Best Medieval Movies (List)

Step into the world of knights, castles, and epic battles with the best medieval movies. These films provide a window into the medieval period, captivating viewers with tales of chivalry, honor, and intrigue. From historical sagas to fantastical adventures, these movies offer a thrilling escape into a bygone era.

Whether you’re a history enthusiast or simply seeking entertainment, the top medieval films have something to offer everyone. These movies combine meticulous research, stunning visuals, and captivating storytelling to bring the Middle Ages to life on the big screen.

Must-watch medieval movies transport you back in time, immersing you in the sights and sounds of the medieval world. From grand historical epics to imaginative fantasy tales, these films showcase the diversity of the medieval era, drawing you into stories of valor, love, and betrayal.

Discover unforgettable characters like Robin Hood, the legendary outlaw who robs from the rich to give to the poor. Experience the thrilling adventures of Robert the Bruce as he leads a rebellion against oppressive forces in medieval Scotland. Or delve into the darker side of the era, exploring themes of revenge and redemption in powerful dramas.

So grab your popcorn and prepare to be transported to a world of knights, kingdoms, and medieval marvels. These iconic medieval movies are sure to leave you spellbound, as you journey through a captivating era that continues to captivate audiences to this day.

Best Medieval Movies

Key Takeaways:

  • Best medieval movies offer a captivating glimpse into the Middle Ages, combining history and entertainment.
  • From historical epics to fantasy tales, these films transport viewers to a world of knights and castles.
  • Must-watch medieval movies feature unforgettable characters and compelling storylines.
  • These films showcase the diversity of the medieval era, from chivalry and honor to dark themes of revenge.
  • Prepare to be spellbound as you journey through the captivating world of knights, kingdoms, and medieval marvels.

Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves (1991)

Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves is one of the most popular versions of the legendary tale of Robin Hood. The film follows Robin as he returns home from the Third Crusade to find his father dead at the hands of the evil Sheriff of Nottingham. With a memorable performance by Alan Rickman as the Sheriff and an iconic portrayal by Kevin Costner as Robin Hood, this medieval movie captures the essence of the legendary outlaw.

Memorable Performances and Iconic Portrayals

Alan Rickman’s portrayal of the Sheriff of Nottingham is one of the standout performances in Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves. His menacing presence and sly wit bring depth to the character, making him a memorable antagonist. On the other hand, Kevin Costner’s portrayal of Robin Hood resonates with viewers, portraying the iconic hero with charisma and charm.

“I’m going to cut your heart out with a spoon!” – Sheriff of Nottingham

A Journey Through Sherwood Forest

Sherwood Forest plays a vital role in Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves, acting as the backdrop for the legendary outlaw’s adventures. From daring escapes to hidden hideouts, the lush forest comes alive on screen, adding an enchanting and immersive element to the movie.

The Battle Against the Sheriff

The central conflict in the film revolves around Robin Hood’s quest to defeat the Sheriff of Nottingham and restore justice to the land. Through epic battles and daring rescues, Robin and his band of Merry Men take on the Sheriff’s oppressive rule, making for thrilling and action-packed scenes.

A Timeless Tale Retold

Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves breathes new life into the medieval Robin Hood story, captivating audiences with its blend of adventure, romance, and swashbuckling heroics. The film’s enduring popularity is a testament to its ability to transport viewers to a world of honor, justice, and the triumph of good over evil.

Outlaw King (2018)

Outlaw King is a medieval Netflix movie that serves as a spiritual sequel to the iconic film Braveheart. Starring Chris Pine as Robert the Bruce, the film depicts the Scottish rebellion against English rule during the medieval era. While it may not be entirely historically accurate, Outlaw King delivers a compelling story of bravery, sacrifice, and the struggle for independence.

Set in the aftermath of William Wallace’s death, Outlaw King follows Robert the Bruce’s journey as he takes up the mantle of leadership and rallies the Scottish people against their English oppressors. Chris Pine delivers a powerful performance, capturing the complexities of Robert the Bruce and his determination to free Scotland from English control.

The movie showcases stunning visuals that transport viewers back to the medieval era, immersing them in the rugged landscapes of Scotland and the brutality of medieval warfare. The battle sequences are especially captivating, highlighting the intensity and chaos of the Scottish rebellion.

While Outlaw King may take some creative liberties with the historical events, it successfully conveys the spirit of the Scottish rebellion and the struggle for freedom. The film serves as a reminder of the courage and resilience of those who fought against unjust rule during this tumultuous period in history.

The Virgin Spring (1960)

The Virgin Spring, directed by Ingmar Bergman, is a Swedish medieval movie that delves into the dark side of the era. With its powerful storytelling and thought-provoking themes, this film has left a lasting impact on audiences and critics alike.

Set in medieval Sweden, The Virgin Spring tells the gripping tale of a father’s quest for revenge after his daughter is sexually assaulted and murdered by three men. The movie explores the complexities of human nature, the clash between morality and violence, and the devastating consequences of unchecked evil.

