personality.

You can do this informally or within your Bluetooth setting.

If you’re looking for some inspiration for what to name your Airpods, we’ve got you covered. Here are over 100 different ideas for names that you can use for your own Airpods.

Best Airpod Names

1) Aces

2) Athens and Sparta

3) R & L

4) Flexpods

5) Batman and Robin

6) Tom and Jerry

7) Airheads

8) Drake and Josh

9) Thelma and Louise

10) Lindsay and Samantha

11) Paris and Nicole

12) Sonny and Cher

13) Bonnie and Clyde

14) Oliver and Company

15) The Odd Couple

16) Simon and Garfunkel

17) Lewis and Clark

18) Batman Beyond

19) Cheech and Chong

20) Laverne and Shirley

21) Bert and Ernie

22) Beavis and Butt-head

23) Ren and Stimpy

24) Pinky and the Brain

25) Salt-n-Pepa

26) Bolton & Cody

27) Tag Team

28) The A-Team

29) Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

30) The Real Housewives of ______

31) 2 Peas in a Pod

How to Change Airpods Name: For Airpods Pro/2/1 Name in 1 Minute

Funny Airpod Names

1) Cow and Chicken

2) Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

3) Abbott and Costello

4) Laurel and Hardy

5) Penguin and Batgirl

6) R2D2 and C3PO

7) Thelma and Louise

8) Pinky and the Brain

9) Beavis and Butt-head

10) Ren and Stimpy

11) Batman and Robin

12) Superman and Lois Lane

13) Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor

14) Aquaman and Mera

15) The Flash and Iris West

16) Green Lantern and Carol Ferris

17) Hawkman and Hawkgirl

18) Martian Manhunter and Miss Martian

19) Zatanna and John Constantine

20] Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy

21) Catwoman and Batwoman

22) Supergirl and Power Girl

23) Batgirl and Robin

24) Aquagirl and Aqualad

25) The Titans

26) Young Justice

27) The Justice League

28] The Avengers

29] Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends

30] X-Men: Evolution

Cool Airpod Names

1) Yin and Yang

2) Neil and Buzz

3) Mario and Luigi

4) Sonic and Tails

5) Bill and Ted

6) Jay and Silent Bob

7) Bebop and Rocksteady

8) Ren and Stimpy

9) Pinky and the Brain

10) Batman and Robin

11) Superman and Lois Lane

12) Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor

13] Aquaman and Mera

14] The Flash and Iris West

15] Green Lantern and Carol Ferris

16] Hawkman and Hawkgirl

17) Martian Manhunter and Miss Martian

18] Zatanna and John Constantine

19] Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy

20] Catwoman and Batwoman

21] Supergirl and Power Girl

Good Airpod Names

1) No Wires

2) Wirefree Thingies

3) Hearing Aides

4) Thingymajigs

5) Airbuds

6) Bluetooth Babies

7) Ear candy

8) In-ear headphones

9) Listening devices

10) Sound machines

11) Wearable speakers

12) Wireless earphones

13) Wireless headphones

14) Plug and play (for people who like simple things)

15) Music to my ears (for music lovers)

16) Life savers (for when you need them the most)

17) hearing helpers (for when your hearing isn’t what it used to be)

18) Eargasms (for when they feel amazing)

19) To drown out the haters (or simply for noise cancellation purposes lol)

Cute Airpod Names

1) Da Besties

2) Bugs and Daffy

3) Mickey and Minnie

4) Donald and Daisy

5) Goofy and Pluto

6) Chip and Dale

7) Cinderella and Prince Charming

8) Sleeping Beauty and Prince Phillip

9) Ariel and Eric

10) Belle and Beast

11] Jasmine and Aladdin

12] Pocahontas and John Smith

13] Mulan and Shang Li

14] Tiana and Naveen

15] Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder

16] Merida and Princess Elinor

17] Anna and Kristoff

18] Elsa and Olaf

19] Moana and Maui

20] Jack Sparrow and Will Turner

Airpod Names for Girls

1) Mickie and Minnie

2) Lizzy and Lilly

3) Tara and Tia

4) Sasha and Sassy

5) Abbey and Brooklyn

6) Daisy and Dixie

7) Callie and Carly

8) Josie and Jazzy

9) Kaylee and Kylie

10) Rowan and Raven

11) Willow and Windy

12) Skye and Starry

Clever Airpod Names

1) Modern Hearing Aides

2) Ear Hooks

3) The music is playing

4) Things stuck in my ears

5) Modern headphones

6) Wireless earbuds

7) Bluetooth headset

8) AWOL (Absent Without Leave)

9) BAE (Before Anyone Else)

10) C.R.E.A.M (Cash Rules Everything Around Me)

11) Dope

12) Fam

13) Fly

14) Freshas

15) G’s

16) Gangstas

17) Hardies

18) Hoodies

19) Jiggies

Creative Airpod Names

1) Buggies

2) Doodads

3) Gizmos

4) Whatsits

5) Thingamajigs

6) Gadgets

7) Doohickeys

8) Accoutrements

9) Trinkets

10) Baubles

Anime Airpod Names

1) Naruto and Sasuke

2) Goku and Vegeta

3) Ichigo and Rukia

4) Edward and Alphonse

5) Simon and Kamina

6) Natsu and Lucy

7) Inuyasha and Kagome

8] Sanzo and Goku

9] Kenshin and Kaoru

10] Rurouni and Megumi

11] Ace Attorney and Apollo Justice

12] Cowboy Bebop and Spike Spiegel

13] Wolf’s Rain and Kiba

14] Samurai Champloo and Mugen

15] Soul Eater and Maka Albarn

16] One Piece and Monkey D. Luffy

17] Fairy Tail and Natsu Dragneel

Airpod Names for Guys

1) Tony and Steve

2) Logan and Scott

3) Oliver and Barry

4) Archie and Jughead

5) Kyle and Stan

6) Bob and Larry

7) Tommy and Chuckie

8] Leonardo and Raphael

9) Michelangelo and Donatello

10) Simon and Garfunkel

11] Batman and Robin

12] Superman and Lois Lane

13] Aquaman and Mera

14] The Flash and Iris West

15] Green Lantern and Carol Ferris

16] Hawkman and Hawkgirl

17] Martian Manhunter and Miss Martian

18] Zatannaand John Constantine

FAQs – Airpod Names

Why do people name their Airpods?

There are a few reasons people might choose to name their Airpods.

For some, it may simply be a way to keep track of left and right, or to distinguish between multiple sets they own.

Others may see it as a fun way to personalize their tech, and still others may do it for easy identification if they lose one.

What are some popular Airpod names?

Some popular Airpod names include “Buggies,” “Doodads,” “Gizmos,” “Whatsits,” and “Thingamajigs.”

Other creative options include naming them after characters from favorite movies or TV shows, or giving them humorous nicknames.

Can you change the name of your Airpods?

Of course, they’re yours 🙂

If you come up with a better name later on, or simply want to try something different, you can easily change the name of your Airpods in your Bluetooth settings if you’ve officially done it that way.

Conclusion – Airpod Names

So there you have it!

Whether you’re looking for a fun way to personalize your tech, or just want an easy way to keep track of left and right, giving your Airpods a name can be a great solution.

And if you ever get tired of the name you chose, remember that you can always change it in your Bluetooth settings.


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