247+ Construction & Excavation Company Name Ideas for 2023 [Unique]

The first step in starting a construction company or excavation business is looking at construction company name ideas to give your company a brand name.

What you decide on will be your brand name and what customers will associate your company with.

We’ve gathered more than 107 construction and excavation company name ideas for you to browse through.

Best Construction & Excavation Company Name Ideas

1. Aardvark Builders

2. Ace Construction

3. Action Builders

4. Affordable Contractors

5. All American Construction

6. Aloha Construction

7. Alpha & Omega Construction

8. Amazing Builders

9. Apollo Construction

10. Atlas Construction Group

11. Baker’s Dozen Contracting

12. Band of Builders

13. Bazooka Builders

14. Bee Line Contractors

15. Big Apple Contractors

16. Big League Construction

17. Blacktop Bosses

18. Blue Collar Contractors

19. Blueprint Construction

20. Boutique Builders

21. Brownstone Construction

22. Bulldog Builders

23. C-Suite Contractors

24. Canary Construction

25. Capital City Contractors

26. Cascade Construction Management

27. Cat’s Meow Contracting

28. Central Valley Contractors

29. Chimera Construction Solutions

30. Classic Construction Services

31. Coast to Coast Contractors

32. Coastal Builders & Remodeling

33. Colonial Builders

34. Colorado Commercial Contractors

35. Concrete Connections

36. Connective Tissue Construction

37. Cornerstone Contracting

38. Creative Construction

39. Crystal Clear Construction

40. Custom Contractors

41. Dapper Contracting

42. Data-Driven Contractors

43. Design-Build Construction Firm

44. Diamond in the Rough Contracting

45. Digital Blueprint Contractors

46. Efficient Edge Construction Services

47. Elite Edge Construction Management

48. Empire Builders & Developers

49. Exceptional Builders & Remodeling

50. Executive Touch Contractor Services

51. Finesse Construction Solutions

52. First-Class Construction Management

53. Five Star Contractor Services

54. Fixer Upper Contractors

55. Frontline Construction Services

56. Full Spectrum Construction Solutions

57. General Contracting Services

58. Gold Standard Contractors

59. Green Light Construction Management

60. Hammer Down Construction Services

61. Handyman Specialists

62. Harwood Construction Solutions

63. High-End Home Improvement Contractors

64. Hip & Modern Contractor Company

65. Holistic Home Improvement Contractors

66.Honest & Reliable Home Improvement Contractors

67. Illustrious Improvements & Remodeling Service

68. In Good Hands Contracting Company

69. Incredible Transformation Home Improvement Contractors

70. Innovative Interior & Exterior Contractors

71. Integrity Home Improvement Contractors

72.Intrepid Home Improvement Contractors

73. Island Breeze Construction & Development Corporation

74. Jazzy Home Improvement Contractors

75. Keen Edge Contracting Services

76. Leading Light Construction Solutions

77. Level Up Contracting Company

78. Luxury Touch Contracting Company

79. Magnum Opus Construction Management

80. Manageable & Affordable Home Improvement Contractors

81. Master Builders & Developers Corporation

82. Metropolitan Home Improvement Contractors

83. Modern Makeover & Design Center, LLC

84. National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI)

85. New Beginnings Home Improvement Contractors

86. Optimal Outcome Construction Management

87. Ovation Home Improvement Contractors

88. Over the Top Contracting Company

89. Paradigm Shift Home Improvement Contractors

90. Peak Performance Home Improvement Contractors

91. Precise & Perfect Contracting Services, LLC

92. Proactive & Productive Construction Solutions

93. Professional Home Improvement Contractors, Inc.

94. Quality Quarters Remodeling Service, LLC

95. RadiantRemodelingService,LLC

96. Realty Renovation & Design, LLC

97. RevolutionaryRemodelingconcepts,LLC

98. Righteous Remodeling & Construction, LLC

99. RoyalRemodelingCompany,LLC

100. Selective Site Solutions, LLC


102.Signature Home Improvement Contractors

103.Simple & Affordable Home Improvement Contractors

104.Smart Home Improvement Contractors

105.Sophisticated & Classy Home Improvement Contractors

106.Spectacular Service Home Improvement Contractors

107.Stunningly Creative Construction Management

108.Superior Service Home Improvement Contractors

109.Terrific Transformation Home Improvement Contractors

110.The Luxury Look of Your Dreams Home Improvement Contractors

111.The Right Choice Home Improvement Contractors

112.Top Choice Contracting Company

113.Total Restoration & Design, LLC

114.Transcendent Home Improvement Contractors

115.Tried & True Construction Solutions

116.Trusted & Efficient Home Improvement Contractors

117.Ultimate Service Home Improvement Contractors

118.Unbelievable Transformation Home Improvement Contractors

119.Uncompromising Standards Construction Management

120.Unique Design & Development, LLC

121.Unparalleled Quality Construction Management

122.Value Added Services Home Improvement Contractors

123.Vibrant Renovations & Designs, LLC

124.Visionary Construction Solutions

125.Well Appointed Home Improvement Contractors

126.Westchester County Association of the Remodeling Industry (WCARI)