The Virgin Spring confronts viewers with the harsh realities of medieval life and the deeply ingrained violence that permeated society. Ingmar Bergman’s masterful direction and the stunning performances by the cast create a deeply visceral and emotionally charged experience.

The Virgin Spring received critical acclaim upon its release and went on to win the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. Bergman’s artistic vision and storytelling prowess are on full display in this haunting and captivating movie.

Key Themes and Symbolism

The Virgin Spring explores themes such as justice, vengeance, and the nature of evil. It raises profound questions about the human condition and the complexities of morality. The film also incorporates elements of religious symbolism, with the characters grappling with faith and the search for meaning in a violent world.

Impact and Legacy

The Virgin Spring’s exploration of dark and controversial subject matter set it apart from other medieval movies of its time. Its unflinching portrayal of sexual assault and its aftermath sparked discussion and reflection on the complexities of revenge and justice in society.

“The Virgin Spring forces us to confront the darkness within ourselves and the moral dilemmas that define us as human beings. It is a powerful testament to Ingmar Bergman’s storytelling genius and his ability to provoke thought and introspection.” – Film Critic

This Swedish masterpiece continues to be hailed as one of the most important and influential films in cinematic history. Its impact reaches beyond the medieval genre, inspiring filmmakers and storytellers to explore challenging themes with depth and authenticity.

Director Country Release Year Awards
Ingmar Bergman Sweden 1960 Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film

Alexander Nevsky (1938)

Alexander Nevsky, directed by Sergei Eisenstein, is a medieval Russian war movie set in the 13th century. The film follows the heroic story of Alexander Nevsky, a warrior-saint who leads his troops to defend Russia against the German knights of the Teutonic Order. Praised for its stunning visuals and portrayal of battle, Alexander Nevsky remains a highly regarded medieval movie.

With Sergei Eisenstein’s masterful direction, Alexander Nevsky presents a gripping and visually captivating depiction of medieval warfare. The film showcases breathtaking battle sequences that are both intense and realistic, immersing viewers in the heat of the action.

“Fear not, brave Russians! Onward, to victory!”

Eisenstein’s attention to detail and meticulous craftsmanship shine through in every scene, capturing the essence of the medieval Russian landscape and immersing audiences in the historical context of the Teutonic Order’s invasion. The film’s powerful cinematography and evocative score further enhance the viewing experience, heightening the emotional impact of Alexander Nevsky’s heroic journey.

The Warrior-Saint Against the Teutonic Order

In Alexander Nevsky, the eponymous protagonist represents the epitome of honor, courage, and determination. As the leader of the Russian forces, he rallies his fellow countrymen to stand against the ruthless Teutonic Order, who seek to oppress and conquer. Alexander Nevsky’s unwavering commitment to protecting his homeland and its people embodies the warrior-saint archetype, solidifying his place in Russian history and legend.

The conflict between Alexander Nevsky and the Teutonic Order serves as a backdrop for the broader themes of national identity and the resilience of the Russian people in the face of adversity. The film explores the complexities of war, loyalty, and sacrifice, shedding light on the struggles and triumphs of medieval Russia.

The Legacy of Alexander Nevsky

Alexander Nevsky’s enduring legacy can be attributed to its profound impact on both Russian and international cinema. The film’s innovative techniques and compelling storytelling influenced future generations of filmmakers and established Eisenstein as a visionary director.

Furthermore, Alexander Nevsky’s exploration of historical events and its depiction of a national hero have solidified its place as a cultural touchstone in Russia. The film celebrates the valor and resilience of the Russian people, serving as a source of national pride and inspiration. Its enduring popularity is a testament to its enduring relevance and captivating storytelling.

The Green Knight (2021)

Experience the captivating world of medieval fantasy with The Green Knight. This visually stunning movie is a mesmerizing adaptation of the renowned poem “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.” Starring Dev Patel as Gawain, the film takes viewers on a thought-provoking journey as Gawain embarks on a quest to prove his nobility when faced with a mysterious challenge from the Green Knight.

With its superb cinematography and attention to detail, The Green Knight transports audiences to a vividly portrayed medieval world. From the majestic landscapes to the fantastical elements, every frame of the film immerses viewers in the rich tapestry of Arthurian legend.

Dev Patel delivers a captivating performance as Gawain, brilliantly capturing the complexities and growth of the character throughout his arduous journey. His portrayal adds depth and vulnerability to the hero’s quest, making it even more relatable and engrossing.

Embrace the allure of medieval fantasy and explore the enduring themes of chivalry, honor, and destiny in The Green Knight. Experience the blend of Arthurian legend and breathtaking visuals that make this movie a must-watch for fans of medieval fantasy.

Key Details

Release Year Director Lead Actor
2021 David Lowery Dev Patel

The King (2019)

The King is a medieval Netflix movie that brings to life the fascinating story of King Henry V. Directed by David Michôd, this film draws inspiration from several William Shakespeare plays, including “Henry IV” and “Henry V.” With Timothée Chalamet in the lead role, The King explores the transformation of Henry V from a young and inexperienced king to a courageous warrior.

