Disney Cat Names & Characters

79+ Disney Cat Names & Characters [Female/Male, Pixar, Unique, Famous]

Disney cat names and Disney and Pixar cat characters are a great way to honor your favorite feline-inspired characters.

From the famous cats in Disney movies to fun and creative ideas, there are plenty of delightful cat names for fans of all ages.

If you’re into classic Disney films, Snow White’s Cheshire Cat is a charming choice for your kitty.

Other legendary cats from this era include Mickey’s pal Figaro from Pinocchio and Abu the monkey’s sidekick Rajah from Aladdin.

For something more modern, consider naming your cat after Nemo’s Dory or Sulley from Monsters Inc.

In this article, we take a look at different names across many different categories.

These include:

  • Female Disney Cat Names (Girl)
  • Male Disney Cat Names (Boy)
  • Disney Cat Names from Movies
  • Pixar Cat Names
  • Unique Disney Cat Names
  • Famous Disney Cat Names
  • Disney-Inspired Cat Names
  • Disney Villain Cat Names

Let’s take a look.

Female Disney Cat Names (Girl)

1) Coco – From the 2017 Pixar movie Coco

2) Belle – from Beauty and The Beast

3) Ariel – from The Little Mermaid

4) Jasmine – from Aladdin

5) Alice – from Alice in Wonderland

6) Esme – from Ratatouille

7) Merida – from Brave

8 ) Aurora – from Sleeping Beauty

9) Tinker Bell– from Peter Pan

10) Megara -From Hercules.

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Male Disney Cat Names (Boy)

1) Tigger – From Winnie-the-Pooh

2) Simba – From The Lion King

3) Buzz Lightyear – From Toy Story

4) Ralph – From Wreck it Ralph

5) Flynn Rider – From Tangled

6) Maui – From Moana

7) Hercules – From Hercules

8) Stitch – From Lilo and Stitch

9) Woody – From Toy Story

10) Timon – from The Lion King.

Disney Cat Names from Movies

1) Cheshire Cat – from Alice in Wonderland

2) Bagheera – from The Jungle Book

3) Zazu – from The Lion King

4) Iago – from Aladdin

5) Rajah – from Aladdin

6) Faline – from Bambi

7) Remy – from Ratatouille

8) Olaf – from Frozen

9) Kin – from Moana

10) HeiHei – from Moana

Pixar Cat Names

1) Dory – from Findin Nemo and Finding Dory

2) Dug – from Up

3) Luxo Jr. – from Luxo Jr. (short film 1986)

4) Bing Bong – from Inside Out

5) Ribbons – From Toy Story 3

6) Moonwind – From Coco

7) Fluffy – from Monsters, Inc.

8) Jean-Claude – From The Incredibles

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Unique Disney Cat Names

1) Simbel – From The Lion King

2) Black Panther – From Black Panther

3) Zazoom – From Aladdin

4) Quasimoody – From Beauty and the Beast

5) Grumpy Cat – from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

6) Figaro – from Pinocchio

7) Kuzco – from The Emperor’s New Groove

8 ) Wreck-It Ralph – from Wreck-It Ralph

9) Lumière – from Beauty and the Beast

10) Pascal – from Tangled

Famous Disney Cat Names

1) Sassy – from Homeward Bound

2) Pluto – From Mickey Mouse

3) Toulouse – from The Aristocats

4) Duchess – from The Aristocats

5) Meeko – from Pocahontas

6) Shadow – from Lady and the Tramp

7) Slinky Dog – From Toy Story 2

8) Abner -from The Rescuers Down Under

9) Maximus -From Tangled

10) Flik – From A Bug’s Life

Disney-Inspired Cat Names

1) Mickey – from The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

2) Daisy – from the Donald Duck shorts

3) Goofy – From Mickey and Friends

4) Minnie – From Mickey and Friends

5) Chip -from Lady and the Tramp

6) Dale – from Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers

7) Scrooge McDuck – From Donald Duck shorts

8 ) Huey, Dewey & Louie – From Donald Duck Shorts

9) Clarabelle Cow – From Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

10) Pete -From Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

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Disney Villain Cat Names

1) Cruella De Vil – from 101 Dalmatians

2) Scar – From The Lion King

3) Jafar – From Aladdin

4) Ursula – from The Little Mermaid

5) Shere Khan – From The Jungle Book

6) Gaston – From Beauty and the Beast

7) Hades – From Hercules

8) Dr. Facilier – From The Princess and the Frog

9) Maleficent – From Sleeping Beauty

10) Captain Hook – from Peter Pan

FAQs – Disney Cat Names

Who are some popular Disney cat characters?

Disney has created many awesome characters over the years, including many that are cats.

Some well-known Disney cat characters include the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland, Lucifer from Cinderella, and Dinah from Alice in Wonderland.

Other popular Disney cat characters include Marie from The Aristocats, Duchess from The Aristocats, and Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

What are the cat names in Disney movies?

Disney movies feature many cats, and each one has a unique name.

Some cat names from Disney movies include Bagheera from The Jungle Book, Zazu from The Lion King, Iago from Aladdin, Rajah from Aladdin, Faline from Bambi, Remy from Ratatouille, Olaf from Frozen, Kin from Moana, and HeiHei from Moana.

Other Disney cat names include Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland, Dory in Finding Nemo and Finding Dory, Dug in Up and Luxo Jr. in Luxo Jr. (short film 1986).

What are some unique Disney cat names?

There are many creative Disney cat names that make great pet names.

Some unique Disney cat names include Simbel from The Lion King, Black Panther from Black Panther, Zazoom from Aladdin, Quasimoody from Beauty and the Beast, Grumpy Cat from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Figaro from Pinocchio, Kuzco from The Emperor’s New Groove, Wreck-It Ralph from Wreck-It Ralph, Lumière from Beauty and the Beast, Pascal from Tangled and Moonwind from Coco.

What are some famous Disney Cat Names?

Famous Disney cat names include Sassy from Homeward Bound, Pluto From Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Toulouse from The Aristocats, Duchess from The Aristocats, Meeko from Pocahontas, Shadow from Lady and the Tramp, Slinky Dog from Toy Story 2, Abner from The Rescuers Down Under, Maximus from Tangled and Flik from A Bug’s Life.

What is a Disney-inspired cat name?

Fans of Pixar movies can also find some great cat name inspiration with characters like Mike Wazowski from Monsters University and Bing Bong from Inside Out.

Conclusion – Disney Cat Names

There are many benefits to using Disney cat names for your feline companion.

For one, Disney cat names are often very unique and memorable, so they can help your cat stand out from the crowd.

Additionally, using Disney cat names can also be a great way to show your love for Disney and its many wonderful characters.

Disney cat names can also be a fun and playful way to give your cat a name that reflects its personality or appearance.

Overall, using Disney cat names can be a great way to give your cat a special and meaningful name.


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