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147+ BEST Borg Names Ideas [Good, Drink, Funny, Clever]

Borg Names

Borg names are often seen as being very ‘robotic’ sounding, but there are actually a lot of different borg names you can use for your frat or whatever purpose you’re looking for.

In this article, we go through a list of some of the best Borg names that you can use covering various categories.

Characteristics of Borg Names

Borg names are used by frat members to describe a drink.

It usually involves replacing a one-syllable word that starts with a B with the word “borg.”

An example would be replacing organization with borganization.

Or LeBron James with LeBorg James.

Or Tom Brady with Tom Borgy.

And so on…

Let’s get into some other example names.

Good Borg Names


Borg Washington



Brown v Borg of Education

Borgan Freeman


Curious Borg


Marlborgo Light

Best Borg Names

Borgage-backed securities

Pearl Harborg

Pablo Escoborg

The Borg not Taken

Roborg Frost

Mister Rogers’ Neighborghood

Rick and Borgy

Jason Borg


Borg out of my mind

Borg Names Ideas

Borgan Bogdonovich

LeBorg James


Borger Patrol

All Aborg

The movement, not the borganization

Solja Borg

Girl and Borg

Borg Names Generator

These borg names were automatically generated:


Pick your borgers

At the borger

Borgers in a barrel

The borger of life

Borger king

Borger queen

Borger supreme

Borger mania

Borger woman

Borger lover

Borger baby


Not bad for a bot…

Borg Drink Names


All Aborg



Red Bullborg

Borger King

Borgy Energy

Dr. Pepperborg


Mountain Dewborged


Smirnoff Ice Borgs

Funny Borg Names (Funniest Borg Names)

Roborg 1.0





The Borg not Taken

Clever Borg Names

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Alfred E. Borgman (Mad Magazine’s mascot)

Amelia Borghart

Anakin Borgwalker (Star Wars character)

Bayborg (Big Hero 6 character)

Bender Bending Borgriguez (Futurama character)

Borgop (X-Men character)

C-3Pborg (Star Wars character)

Databorg (Star Trek: The Next Generation character)

ED-209borg (RoboCop character)

EVEborg (Wall-E character)

GLaDOSborg (Portal video game character)

Hal 9000borg (2001: A Space Odyssey character)

I.M. Borgel (I Am Weasel TV show)

borgis (Iron Man movies/comics)

KITTborg (Knight Rider TV show/movies)

Marvin the Paranoid Androidborg (The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy book/TV show/movie)

Maximumborg (Astro Boy character)

Mecha Borg (Power Rangers in Space TV show)

Megaborg (Transformers Generation 1 cartoon/comics)

Optimus Primeborg (Transformers franchise)

ORACborg (Blake’s 7 TV show)

R2-D2borg (Star Wars character)

Roboborg Goddard (Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius movie/TV show)

RoboCopborg (RoboCop movie/TV show)

The Iron Giantborg (The Iron Giant movie)

Ultronborg (Marvel Comics character)

Borg Names Frat


Stephen Borgy

Tom Borgy

Luke Borger

Brandon Borgle

Jared Borgen

Chad Borgle

Grant Borgle

Cameron Borgman

Derek Borgner

Adam Borger

Aiden Borgerud

Eric Borgenheimer

Irish Borg Names


Conor McBorgor

Seamus McBorgor

Niall O’Borgor

Aidan O’Borgor

Paddy O’Borgor

Declan Borgor

Shane Borgor

Kieran Borgor

Dylan Borgor

Cillian Borgor

Gavin Borgor

Rory Borgor

Welsh Borg Names

Aneurin Bevinborg

Celynog Cochionbor org (red-headed elves)

Dwynwenborg (Welsh Valentine’s Day)

Einion Llynbor org (king of the lake)

Gwynfor Evansborg

Llewelyn ap Gryffyddborg

Borg Pun Names

Tom Borgy

LeBorg James

Borganizational Skills



Borger King

Borger Queen

Borg Ship Names

USS Borg

HMS Borganic

IKEAborg (Swedish ship)

SS Borginia

RMS Lusitaniaborrg (British ship)

MS St. Louisborg (German ship)

MV Borganza (Thai ship)

Borg 1

Borg 2

Borg 3

FAQs – Borg Names

What are borg names all about?

It’s a type of fraternity drinking name.

How do you come up with a borg name?

Most borg names are puns where one inserts the name “borg” into a word or part of a word that sounds like it.

It’s usually one syllable and starts with B.

What are some examples of borg names?

Borger, borganizational skills, borgasm, borgasmic, Borger King, Borger Queen,USS Borg, HMS Borganic, IKEAborg, SS Borginia, RMS Lusitaniaborrg, MS St. Louisborg, MV Borganza, Borg 1, Borg 2, Borg 3.

How do you use a borg name?

A borg name is typically used by someone who is a member of a fraternity to refer to a borg drink.

For example, “Tom Borgy” or “LeBorg James.”

Sometimes the name is used on its own as a nickname, and other times it is used as part of a longer sentence.

For example, “Borger mania” or “Borgy energy.”

What is the borg in Star Trek?

The Borg are a fictional alien race that appear in the Star Trek franchise.

The Borg are cybernetic organisms, linked together in a collective consciousness called “the hive mind”, which assimilate other species into their own.

The Borg use advanced technology, including computer-like implants, to achieve their goals.

The Borg have been described as one of the most feared and powerful enemies in the Star Trek universe.

They were first introduced in the episode “Q Who” of Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987–1994) and became a recurring adversary in that series and later spin-offs including Star Trek: Voyager (1995–2001) and Star Trek: Enterprise (2001–2005).

In these television series, the Borg are an unstoppable force against which the protagonists must fight, often at great personal cost.

The Borg have been featured in several Star Trek films, including Star Trek: First Contact (1996), in which they are the primary antagonists.

In the 2009 film Star Trek, a new generation of Borg is introduced as the main antagonists.

The BORG (STAR TREK Cybernetic Organisms Explained)

Conclusion – Borg Names

Now that you have seen some of the best borg names out there, it’s time to come up with your own!

Be creative and have fun with it 😉


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