Best Towns & Cities in Rhode Island

Rhode Island may be small, but it offers breathtaking lighthouse views, luxurious resorts, and some of New England’s best beaches. Explore the charm of Rhode Island by visiting the best towns and cities in the state. From Barrington, a popular suburb of Providence, to Kingston, known for its access to fantastic schools, there is something for everyone in Rhode Island’s diverse communities.

Best Towns & Cities in Rhode Island

Key Takeaways:

  • Rhode Island’s small size belies its natural beauty and luxury amenities.
  • There are diverse communities throughout the state, offering a range of attractions and benefits.
  • Barrington and Kingston are highly regarded for their top-quality schools and welcoming environments.
  • Jamestown provides residents with island living and convenient access to the mainland.
  • Blackstone offers urban living with convenient commuting options to nearby cities.

Barrington – The Best Place to Live in Rhode Island

Barrington is widely recognized as the best place to live in Rhode Island. This charming town offers a high quality of life and a strong sense of community. Whether you’re a family looking for top-notch education or an individual seeking a welcoming environment, Barrington has something to offer.

One of Barrington’s biggest draws is its outstanding public schools. The town is home to Barrington High School, consistently ranked as one of the best public high schools in Rhode Island. It provides students with a comprehensive education and a wide range of extracurricular activities.

In addition to its excellent schools, Barrington boasts a diverse range of housing options. From grand waterfront estates to cozy family homes, there’s a perfect home for every individual or family. Many properties in Barrington offer stunning views of the Providence River, allowing residents to wake up to breathtaking scenery every day.

The sense of community in Barrington is unparalleled. The town hosts various community activities that bring residents together, fostering a strong bond among neighbors. From summer concerts in the park to farmer’s markets showcasing local produce, there’s always something happening in Barrington.

“Barrington offers an unbeatable combination of top-notch public schools, beautiful housing options, and a warm community atmosphere. It truly is the best place to live in Rhode Island.” – Resident of Barrington

Housing Options in Barrington

Type of Housing Description
Waterfront Estates Luxurious properties with stunning views of the Providence River
Family Homes Cozy houses perfect for raising a family
Townhouses Low-maintenance living with shared amenities
Condominiums Modern, upscale units with convenient access to amenities

Barrington truly offers the best of Rhode Island living. With its exceptional public schools, diverse housing options, and vibrant community activities, it’s no wonder that Barrington is considered the best place to live in Rhode Island.

Kingston – A Close Second to Barrington

Kingston, a charming suburb of Providence, offers affordable rental options and a strong sense of community that make it a close runner-up to Barrington. This vibrant town provides residents with access to fantastic schools and a thriving atmosphere.

One of the main draws of Kingston is its affordable rental options, making it an attractive choice for individuals and families looking for more budget-friendly housing. Whether you’re interested in apartments or houses, Kingston offers a range of affordable options to suit various preferences and budgets.

Another notable feature of Kingston is its proximity to the University of Rhode Island (URI) campus. With URI situated right in Kingston, residents have numerous opportunities to engage in campus activities, attend sporting events, and participate in community-oriented events like farmers markets and local concerts. This close connection to the university adds vibrancy and a youthful energy to the town.

Residents of Kingston rave about the strong sense of community that permeates the town. Neighbors come together to support one another and participate in a variety of community events and initiatives. Whether it’s joining a local club, attending neighborhood gatherings, or volunteering for community service projects, there are ample opportunities to foster relationships and establish a sense of belonging in Kingston.

“Living in Kingston has been such a joy. The affordability of rentals allowed me to comfortably settle down here, and the sense of community is truly amazing. There’s always something happening, from local concerts to farmers markets. It truly feels like a tight-knit, welcoming place to call home!” – Kingston Resident

At a Glance: Kingston

Key Features Details
Affordable Rental Options Wide range of budget-friendly housing options available
Proximity to University of Rhode Island Access to campus events, sports, and community-oriented activities
Sense of Community Engaging in local clubs, gatherings, and volunteer opportunities

Jamestown – Island Life with Mainland Convenience

Jamestown offers residents a taste of island life while remaining well-connected to the mainland. Located between Block Island Sound and Buzzards Bay, this town provides stunning views and easy commuting options with Highway 138. Residents of Jamestown enjoy the unique experience of living on the second-largest island in Narragansett Bay.

