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307+ Conference Room Names [Creative Ideas]

Conference room names are used to bring energy and inspiration to any space.

Consider giving your conference room a creative name that reflects the work environment, company culture, or team dynamics.

In this article, we have some ideas for creative conference room names.

Let’s take a look.

Funny Conference Room Names

Here are some examples of funny conference room names:

  • “The War Room”: This name is a nod to the intense and strategic nature of meetings that take place in a conference room.
  • “The Think Tank”: This name plays on the idea of a conference room as a place where ideas are generated and brainstormed.
  • “The Brainstorm Brewery”: This name combines the idea of a conference room as a place for brainstorming with a playful nod to the beer brewing process.
  • “The Idea Incubator”: This name emphasizes the conference room as a space where ideas are nurtured and developed.
  • “The Meeting of the Minds”: This name is a playful reference to the idea of a conference room as a gathering place for people with different perspectives and ideas to come together.
  • “The Board Room”: This name is a reference to the traditional use of conference rooms for board meetings.
  • “The Pit”: This name could be used for a conference room located in a trading floor or similar high-stress work environment, as a nod to the high-stakes nature of the work that takes place there.

Conference Room Name Suggestions

Some suggestions for conference room names:

  • “The Innovation Station”
  • “The Collaboration Corner”
  • “The Strategy Suite”
  • “The Visionary’s Den”
  • “The Brainstorm Bungalow”
  • “The Idea Lab”
  • “The Summit Room”
  • “The Executive Lounge”
  • “The Meeting Mosaic”
  • “The ThinkSpace”
  • “The Decision Deck”
  • “The Meeting Point”
  • “The Planning Pad”
  • “The Mind Meld”
  • “The Creativity Cabin”
  • “The Team Room”
  • “The Mind Share”
  • “The Idea Workshop”

These names suggest different themes and ideas, such as innovation, collaboration, strategy, vision, brainstorming, idea generation, and teamwork, which are all commonly associated with conference rooms and the meetings that take place within them.

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Conference Room Names at Apple

Here are some examples of conference room names that could be used by the company:

  • “The Apple Orchard”
  • “The Think Different Room”
  • “The iRoom”
  • “The Steve Jobs Theater”
  • “The Apple Core”
  • “The Innovation Hub”
  • “The Design Studio”
  • “The Mac Lab”
  • “The Genius Bar”
  • “The Siri Suite”
  • “The iCloud Room”
  • “The iParadise”
  • “The Apple Garden”
  • “The iConference”
  • “The Next Big Thing Room”
  • “The Apple Park”

These names are based on the company’s famous products, slogans, and iconic leaders, and they reflect Apple’s reputation for innovation, design, and technology.

Some of the conference rooms could be named after the products, others after the company’s iconic leaders and slogans.

Conference Room Names for Office

A few conference room names that could be used in an office setting:

  • “The Boardroom”
  • “The Executive Room”
  • “The Meeting Room”
  • “The Conference Room”
  • “The Round Table”
  • “The Brainstorm Room”
  • “The War Room”
  • “The Innovation Room”
  • “The Strategy Room”
  • “The Think Tank”
  • “The Planning Room”
  • “The Decision Room”
  • “The Idea Lab”
  • “The Team Room”
  • “The Mind Meld”
  • “The Collaboration Room”
  • “The Vision Room”

These names are intended to reflect the function of the room, which is to facilitate meetings and discussions among colleagues, managers, and executives.

Conference Room Names Generator

These conference room names were auto-generated.

Let’s see if they’re any decent.

  • Boardroom
  • Executive Conference Room
  • Meeting Room
  • War Room
  • Brainstorm Room
  • Think Tank Room
  • Innovation Room
  • Strategy Room
  • Collaboration Room
  • Presentation Room

Conference Room Names for Tech Companies

Here are some conference room names that are fitting for tech companies:

  • The Lab
  • The Grid
  • The Hub
  • The Nexus
  • The Cortex
  • The Circuit
  • The Cloud
  • The Forge
  • The Command Center
  • The Innovation Station

Conference Room Names for Construction Companies

Some conference room names that are fitting for construction companies:

  • The Blueprint Room
  • The Site Office
  • The Foreman’s Office
  • The Toolbox
  • The Control Room
  • The Design Studio
  • The Project Room
  • The Estimation Room
  • The Safety Meeting Room
  • The Site Superintendents Office