127.Worthwhile Construction Services

128.Your Complete Home Improvement Contractors Solution

129.Your Imagination Is Our Creation Home Improvement Contractors

130.Your One Stop Solution Home Improvement Contractors

Construction Company Name Ideas | construction business name ideas

Catchy Construction Company Names

1) A Cut Above

2) Aloha Construction

3) American Dream Home Improvement

4) Apex Contracting

5) Artisan Construction

6) Atlas Development

7) Beam and Anchor

8) Blueprints Construction

9) Brownstone Builders

10) C5 Construction Management

11) Camden Homes

12) Carter-Brinley Group, LLC

13) Castle Contractors, Inc.

14) Catalyst Construction Solutions

15) CDG Builders, Inc.

16) Chicagoland Remodeling Enterprises, Inc. (CREI)

17) Coastline Workers Compensation Consortium, LLC (CWCC)

Funny Construction Company Names

1) Dirty Harrys Construction

2) Just Add Water Construction

3) By George construction

4) A Cut Above The Rest Construction

5) Absolutely Flawless Construction

6) Heavenly Homes Construction

7) Lucky Seven Construction

8) Pristine Properties Construction

9) Towering Inferno Construction

10) Wright Choice Construction

Unique Construction Company Names

1) A&M Construction

2) Able Construction

3) Atlas Construction

4) Barnett Construction

5) Bison Construction

6) Blue Star Construction

7) Bullseye Construction

8) Cedar Builders Construction

9) Eagle Eye Construction

10) Elite Construction

11) Exceptional Builders & Contractors

12) Expert Home Builders

13) Fabulous Contractors, Inc.

14) First Class Builders & Developers, LLC

15) Five Star Quality Builders, Ltd.

16) Forte’ Development & Consulting Services, LLC

17) G&C construction Company, Inc.

18) Hometown Builders

19) J&M Construction

20) K&D Builders

21) L&B Construction

22) M&B Construction

23) N-Construct, LLC

24) Oasis Construction

25) Pacific Rim Constructors

26) Paramount Builders & Developers, Inc.

27) Precision Home Construction, LLC

28) Pro home builders & developers, inc.

29) Professional Building Services, Inc.

30) Quality Home Builders & Developers, Inc.

31) Quantum Construction Corporation

32) Reliable Home Builders, Inc.

33) Renovations Unlimited, construction management company

34) Republic Development and Construction, LLC

35) Superior Home Builders & Developers, LLC

36) The Building Company

37) The Home Builders

38) Total Property Solutions, a home construction company

39) Unique home builders & developers, inc.

40) Valley View Construction

41) West Coast Development & Construction, Inc.

42) XYZ Construction Corporation

Construction Company Name Ideas ‐ Construction Company Name Generator

Cool Construction Company Name Ideas

1) Blueprints & Builders

2) The Wrecking Crew

3) Construction Junction

4) Hard Hats & High Heels

5) Jackhammers & Jeans

6) The Sky’s the Limit Construction

7) A Cut Above the Rest

8) From the Ground Up

9) Built to Last

10) On Time, On Budget, On Point.

11) We Build Dreams

12) A Solid Foundation

13) The House of Your Dreams

14) The builders you can trust!

15) We turn your vision into reality!

16) Quality construction from experienced professionals

17) Luxury homes at an affordable price

Creative Names for Construction Company

1) A Cut Above Construction

2) All-In-One Contractors

3) Build It Better Contracting

4) CompleteConstruction Solutions

5) Construction Company

6) CustomContracting Services

7) DesignatedBuilders, Inc.