Despite the allure of island life, it’s important to note that house prices in Jamestown are relatively high compared to other towns in Rhode Island. However, residents are rewarded with spacious homes and gardens, creating a sense of tranquility and privacy.

The town’s proximity to the mainland makes commuting convenient for residents who work or attend school outside the island. Highway 138 provides easy access, enabling a smooth transition between the lively island life and the offerings of the mainland.

Living in Jamestown allows residents to embrace the beauty of the island, with its stunning landscapes and serene beaches. The community offers a charming and close-knit atmosphere, where neighbors become friends and lifelong connections are formed.

Blackstone – A City-like Neighborhood in Providence

Blackstone is a vibrant neighborhood located in central Providence, offering residents a taste of urban living with a touch of charm. Known for its lively atmosphere and proximity to downtown, Blackstone provides a unique blend of convenience and community.

Residents of Blackstone enjoy access to excellent schools, making it an ideal choice for families seeking quality education for their children. The neighborhood’s close proximity to prestigious universities, such as Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design, adds to its appeal for students and academics.

When it comes to commuting options, Blackstone offers convenient access to major cities like Boston and New York. However, public transportation in the area could benefit from improvement, so owning a car is necessary for most residents. Nonetheless, the neighborhood’s central location makes it easy to navigate the city and explore all that Providence has to offer.

Blackstone is not only a hub for urban living but also a gateway to recreational activities and cultural attractions. Residents can take advantage of the numerous parks and green spaces scattered throughout the neighborhood, providing a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of city life. Additionally, Blackstone’s vibrant arts scene and proximity to theaters, museums, and galleries offer endless opportunities to indulge in cultural experiences.

To get a better understanding of what Blackstone has to offer, take a look at the table below highlighting some key features of the neighborhood:

Features Description
Education Excellent schools, including proximity to renowned universities
Commuting Options Convenient access to major cities like Boston and New York
Public Transportation Improvement needed; car ownership necessary for most residents
Recreation Abundance of parks and green spaces for outdoor activities
Cultural Attractions Proximity to theaters, museums, galleries, and vibrant arts scene

Whether you’re seeking an urban lifestyle or looking to embrace the fusion of city convenience and community charm, Blackstone offers the best of both worlds. Explore the unique atmosphere and opportunities that await in this dynamic Providence neighborhood.

East Greenwich – Affordability and Safety in the Suburbs

Located in the suburbs of Providence, East Greenwich offers a combination of affordability, suburban living, and safety. With its attractive rental options and a strong sense of community, this town has become a popular choice for individuals and families looking for a high-quality living environment.

One of the biggest advantages of East Greenwich is its affordable rental options. The median monthly rent in this area is below the national average, making it a more accessible choice for those looking to rent a home. Whether you’re a young professional or a small family, East Greenwich provides a range of rental options that suit various budgets and lifestyles.

Although buying a property in East Greenwich may require more financial planning, it offers numerous benefits that make it worth considering. The town boasts excellent public schools, ensuring that families have access to quality education for their children. Additionally, East Greenwich provides a wide range of amenities and recreational activities that enhance the overall quality of life for its residents.

When it comes to safety, East Greenwich excels. The town has low crime rates, providing residents with a secure and peaceful living environment. Whether you’re walking down the streets or enjoying a day at the park, you can feel confident in the safety of East Greenwich.

Key Features of East Greenwich:

  • Affordable rental options
  • Excellent public schools
  • Abundance of amenities
  • Low crime rates

Experience the charm of suburban living with affordable rental options and a safe community in East Greenwich. It’s a town that offers the perfect balance between affordability, quality of life, and peace of mind.

“East Greenwich provides affordable rental options and a safe community, making it an ideal choice for individuals and families looking for a suburban lifestyle.”