Ideas for Conference Room Names

Some conference room names ideas:

  • The Summit Room
  • The Executive Lounge
  • The Brainstorming Center
  • The Think Tank
  • The Collaboration Corner
  • The Innovation Station
  • The Strategy Room
  • The Meeting Room
  • The War Room
  • The Presentation Room
  • The Boardroom
  • The Green Room
  • The Executive Suite
  • The Roundtable Room
  • The Discussion Den
  • The Brainstorm Haven
  • The Idea Incubator
  • The Think Tank Terrace
  • The Collaboration Cove
  • The Innovation Hideaway
  • The Strategy Sanctuary
  • The Meeting Meadows
  • The War Room West
  • The Presentation Parlor
  • The Boardroom Balcony

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Creative Conference Room Names

Below are some creative conference room names:

  • “The Think Tank”
  • “The War Room”
  • “The Brainstorming Room”
  • “The Idea Lab”
  • “The Pitch Room”
  • “The Innovation Station”
  • “The Creativity Corner”
  • “The Mind Meld”
  • “The Blue Sky Room”
  • “The Visionary Room”

Inspiring Conference Room Names

Some inspiring conference room names:

  • “The Summit Room”
  • “The Apex Room”
  • “The Horizon Room”
  • “The Peak Room”
  • “The Ascent Room”
  • “The Summit Room”
  • “The Skyline Room”
  • “The Zenith Room”
  • “The Inspiration Room”
  • “The Elevation Room”

Best Conference Room Names

It’s subjective to say what the best conference room names are as it depends on the company culture, company values, or the theme of the conference rooms.

But here are some conference room names that are professional, catchy and memorable:

  • “The Executive Boardroom”
  • “The Director’s Den”
  • “The Visionary Suite”
  • “The Strategist’s Studio”
  • “The Innovator’s Workshop”
  • “The Collaboration Station”
  • “The Power Room”
  • “The Executive Lounge”
  • “The Decision Maker’s Room”
  • “The CEO’s Corner”

Themes for Conference Room Names

Below are some themes for conference room names:

  • Nature-inspired: “The Forest Room”, “The Ocean Room”, “The Mountain Peak Room”
  • Color-inspired: “The Blue Room”, “The Green Room”, “The Red Room”
  • City-inspired: “The New York Room”, “The Paris Room”, “The Tokyo Room”
  • Literature-inspired: “The Shakespeare Room”, “The Hemingway Room”, “The Austen Room”
  • Famous leader-inspired: “The Lincoln Room”, “The Mandela Room”, “The Roosevelt Room”
  • Space-inspired: “The Cosmos Room”, “The Galaxy Room”, “The Universe Room”
  • Mythical-inspired: “The Dragon Room”, “The Phoenix Room”, “The Unicorn Room”
  • Music-inspired: “The Jazz Room”, “The Rock Room”, “The Classical Room”
  • Sport-inspired: “The Football Room”, “The Basketball Room”, “The Tennis Room”
  • Animal-inspired: “The Lion Room”, “The Elephant Room”, “The Panda Room”

You can also combine any of the above themes to create unique and creative conference room names.

Leadership Room Names

Here are some leadership-themed conference room names:

  • The Leadership Summit Room
  • “The Command Center”
  • “The Chief’s Quarters”
  • “The Captain’s Bridge”
  • “The General’s War Room”
  • “The Commander’ Lounge”
  • “The Executive Suite”
  • “The Chairman’s Corner”
  • “The President’s Cabinet”
  • “The Governor’s Suite”

You can also use the names of famous leaders as inspiration for your conference room names, such as “The Churchill Room”, “The Lincoln Room”, “The Roosevelt Room” and so on.

Leadership Room Names

One-Word Meeting Room Names

Below are some one-word conference room names:

  • “Elevate”
  • “Innovate”
  • “Empower”
  • “Collaborate”
  • “Create”
  • “Strategize”
  • “Focus”
  • “Energize”
  • “Lead”
  • “Achieve”
  • “Empathize”
  • “Envision”
  • “Decide”
  • “Implement”
  • “Unite”
  • “Empower”
  • “Execute”

It’s worth noting that some of those suggestions could be used as a verb or a noun depending on the context, but in general one word names can be catchy and memorable.

