DND Hexblood Names [5E, Male, Female]

DND Hexbloods are created from pre-existing races within the Dungeons and Dragons franchise, so they don’t have any particular naming conventions.

Hexbloods are cursed and can adopt names from any species.

Let’s get into some DND Hexblood Names:

Male DND Hexblood

1. Athannon

2. Garron

3. Theron

4. Kylon

5. Lachlan

6. Aedran

7. Eamond

8. Cormac

9. Sorin

10. Finnian

11. Killian

What is a Hexblood in D&D?

Female DND Hexblood

1. Aderyn

2. Rhoswen

3. Isobel

4. Maelle

5. Anwen

6. Arian

7. Sioned

8. Niamh

9. Aoife

10. Cailin

11. Orlaith

12. Fiona

13. Siobhan

14. Maeve

15. Kathleen

DND Hexblood Names (List)

1. Tolemy

2. Aethelred

3. Loric

4. Durnan

5. Mormesk

6. Athannon

7. Conductus

8. Malark

9. Ereldan

10. Arkhan

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DND Hexblood Name Generator (Random Name Generator)

These names are auto-generated:

1) Jhavul

2) Raashallum

3) Thraal

4) Athoril

5) Uluunae

6) Shoona

7) Haarzon

8) Kytharra

9) Lythara

10) Mylune

DND Hexblood Character Names

1) Arkhan the Black

2) Malark Springvale

3) Athannon Zephyrmoor

4) Conductus Stormwind

5) Ereldan Starsong

6) Arkhan the Cruel

7) Malark Winterbourne

8) Athannon Dawnmist

9) Conductus Moonfire

10) Ereldan Weirwatcher

Funny DND Hexblood Names

1) Grimbly

2) Bumbly

3) Stumbles

4) Fumbles

5) Butterfingers

6) Clumsy

7) Trips-a-lot

8) Spills-a-lot

9) Unlucky

10) Klutz

Unique DND Hexblood Names

1) Athannon

2) Garron

3) Theron

4) Kylon

5) Lachlan

6) Aedran

7) Eamond

8) Cormac

9) Sorin

10) Finnian

11. Killian

12. Athoril

13. Uluunae

14. Shoona

15. Haarzon

16. Kytharra

17. Lythara

18. Mylune

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FAQs – DND Hexblood Names

What is DND?

DND is an acronym for Dungeons and Dragons.

It is a fantasy tabletop role-playing game (RPG) created by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson.

What are Hexbloods?

Hexbloods are a race of cursed creatures in the Dungeons and Dragons universe.

They can be any pre-existing race, such as elves, dwarves, humans, etc. that has been cursed with demonic blood.

Do Hexbloods have any particular naming conventions?

No, since Hexbloods can be any pre-existing race, they can have any type of name.

However, some may choose to adopt names from other species since they are cursed.

What is a DND Name Generator?

A DND name generator is a tool that can be used to generate random names for characters in the Dungeons and Dragons universe.

These names can be used for both NPCs and players.

Conclusion – DND Hexblood Names

There you have it! Some DND Hexblood Names to help you get started on your next character.

Whether you’re looking for a unique or funny name, there’s sure to be something on this list for you.

If you’re still stuck, try using a DND name generator for some help.


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