The movie centers around the Battle of Agincourt, one of the most significant conflicts of the Hundred Years’ War. This pivotal event in history marked a turning point for Henry V and his kingdom, showcasing his strategic brilliance and leadership qualities.

Throughout the film, viewers witness Henry V’s journey as he faces political challenges, enters into diplomatic negotiations, and ultimately leads his army into battle. The King skillfully examines the complex world of medieval politics and warfare, offering a fresh perspective on this iconic historical figure.

“Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.”

The King stands out not only for its compelling narrative but also for the impressive performances of its cast. Timothée Chalamet’s portrayal of Henry V captures the complexities of the character, showcasing his inner struggles and growth. The movie also features exceptional supporting performances by actors such as Robert Pattinson and Joel Edgerton.

Visually stunning and thematically rich, The King presents a thought-provoking exploration of power, responsibility, and the human cost of leadership. It successfully blends Shakespearean elements with historical accuracy, creating a captivating cinematic experience.

El Cid (1961)

El Cid is an epic medieval movie that takes audiences on a thrilling journey through the 11th century. Starring Charlton Heston as the legendary Spanish warrior Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar, also known as El Cid, this film brings to life the captivating story of a hero who fought to unify Christian Spain against the Moors.

Featuring stunning battle scenes and breathtaking landscapes, El Cid transports viewers to a time of chivalry, honor, and epic battles. The film showcases Charlton Heston’s powerful performance, portraying the strength and courage of Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar.

El Cid is not only a captivating medieval Spanish movie but also a cinematic masterpiece that has stood the test of time. This epic tale of courage, love, and loyalty has become a classic in the genre of medieval movies, captivating audiences with its gripping narrative and memorable characters.

The legendary Charlton Heston and Sophia Loren deliver exceptional performances, bringing depth and authenticity to their roles. Their on-screen chemistry further enhances the compelling story, creating a truly unforgettable cinematic experience.

El Cid is a must-watch for anyone interested in medieval history, epic battles, and captivating storytelling. Its historical accuracy and attention to detail, coupled with its enthralling plot, make it a landmark film in the genre. Whether you’re a fan of medieval movies or simply appreciate exceptional filmmaking, El Cid is a true cinematic masterpiece that should not be missed.

Take a look at the table below for a quick overview of El Cid:

Title Release Year Director Starring
El Cid 1961 Anthony Mann Charlton Heston, Sophia Loren


The world of medieval movies offers a captivating glimpse into a bygone era of chivalry, honor, and conflict. From legendary tales like Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves to epic historical dramas like El Cid, these films transport viewers to a time of knights, castles, and courtly intrigue.

One of the defining features of the best medieval movies is their ability to present epic battles in all their grandeur. Whether it’s the clash of swords on a muddy battlefield or the thunderous charge of armored knights, these films bring the intensity and scale of medieval warfare to life.

But it’s not just action-packed battles that make medieval movies so compelling. The genre also delves into timeless tales of love, honor, and sacrifice. From the mythical legends of King Arthur to the poignant stories of ordinary people caught in the tumultuous events of medieval Europe, these films explore the human condition within the medieval context.

Courtly intrigue, with its web of alliances, betrayals, and political maneuvering, is another hallmark of the best medieval movies. These films offer a glimpse into the complex power dynamics of the Middle Ages, where the pursuit of power and influence often overshadowed notions of morality and justice.


What are the best medieval movies?

The best medieval movies include Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves, Outlaw King, The Virgin Spring, Alexander Nevsky, The Green Knight, The King, and El Cid.

Who stars in Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves?

Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves stars Kevin Costner as Robin Hood and Alan Rickman as the Sheriff of Nottingham.

What is Outlaw King about?

Outlaw King is a Netflix original medieval movie that serves as a spiritual sequel to Braveheart. It follows the rebellion of Robert the Bruce, played by Chris Pine, after the death of William Wallace.

Who directed The Virgin Spring?

The Virgin Spring was directed by Ingmar Bergman, a Swedish director known for his powerful and introspective films.

What is Alexander Nevsky about?

Alexander Nevsky is a medieval Russian war movie directed by Sergei Eisenstein. It tells the story of the warrior-saint Alexander Nevsky defending Russia against the German knights of the Teutonic Order.

Who stars in The Green Knight?

The Green Knight stars Dev Patel as Gawain, the protagonist of the film, who embarks on a quest to prove his nobility.

What is The King based on?

The King is a medieval movie based on several William Shakespeare plays and focuses on the life of King Henry V, portrayed by Timothée Chalamet.

Who stars in El Cid?

El Cid stars Charlton Heston as the legendary Spanish warrior Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar, known as El Cid, and Sophia Loren as his love interest.

What can I expect from the best medieval movies?

The best medieval movies offer captivating portrayals of epic battles, courtly intrigue, and timeless tales from the medieval period.

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