Conference Room Names for IT & Tech Companies

Examples of conference room names for IT & tech companies:

  • “The Code Room”
  • “The Tech Lab”
  • “The Innovation Hub”
  • “The Future Room”
  • “The Cloud Room”
  • “The Cyber Room”
  • “The AI Room”
  • “The Data Room”
  • “The Hardware Room”
  • “The Software Room”
  • “The Network Room”
  • “The Disrupt Room”
  • “The Virtual Room”
  • “The Silicon Room”
  • “The Byte Room”
  • “The Wired Room”

You can also use the names of famous tech leaders or pioneers as inspiration for your conference room names, such as “The Jobs Room”, “The Gates Room”, “The Musk Room” and so on.

Conference Room Names at Google

Google is known for having creative and playful conference room names at their office locations.

Here are some examples of conference room names at Google:

  • “The Lego Room”
  • “The Android Room”
  • “The Googleplex Room”
  • “The Search Room”
  • “The Gmail Room”
  • “The Google Drive Room”
  • “The Google Maps Room”
  • “The Google Earth Room”
  • “The Chrome Room”
  • “The YouTube Room”
  • “The Google Glass Room”
  • “The Google Home Room”
  • “The Google Play Room”
  • “The Google Photos Room”
  • “The Google Translate Room”
  • “The Google Assistant Room”

Google is well known for its innovative and creative approach in many aspects of its work, so it is not a surprise that their conference room names are playful and memorable.

Engineering Conference Room Names

Here are some conference room names for engineering teams:

  • “The Design Studio”
  • “The Fabrication Lab”
  • “The Testing Room”
  • “The Prototyping Room”
  • “The CAD Room”
  • “The Research Room”
  • “The Innovation Room”
  • “The Machine Shop”
  • “The Assembly Room”
  • The Robotics Room
  • “The Simulation Room”
  • “The Analysis Room”
  • “The Quality Control Room”
  • “The Engineering Room”
  • “The Development Room”
  • “The Build Room”

You can also use the names of famous engineers or inventors as inspiration for your conference room names, such as “The Tesla Room”, “The Wright Brothers Room”, “The Edison Room” and so on.

Great Conference Room Names

Some creative and unique conference room names for your office:

  • “The War Room”
  • “The Brainstorming Zone”
  • “The Boardroom”
  • “The Meeting Room”
  • “The Executive Suite”
  • “The Strategy Room”
  • “The Think Tank”
  • “The Power Room”
  • “The Conference Center”
  • “The Idea Lab”

Famous Conference Room Names

Some well-known meeting room names:

  • “The Situation Room” is a conference room in the White House, Washington D.C., where the President of the United States and his advisors discuss and make decisions on national security.
  • “The Cabinet Room” is another conference room in the White House where the President meets with his Cabinet.
  • “The Churchill War Rooms” is a historic conference room and museum in London, England, where British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and his War Cabinet made strategic decisions during World War II.
  • “The United Nations Security Council” is a conference room in the United Nations headquarters in New York City, where the 15 member states discuss and make decisions on issues related to international peace and security.
  • “The Oval Office” is the office of the President of the United States located in the White House, and is often used for meetings and conferences.
  • “The Vatican Secretariat of State” is a conference room in Vatican City, where the Pope and his advisors discuss and make decisions on Vatican’s foreign policy and internal governance.

HR Conference Room Names

Below are some creative and unique conference room names for an HR department:

  • “The People Room”
  • “The Talent Hub”
  • “The Employee Lounge”
  • “The Culture Club”
  • “The Recruiting Room”
  • “The Diversity & Inclusion Room”
  • “The Training Room”
  • “The Benefits Room”
  • “The Onboarding Room”
  • “The Employee Experience Room”

Innovative Conference Room Names

Some innovative and unique conference room names for your office:

  • “The Innovation Station”
  • “The Creativity Corner”
  • “The Idea Factory”
  • “The Disruption Den”
  • “The Futurist Forum”
  • “The Breakthrough Room”
  • “The Visionary Lounge”
  • “The NextGen Room”
  • “The Progress Pod”
  • “The Mind Meld Meeting Room”

Conference Meeting Room Names (Conference Center Room Names)

A few creative and unique conference room names for a conference center:

  • “The Summit Room”
  • “The Keynote Room”
  • “The Plenary Room”
  • “The Symposium Room”
  • “The Workshop Room”
  • “The Expo Hall”
  • “The Forum Room”
  • “The Showcase Room”
  • “The Roundtable Room”
  • “The Presentation Room”

FAQs – Names for Conference Rooms

What’s a good name for a conference room?