Pros Cons
Affordable rental options Median home value above national average
Excellent public schools
Abundance of amenities
Low crime rates

Hope – A Homely Neighborhood in Providence

Hope, a charming neighborhood located on the outskirts of Providence, offers a small and cozy atmosphere that feels like home. It is no wonder that Hope is considered the best neighborhood to buy a house in the Providence area, as it provides a range of housing options to suit different preferences and budgets.

One of the key attractions of Hope is its family-friendly environment. The neighborhood boasts fantastic schools, ensuring that children receive a quality education and allowing parents to feel confident in their choice of residence. Families can take advantage of the excellent educational opportunities available in Hope, nurturing their children’s potential for future success.

In addition to its family-friendly nature, Hope offers residents easy access to parks and running trails, making it a haven for those who enjoy an active lifestyle. Whether you’re taking a leisurely stroll through the park or going for a jog along the scenic trails, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself in nature and stay fit.

Key Features Benefits
Fantastic Schools Quality education for children
Access to Parks Opportunities for outdoor activities and relaxation
Running Trails Stay active and explore the neighborhood’s natural beauty

Living in Hope also means enjoying a range of local amenities, such as charming shops, delightful cafes, and community events. The neighborhood fosters a strong sense of community, making it easy for newcomers to feel welcomed and connected.

With its picturesque streets and friendly neighbors, Hope is the perfect place to settle down and embrace the warmth and comfort of a close-knit community. Whether you’re starting a family or looking for a peaceful and welcoming neighborhood, Hope offers the ideal setting to create lasting memories and forge lifelong friendships.

South Kingstown – A Friendly and Beach-Filled Area

South Kingstown is a welcoming neighborhood located in the southern part of Rhode Island. Renowned for its beautiful beaches and strong sense of community, it attracts residents and visitors alike. With its solid A-rated schools and low crime rates, South Kingstown is especially popular among families looking for a safe and friendly environment.

Residents of South Kingstown enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities, with beach exploration being a favorite pastime. The area boasts several spectacular beaches, where visitors can relax, swim, and soak up the sun. One of the most beloved beaches is East Matunuck State Beach, offering a long stretch of sandy shoreline and picnic areas perfect for family outings.

In addition to its natural beauty, South Kingstown is known for its vibrant community events. Throughout the year, the neighborhood hosts various festivals, art exhibitions, and concerts that bring residents together. These events foster a sense of camaraderie and elicit a warm and inclusive atmosphere.

“South Kingstown is a gem of a neighborhood, with its friendly residents and stunning beaches. It truly feels like a close-knit community where everyone looks out for each other.”

With its idyllic coastal setting and strong community spirit, South Kingstown offers an exceptional quality of life. Whether you’re raising a family or looking for a peaceful place to call home, this neighborhood provides a haven of beauty and togetherness.

North Kingstown – Suburban Living with Easy Commuting

North Kingstown is a charming suburban area located in Rhode Island, offering its residents a peaceful and relaxed lifestyle. One of the key advantages of living in North Kingstown is the short commute, allowing residents to spend less time on the road and more time enjoying their lives.

If you value your health and fitness, North Kingstown has you covered. The town offers a range of health and fitness facilities, including gyms, yoga studios, and outdoor recreational areas. Whether you prefer working out at a state-of-the-art fitness center or going for a jog in the picturesque parks, North Kingstown has something to suit every fitness enthusiast.

When it comes to education, North Kingstown is home to excellent schools that prioritize the academic and personal development of their students. Parents can rest assured knowing that their children are receiving a quality education and preparing for a successful future.

“North Kingstown offers the perfect blend of suburban living and convenient commuting options, making it an ideal choice for families and individuals seeking a balanced lifestyle.”

Living in North Kingstown also provides residents with easy access to the stunning waterways. Whether you enjoy fishing, boating, or simply taking in the beautiful waterfront views, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to indulge in these activities in and around the town.

Overall, North Kingstown combines the benefits of suburban living, convenient commuting, health and fitness facilities, and excellent schools. It’s a town that truly offers a well-rounded and fulfilling lifestyle for its residents.

