179+ BEST Craft Business Name Ideas (Unique)

In this article, we cover craft business name ideas.

The craft business is an ever-growing industry with new businesses popping up all the time.

Trying to come up with a good name for your craft business can be a daunting task, but we’re here to help!

Tips for Coming Up With Craft Business Name Ideas

Here are some tips to keep in mind when brainstorming craft business names:

1. Keep it simple and easy to remember.

2. Make sure the name is relevant to what you sell or make.

3. Avoid using inside jokes or puns that only you and your friends will get.

4. Brainstorm with others to get more ideas.

5. Use a thesaurus or online word generator to help you come up with new ideas.

Best Craft Business Name Ideas

1. A Creative Crafter

2. All Things Handmade

3. Bespoke Crafts

4. Crafting a Life

5. Crafting Happiness

6. Dear handmade life

7. Etsy Shop Name Generator

8.Everything But The House

9. Fine Arts & Crafts businesses

10. For the Love of Crafts

11. From Me To You

12. Gift Of Gab

13. Glitter & Glam

14. Happy Little Homemade

15. Heaven Scent

16. Heritage Crafts

17. I Made It!

18. In Stitches

19. Juggling Act

20. Just Add Glue

21. Kids Korner

22. Let’s Get Crafting

23. Life Is A Party

24. Make A Memory

25. Memories In The Making

26. One Of A Kind

27. Once Upon A Time

28. Party Animals

29. Pitter Patter

30. Pretty Little Things

31. Pump It Up!

32. Rub-A-Dub-Dubbin’ In The Tub

33. Sew Many Possibilities

34. Sew Much Fun!

35. Sewing Circle

36. Stitch By Stitch

37. Stone Soup Cottage Industries

38. Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These

39. Take A Break

40. The Candyman Can!

41. The Creative Crafter

42. The Cutting Edge

Art and Craft Business Name Ideas

Unique Craft Business Name Ideas

1) “3D Printing for Everyone”

2) “A is for Artist”

3) “All About The Bling”

4) “Beading Bliss”

5) “Button it Up”

6) “Canvas and Cupcakes”

7) “Craft & Carry”

8) “Craftaholics Anonymous”

9) “Crafty Creations”

10) “Cutting Edge Crafts”

11) “Etsy Shop Name Generator”

12) “Everything But The House”

13) “‘I Made It!”

14) “Just Add Glue!”

15) “Kids Korner!”

16) “Life Is A Party!”

Funny Craft Business Names

1) Crafting a living

2) A labor of love

3) From the heart

4) One of a kind

5) Handmade with love

6) Made with soul

7) Uniquely yours

8) A passion for crafting

9) Creatively yours

10) Artfully crafted

Pun Craft Business Names

1) Artful Crafts

2) Craftily Made

3) Handmade Happiness

4) Homemade Haven

5) Sewn with Love

6) The Creative Crafter

7) The Joy of Crafting

8) Too Cute to Craft

9) Whimsy & Wonder Workshop

Handmade Craft Business Name Ideas

1) Crafty Choices

2) Handmade Haven

3) The Crafting Corner

4) DIY Delights

5) Create + Craft

6) Made by Me

7) One of a Kind Creations

8) Uniquely Handcrafted

9) Artisan Goods

10) From the Heart

Art and Craft Business Name Ideas. Art business name list. Art and Craft Store name idea list

Etsy Craft Store Names

1) Et Cetera Crafts

2) The Crafting Place

3) All Things Crafty

4) The Gifted Crafter

5) Etsy’s Finest Craftsmen

6) Simply Handmade

7) One of a Kind Creations

8) Artisan Made Goods

9) Uniquely Crafted Gifts

10) The Crafting Connection

Christian Craft Store Names

1) God’s Crafts

2) Christ-centered Crafts

3) Heaven’s Gifts

4) Holy Handiwork

5) Divine Designs

6) Heavenly Creations

7) God’s Artistry

8) Sacrament Supplies

9) Bibles and Bible Accessories

10) Sunday School Supplies

11) Vacation Bible School Materials

12) Homeschooling Resources

13) Evangelism Tools

Naming your handmade business or Etsy shop: the 3x5x7 method to help you pick the best name

Country Craft Store Names

1) Primitive Country Crafts

2) The Country Crafter

3) Country Craft Corner

4) Down home country crafts

5) Country Craftworks

6) Handmade Country Crafts

7) The Olde Country Cupboard

8) The Vintage Country Craft Shop

9) Timeless Country Treasures

10) Rustic Country Collectibles & Crafts

Homemade Craft Store Names

1) Homemade Arts & Crafts

2) Handcrafted Wonders

3) Uniquely Handmade

4) One of a Kind Creations

5) Simply Handmade

6) The Creative Crafter

7) Artfully Crafted

8) From the HeartCrafts

9) Whimsical Creations

10) Handcrafted Treasures

Catchy Craft Store Names

1) A Cut Above

2) All About The Bling

3) Artfully Yours

4) Beading Bliss

5) Canvas and Cupcakes

6) Craft & Carry

7) Crafty Creations

8) Cutting Edge Crafts

9) DIY Delights

10) Etsy Shop Name Generator

11) Glitter & Glam

12) Happy Little Homemade

13) Heaven Scent

14)’I Made It!”

