Bohemian Names

149+ Bohemian Names [Boho Names][Boy, Girl, Pets, Unique]

Bohemian names are used to express individuality, creativity, and freedom.

They can range from traditional names with Bohemian-style spellings to completely unique, one-of-a-kind names.

Whether you are looking for a name that is free-spirited and unique or has historical roots in Bohemia, there’s something perfect for everyone.

In this article, we look at different Boho names across various categories.

These include:

  • Bohemian Names and Meanings
  • Bohemian Names for Girl
  • Bohemian Names for Dogs
  • Bohemian Names for Cats
  • Bohemian Last Names
  • Traditional Bohemian Names
  • Bohemian Names for Business
  • Old Bohemian Names
  • Unique Bohemian Names for Babies
  • Germany Bohemian Names
  • Unique Boho Girl Names
  • Unique Boho Boy Names
  • Boho Beach Names
  • Boho Baby Names Gender-Neutral
  • Indie Baby Names
  • Bohemian Names for Instagram
  • Bohemian Names Generator
  • Medieval Bohemian Names
  • Beautiful Bohemian Names

Bohemian Names and Meanings

These names are steeped in spiritual and creative energy, often containing a special kind of depth and meaning.

Examples include Azariah (“God is my help”) , Padme (“lotus flower”), and Zuzu (“honeybee”).

Bohemian Names for Girl

There are so many unique and beautiful bohemian-style girl names to choose from!

Some popular choices include:

Mariposa (butterfly)

Heda (joyous battle maiden)

Nizana (a flower that blooms)

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Bohemian Names for Dogs

For your furry friend, consider strong Bohemian-style dog names like:




Bohemian Names for Cats

These names evoke a bohemian spirit, with plenty of character and quirk.

Try out these options:

Sabine (an independent-minded woman)

Wyatt (a courageous warrior)

Zephyr (the God of the west wind)

Bohemian Last Names

1) Novotny: derived from an old Czech term meaning “newman” and traditionally associated with the craft of tailoring.

2) Dvorak: derived from a Slavic term for “dweller” or “innkeeper” and referring to those who owned pubs, taverns, and inns in villages.

3) Cerny: a surname related to the Latin word for “black,” typically given to someone with dark hair or complexion.

4) Svoboda: derived from the Czech word for “freedom” and often used by those seeking independence or autonomy.

5) Kriz: likely a shortened version of Kristof or Christopher that refers to someone who follows the teachings of the Christian faith.

6) Hruska: derived from a term for “pear” and often given to those who were merchants dealing in fruits or vegetables.

7) Benda: originated from the German word for “to bend” and traditionally associated with blacksmiths and metalworkers.

8) Kolar: derived from the Czech word for “wheel,” indicating someone who was involved in making wagons or other wheeled transport vehicles.

9) Havlicek: derived from the Old Czech word meaning “little hare,” referring to those who were quick on their feet or had excellent reflexes.

10) Pekar: derived from the Czech word for “baker” and indicating someone who was skilled in baking breads, cakes, and pastries.

Traditional Bohemian Names

Traditional Bohemian Names

Many traditional Bohemian names are still used today!

Examples include classic choices like:

Janice (God is gracious)

Vladimir (ruler of the world)

Katerina (pure)

Bohemian Names for Businesses

When choosing a unique name for your business or brand, consider choosing one with Bohemian influences.

Some good choices are:

Raven Wise Company

Luminous Design Lab

Wildwood Creative Solutions.