North Kingstown Facilities and Amenities

Facilities Amenities
Health and Fitness Facilities Gyms, yoga studios, outdoor recreational areas
Education Excellent schools prioritizing student development
Waterfront Activities Fishing, boating, picturesque views


Rhode Island is a hidden gem when it comes to finding the best towns and cities to live in. From Barrington to North Kingstown, each community offers its own unique charm and advantages that make it stand out. Whether you’re searching for top-rated schools, breathtaking beaches, or a tight-knit community, Rhode Island has it all.

Discover the beauty and allure of Barrington, where you can enjoy a high-quality lifestyle with excellent public schools and stunning waterfront properties along the Providence River. Experience the vibrant energy of Kingston, a close second to Barrington, with its affordable rental options and proximity to the prestigious University of Rhode Island.

If island life is your dream, Jamestown offers the perfect mix of tranquility and convenience, situated between Block Island Sound and Buzzards Bay. Or, if you prefer an urban atmosphere, explore Blackstone in Providence, where you can live amidst cultural attractions and easy access to major cities.

Find affordability and safety in East Greenwich, a desirable suburban area with excellent schools and low crime rates. Looking for a family-friendly neighborhood? Hope, on the outskirts of Providence, offers fantastic schools and plenty of recreational opportunities. And for those seeking sun, sand, and a tight-knit community, South Kingstown’s friendly atmosphere and beautiful beaches make it an ideal choice.

Finally, enjoy the short commute and excellent schools of North Kingstown, a suburban area with access to water activities and a vibrant nightlife scene. No matter which town or city you choose, Rhode Island is full of opportunities for a high quality of life and unforgettable experiences.


What are the best towns and cities in Rhode Island?

The best towns and cities in Rhode Island include Barrington, Kingston, Jamestown, Blackstone, East Greenwich, Hope, South Kingstown, and North Kingstown.

Why is Barrington considered one of the best places to live in Rhode Island?

Barrington is considered one of the best places to live in Rhode Island due to its outstanding public schools, beautiful properties overlooking the Providence River, and its warm and welcoming community atmosphere.

What makes Kingston a close second to Barrington?

Kingston is a close second to Barrington because it offers residents access to fantastic schools, affordable rental options, and a vibrant community atmosphere, thanks to the presence of the University of Rhode Island campus.

What advantages does living in Jamestown offer?

Living in Jamestown offers residents a taste of island life while remaining well-connected to the mainland. It provides stunning views, easy commuting options with Highway 138, and the safety of living in the second-largest island in Narragansett Bay.

What is the urban atmosphere in Blackstone like?

Blackstone is a neighborhood in central Providence known for its urban atmosphere. It offers residents access to excellent schools, convenient commuting options to cities like Boston and New York, and proximity to parks, cultural attractions, and job opportunities.

Is East Greenwich an affordable place to live?

East Greenwich offers affordable rental options and a safe community. While buying a property in East Greenwich may require more financial planning, the town provides excellent public schools, amenities, and low crime rates, making it a popular and accessible choice for families.

Why is Hope considered the best neighborhood to buy a house in the Providence area?

Hope is considered the best neighborhood to buy a house in the Providence area due to its small, homely atmosphere, a range of housing options, access to fantastic schools, great local amenities, and proximity to parks and running trails.

What can you expect from living in South Kingstown?

South Kingstown is a friendly neighborhood with beautiful beaches and a strong sense of community. It offers solid A-rated schools, low crime rates, and an abundance of outdoor activities, including beach exploration and community events.

What are the advantages of living in North Kingstown?

North Kingstown provides a short commute for residents, a range of health and fitness facilities, a diverse nightlife scene, opportunities for fishing and boating, and excellent schools, ensuring a quality education for children.

What are some other top towns and cities in Rhode Island?

Some other top towns and cities in Rhode Island include Newport, Providence, Narragansett, Warwick, and Bristol. Each offers its own unique attractions and amenities.

What are the best places to visit in Rhode Island?

The best places to visit in Rhode Island include Newport with its historic mansions, the charming seaside town of Watch Hill, the magnificent Block Island, and the vibrant city of Providence with its great restaurants and cultural attractions.

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