15)”Just Add Glue!”

16)”Kids Korner!”

Cool Craft Names

Cool Craft Names

1) “The Works”

2) “JustCrafting”

3) “iCraft”

4) “The Art of Crafting”

5) “Crafty Corner”

6) “My Creative Space”

7) “The Crochet Cafe”

8) “Quilting Bee”

9) “Sewing Room”

10) “Stampin’ Up!”

11) “The Rubber Duckie Stamp Company”

12) “Pun-chine Hall”

13) “Mary Had A Little Lamb Chocolates”

14)”The Crafty Cupcake Shop”

15)”Eve’s Apple Pie Company”

16)”Noah’s Ark Pet Store”

17)”Heavenly Treasures Gift Shop”

18)”Hallelujah Hats!”

19)”Revelations Resale Shop”

20)”Forgiven Fashion Boutique”

Handmade Business Names

1) Bags by Bonnie

2) Bee’s Knees Dancewear

3) BerrySweet apparel

4) Betty’s Bling

5) Blueberry Lane Designs

6) Bowtique

7) Carousel Kids Clothing

8) Cherry Blossom Baby Boutique

9) Daisy Chain Designz

10) Dive In Designz Swimwear

11) Doll House Creations

12) Fabulous Frocks

13) Fairytale Tutus & More!

14) Fleurish Floral Design Studio

15) Fresh Threads Apparel

16)”Glamour Puss” Hair Accessories & More!

17)”Hannah Banana” Children’s Clothing & Accessories

18)”Just Hatched” Baby

Cute Business Names for Crafts

Cute Business Names for Crafts

1) Craftin’ Gems

2) Beadazzled

3) The Knitted Yarn

4) Purl’s of Wisdom

5) Needle & thread

6) Seamstress’ Supplies

7) Buttons and Bows

8) Creative Sewing

9) Stitch it!

10) Freshly Cut Fabrics

Cricut Business Names

1) Cricuts R Us

2) Cricut World

3) The Cricut Shop

4) Cricut Crazy

5) Cricut Corner

6) All Things Cricut

7) The Cricut Connection

8) Cricut Craze

9) Cricut Creatiions

10) Let’s Get Crafty with Cricuts!

Craft Page Names

1) Crafting with (Your Name)

2) (Your Name)’s Crafty Corner

3) Let’s Get Crafty!

4) DIY Delights

5) From the Heart

6) Made with Love

7) One of a Kind Creations

8) Uniquely Handcrafted

9) Artisan Goods

10) The Crafting Connection

How to Name your Craft Business

How to Name your Craft Business

When naming your craft business, you want to choose a name that is memorable, easy to spell, and reflects the type of business you are running.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect name for your business:

1. Keep it short and sweet.

A shorter name is easier for potential customers to remember and helps when promoting your business online and in print.

2. Use keywords that describe your business.

For example, if you make handmade jewelry, you may want to include words like “jewelry” or “handmade” in your business name.

This will help customers find you when they are searching for those terms online.

3. Be unique.

Your business name should be different from other businesses in your industry so that you can stand out from the crowd.

Brainstorm a list of potential names with these criteria in mind and then narrow it down to your favorite one or two options.

4. Check for availability.

Before settling on a name, do a quick search online and on social media to make sure it’s not already being used by another business.

You will also want to check to see if the domain name for your chosen name is available to purchase.

5. Get feedback from others.

Once you have a few potential names in mind, run them by some trusted friends or family members to get their opinion.

They may have some helpful suggestions or feedback that you hadn’t considered.

Choosing a name for your craft business is an important decision, but don’t overthink it! Pick something that you like and that you feel represents your business well.

With a little bit of planning, you can find the perfect name for your new venture.

FAQs – Craft Business Names

What are some tips for naming my craft business?

When naming your craft business, you want to choose a name that is memorable, easy to spell, uses jewelry-related keywords, and reflects the type of business you are running.

What should I know before starting a craft business?

Before starting your craft business, be sure to do your research, create a business plan, and set some realistic goals.

You will also need to get familiar with the different types of crafting supplies and equipment available so that you can make informed decisions about what to use for your business.

What are some common mistakes people make when starting a craft business?

One common mistake people make when starting a craft business is not doing enough research.

Be sure to understand the market and your competition before setting up shop.

Another mistake is not having a clear idea of their target audience or what type of products they want to sell.

Finally, many new businesses underestimate the amount of time and effort required to market and promote their products successfully.

Conclusion – Craft Business Names

Naming your craft business is an important decision, but don’t overthink it! Pick something that you like and that you feel represents your business well.

With a little bit of planning, you can find the perfect name for your new venture.


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