Old Bohemian Names

For a nod to the past, try out some old-fashioned Bohemian names like:

Marek (warrior of God)

Vera (faith)

Petr (rock)

Unique Bohemian Names for Babies

Unique Bohemian Names for Babies

If you’re looking for something special and unique for your baby, consider a bohemian name! Unique options include:

Tova (God is good)

Skye (heavenly)

Elodie (wealthy)

Germany Bohemian Names

Some beautiful German-style bohemian names are:

Frieda (peace)

Otto (wealth and fortune)

Lotte (free man)

Unique Boho Girl Names

When looking for a unique girl name, try something from the Bohemian style. Unique options include:

Elora (light of God)

Skylar (scholarly one)

Cayenne (pepper spice)

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Unique Boho Boy Names

Here are some examples of popular Bohemian baby names:

For boys:

  • Zane – Meaning “God is gracious”
  • Kael – Meaning “strong”
  • Dov – Meaning “bear cub”
  • Amias – Meaning “beloved”
  • Saul – Meaning “asked for
  • Cassius (hollow)
  • Indra (ruler)
  • Valentino (strong, healthy).

Boho Beach Names

For a fun and beachy vibe, consider names like:



Mother Ocean

Boho Baby Names Gender-Neutral

Boho Baby Names Gender-Neutral

If you’re looking for something that works for both male and female babies, try out some gender-neutral Bohemian names such as:

• Kaya – Meaning “wise one”

• Quinn – Meaning “wisdom”

• River – Meaning “stream of life”

Indie Baby Names

If you love the indie music scene, there are plenty of unique baby name choices inspired by the lyrics and artists. Some popular indie names include:

• Bowie (David Bowie)

• Lennon (John Lennon)

• Iggy (Iggy Pop).

Bohemian Names for Instagram

If you’re searching for an Instagram name, try something from the bohemian style such as:




Bohemian Names Generator

Looking for a name that’s truly unique? Try out a bohemian name generator! There are plenty of online tools to help you find something one-of-a-kind.

These boho names were automatically generated.

Let’s see how good they are.

• Jadarina (God is strong)

• Aneesha (God’s gracious gift)

• Kaelin (powerful one)

• Soryn (peaceful one).

Bohemian Names Meaning

To find the perfect name for your special someone, it helps to understand what each bohemian name means.

Here are some examples:

Avalon – Meaning “island of apples”

Mariposa – Meaning “butterfly”

Heda – Meaning “joyous battle maiden”

Zuzu – Meaning “honeybee”.

Medieval Bohemian Names

For a truly unique name, consider looking back to the Middle Ages.

Medieval Boheminan names include:

• Gisla (hostage)

• Jovanka (God is gracious)

• Mirek (great ruler).

Modern Bohemian Names

Modern bohemian names are perfect for someone born in this era.

Some examples of modern Bohemian names include:

• Juniper – Meaning “evergreen”

• Zaidee – Meaning “flowering”

• River – Meaning “stream of life”.

Beautiful Bohemian Names

For a truly beautiful name, consider these Bohemian options:

• Olympia (mountain of the gods)

• Zorah (dawning light)

• Silvio (wooded).

Mystical Bohemian Names

For something extra special, try out some mystical bohemian names like:

• Freya – Meaning “Goddess of love and beauty”

• Thalia – Meaning “gift of God”

• Luca – Meaning “bringer of light”.

Animal-Inspired Bohemian Names

If you’re looking for a name with an animal influence, there are plenty to choose from in the bohemian style:

• Phoenix (mythical bird)

• Wolf (wild canine)

• Fox (clever animal).

Vintage Bohemian Names

For a vintage look, check out these bohemian options:

• Daphne – Meaning “laurel tree”

• Ada – Meaning “noble, kind”

• Luna – Meaning “moon”

Celestial Bohemian Names

Finally, if you want to give your baby an otherworldly name, consider something from the celestial realm like:

• Athena – Meaning “goddess of wisdom”

• Aurora – Meaning “dawn”

• Zephyr – Meaning “west wind”.