8) Elite Construction Management

9) Foundation Builders

10 Green Earth Construction Group

11 Home Improvement Contractors

12 House to Home Construction

13 Just Right Contracting

14 Kinetic Kontractors

15 Premier Housing Developers

16 Progression Builders

17 Quality First Construction

18 Rehabilitation Specialists

19 Renovations & Additions, Ltd.

20 The Blueprints of Homes, LLC

New Names for Construction Company

1) Alpha & Omega Construction

2) Limitless Construction

3) Unparalleled Construction

4) Superior Construction

5) Outstanding Construction

6) Exemplary Construction

7) peerless Construction

8) matchless Construction

9) incomparable Construction

10) unrivaled Construction

Best Construction Business Name Ideas Suggestions | Brand Names Generator

Best Construction Company Names List

1) Amundson Construction

2) Anderson Construction

3) Atkins Construction

4) Baker Construction

5) Becker Construction

6) Bergstrom Construction

7) BrownConstruction

8) Christensen Construction

9) Clark Construction

10) Clayton Homes

11) Coleman Homes

12) Cook Portable Warehouses

13) Cornerstone Building Brands

14) DeNova Homes

15) D.R. Horton

16) Ence Homes

17) Fidelity National Financial

18) Fielding Homes

19) Frankel Building Group

Development Company Names

1) Viridian

2) Electric

3) Blue Sky

4) Crystal Clear

5) Atomic

6) Sunburst

7) Stardust

8) Nebula

9) Infinity

10) Skytech

Modern Commercial Building Company Name Ideas

1) Blue Tower Commercials

2) Green and Gold Commercials

3) The Glass Slipper Commercials

4) Sterling Silver Commercials

5) Midas Touch Commercials

6) Lucky Charm Commercials

7) Royal Palace Commercials

8) Enchanted Forest Commercials

9) Mystic Mountain Commercials

10) Magic Castle Commercials

Modern Commercial Building Company Name Ideas

Home Builder Name Ideas

1) Unique Home Builders

2) One of a Kind Homes

3) Luxury Home Builders

4) Elite Home Builders

5) Exceptional Home Builders

6) Quality Home Builders

7) Outstanding Home Builders

8) Superior Home Builders

9) Distinguished Home Builders

10) Custom Home Builders

Construction Company Name Ideas in the US

1) H&M Construction

2) The Weitz Company

3) Kiewit Corporation

4) Turner Construction Company

5) Bechtel Corporation

6) Jacobs Engineering Group


8) CH2M Hill Companies, Ltd.

9) Fluor Corporation

10) International Paper Company

Construction Company Name Ideas in the US

Construction Company Name Ideas in the UK

1) Blue Diamond Construction

2) Ace Construction Company

3) The Building Company

4) Turner Construction

5) Brown and Root Construction

6) Bechtel Corporation

7) PB/Balfour Beatty

8) Laing O’Rourke

9) Skanska UK

10) Dusty Builders Ltd.

Tips for Naming Your Construction Company

1) Keep it simple- A good name should be easy to remember, spell, and pronounce.

2) Make it descriptive- A great name should give people an idea of what your company does.

3) Use keyword in your name- Include keywords related to your business in your name to help people find you more easily online.

4) Avoid using initials- While initials can be helpful in creating an easy name, they can also make your company seem cold and unapproachable.

5) Be unique- With so many construction companies out there, it’s important to choose a name that sets you apart from the rest.

6) Check for trademark issues- Before settling on a name, be sure to do a thorough search to make sure it’s not already trademarked by another company.

7) Get feedback from others- Ask friends, family, and other businesses in your industry for their input on potential names.

8) Test it out- Once you’ve narrowed down your list of possible names, try them out on a focus group to see which ones resonate the most.

9) Make sure the domain is available- In today’s digital age, it’s important to have a strong online presence. Be sure to check that the domain name for your chosen name is available before making any final decisions.

10) Keep it short- A shorter name is easier to remember and makes for a better branding solution overall. Try to keep your construction company name to two syllables or less.

FAQs – Construction Company Name Ideas

What are some ways to brainstorm for a good construction company name?

There are a few ways that you can brainstorm for a good construction company name.

One way is to think of some words or phrases that relate to the construction industry.

Another way is to look at other construction companies and see what kinds of names they have.

You could also try using a word generator or a name generator to help you come up with some ideas.

Whatever method you use, make sure to take your time and come up with a few different options before settling on a final name.

What are some things to avoid when choosing a construction company name?

There are a few things that you should avoid when choosing a construction company name.

First, try to avoid using any inside jokes or puns in your name. These can be confusing for potential customers and make your company seem unprofessional.

Second, avoid using abbreviations or acronyms in your name. Again, these can be confusing for people and make your company name harder to remember.

Finally, avoid using anything that could be offensive or controversial in your name. Remember that your company name is going to be representing you to the world, so it’s important to choose something that everyone can agree on.

Conclusion – Construction Company Name Ideas

Choosing a construction company name can be a difficult task, but it’s important to take your time and choose something that you’re happy with.

There are a few things to avoid when choosing a name, such as inside jokes, puns, abbreviations, and anything offensive or controversial.

Otherwise, try to brainstorm some words or phrases related to the construction industry, look at other construction companies for inspiration, or use a word generator or a name generator to help you come up with some ideas.


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