97+ BEST Nicknames For Short People [Creative, Funny]

Short people have always been given various nicknames. But most of them are usually not so nice.

So, if you have a friend who is short, what nickname would you give him or her?

We have collected the best nicknames for short people.

But as always, be respectful and courteous, as no one likes to have personal or physical flaws pointed out.

Best Nicknames for Short People

1. Shorty

2. Shrimpy

3. Petite

4. Mini

5. Tiny

6. Little

7. Small Fry

8. Kid

9. Lilliputian

10. Dinky

11. Bantam

12. Pint-Sized

13. Peewee

14. Teeny weeny

15. Itsy bitsy

16. Tike

Popular Nicknames for Short People

1) Short Stuff

2) vertically challenged

3) Shorty McShortface

4) The little one

5) The runt of the litter

6) vertically blessed/fortunate

7) body by hobbit

8) pocket rocket

9) fun size

10) power pixie

11) action figure

12) lego person

Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) and Kevin Hart: Tall people vs short people

Funny Nicknames for Short People

1) Shrimpy

2) Small Fry

3) Kid

4) Lilliputian

5) Dinky

6) Bantam

7) Pint-Sized

8) Peewee

9) Teeny Weeny

10) Itsy Bitsy

11) Short Stuff

12) vertically challenged

13) Shorty McShortface

Good Short People Nicknames

1) Pockets

2) Munchkin

3) Peanut

4) Short Stack

5) Dumpy

6) Stumpy

7) Wee one

8) Shrimp

9) Midge

10) Elf

11) Hobbit

Cute Nicknames for Short People

1) Shortie

2) Lil’ bit

3) Tiny

4) Petite

5) Mini-me

6) Itty-bitty

7) teensy-weensy

8) wee one

9) small fry

10) little buddy/lil’ buddy

Cool Nicknames for a Short Guy

1) Lil bud

2) Shorty

3) Smalls

4) Mini me

5) vertically challenged

6) T-Rex

7) Hobbit

8) Napoleon

9) Munchkin

10) Peanut

Creative Nicknames for Short People

1) “The Mighty Mite”

2) “The Pocket Rocket”

3) “The Lilliputian”

4) “The vertically challenged”

5) “Shorty”

6) “Mini Me”

7) “Tiny Tim”

8) “Napoleon”

9) “Shrimp”

10) “Pixie”

11) “Elfin”

12) “Thumbelina”

13) “Midget”

14) “Tom Thumb”

15) “Midgey’

16) ‘Gnome’

17) ‘Hobbit’

18) ‘Brownie’

19) ‘Pee Wee’

20) ‘Half Pint’

21) ‘Knee High to a Grasshopper’

22) ‘Button’

23) ‘Dinky Doo’

24) ‘Honey Bun’

25) ‘Sugar Plum’

26) ‘Tootsie Roll’

27) ‘Cupcake’

28) ‘Diminutive Darling’

29) ‘Itty Bitty Bit’

30) ‘Lulu Belle’

31) ‘(name)’s Little Shadow”

32) “Light in the Loafers”

33) “Shrimpy

Tips for Choosing a Nickname for a Short Person

1. Be respectful and avoid any negative connotations.

2. Try to be creative and have fun with it.

3. Choose a nickname that the person can easily identify with.

4. Avoid nicknames that are too long or difficult to pronounce.

5. Keep it simple and sweet.

FAQs – Nicknames For Short People

What are some good nicknames for short people?

Some of the best nicknames for short people include “Shorty”, “Shrimpy”, “Mini Me”, “Tiny Tim”, and “Napoleon”.

What are some funny nicknames for short people?

Some of the funniest nicknames for short people include “Lilliputian”, “Dinky”, “Bantam”, and “Pint-Sized”.

What are some creative nicknames for short people?

Some of the most creative nicknames for short people include “The Mighty Mite”, “The Pocket Rocket”, and “The vertically challenged”.

Which Nickname Is Perfect for You?

Conclusion – Nicknames For Short People

We hope you enjoyed our collection of the best nicknames for short people.

Be sure to be respectful when choosing a nickname for someone, as no one likes to have physical flaws pointed out.

With that said, have fun and be creative!


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