Full List of Bohemian Names and Meanings

1) Vít: meaning ‘Conqueror’

2) Vojta: meaning ‘Praise’

3) Bohouš: meaning ‘God’s glow’

4) Alžběta: meaning ‘Devoted to God’

5) Květa: meaning ‘Flower’

6) František: meaning ‘Free man of the Franks’

7) Hana: meaning ‘Favored grace’

8) Jára: meaning ‘May God protect’

9) Jiří: meaning ‘Farmer’

10) Marek: meaning ‘Warrior of Mars’

11) Ondřej: meaning ‘Manly and brave’

12) Zdeněk: meaning ‘Defender of the people’

13) Aneta: meaning ‘Grace’

14) Bohumil: meaning ‘God’s favor’

15) Dana: meaning ‘God is my judge’

16) Lukáš: meaning ‘Bringer of light’

17) Pavla: meaning ‘Small or humble’

18) Radek: meaning ‘Happy or contented ruler’

19) Štěpán: meaning ‘Crowned in victory’

20) Viktor: meaning ‘Victorious’

21) Vlastimil: meaning ‘Will of the people’

22) Zuzana: meaning ‘Lily flower’

23) Blanka: meaning ‘White or bright’

24) Jaroslav: meaning ‘Glorious ruler’

25) Karel: meaning ‘Strong and masculine’

26) Libuše: meaning ‘Loved one of God’

27) Martina: meaning ‘Warlike or dedicated to Mars, Roman god of war’

28) Otakar: meaning ‘Wealthy and fortunate’

29) Šimon: meaning ‘He who listens’

30) Václav: meaning ‘More glory’

31) Zita: meaning ‘Little woman’

32) Břetislav: meaning ‘Glorious ruler’

33) Ivana: meaning ‘God is gracious’

34) Klára: meaning ‘Famous or bright’

35) Lenka:meaning ‘Light’

36) Michal: meaning ‘Who is like God?’

37) Petr: meaning ‘Rock’

38) Tereza: meaning ‘Harvester’

39) Veronika: meaning ‘Bringer of victory’

40) Adam: meaning ‘Man of the Earth’

41) Čeněk: meaning ‘Fame of the people’

42) Jan: meaning ‘God is gracious’

43) Kristýna: meaning ‘Christian woman’

44) Ludmila: meaning ‘People’s love’

45) Miloslav: meaning ‘Glorious glory’

46) Radim: meaning ‘Happy and peaceful ruler’

47) Stanislav:meaning ‘Gaining glory’

48) Vilém: meaning ‘Resolute protector or determination for protection.’

49) Antonín: meaning ‘Priceless one’

50) Drahomíra: meaning ‘Beloved of peace’

51) Josef: meaning ‘He will add’

52) Ladislav: meaning ‘Rule with glory’

53) Markéta: meaning ‘Pearl’

54) Renata: meaning ‘Reborn’

55) Šarlota:meaning ‘Feminine form of Charles, which means strong and manly’

56) Vladimír: meaning ‘Peaceful ruler’

57) Barbara: meaning ‘Foreign woman or stranger’

58) Helena: meaning ‘Light or torch’

59) Kamil: meaning ‘Perfection’

60) Mareš: meaning ‘Lord of the sea’

61) Robert: meaning ‘Bright fame’

62) Štefan: meaning ‘Crowned in victory’

63) Vítězslav: meaning ‘Conqueror of glory’

64) Bořek: meaning ‘God shall strengthen’

65) Ignác: meaning ‘Fiery one’

66) Kvido:meaning ‘Brave warrior’

67) Marta: meaning ‘Lady or woman of sorrows’

68) Oldřich:meaning ‘Prosperous ruler’

69) Roman: meaning ‘Citizen of Rome’

70) Tomáš:meaning ‘Twin’

71) Vojtěch: meaning ‘Bringer of joy or happiness’

72) Bohumír: meaning ‘God’s peace or world peace’

73) Janička:meaning ‘God’s gracious gift’

74) Lucie: meaning ‘Light’

75) Milada: meaning ‘Loving grace’

76) Radovan: meaning ‘Joyful and happy one’

No matter which type of bohemian name you choose, it’s sure to be one-of-a-kind! Happy searching!

FAQs – Bohemian Names

What are some Bohemian names?

Some popular Bohemian names include Vít (meaning ‘Conqueror’), Vojta (meaning ‘Praise’), Bohouš (meaning ‘God’s glow’), Alžběta (meaning ‘Devoted to God’), Květa (meaning ‘Flower’), and František (meaning ‘Free man of the Franks’).