The name of a conference room can depend on the company or organization that it is in, and the theme or purpose of the room.

Some examples of conference room names could be: “The Boardroom”, “The War Room”, “The Executive Lounge”, “The Think Tank”, “The Brainstorm Room”, “The Summit Room”, “The Collaboration Station”, “The Idea Lab”, “The Innovation Hub”, “The Strategy Room”.

How do you name a business conference room?

Naming a business conference room can be a fun and creative process that can reflect the company’s culture, values, and mission.

Here are a few steps you can take when naming a conference room:

  1. Determine the purpose of the conference room: Will it be used for brainstorming sessions, client meetings, or presentations? This will help you narrow down the types of names that would be fitting.
  2. Consider the company’s culture and values: Think about how the name of the conference room can reflect the company’s mission and values. This can be a good way to create a sense of unity and pride among employees.
  3. Get input from employees: Ask employees for their ideas and suggestions on what to name the conference room. This can help create a sense of ownership and engagement among employees.
  4. Be creative and unique: Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and come up with a unique and creative name for the conference room.
  5. Think about the aesthetic of the conference room: The conference room’s aesthetic might also help to influence the name.
  6. Keep it simple: Keep in mind that the conference room name should be easy to understand and remember.
  7. Think about the audience: Who will be using the conference room? If it is primarily used for client meetings, consider names that would be professional and reflect the company’s image.

What do you call an event room?

An event room can have many different names depending on the type of event and the venue.

Here are a few examples of different names for an event room:

  • “Ballroom”: a large, elegant room often used for formal events such as weddings and galas
  • “Banquet Hall”: a large room used for hosting formal dinners and events
  • “Conference Center”: a room or series of rooms used for hosting business conferences, meetings, and seminars
  • “Exhibit Hall”: a large room used for hosting trade shows, exhibitions, and expos
  • “Auditorium”: a room specifically designed for live performances, lectures, and presentations
  • “Lecture Hall”: a room used for academic lectures and presentations
  • “Function Room”: a room that can be used for a variety of events such as parties, meetings, and conferences
  • “Garden Room” or “Atrium”: a room that is open to the outdoor and allows natural light
  • “Meeting Room”: a room used for small meetings and presentations.

It is also common for event rooms to be named after the venue where they are located, such as “The Grand Ballroom at The Ritz-Carlton” or “The Conference Center at The Marriott.”

What are small meeting rooms called?

Small meeting rooms are often called “Conference Rooms,” “Meeting Rooms,” or “Board Rooms.”

“Conference Room” is a general term that is used to refer to a room where people gather to discuss, present, or hold a meeting.

“Meeting Room” is a more specific term that is typically used for smaller gatherings or one-on-one discussions.

“Board Room” is a term that is often used to refer to a room where a company’s board of directors or executive team meets.

It is used to reflect the formal nature of the meetings that take place in the room.

Some other names for small meeting rooms are:

  • “Discussion Room”
  • “Breakout Room”
  • “Huddle Room”
  • “Team Room”
  • “Collaboration Room”
  • “Seminar Room”
  • “Brainstorming Room”
  • “Think Tank Room”
  • “Executive Room”
  • “Strategy Room”

Overall, the naming of the small meeting room can depend on the company culture, the purpose of the room, and the size of the room.

Conclusion – Names for Conference Rooms

The name of a conference room can reflect the characteristics and purposes of the room, and can also set the tone for the meetings that take place within it.

Here are some examples of how conference room names can reflect the characteristics and purposes of the room:

  • “The Boardroom” typically implies a formal setting for high-level meetings, such as board of directors or executive meetings.
  • “The War Room” suggests a room for intense, strategic planning or problem-solving.
  • “The Executive Lounge” implies a more relaxed setting for informal meetings or brainstorming sessions.
  • “The Think Tank” implies a room for creative problem-solving and idea generation.
  • “The Brainstorm Room” implies a space for generating and discussing new ideas.
  • “The Summit Room” implies a room for high-level, important meetings.
  • “The Collaboration Station” implies a space for teamwork and working together.
  • “The Idea Lab” implies a room for experimentation and prototyping.
  • “The Innovation Hub” implies a room for fostering new and creative ideas.
  • “The Strategy Room” implies a room for planning and decision making.

Overall, the name of a conference room can communicate the purpose and tone of the room, and can help set expectations for the meetings that take place within it.


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