What does the name Bohumil mean?

Bohumil is a male name meaning “God’s favor.”

It can also be spelled Bohomil or Bohumír.

What is the most common Bohemian name?

The most common Bohemian name is Jan, which means “God is gracious.”

Other popular Bohemian names include Václav (meaning “More glory”), Karel (meaning “Strong and masculine”), and Zuzana (meaning “Lily flower”).

What is the origin of Bohemian names?

Many Bohemian names are derived from German, Latin, or Czech roots.

The meaning of each name often has special cultural significance, focusing on themes like God’s grace, strength, protection, and victory.

Do all Bohemian names have a meaning?

Yes, most Bohemian names have a specific meaning attached to them.

However, some may not have any particular meaning behind them but rather be chosen for their sound or uniqueness.

Are there any Bohemian names for girls?

Yes, there are many Bohemian names for girls. Some of the most popular ones include Lenka (meaning “Light”), Klára (meaning “Famous or bright”), Tereza (meaning “Harvester”), and Veronika (meaning “Bringer of victory”).

Are there any Bohemian names for boys?

Yes, there are several Bohemian names for boys as well.

Some popular ones include Šimon (meaning ‘He who listens’), Otakar (meaning ‘Wealthy and fortunate’), Michal (meaning ‘Who is like God?’), and Viktor (meaning ‘Victor or conquerer’).

Do all Bohemian names have a religious origin?

No, not all Bohemian names have a religious origin. Some are based on Czech, German, and Latin roots, while others may simply be chosen for their sound or uniqueness.

However, many do have a strong religious connection and may be derived from words and phrases related to Christianity.

For example, Helena means ‘light’ or ‘torch’ in reference to Jesus being the light of the world.

Other examples include Drahomíra which translates to “beloved peace” and Václav meaning “more glory” in reference to God’s glory.

Are there any Bohemian names for twins?

Yes, there are several Bohemian names for twins.

Some examples include Vojtěch and Jakub (meaning ‘Bringer of joy’ and ‘Supplanter’), respectively; David and Daniel (meaning ‘Beloved’ and ‘God is my judge’); or Anna and Eva (meaning ‘Grace’ and ‘Living one’).

Are there any unique Bohemian names?

Yes, there are many unique Bohemian names out there. Some examples include Nikolaj (meaning ‘Victory of the people’), Ladislav (meaning ‘Rule with glory’), and Vlastimil (meaning ‘Prosperous ruler’).

Who were the Bohemians?

The Bohemians were a group of people originating from the western region of the Czech Republic.

They were known for their unique culture and language, as well as their strong religious beliefs.

The Bohemian language is closely related to modern day Czech, Slovak, and Polish languages.

The most famous historical Bohemians include composer Bedřich Smetana, philosopher Jan Hus, and astronomer Johannes Kepler.

Today, the term “Bohemian” is used to describe someone who lives unconventionally or has an artistic lifestyle.

What are some Bohemian last names?

Many Bohemian last names are derived from the Czech language and have specific meanings. Some popular examples include Hlaváček (meaning “small head”), Novák (meaning “new man”), Štefan (meaning “crown or garland”), and Zeman (meaning “winterman”).

Other common Bohemian last names include Kovář (meaning ‘blacksmith’) and Svoboda (meaning ‘freedom’).

Conclusion – Bohemian Names

Bohemian names have strong cultural and religious significance, often focusing on themes like God’s grace, strength, and protection.

Most also have a specific meaning attached to them, although there are some that may not have any meaning in particular.

Both boys and girls can be given unique Bohemian names, such as Šimon (meaning ‘He who listens’), Otakar (meaning ‘Wealthy and fortunate’), Lenka (meaning “Light”), or Klára (meaning “Famous or bright”).

Additionally, many Bohemian last names are derived from the Czech language with meanings related to nature, family occupations, or aspects of life.

Thus providing an insight into the cultural and historical heritage of the Czech Republic.

Overall, Bohemian names are a great way to honor this rich cultural and religious background!


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